12 Top Ballet schools in Washington dc and their contacts

Attending any of the Ballet schools in Washington dc makes you aware of posture, helps train flexibility and strength.

These ballet schools in Washington dc will also teach you how to develop your rhythmic and musical senses.

In this article, we will not only talk about the Ballet schools in Washington dc but we will be listing the benefits of learning ballet:

The benefits of learning ballet

Here are some very vital benefits of learning ballet:

It makes you aware of posture.

Ballet helps train flexibility and strength.

Develops rhythmic and musical senses.

Teaches you physical sensitivity of movement in space.

Demands discipline in relation to group dynamics.

Develops analytic intellectual capacities when perfecting ballet technique and analyzing movements.

Trains memory when learning choreography and steps.

Develops emotional empathy when interpreting dramatic situations in role-playing.

Allows for non-sexual physical contact in partnering work.

Creates a social network with a common foundation with other dancers.

Allows oneself to create a place of self-discovery when training.

Allows a place of freedom from the grind of daily life, (as ballet takes so much focus and concentration to do well one can forget other troubles).

Can develop physical self-control as technical capacities improve (and thereby developing self-confidence).

Improves skills needed in team building when dancing with others.

Allows for a non-verbal mode of expression.

Demands healthy oxygenation of the body.

Can boys learn ballet? 

As a matter of fact, ballet wouldn’t be complete without boys.

Most ballet companies could not exist without male dancers.

Nearly every major story-based ballet, like Swan Lake, Gisele, Romeo and Juliet, Coppelia, The Nutcracker… every one of them needs male dancers.

Much of ballet choreography is predicated on the idea of partnering in a pas de deux, a dance for two – most often a man and a woman.

Many of the great ballet choreographers in history have been men.

So if boys did not learn ballet, how would we ever have men who know ballet?

Washington ballet adult classes

Learning ballet in Washington is not something that is for children alone. The beautiful thing is that there are thousands of people who are just discovering the joy of ballet in their adult years.

Therefore there are Washington ballet adult classes to satisfy that willingness to learn as well as the desire to challenge yourself mentally as well as physically.

Ballet requires a sharp mind especially when you consider how your body needs to move to execute the correct steps and sequences with the music.

Adults often have a better ability to focus on the task at hand and can stay present in the moment, which is a must for learning ballet. You can find the Washington ballet adult classes in the following Ballet schools in Washington dc:

The Washington School of Ballet
The Bar Method
The Dance Institute of Washington
Joy of Motion Dance Center
Dance Place
Momentum Dance & Fitness Studio
BalletNova Center for Dance

The list of ballet schools in Washington dc

Here are just some of the ballet schools in Washington dc to check out:

  • The Washington Ballet
  • Séber Method Academy
  • Kirov Academy of Washington, DC
  • Centre de Danse
  • Jones-Haywood Dance School
  • Momentum Dance Theatre
  • The Dance Institute of Washington
  • BalletNova Center for Dance
  • Joy of Motion Dance Center
  • Ballet Elite – New School of Dance & Arts

The Washington Ballet

Co-founded in 1944 by the late Mary Day and Lisa Gardiner, The Washington School of Ballet (TWSB) is one of the top Ballet schools in Washington dc that is recognized nationally and internationally for its classical training and dedication to excellence in dance and dance education.

The Washington School of Ballet curriculum includes pre-ballet, boys’ classes, and a levelled program for children through young adulthood, many of whom wish to pursue dance as a career.

Séber Method Academy

Séber Method Academy founder Ms. Lilla Séber derives her expertise from 29 years of professional dancing and teaching experience in both national and international settings.

Throughout these decades she has been carefully observing, studying, and researching specific problems related to dance education.

Driven by her life-long passion to seek out, refine, and combine the smartest of solutions, she was able to create a unique system of training. Some of the classes to look out for include:

  • Afro-Cuban
  • Ballet (Beginner and Intermediate)
  • Contemporary Jazz
  • Flamenco (Beginner – Advanced)
  • Flamenco Choreography
  • Fosse and Luigi Jazz
  • Jazz
  • Tap and Tap Choreography
  • Soul Dance Cardio
  • Street Jazz
  • Theater Jazz
  • World Dance
  • Zumba

4908 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20016

Jones-Haywood Dance School

Jones-Haywood Dance School (JHDS) is celebrated in the nation’s capital for seventy-five years for its commitment to providing high-quality dance training and arts education to students of all races and socio-economic backgrounds.

