30 Top Recruitment Agencies in Berlin & Their Websites

The recruitment agencies in Berlin are responsible for identifying potential candidates for its clients, though, client companies carry out the final interview with the successful candidates and choose their preferred candidate.

Recruitment agencies in Berlin are service providers that help companies find profiles suited to the position to be filled and the culture of the company. 

Germany’s Federal Employment Agency makes it known that it needs close to half a million skilled workers every year in order to satisfy the economy’s demand for labor.

This is due to its very productive economy and aging population.

After an interview with the client, the recruitment agencies in Berlin define a sourcing strategy. They can rely on their database or professional social networks.

These recruitment agencies in Berlin can make a direct approach or broadcast advertisements. These agencies write job descriptions, decide on the publication of an advert or not, and how it is disseminated.

These recruitment agencies in Berlin identify potential candidates, then screen them. Experienced consultants then conduct recruitment interviews with these candidates.

These interviews can be supplemented by technical or psycho technical tests. After the interviews, the consultants draw up a list of three to five candidates to present to the client and check the references of these candidates.

The recruitment agency then prepares a file for each of these candidates, with the relevant information and the interview report.

It is the client who decides whether or not to meet the candidates presented, and who makes the final choice of the successful candidate.

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Benefits for a job seeker to meet with a recruitment consultant

As a job seeker, your first contact with a recruitment agency is very important. A properly conducted interview will allow the recruitment agency to offer you only positions made for you, thus saving you time.

If you are not selected by the client after being introduced by the recruitment agency, the latter will explain to you the reasons, thus giving you an opportunity to progress.

The consultant can also give you advice on how to better present yourself or highlight your CV.

If you register with a recruitment agency, you may have access to non-public offers, which increases your chances of finding a job quickly. Just be sure to regularly update your information on their database.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Berlin

Having given the benefits for a job seeker to meet with a recruitment consultant, we have compiled a list of the 30 Recruitment Agencies in Berlin for you to begin your journey with.

These agencies were not ranked, they are simply recruitment agencies in Berlin to consult for your staffing needs.

Approach People Recruitment Agency

Contact: +49 30 221533200



Approach People covers a whole lot of industries to answer every possible recruitment need you might have. They have options in IT, Sales, Marketing, Business Support, Multilingual, Management, Engineering, Life Sciences, Finance, Accountancy, Retail, and Luxury.

They operate in other four countries – Ireland, France, Switzerland, and Spain.

They are twenty years in the business and are more than qualified to be trusted to help you on your journey to secure a job in Berlin.

Jobactive GmbH Berlin


+ 49 (0)214 8690 91-0

Website: www.jobactive.de/home

Jobactive is a top recruitment agency in Berlin, and you can take our word for it.

They recruit for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as the IT Industry and commercial professions.

They have branches not just in Berlin but in Leverkusen, Frankfurt is main, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich, and Zurich.

The agency makes applications so easy that even without a complete CV you can just send an application message to the agency’s WhatsApp number.

You can also send an email to info@jobactive.de

Michael Page

Contact: +49304000470

Website: https: www.michaelpage.de

Email: mp.berlin@michaelpage.com

Michael Page specializes in the placement of specialists and executives.

They recruit for both permanent and interim positions with offers in Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Manufacturing, Finance and Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resources, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Information Technology, Procurement, and Supply Chain, and Property and Construction.

Recruitment processes with Michael Page usually take a few weeks but can be as fast as 48 hours.

Caissa Global Recruitment

Contact: +49 30 55235980

Website: httpswww.caissarecruitment.com

Caissa has been 12 years in business and so have built a clear reputation of competence.

One of the unique things about Caissa is their guarantee in successfully satisfying your demand as a job seeker or hirer – they boast of a 90% acceptance rate on their offers, way above the industry average of 65%.

In their words “The key is our focus on quality over quantity.” No wonder, they qualify for our list as one of the best recruitment agencies in Berlin.

Kelly Services GmbH

Contact: +49 30 2887710

Website: www.kellyservices.de

Kelly promises to recruit in industries like technology, healthcare, finances, life sciences, industry and technology, office and management, and interim and freelance.

With several offices across Germany, they show their willingness and determination in becoming a recruitment agency that actually produces results.

Consortia DE

Contact: +49 32 214219668

Website: www.consortia.com

Consortia is quite a specialized recruitment agency with a very specific niche – UX, Product Development, and Data Recruitment.

Everything you will need to know is on their website. You can also call or send them mail for more information if this niche is something you’re looking for.


Contact:. +49 30 8478840

Website: www.hays.de

Hays is situated in the heart of the city and is one of the most capable recruitment agencies in Berlin. In just 24 hours, Hays boasts it can establish the first contact between a candidate and an employer.

