15 Good Bible Colleges in Sydney & Courses in a Biblical Studies Major

Bible colleges in Sydney are colleges that equip you in your quest to pursue God’s call. Bible Colleges are a good source of training in the word of God.

Bible colleges provide undergraduate education and usually require a high school education for admission. 

Their curriculum is based largely on the Bible, with many entry-level courses available in the Old and New Testaments. Some schools may teach biblical languages. We will be listing the Bible colleges in Sydney and details on examples of the courses you can expect as a Biblical college student.

Having decided that you want to go for a Biblical Studies major, you might be wondering about the courses that you will subsequently take.

Already, you can deduce the concentration on the Christian bible and related concepts. However, it is important to know what some of these courses for this major is all about.

Courses to expect in a biblical studies major

  • Intro to Biblical Studies
  • Christian Heritage
  • Local Church Leadership
  • The Life of Christ
  • Survey of the Old Testament
  • Survey of the New Testament

Intro to Biblical Studies

Introduction to Biblical Studies is a sort of introductory or orientation course that is required at the beginning of your course. The course sets you up with the basic foundations for what lies ahead in your studies.

It also provides a foundational understanding of Christian organization and how the religion is self-grouped and organized by denominations, positions within the church and more.

Christian Heritage

In the Bible colleges in Sydney, there is every possibility that you will encounter at least one course that is all about Christian Heritage.

This course takes a deep look at heritage and culture in the Christian world.

Local Church Leadership

This course sharpens your understanding of the belief sets of Christianity. This course also helps you understand the organizational methods at the local level.

Local church leadership is a fairly common course that is encountered by biblical studies and majors.

The Life of Christ

This is one of the major courses in the Biblical colleges in Sydney where students go into the in-depth study of the historic and biblical Jesus Christ.

Through this course, students study the life, actions, and dramatic death by crucifixion that formed the basis of Christianity. The Life of Christ course can be expected in virtually all biblical studies majors out there.

Survey of the Old Testament

As alluded to above, the Old Testament could symbolically be seen as one half of the entire religion of Christianity.

The old testament is the section of the Bible that lays out the Ten Commandments and the history of God and man before the introduction of Jesus Christ.

Survey of the New Testament

The New Testament introduces Jesus Christ and provides us with what we could consider being the other half of the religion.

As sheer importance of this portion of the bible, courses on Survey of the New Testament are offered in the Biblical Colleges in Sydney.

List of some of the Bible Colleges in Sydney

  • Sydney Missionary & Bible College (SMBC)
  • Sydney Bible Baptist College
  • Christ College
  • C3 College
  • St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College
  • Bible Ministry Ltd – Bible College/Grammar College
  • Australian College of Theology
  • Australian College of Christian Studies
  • Harvest West Bible College
  • Morling College
  • Uniting Theological College
  • Sydney College of Divinity
  • Catholic Institute Sydney
  • Alphacrucis College – Sydney Campus
  • John Knox Theological College

Apart from the Bible Colleges in Sydney, Let us enlighten you on theological Seminary, divinity schools, bible Institutes, and church-based seminary education.

Theological Seminary: A theological seminary educates students for leadership roles in Christian Ministry, such as pastors, missionaries, church planters, counsellors and other avenues of service to the church. Theological seminary places a strong emphasis on the understanding of the Bible, theology, spiritual formation and practical tools for church ministry.

Divinity School: Most divinity schools are usually affiliated with a university. Like a law or medical school, a divinity school is essentially a theological division within a larger university. 

Students in divinity schools can take courses that are unrelated to theological education and in the end, they are prepared to serve in academic, religious and non-sectarian settings.

Bible College: The curriculum in Bible colleges is based largely on the Bible, with many entry-level courses available in Old and New Testament.

Bible Institutes: Bible institutes provide training for people who want to understand the bible better. A lot of times these schools are not accredited and may not require a high school degree for admission. Some online programs fall in this category.

Church-Based Seminary Education: These schools may offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees that prepare students to understand and apply the Bible and theology in vocational ministry. Source.

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