12 Best Fashion Schools in Australia|Tuition & Programs

As someone who likes fashion, the fashion schools in Australia are there to shape you for the future. Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time because fashion trends come and go.

The idea of “fashion” as being a characteristic of Australian culture is frequently regarded as a non sequitur.

Fashion is seen as belonging to far-flung cosmopolitan sites elsewhere while Australia is a far-flung site cut off from the trappings of civilization.

At best, an Australian sense of style is regarded as anything that is practical, informal, and casual—T-shirts, practical footwear, moleskin trousers, and wide-brim hats; as an outfit thrown together without much thought.

Even at that, there has always been an abiding interest in Fashion since the European settlement in Australia.

Modern Australia has a unique fashion style that is able to be clearly distinguished from European fashion style.

In recent times many of Australia’s top designers have been inspired by an extraordinary range of Australian fashion textiles and cultural influences, therefore choosing to study in any of the fashion schools in Australia is a great step towards your success in the fashion industry.

The benefits of attending a fashion school

As you know, the fashion industry keeps growing and evolving into a powerful creative space with inspiring talents taking the industry by storm.

A lot of times, people think about how best to enter the fashion industry. Gaining a fashion education in any of the fashion schools in Australia is essential, therefore we have highlighted the six reasons why going to a fashion school is important and most importantly, how attending can help you get into the industry.

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Connections
  • Opportunities
  • Entry Level
  • A Creative and Collaborative Community


There is an unmatched wealth of knowledge that you gain while studying fashion. You get the opportunity to learn from academics and practitioners who have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge.

You will be introduced to the history of fashion, the business of fashion, the tech aspects of fashion and above all, how important technology is in the growth of fashion in this century.


The fashion schools in Australia will expose you to new skills that will prepare you for a career within the industry. Some of the skills include creativity, proactivity, attention to detail, and impersonal skills.

Other things you will learn include excellent sewing skills, visualization and sketching skills. Other vital skills include the communication skills, such as writing, time management and more.


The connections you make when you go to a fashion school are invaluable. The fashion school will be your first point of networking and most importantly it is where you meet creative talents who might likely be the most prominent names within the industry.


Going to the fashion schools in Australia and gaining an education has several opportunities such as amazing internships, mentorship programs, and exhibition opportunities to get your work noticed.

Most importantly, many fashion institutions have great connections with big brands and fashion journalists from renowned publications who from time to time scout for talent yearly.

Entry Level

Once you finish at any of the fashion schools in Australia and graduate with your fashion-based qualification, the chances that you will secure that entry-level position of your choice is a lot more feasible. As obvious as it may seem, getting into the fashion industry is easy but having these qualifications gives you more advantages.

A Creative and Collaborative Community

When you attend a fashion school, you become a part of the collaborative community that wants to move the fashion industry forward sustainably and productively.

You also get a chance to be a part of a community that promotes inclusivity, diversity and culture.

What are some career options for you in fashion?

  • Fashion Designer
  • Product Developer
  • Business Assistant
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Fashion Retailer
  • CAD Operator
  • Fashion Accessories Designer
  • Machinist
  • Dressmaker or Tailor

The list of the best fashion schools in Australia

Below are the fashion schools in Australia:

  • 1. UTS Sydney
  • 2. FBI Fashion College Sydney
  • 3. The Fashion Institute Sydney 
  • 4. Fashion Design Studio Sydney (TAFE)
  • 5. RMIT Melbourne 
  • 6. White House Institute of Design Melbourne
  • 7. Melbourne Fashion Institute
  • 8. QUT University Queensland 
  • 9. Australian Institute of Creative Design
  • 10. Flinders University Adelaide
  • 11. NIDA
  • NIET

Now let us review some of these fashion schools in Australia.

1. UTS Sydney

UTS is a public university of Technology defined by its support for economic, social, and cultural prosperity. They have a very strong international reputation and are interestingly one of the highest performing universities in Australia under 50 years of age.

This institution has about 46,328 students enrolled in 2020, including 13,963 international students.

They are support students studies through their generous scholarship programs. From full-tuition scholarships to home-country sponsored financial aid, explore how you can fund your future at UTS.

