30 Must-Have Top Virtual Assistant Tools and Skills

A virtual assistant tools and skills is that which manages all the administrative duties of a person, organization, or firm, remotely.

Virtual Assistants perform duties like booking appointments, responding to e-mails, organizing schedules, booking appointment,s and organizing a client’s workflow.

To be a virtual assistant requires you to learn and master some skills and get conversant with using some tools like slack, google sheets, etc. Virtual Assistant is technically more time and energy consuming and for you to be an excellent virtual Assistant, you need to get your acts together.

There are skills required before trying to apply for a VA (Virtual Assistant) position. If you don’t know how to deal with people, you will suck at representing your boss in any online event. You will also require privacy skills to keep matters confidential.

Virtual Assistants are in high demand now because of their importance in everyday life. People who have extremely hectic schedules, depend on Virtual Assistants to help them ease their workflow. To them, a good Virtual Assistant is indispensable, they are most of the time their bridge in handling big clients and also getting clients.

Here are the virtual assistant tools and skills you need to become indispensable as a virtual assistant and always deliver on the go.

Top 10 Virtual Assistant Tools and Skills For Your Virtual Assistance Jobs 

Let’s look at the Virtual Assistant Tools:


What makes Trello top this list is because of its simplicity. This is an app that you don’t need tutorials to start using. It is so easy to use that you will start using it like a pro as soon as you install it.

Trello is used by Virtual Assistants to collaborate with their clients on what they need to achieve for a period of time.

It comes with a feature called a “card” where activities are outlined and upon completion, the virtual assistant will add a tag saying the task has been accomplished.


This is a popular design tool used by almost everybody. What virtual assistants can do with Canva is they can use it to perform any design-related tasks.

Canva comes in form of templates predesigned for use and editable. It is quick and efficient to use in getting a pitch-perfect design.


Asana is a cloud-based platform that allows organizations to manage their tasks and workflow remotely and independently.

Asana has integration with AGAT AI virtual assistant made specifically for virtual assistants. Asana helps you perform some functions like:

  • Automatically add tasks in Asana without leaving a meeting.
  • Get info about your meeting’s tasks
  • Add optional data fields to tasks for a better description.


Slack is a project management platform that lets you manage your projects with different clients.

You can create what is called a channel in slack for managing your project with a client.


Buffer is a software management tool designed specifically for social media. It allows you to schedule and make posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This tool is ideal for virtual assistants handling various accounts.

We all know that managing a social media account is tedious and stressful, so this is where a buffer comes in. It allows you to pre-write posts and schedules them for upload at a certain date and time.

With this tool, being consistent is not hard, and growing a page audience will be efficient. 

Google Meet

Google Meet is used to hold meetings and conferences. It is easy, simple and flexible. One of its pros is that you can integrate it into your google apps and use it on the go.


Cortana is a Microsoft Windows Virtual Assistant made for Virtual Assistants. It helps you to navigate through your Windows system and find your way out. It helps you manage time effectively by working on the most important things.

Google Workspace

Tired of downloading different google apps for different purposes? Then download Google Workspace; Google workspace lets you access all of your favorite Google apps from one place.

Google Workspace gives you access to Gmail, Google meet, Google slides, YouTube and others from one workspace. This tool is your key to unlocking a premium Virtual Assistant personality your client will love.


Manage your files and documents from different devices and different places. Dropbox is a file hosting service provided by the American company Dropbox Inc. 

Dropbox offers cloud storage and file accessibility from multiple devices. Enjoy files and image backup for more stress-free work.


Zoom is the world’s most popular video conferencing app. It allows you to perform multiple actions during a meeting. You can also record meetings, share your screen, and perform a whole lot more.


Huddle is a workspace management tool that allows large companies to manage the workflow of all their Virtual Assistants. 


15five is a Performance management tool that allows Virtual Assistants keep track of their growth performance. 15five comes integrated with multiple tools that will help you determine your growth level and properly access your pace.


