3 Translation Schools in France for Masters Program in Translation

French is one of the top 5 most spoken languages in the world. It’s also the official language in 32 countries. With over 321 million speakers, French is a language that you cannot ignore.

There are a lot of resources available if you are interested in learning the French language. You can do it online. But if you want to learn French on a whole new level, you should study formally. Of course, the best place to learn the French language is in France.

For example, if you want to master French up to a level where you can translate it, then there are Master’s programs in France that you can take up.

This article would take a close look at the top translation schools in France for a Master’s Program in French translation or something similar.

Why Study Translation in France?

Why should you study translation in France?

The obvious answer to that question is because it’s the homeland of the French language. It’s where the best French schools are and it’s where the best teachers can be found. If you want to learn then you should aim to be taught by the best.

But aside from the fact that it is best to learn a language in its home country, studying in France has other benefits. First of all, the tuition rates in France are really attractive. While they are not the cheapest, they’re quite good considering you will be studying in a wealthy country.

Then there’s the high educational standard. Some of the oldest and most prestigious schools in Europe can be found there.

Because France is a world power and a leading economy, there are also plenty of opportunities if you study there. There are a lot of major companies that are based in the country and you increase the chances of getting hired by them.

Another undeniable benefit of studying in France is the country itself. France is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. People flock there because of the sights, the culture, and the cuisine. By studying in France, you will be able to experience what millions of tourists are after.

Translation Services and Other Employment Opportunities

So, we were able to establish that studying in France is a good idea. We’ve also established that France is the best place to master the French language, well enough for you to become a translator. Now, what you want to know is whether becoming a translator going to be a lucrative career?

For starters, those who work as translators in France earn around  44,300 Euros per year. That’s not bad and if you have a Master’s Degree, then you can potentially earn more.

You can start earning money as a French language specialist even while you are studying and you become a vendor for a French translation services provider. After you have finished your studies, you can continue working with them.

You can also choose to become a French language teacher once you have finished your studies. With your educational credentials, you will easily get teaching opportunities. Other doors of opportunities will open up for you after you have studied the French language in France.

But of course, the main thing that you can do with your training is to do translations. You also have the opportunity to become an interpreter which will give you options to travel around the world. You can do both if your written and oral French are equally good.

But if you specialize in something else, particularly if that field is highly technical then you will be in demand as a translator. Being knowledgeable in both language and a specialized field is rare so you can capitalize on that. 

Top Translation Schools in France

Now, it’s time to go through the best translation schools for a Master’s degree in France today. 

  • University of Lorraine
  • Institute Of Intercultural Communication And Management – ISIT
  • The University of London Institute in Paris

University of Lorraine

The University of Lorraine offers a Lexicography program. It takes four semesters and touches upon the basics of lexicography and research on dictionaries.

Aside from translations, lexicographers can work in varied fields. They can help in promoting cross-cultural communication.

Institute Of Intercultural Communication And Management – ISIT

ISIT is offering a Master in Conference Interpreting. While it is not exclusive to translation, the lessons that will be taught under this program can come in handy for anyone interested in translation as a career.

The program takes two academic years to complete. It will cover translation and interpreting techniques that can help students start a new career.

The Intercultural Communication and Translation program offered by the ISIT is arguably one of the best Master’s Programs that someone interested in translation can take up.

This is because translation work is not just about translating the language, it is also about localizing it to match the culture and customs of the target audience. 

A student who goes through this program should gain a solid grasp of the best translation practices.

The University of London Institute in Paris

The University of London in Paris is offering MPhil and Ph.D. Research Degrees. You can focus on language and expand your knowledge on whatever aspect of French that you would like to focus on.

The London Institute in Paris is also a prestigious place of learning that can contribute a lot to your learning and career.

These are just four of the Master’s programs that are available in France for those interested in studying translation.

These programs are not solely focused on translation. But taking them up, you will benefit from them.

Studying in France can be an enriching experience, one that can help shape your future and your career.

It can also help to enhance your knowledge especially if you are going there to study the French language and work for a French translation company and provide French document translation services. 

Your options for studying French translation are not limited to these schools, there are other equally good institutions that you can go to in the country.

You can also study other things in France, like fashion for example. YOu have so many choices available to you.

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