Their Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles is an internationally recognized degree that gives students the start they need to pursue careers across all facets of the local and international fashion industry.

Because their degree provides conceptual knowledge and garment-making skills required to transform a creative vision into fashion statements, they are regarded as one of the best fashion schools in Australia.

Course duration: 3 years full time or equivalent part-time.

Course fees: tuition for domestic students is around: $8,021

For international students: for this course, the cost per credit point for 2022 is $866. The total credit points are 144.

Visit their Website

2. FBI Fashion College Sydney

FBI Fashion College is Australia’s leading provider of full government accredited and nationally recognised fashion qualifications.

As a registered training organization, FBI offers their own exclusive Advanced Diploma of Fashion Business and Diploma of Fashion Design, specific to Fashion and delivered by industry specialists.

You can choose to study face to face or join via FBI Live Online. They are one of the fashion schools in Australia that offer Fashion Online Courses and Fashion Styling Online Courses allowing you self-paced learning, online resources and direct connection to teachers.

Throughout an FBI Fashion Design course, you will gain extensive knowledge in the entire process of running a fashion label. From putting down designs through illustration and trade sketching, translating into patterns and constructing the range, right through to promotion and delivering the product to the consumer.

Under fashion design they offer:

Illustration and Trade Sketch
• Design Concepts
• Patternmaking and Garment Construction
• Masterclass

FBI offers Fashion Business qualifications specifically tailored to today’s Fashion industry, equipping students with relevant business skills and creative elements to succeed on an international platform.

Under fashion business they offer:

• Fashion Blogging
• Creative Direction
• Social Media Management
• Digital Marketing

Phone: 02 9566 2020
Campus 1: 181 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW Australia 2037
Campus 2: 1-7 Bellevue St, Glebe NSW Australia 2037 (Entrance on St Johns Rd)
RTO Code: 90193

Visit their Website

3. The Fashion Institute Sydney 

This is one of the fashion schools in Australia that offers a Bachelor of Fashion and Costume Design. The duration of the course is 3 years and they offer the following course:

  • Fashion Branding
  • Fashion Buying
  • Creative Project management
  • Event Management
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Fashion Magazines and Media
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Model and Celebrity Management
  • Online and Social Media
  • Fashion Styling
  • Visual Merchandizing

As part of the Bachelor of Business, students have access to their internship program with their career manager tailoring each program to suit individual aspirations and career goals.

They have internship programs that provide a pathway for students to gain hands-on experience within the industry.

All students also have the opportunity to work across exclusive fashion events throughout their time at college, including Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

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4. Fashion Design Studio Sydney (TAFE)

Not only is the FDS one of the fashion schools in Australia to secure a placement at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia; Australia’s premier fashion and lifestyle event showcasing resort collections of Australia’s leading designer brands, but it has also established partnerships with International Design Institutes in India, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Sweden and the United States that allow final year students the opportunity to complete the fourth year overseas and gain an international degree.

They offer the following courses:

Bachelor of Fashion Design:

The Bachelor of Fashion Design is a three-year course that prepares graduates for creative professional employment in the fashion industry.

  • Full Fee: $51,600.00
  • Start Date: 14 Feb 2022
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Full Time
  • Delivery: On campus

(A)Certificate IV in Design:

This course is focused on fashion design, it builds on the specific skills gained in certificate 11 in Design fundamentals, allowing you to undertake more advanced fashion design study.

Study in purpose-built studios, workspaces and galleries to go on to further study or work in this dynamic field.

Max. Fee If Eligible For Subsidy: $2,310.00
Start Date: 15 Feb 2022
Duration: 17 Weeks
18 hours per week
Full Time

(B)Certificate III in Design Fundamentals:

This is an introductory fashion design course providing a pathway to further studies in Fashion Design at Certificate IV, and then Bachelor levels.

The nationally accredited Certificate III in Design Fundamentals prepares you to start a career in the creative industries. Specialise in your creative passion, get your foot in the door of the design industry, and develop the foundational skills to bring your artistic vision to life.