So, you are a Virtual Assistant who has been assigned the task of growing a very dormant social media page but you don’t know where to start, then start right with Hootsuite.

Hootsuite allows you to do what is called social media listening to understand what it is you need to implement for page growth. Know when your target audience is most active and manipulate it to your advantage by creating content at that exact time.

Content Studio

A wonderful social media management tool that takes away the stress from Virtual Assistants. This tool lets you manage all your social media accounts from one place.

Schedule, manage, plan and oversee the performance of all your posts from one place. It also comes with a unified social media inbox that you can use to view all your messages from different social platforms all at once.

Drum up 

Drum up is a powerful social media tool for Virtual Assistants. Drum up comes with algorithms that identify trending topics all over the world and curate posts from them. 


Float is a resource management tool that lets you manage all your team’s projects from one place.

It comes integrated with tools like calendars to sync your schedules and have a smooth workflow. 


Skype is a Microsoft integrated app that allows you to make voice calls, and video calls, and send instant messages in-between calls. It can be used by Virtual assistants for video conferencing.


Kashoo is accounting software that lets you manage all your accounts from one place.

Send invoices, keep track of invoices and transfers and perform automated bookkeeping. This app is a complete package for Virtual assistants handling accounts.

Scale Fusion

Scale fusion is a mobile management software that allows you to manage your devices all through one software. Scale Fusion allows Virtual Assistants to keep track of and monitor all the devices they work with. 


pCloud is one of the most secure cloud storage systems. It helps you to transfer files and backup your PC storage.

One of the unique features of pCloud is that it gives you the opportunity to encrypt sensitive files while transferring them on the internet. It is an extremely safe storage system for you and your client.

Skills Recruiters Look for While Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Project Management

The ability to manage a project and deliver effectively is essential to every Virtual Assistant. If you can deliver on projects and demonstrate them to employers, then you are good to go.

 IT Skills

If you don’t have IT skills, then I suggest you don’t go into Virtual Assistance. The main function of a virtual assistant is using IT gadgets, so this is the first thing employers look out for in hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Time Management

The reason why people hire Virtual Assistants is that they can’t manage their time effectively by themselves, and that is where you as a Virtual Assistant come to play.

You need to show how effectively you can use minimum time to achieve amazing results

Social Media Management

Most Virtual Assistant jobs have to do with social media management. When employers want to hire you, one of the things topping their list of good candidates is the ability to manage multiple social media accounts. 

Good Decision Making

How good are you at making the right decisions under intense pressure? Virtual Assistant requires a smart and intelligent person who can make decisions accurately. Most of the time, you’d be standing in for your boss, so that puts you in a position to make decisions.

When going for Virtual Assistance interviews, prepare yourself for intellectual questions.

Customer Service

Customer service in Virtual Assistance is at the forefront. You need to have human management skills. The ability to handle conflicts amicably makes you a top candidate.

Data Management

How good are you with handling data? Can you transform data into useful information?  These are questions you need to answer as a Virtual Assistant. Learn to handle data from multiple sources using dedicated tools like data apps.

One skill that will put you out there will be learning a data language like the popular MySQL. 


Can your clients totally depend on you to deliver? Do you meet up with deadlines? Reliability is one skill you can’t afford to have.


Employers want people who think out of the box. They need you to be creative, to always be one step ahead of all your tasks and to do things differently. 

Demonstrating to employers your creativity will let them know you are the right person for the job.

Working With the Cloud

Working with the cloud is simply navigating your way through online storage apps. Can you manage and transfer data from the cloud? The first place to start testing this out is using google drive. 

Learn how to access, upload, and transfer files on the cloud.

Virtual Assistance requires someone who is dedicated, collected and able to work under pressure.

If you are not under this category of people it would do you good to not join this track. No matter how enticing working remotely sounds, it’s always good to know what you can do or can’t do. 

But if you feel you are cut out for this, then the floor is entirely yours. Know your way around Virtual Assistant jobs through the article above and land your first client.

The Complete list will be made available soon. Watch out!

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