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There are Universities in Estonia, but alking about medical schools in Estonia, the best medical school in Estonia is the University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine. You must be thinking of how to become a doctor in Estonia, the first step is to attend this medical school in Estonia.

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List of the best Medical schools in Estonia

  • University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine

University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine

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The tuition fee for the medical program in English of Tartu University is 11000 Euros. It can be paid in two instalments per semester (5500 Euro/semester). 

The faculty of Medicine at this medical school has been known to be the springboard for Estonian doctors and medical researchers.

The university offer Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy Studies in Estonian and medicine in English and Estonian.

The start of many discoveries that are significant and clinical specializations can be closely tracked to the University. Some of these significant discoveries include:

  • The development of embryology
  • the opening of the world’s first pharmacology lab
  • the modern blood coagulation theory
  • and the use of sterile rubber gloves and surgical instruments

They all have their roots in Tartu. Over the years, the Institute of Sports Sciences and Physiotherapy which is a major part of the faculty has become an important centre for sports and exercise.

Interestingly, UT alumni make up 99% of Estonian doctors, dentists and pharmacists and the majority of renowned exercise and sports scientists, physiotherapists and sports coaches. 

You will find a great number of their graduates working across Europe and the USA in various health care institutions.

The faculty has the most modern academic building in the university.

Their students are actively involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle and improving society in general.

Their employees are renowned and professionals in medicine.

From the faculty of medicine graduates of sport sciences are today’s acknowledged exercise scientists, physiotherapists, school directors, project managers in sports federations and local governments, physical education teachers and sports coaches.

Program offered

Faculty of Medicine offers an international 6-year programme in Medicine that is fully in English, but also, there are four PhD programs that can be taken in English.

These four PhD programs include:

  • Exercise and Sport Sciences, 
  • Medicine, 
  • Neurosciences,
  • Pharmacy.

Some courses in the Pharmacy programme are delivered in Estonian, so learning of Estonian language during the studies is compulsory. 

However, there are six institutes in general in the faculty of medicine:

  • Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine
  • Institute of Family Medicine and Public Health
  • Institute of Pharmacy
  • Institute of Clinical Medicine
  • Institute of Dentistry
  • Institute of Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy

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Conclusion on medical schools in Estonia

When it comes to medical study in English destination, the University of Tartu, faculty of medicine Estonia is one of the best options. The university is known for its high reputation and quality of studies.

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