10 Best Culinary schools in Amsterdam|Address & Details

As we all can agree, the classroom isn’t anyone’s favourite but then learning food costing, conversions and scaling, metric system, menu planning, etc. is a really key part of the broad foundation that culinary school promises.

Most culinary schools in Amsterdam includes a mix of classroom time and some practical hands-on time.

In the Culinary schools in Amsterdam, you are sure to gain the needed hands-on training and experience which you need to work in Cafes and restaurants in the Netherlands.

In as much you want to attend a Culinary school, it is very obvious that a culinary school is not a requirement for becoming a cook but just a pathway into the industry.

Therefore, if you are passionate about cooking and anything that has to do with the kitchen then attending any of the Culinary schools in Amsterdam isn’t a bad idea.

Difference between cooking classes and cooking workshops

The difference between our cooking workshops and cooking courses lies in the fact that a cooking course goes much deeper into the theory behind cooking and can last weeks or months while worships are the type of cooking class that offers hands-on training at a go.

In addition, the focus during a cooking course is on transferring this theory: you really learn how certain techniques and ingredients can be used.

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List of the Culinary schools in Amsterdam

  • Hotelschool The Hague
  • Keizer Culinair
  • Cook Your Life
  • De Amsterdamse Kookschool
  • Kookstudio Smaak
  • Moederskeuken
  • Peter Pan
  • De Laurier Kookstudio
  • La Cucina del Sole

Hotelschool The Hague

  • Location: Jan Evertsenstraat 171,
  • 1056 AB Amsterdam,
  • Netherlands

Hotelschool The Hague is the best public hospitality school in the Netherlands by Keuzegids 2022. It is ranked top-four by the CEOWORLD magazine.

They were founded in the year 1929 to create a hub where industry partners could gain and share new insights.

Over the years, they have expanded consistently, offering several programs including the four-year bachelor of arts in hospitality management, a fast-track bachelor programme and a 13-month master of business administration in international hospitality management.

Moreover, they recently launched a new masters degree in Leading Hotel Transformation.

The quality of this institution is assessed by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO), which independently evaluates quality control in institutes of higher education. Therefore are accredited.

The average tuition fees for students from the EU/EEA are 8,800 EUR per year, ranging from 3,600 EUR to 18,000 EUR.

The average tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA are 15,900 EUR per year, ranging from 14,800 EUR to 18,000 EUR.

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Keizer Culinair

  • Keizersgracht 376
  • 1016 GA Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • Negen Straatjes, Centrum

Keizer Culinair is one of the cooking schools in Amsterdam with fine, light and spacious locations.

Their locations are perfect for receptions and workshops. They have the following courses:

During the cooking technique course, you will prepare dishes in small groups.

After this course, you are able to control the most essential cooking techniques and you know more about how to put together a menu.

Cooking recipes will become easier because you know, understand and control more techniques.

 The different themes in this course are vegetables and cutting techniques, soups and sauces, meat, fish and improvisational cooking. Their summer classes cost €395.

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Cook Your Life

  • Houthavenkade 43
  • 1014 ZB Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
  • West

Cook Your Life is one of the culinary schools in Amsterdam that offer cooking classes and workshops. It is a Culinary school where you will learn from a dedicated chef and in a relaxed atmosphere.

They have an extensive range of classes with different classes in English and Dutch.

The cooking classes are divided into several lessons, all focusing on a specific topic.

Here are their classes and the required cost:

French Cooking Classes:

Italian Cooking Regional Cuisine: Six evenings: €480
Single evening: €95
All classes include drinks and coffee.

Bread Baking Class Breads of Thee World: €480 per person for six lessons, including side dishes, drinks and coffee. A single lesson costs €95.

Asian Cooking Class: €345 per person for 4 classes. A single class costs €95 per person. (Including drinks and coffee)

Cooking with Vegetables Class:€345 per person for four lessons, including drinks and coffee.

Cooking for Dummies: €345 per person for four lessons, including drinks and coffee. A single class is €95.

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Kookstudio Smaak

  • Zeeburgerdijk 54 a,
  • 1094 AE Amsterdam,
  • Netherlands

A cooking workshop is the perfect team-building outing. At Smaak Amsterdam they have a very diverse range of cooking workshops. 

Some of these workshops include:

Thai cooking workshop 
Vital cooking workshop 
Tapas cooking workshop with your colleagues. 

Are you looking for new ideas? Then do a brainstorming cooking workshop, because it lends itself perfectly to various training techniques.

In addition, the cooking workshops in their cooking studio in Amsterdam can also be combined with a meeting. 

The cooking studio is also a beautiful and inspiring meeting location. 

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  •  Nieuwmarkt 8,
  • 1012 CR Amsterdam,
  • Netherlands

Moederskeuken is one of the culinary schools in Amsterdam where you will learn certain cooking techniques. There are cooking courses for individuals and small groups.

It is one of those culinary schools in Amsterdam with the best options for beginners in Amsterdam. They have the best cooking studios where you will work with fresh ingredients and the best kitchen tools.

In their cooking classes, they work with a well-known cuisine, such as Italian or tapas.

With a beginners course, we make a 4 or 5-course menu. You learn to make your own pasta and a nice basic sauce to go with it. 

In addition, a number of other classic dishes such as Vitello Tonnato, Saltimbocca and Tiramisu are discussed. A course goes into more detail than a cooking workshop.

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Peter Pan

  • Nieuwe Hemweg 6S,
  • 1013 BG Amsterdam,
  • Netherlands

This is one of the culinary schools in Amsterdam that offers Online cooking workshops as well as offline cooking workshops.

They offer individual and cooking workshops with a group, catering with snacks or dinner on a plate, and outings such as theatre sports. 

In short, Peter Pan Cooking Studio and Catering ensure that you always get the perfect meal, location or activity so that your event is always a great success.

They always think along with you so that they can organize your event together with you.

Peter Pan Cooking Workshop and Catering, therefore, gives fun, healthy, tasty and educational cooking workshops in which you learn to put the tastiest food on the table. 

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De Laurier Kookstudio

  • Laurierstraat 250,
  • 1016 PT Amsterdam,
  • Netherlands

De Laurier Kookstudio is one of the culinary schools in Amsterdam that has been in existence since 1990.

They provide cooking classes in the cooking studio for a private or business group and gives special diet cooking classes. 

For children, there are children’s cooking classes or parties. 

All this under the inspiring leadership of Zoë and co and witness the guestbook to the complete satisfaction of their guests.

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La Cucina del Sole

  •  Warmondstraat 180,
  • 1058 LC Amsterdam,
  • Netherlands

La Cucina del Sole is one of the established cooking schools in Amsterdam that has become a reference point in the field of Italian cooking and culinary expertise in The Netherlands.

Their courses are dedicated to learning the secrets of real Italian cuisine.

They offer single cookery workshops, cooking courses of several lessons, online cooking classes, private dining service, Italian catering, culinary advice, recipe development, presentation of cooking programs on TV and video, articles on Italian cuisine and more.

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De Amsterdamse Kookschool

  • Binnen Bantammerstraat 15,
  • 1011 BW Amsterdam,
  • Netherlands

This is one of the culinary schools in Amsterdam that organizes culinary workshops ranging from Asian, Italian, Dutch, French and even a Kenyan workshop.

In addition, meetings are organized where you learn to make sushi, tapas or croquettes yourself. Pay attention, to all workshops, they are only organized if you visit the Amsterdam Cooking School with at least 8 people. 

The Amsterdam Cooking School gives you a choice of tastings with French cheeses, Italian cheeses, chocolate and cocktails.

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