Whether students are interested in pursuing a career in dance, or just experiencing and enjoying the art form, Jones-Haywood Dance School offers the best possible training at all levels to help them grow and become more confident about themselves as dancers and responsible citizens.

1200 Delafield Place, N.W.
Washington, DC 20011
Phone: (202) 882-4039
Email: JHDS@joneshaywooddanceschool.com
Website: https://joneshaywooddanceschool.com/

Kirov Academy of Washington, DC

The mission of Kirov Academy of Washington, DC is to prepare students to become the next generation of professional artists in the world of ballet and music: classically trained ballet dancers through the principles and aesthetics of the Vaganova Method of Classical Ballet taught at the Vaganova Choreographic Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia, and classically trained musicians through methods taught by renowned classical artists from around the world, via interactive virtual technology showcasing Kirov’s recent collaboration with Moscow State Conservatory and Sunhwa Arts School. 

The proactive resident life program supports the Academy’s mission as it strives to refine and broaden the student’s experiences through constructive cultural, artistic, and creative endeavours. 

Kirov Academy of Washington DC
4301 Harewood Rd., N.E.
Washington, D.C., 20017
Phone: +1 202.832.1087
Email: info@kabdc.org
Website: https://kirovacademydc.org/

The Dance Institute of Washington

Dance Institute of Washington (DIW) is one of the Ballet schools in Washington dc that operates a pre-professional dance school offering world-class training in Ballet, Modern, African, Hip-Hop and other genres of dance for students ages 2.5 to 22 years old. Their classes are divided into the following divisions:

Early Division(Ages 2.5-7)

Lower Division(Ages 8-10)

Middle Division(Ages 11-13)

Upper Division(Ages 14-18)

3400 14th St., NW Washington, DC 20010
+1 202 371 9656
Website: https://danceinstituteofwashington.org/

Centre de Danse

Centre de Danse is a full-service classic ballet school located in the heart of Georgetown, just two blocks west of Wisconsin Avenue at 3254 Prospect Street, NW. Centre de Danse offers afternoon and evening ballet classes for children and adults of all skill levels.

The school teaches ballet to students who range in age from 6 to 66. Group classes and private lessons are available for all levels, including pre-pointe and pointe.

Centre de Danse
3254 Prospect Street, NW, #1
Washington, DC 20007
Website: https://centrededanse.org

Joy of Motion Dance Center

This is one of the ballet schools in Washington dc with digital multi-week classes for youth and adults that are curriculum-based.

Their courses are focused on building technical skills, honing specific techniques, and working towards greater mastery of style. Their classes hold 4 – 40 students.

1333 H Street NE
Washington, DC 20002
202-813-9505 (call, text, fax)
Website: https://www.joyofmotion.org/

BalletNova Center for Dance

BalletNova offers dance classes for ages 3 through 18.

The Pre-Professional curriculum incorporates elements from a variety of training methods and techniques, with an emphasis on strong ballet technique as a necessary foundation for all dance genres.

Location:3443 Carlin Springs Rd., Falls Church, VA 22041 
Phone: 703.778.3008  
Fax: 703.778.3016  

Ballet Elite – New School of Dance & Arts

5601 Connecticut Avenue Northwest,
Washington, DC, United States
(202) 930-5383
Website: http://www.balletelite.org/

Momentum Dance Theatre

534 8th Street
Washington, D.C. 20003
Tel: (202) 517-7252

Website: https://www.momentumdancetheatre.org/

Ballet schools in Washington dc FAQs

How much do ballerinas make?

The median salary for ballet dancers is $30,007 annually spaned from $20,604 to $58,723 in 2018.

What are the top ballet schools in the United States?

Below is the list of the best ballet schools in the USA:

School of American Ballet  – located in New York City

Joffrey Ballet School,  NYC, Dallas

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of the American Ballet Theater – New York City

Houston Ballet Academy 

Cincinnati Ballet Academy 

Colorado Ballet Academy – Located in downtown Denver

Pacific Northwest Ballet Academy 

San Francisco Ballet School

What do you wear to a ballet?

  • Wear: a light sweater or blazer
  • Wear: dressy sandals or closed-toe shoes
  • Don’t wear: flip-flops or athletic sneakers
  • Don’t wear: message T-shirts

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