12 Bible colleges in Brisbane & Courses in Biblical Studies

The Bible colleges in Brisbane are associated with evangelical, conservative, Christian fundamentalist denominations. Their primary purpose is to prepare people for roles in the Christian ministry.

With a bible college degree, you can work as a pastor, missionary, Director, Teacher, Chaplain, Writer, and Human service worker.

To so many people, biblical studies majors can only lead you to become a pastor. In reality, your college major can lead you to many jobs, fields, and even graduate school to pursue another vocation or specialization. Read on as we explore the Bible colleges in Brisbane.

A Bible college education

Having a higher education is a valuable asset to many and that includes vocational, or full-time ministry.

A Bible college is designed to equip believers who are pursuing God’s call to vocational ministry. Read on to see why you might need to consider going to a Bible College.

One of the reasons anyone should consider going to a Bible College is because of the training in the word that he or she is likely to receive.

Studying the Bible is, of course, the main emphasis of the Bible colleges in Brisbane.

In a Bible College, a student will learn the various study methods. Students also learn how they can interpret a given passage and how they can successfully arrive at the practical applications of God’s truth.

Another benefit of attending the Bible Colleges in Brisbane is that Bible colleges offer one-year certificate programs in biblical studies and two-year associate programs in a variety of subjects.

Most Bible Colleges allow classes to be audited at a low cost. This is good for those who really don’t need college credits.

Auditing a class is a great way for Sunday school teachers, pastors and others who are interested in the Bible to increase their knowledge with some formal training without a long-term commitment.

Another beautiful thing about attending the Bible Colleges is the fact that it is a place to have access to a network of lifelong Christian friends and ministry contacts.

A Bible college graduate need never feel alone in the ministry. Dozens of old friends, most of whom are also in ministry, are just a phone call or email away. They supply a constant resource for advice, guidance, and encouragement in serving the Lord.

The List of some of the Bible colleges in Brisbane

  • Brisbane School of Theology
  • Malyon College
  • Queensland Theological College (QTC)
  • St Francis Theological College
  • Trinity College Queensland
  • Nazarene Theological College
  • The Bible Study Centre
  • Citipointe Ministry College
  • Alphacrucis College-Brisbane Campus
  • International Christian College
  • Holy Fire Ministry Training School

What courses should you expect in a Biblical Studies Major?

As Someone who is considering going for biblical studies major in any of the Biblical Colleges in Brisbane, you might be wondering what courses you will subsequently be taking.

You already know that there will be a high concentration on the Christian Bible and related concepts, but it is also essential to know what exactly some of these courses in Biblical Studies are all about. Some of the examples of the real-life courses you will likely be expected to take include:

  • Intro to Biblical Studies
  • Christian Heritage
  • Local Church Leadership
  • The Life of Christ
  • Survey of the Old Testament
  • Survey of the New Testament

Intro to Biblical Studies

Introduction to Biblical Studies is a sort of introductory or orientation course that will likely be required of you at the beginning of the course.

This course is geared towards setting you up with the basic foundations for what lies ahead in your studies.

This course also provides a foundational understanding of Christian Organization and how the religion is self-grouped and organized by denominations and positions within the church.

Christian Heritage

The Biblical Studies Major in Bible Colleges in Brisbane offers at least one course that is all about the Christian Heritage. The course takes a deep look at heritage and culture in the Christian world.

Local Church Leadership

In the Bible colleges in Brisbane, your understanding of the belief set of Christianity is one of the goals of your major.

Another goal of your major is for you to understand and recognize the organizational method at the Local Level.

Leadership in a typical local church is fairly a common course encountered by biblical studies majors and understandably so.

The Life of Christ

Without an in-depth study of the life of the historic and biblical Jesus Christ, no biblical studies major would be complete.

Jesus Christ is the central character to the formation of Christianity, his life and actions form the basis for what came after the Bible’s Old Testament. The Life of Christ course can be expected in virtually all biblical studies majors out there.

Survey of the Old Testament

As alluded to above, the Old Testament could symbolically be seen as one half of the entire religion of Christianity.

The old testament lays out the Ten Commandments as well as the history of God and man before Jesus Christ was introduced. This particular course will delve into all of this and more.

Survey of the New Testament

The New Testament introduces Jesus Christ and provides us with what we could consider being the other half of the religion.

A Survey of the New Testament as well as a number of other associated courses will be completed during your time at the Biblical Colleges in Brisbane.

What do you think about the Biblical Colleges in Brisbane and these courses? Please share your thoughts with our readers.

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