The Controversial Influence of Minecraft: Students’ Emotional State

Minecraft is one of the most addictive games among young people. You can spend so much time fighting against the zombies, endermen, and creepers. You can also build houses or discover the amazing landscape.

The game looks a little weird and may not make sense in some cases. However, the more you play the game, the more interesting it becomes. Minecraft is suitable for people of all ages. It is believed to influence the emotional state of students.

Creating learning experience

Minecraft brings unique learning experiences to learners. You can download the education edition offering different lessons.

The game supports lessons in history, math, social science, and so on. You can log in to the game and explore different possibilities.

This offers an interactive opportunity to explore the globe and the Roman Colosseum. For instance, Theater in London allows you to learn about historical sites and have memorable experiences. 

Besides attending lessons, college students learn through completing essays and assignments. Minecraft is educational, and you should play it regularly to enjoy exceptional learning experiences.

With assignments such as Minecraft essays, you can refer to examples on the Samplius website. There are more essays about Minecraft to choose from on Samplius.

All you need is to study the examples and find writing inspiration. Minecraft used in schools offers proper guidance in essay writing. So there is no reason why Minecraft is bad. 

The benefit of creativity

One of the ways to benefit from Minecraft is through enhanced creativity. There are no limits to how big your house or castle can be. You can use different types of materials and match the colors differently. It is also possible to build cities and villages to your liking. 

Doing so requires creativity, depending on how you want your “project” to appear. To construct a big house, you must make plans and create something perfect. Minecraft is a great way to showcase your creativity. 

Improving problem-solving skills

Minecraft can also help you to improve problem-solving skills as a team or as an individual. Playing Minecraft is a great way to socialize with others. The negotiation and the verbal commentary of the game offer opportunities for negotiation, collaboration, and teamwork. The in-game plans also provide opportunities for conflict resolution. 

As a player, you can set goals and have freedom on how to deal with challenges. For instance, finding shelter and a good source of food may be a challenge. You have to think critically about how to meet your goals.

When building a house, there are many options depending on your play style and goal. One option could be to construct a simple hut or wait until the following morning. You might continue with the task or spend a long time mining. Another option could be to construct an elaborate wooden hut. 

Improved reading and writing skills

Minecraft can also help to improve your reading and writing skills. This blocky game has a multilayer option to allow you to play with other people.

You can open the chat window and collaborate with other players. Communication skills are one of the requirements to achieve something when playing this game. 

Minecraft is a perfect game to discuss progress and collaborate with other people. By chatting with other people, you will be able to improve your reading and writing skills. Due to many tools and materials, it is possible to look out for things and carry out research. This is a great way to learn how to research stuff for yourself.

Logic skills and basic programming

If you are looking to know basic programming, Minecraft is a great starting point. Young people grow to love this game very fast due to its simplicity.

It may not teach you any programming language, but it is good for fundamental coding logic. The game is good for your brain, so it can make you smarter.

Minecraft introduces IF, THEN, END, and ELSE functions which are useful for building logic mechanisms. You can start by learning from booty traps, automated doors, and elevators.

This will provide a good basis to learn about fully functioning games. Minecraft remains one of the best introductory games to other video games. 


Minecraft remains one of the most influential games in the lives of students. It can help to create great learning experiences, enhance creativity, and improve your problem-solving skills.

It also helps to improve reading and writing skills as well as logic skills. Whereas the game could be addictive, it is one of the best ways to learn.

For more benefits, collaborate with other players within and outside school. Having seen the influence of Minecraft, check out the top benefits of having vape detectors.

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