Max. Fee If Eligible For Subsidy: $1,580.00
Start Date: 01 Feb 2022
Duration: 17 Weeks
18 hours per week

Other courses offered include:

  • Costume Maker
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Technology and Merchandising
  • Textiles
  • Arts and Design
  • Photography
  • Floristry
  • Hair, Beauty, and Massage
  • Other short courses

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5. RMIT Melbourne 

RMIT is a global university of technology, design and enterprise. This institution is ranked 5th in Australia for graduate employability, with 15,800+ industry placements for students in the year 2020.

This is one of the fashion schools in Australia that will drill you on textile development, merchandising marketing, building a beautiful portfolio of work to help get your start in the fashion industry.

Their courses are internationally recognized as you will gain real-world experience working with leading global companies on projects exploring the connections between design, technology and business.

Some of the courses they offer include:

  • PhD (Fashion & Textiles)
  • Certificate III in Clothing and Textile Production (Clothing Production)
  • Certificate IV in Custom-Made Footwear
  • Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Technology
  • Associate Degree in Fashion and Textile Merchandising
  • Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Fashion (Enterprise)
  • Bachelor of Fashion and Textiles (Sustainable Innovation)
  • Bachelor of Fashion (Design)
  • Diploma of Visual Merchandising
  • Diploma of Fashion Styling
  • Master of Technology (Fashion & Textiles)
  • Master of Design (Fashion & Textiles)
  • Certificate IV in Textile Design, Development and Production

Get the full details of their courses and fees on their website.

Visit their Website

6. White House Institute of Design Melbourne

This is one of the fashion schools in Australia that offers the Bachelor of Design and it is for students who want to pursue careers as innovative designers.

This course is set out to deliver a clear understanding and experience of generating, developing and realizing a variety of creative womenswear, menswear and accessory design to a professional standard.

Students are taught the essential skills in:

  • design research methods
  • flat pattern cutting
  • modelling on the stand
  • garment construction
  • tailoring processes and finishing
  • technical specification
  • illustration and presentation
  • textile exploration
  • print making
  • marketing & branding

There are three steps in applying to this institution and they are:

(A) Fill out and submit the online application form and a Whitehouse representative will get in contact with you to discuss your application and how to map your journey from enrolment to application

(B) Once Whitehouse has all the necessary documents for your application, you will schedule an interview with them.

(C) After you have completed your interview and supplied all of the required documentation, you will receive a results email within 24hrs.

Bachelor of Design – Domestic Students:

Trimester One / Four: 12 weeks: $13,805.

2022 Annual Tuition Fees: $41,415.00

Bachelor of Design – International Students:

Trimester One / Four: 12 weeks: $19,968.

2021 Annual Tuition Fees: $59,904.00.

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COLLARTS offers a fashion marketing course that is designed for people who dream of a career as a fashion brand manager, Visual Merchandiser, Buyer, Fashion Blogger, Wholesale Account Manager, Stylist, Fashion Publicist, Event Manager or Creative Director.

It is one of the fashion schools in Australia that will take you through the fundamental units such as the history of fashion, styling, fashion merchandising, entrepreneurship, marketing and PR.

Students will also have the opportunity to apply their studies by partaking in sought-after internships at major events like Melbourne fashion week, Ego Expo and more.

Bachelor & Diploma Fees:

-Unit – $2,502.90
→ Trimester  – $10,011.60 (full-time study load)
→ Diploma – $20,023.20 (two trimesters full-time study load)
→ Diploma(Entertainment Journalism + Animation & VFZ)– $30,034.80 (three trimesters full-time study load)
Bachelor – $60,069.60 (six trimesters full-time study load)
→ Double Degree – $90,104.40 (nine trimesters full-time study load)

Postgraduate Fees:

Unit: $2,187.50

The total cost for Certificate IV in Interior Decoration in 2020 is $10,225.75. If you are eligible for Victorian Skills First funding, up to $7,695 of your course can be covered, resulting in a total course cost of $2,560.75. 

The Bachelor degrees at Collarts are offered over six trimesters and can be completed in two years of full-time study or four years of part-time study.

The full-time study generally requires students to be on campus 2–4 days a week, with the exception of our online-only courses. Find out more on their website.

Visit their Website

8. QUT University Queensland 

This is regarded as one of the fashion schools in Australia because they offer the Bachelor of Design in Fashion.

