20 Best Interactive Tools for Online Learning

Since digital Bootcamp and virtual classrooms have been adopted, teachers have sought a way to bring back that classroom feeling and effect.

These Interactive tools for online learning have become an alternative source of learning for students and there is a need for enough interactions.

These interactive tools also help the students to have a good user experience and integrated access to resources.

It allows them to upload files, have discussions, have group calls and video calls. 

As more and more educational institutions are adapting to this new method of teaching, much work still needs to be done so that the learning process of students is not affected by the change in the teaching process.

This is where these tools step in to help students to interact better with each other and have a good learning process.

These Interactive tools for online learning make the process swift and efficient to learn and record the process, keep notes, etc. Now, let’s look at the list of these Interactive tools for online learning.

Top 20 Interactive Tools for Online Learning

  • Slack
  • WhatsApp
  • Zoom
  • Canva
  • Coursera
  • Duolingo
  • Kahoot
  • Nearpod
  • Google Classroom
  • Edpuzzle
  • Pear Deck
  • Khan Academy
  • Microsoft teams
  • ThingLink
  • Schoology
  • Peergrade
  • Flipgrid
  • Seesaw
  • Elucidat
  • Moodle


Slack is an intense content management system that gives you the opportunity to hold classrooms with up to a thousand students. 

It is a flexible tool for managing large classrooms and is very user-friendly. It has a workspace where the students can interact in their channels. 


This is a swift messaging tool that can also be used for group discussions. It is very simple to use and more efficient.

Teachers and students can use these tools to have group discussions, meetings, calls, and brainstorm together for ideas.

WhatsApp also comes with a backup system that backs up chats and archives them to the cloud. Even if a device is lost or broken, upon re-installation, the chat and discussions can still be retrieved.


Zoom is probably the world’s most popular conferencing tool. It has features that make a lot of things possible.

During a zoom meeting, there is an opportunity to share your screen, record the zoom conversations and be able to view in-call messages.

One amazing feature that zoom has is that the meeting host probably the teacher in this case can lock up the meeting or separate the students into breakout rooms. These breakout rooms are like small groups. 


Canva is a very popular design tool that allows collaborative designs with other people, Canva as a design tool allows teachers to create presentation designs, and infographics for use in their class. 

The beauty of using Canva is the already made templates that can be used and customized for quick designs.

It has templates, logos, stock images, and a lot of other tools that make the process easier.


Coursera is an online learning app that is used by various universities to integrate virtual learning.

It has several courses offered by different universities around the world that are uploaded on the Coursera app.


Duolingo is an American language learning app. This app allows users to use different learning apps to learn multiple languages and earn a certificate.


Now, this is a little bit different from normal.

Kahoot is a game learning platform that uses games to teach students. Kahoot is one of the learning technologies used by different institutes.

Using this gaming technology in learning, students learning pace can be increased and improved greatly. 


This is a tool for creating and delivering interactive sessions and learning resources.

They have a lot of formative resources that can be gamified for easier and better learning. Nearpod makes classes and learning fun and attractive.

Google Classroom

The Multi-billion-dollar company, Google also has a classroom with easy-to-use tools.

Google Classroom makes teachers manage schedules and classrooms like a physical classroom. 


Edpuzzle allows you to create interactive video lessons and integrate it into your learning management system.

Have the opportunity to track students’ progress, check if students are watching your videos, the time spent on each video and if they understand the videos.

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is an audio platform that allows you to embed video instructions using audio.

It is an interactive presentation tool that can be used via the web or as an add-on to other apps like google slides.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a learning platform created by Salman khan in 2008 that has courses in math, art, biology, medicine, programming, etc.

The courses come in short videos that are interactive, simplified, and well-detailed for better understanding by students.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is a tool developed by Microsoft and used for video conferencing, online presentations, etc. it can be used by teachers to organize and hold class meetings.

In addition, it also offers workspace chat and coordination for better interactions between students.


This is a multi-function design app that can be used to create interactive images for visual learning.

ThingLink makes it easy to overlap images, audio, videos and links into one single image for better visual learning.

Teachers can use ThingLink for structuring interactive student reports, making infographics, and as a multimedia design tool.


Schoology was developed by Frederick County for public schools to use as a learning management system.

Schoology supports course management, communication and mobile learning.


This is a platform that allows students to get reviews on written assignments.

It allows students to get feedback and improve on their current abilities.

The way it works is that teachers set up an account and add settings for when students can submit their assignments and guides to performing the assignments. 

Students can then submit assignments, interact with the assignments of other people, comment, edit, etc. 

The teacher keeps track of the students’ submissions and comments and gives feedback to students.


This is a video sharing and video discussion platform for classrooms that is developed by Microsoft.

It is free to use and provides a great opportunity for students to share video resources in classrooms and learn.


Seesaw is a platform that allows students to perform multiple actions while in a class.

They can draw, take pictures, and record videos. It is an interactive tool for any age grade of a student.


Elucidat is a powerful innovative tool for building your own eLearning platform.

It lets you build your own learning management system from scratch and integrate any add-ons. 


Moodle is free and open-source. A software that can be used to create effective online lessons by educators.

It is one of the Interactive tools for online learning, where you can build, customize and plan your own learning management system for your university, college, academy or institute.

The above are super amazing tools that improve flexibility with courses and improves students learning.

They are stress-free and let every student focus on the most important thing which is learning.

Are there Interactive tools for online learning that you think should be on this list? Please let us know.

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