Their fashion degree is the longest-running fashion degree in Queensland and provides industry-standard facilities.


  • 3 years full-time
  • 6 years part-time

Course starts

  • February

Before you start this course, they assume you have sound knowledge of the subject/s listed below.

If you don’t have the subject knowledge, you can still apply for the course but we strongly encourage you to undertake bridging studies to gain the knowledge:

  • English, or Literature, or English and Literature Extension, or English as an Additional Language (Units 3 & 4, C)

If you successfully submit a portfolio and meet the minimum selected rank threshold, then you will be selected.

2022: CSP $8,500 per year
full-time (96 credit points)

Visit their Website

9. Australian Institute of Creative Design

This is one of the fashion schools in Australia that helps students to experience every step in the fashion design process.

Graduates from this course leave the fashion courses equipped for a fashion career with the creative skills and practical abilities to work in any area of the fashion industry. Their range of fashion courses include:

  • Fashion design
  • Illustration for fashion
  • Fashion portfolio development
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) for fashion
  • Fashion merchandising and marketing
  • Fashion retailing
  • Pattern making
  • Sewing
  • Garment construction
  • Fashion styling

They have experienced fashion professionals and their fashion teachers are committed to passing on their first-hand industry knowledge and experience to students.

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10. Flinders University Adelaide

This is one of the fashion schools in Australia that offers an industry-focused degree and combines practical skills with theoretical knowledge for an excellent outcome.

You will learn about garment construction, pattern making, drawing, design, marketing, as well as academic and professional communication.

The Bachelor of Creative Arts is not available to international students.

A small number of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) scholarships are awarded on academic merit and research potential for full-time study towards Masters by Research, PhD or Professional Doctorate degrees.

Competition for scholarships is strong and in recent years successful applicants have held first-class Honours degrees or equivalent.

Sturt Rd, Bedford Park
South Australia 5042

Visit their Website

11. NIDA

This is one of the fashion schools in Australia that offers BFA(Costume) that equips students with all they need to become professional costume makers.

Working in small, dedicated classes of six students, you’ll practise and develop skills in costume cutting (pattern making), fitting and construction, fabric dyeing, art finishing, corsetry, leatherwork, tailoring and millinery.

All NIDA Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees are three-year full-time courses. All NIDA Master of Fine Arts courses, except for Cultural Leadership, are 15-month full-time courses. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Costume)
Course duration: Three years
2022 Annual tuition fee $AUD: $14,880.00

Estimated total course tuition fee: $44,640.00


NIET has custom-developed this fast-track Fashion Programme to include all the core skills you need to design, manufacture, promote and market your own line of clothing.

The course teaches you the skills and knowledge relevant to fashion design and product development jobs, and assistant roles associated with fashion product management in a fashion enterprise, making them one of the good fashion schools in Australia.

Available on-campus or online via distance, the Diploma is designed to lead to career and further training opportunities in either product design and development or business and merchandising, and elective choices are categorised by these specialisations.

Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising: $6,500

They offer the following short courses:

Short Course: Resin Jewellery Making: (2 days / $129
Short Course: Designer PVC Tote Bag: (1 day / $149)
Short Course: Fashion Design for Beginners: 5 days / $499

Visit their Website

For International students

Visa requirement for students planning to attend any of the fashion schools in Australia: To obtain a student visa to study in Australia, international students must enrol full time and on campus. Australian student visa regulations also require international students studying on student visas to complete the course within the standard full-time duration. Students can extend their courses only in exceptional circumstances.

The English proficiency requirement for international students or local applicants with international qualifications is as stated by UTS Sydney:

Academic IELTS: 6.5 overall with a writing score of 6.0; or TOEFL: paper based: 550-583 overall with TWE of 4.5, internet based: 79-93 overall with a writing score of 21; or AE5: Pass; or PTE: 58-64 with a writing score of 50; or C1A/C2P: 176-184 with a writing score of 169.

Depending on other culinary schools, their English language proficiency requirement might vary. Check your school’s website or contact the Embassy in your home country.

Before applying we recommend you visit the official Australian government website for students studying in Australia at studyinaustralia.gov.au.

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