You can begin your application by sending them a mail – berlin@hays.de

Time To Care GmbH

Contact: +49 30 27582494

Email: info@timetocare.de

Website: timetocare.de

Time to Care is a healthcare recruitment agency in Berlin. Operating since 2003, they currently partner with over 500 companies.

By narrowing down to the health sector, they are under pressure to be at least one of the best in the healthcare industry when it comes to recruitment and we have no doubt Time to Care will meet expectations.

Workstation AG Berlin

Contact: +49 30 789590711

Email: office@030-workstation.de

Website: workstation.de

Workstation was founded in Berlin in 2002 and today is an active nationwide job provider.

They operate in administration, retail trade, Finance and Controlling, multimedia, call center, logistics, materials management, and IT.

They are not only limited to these industries as they also recruit from other sectors as well.

Talent Berlin

Contact: +49 30 1197990

Website: talentinternational.de

Talent is an international technology and digital recruitment agency with a presence in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States, and Europe.

Talent has been operating since 1995 and has been an important tool for job seekers to connect with potential employers.

Nigel Frank International

Contact: +49 30 30807963

Website: nigelfrank.com/de

Nigel Frank is a very specialist recruitment agency. It’s an IT recruitment agency but not just one. It recruits in and for Microsoft technologies.

At the moment it has recruited over 4,000 candidates currently working for Microsoft. You can contact them with their contact above.

Headmatch GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: +49 30 3253200

Website: headmatch.de

Headmatch is one of the most reliable recruitment agencies in Berlin. Founded in 2010, they already have a wide array of contacts to connect job seekers.

They work in Finance and Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Information Technology, Property and Construction, Interim and Freelance, and the Legal sector.

Home of Jobs

Contact: +49 30 679688970

Website: homeofjobs.de

Home of Jobs offers job seekers an opportunity to work in industries like office and finance, industry and engineering, medicine and care, and law and tax.

Home of Jobs connects you to an employer for 100% free of charge. All you need to do is to apply.

Work_in_Berlin Recruitment Agency

Contact: +49 30 789590713

Website: work-in-berlin.eu/

One of the most successful recruitment agencies in Berlin. Work in Berlin is located in the heart of the city.

It even helps potential employees in finding temporary accommodation, completing administrative paperwork, opening a bank account, and so on.

The sectors they operate in are Tourism and Airline, Premium cars, Entertainment, Fashion, Health, and IT support. 

Hire a Doctor

Contact: +49 30 64494470

Website: hireadoctor.de

Hire a Doctor is a personnel service provider in the healthcare sector. They place doctors, nurses, and rescue workers as well as other medical professionals for short-term replacements in health care facilities.

In addition, they also fill management positions in medical, nursing, and non-medical areas.

Harnham GmbH

Contact: +49 30 21789921

Website: harnham.com

Harnham has over ten years of working in the Data and Analytics sector. They provide targeted full-service recruitment in five core areas – Data Science, Marketing and Insight, Credit Risk, Data and Technology, Digital Analytics, and Healthcare Analytics.

You can contact Peter Schroeter, who leads the Berlin office – info@harnham.com

Butler for You

Contact: +49 30 32894342

Website: butlerforyou.de

Butler for You is quite different from other recruitment agencies we have here on our list because its options are not degree-related but are house staff placements.

They recruit housekeepers, nannies, caretaker couples, chauffeurs, house managers, personal assistants, nursing, and caregivers.

In other words, they provide professional and experienced domestic staff throughout Germany.

Computer Futures

Contact: +49 30 221520550

Website: computerfutures.com

Computer Futures is a global IT recruitment specialist that operates in almost 10 countries including the US, UK, and Japan.

Their major aim is to connect employers with the best IT experts across different niches and give job seekers access to the most highly sought roles in the most competitive and growing companies.

Cogs Agency

Contact: +49 (0)30 467 267 00

Website: cogsagency.com

Cogs Agency is an international recruitment agency operating in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Tokyo, and of course, Berlin.

With interests in Automation, Machine learning, Mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and so on, the future for Cogs is bright.

Orange Quarter GmbH

Contact: +31 20 777 6499

Website: orange-quarter.com

Backend Development, Frontend Development, DevOps/SRE, Data and Analytics, Executive Search, Digital Marketing, Mobile (iOS/Android), Product, UX/UI, QA, and Test Automation are the areas Orange quarter specializes in.

They provide services to those looking to hire and those looking to be hired. The orange quarter is also based in Amsterdam.

Jefferson Frank

Contact: +49 30 22409269

Website: jeffersonfrank.com

Jefferson Frank is the only recruitment agency in Berlin and the world that is dedicated solely to AWS technology whether it’s a contract, permanent or remote.

AWS, Amazon Web Services is the most widely adopted cloud platform and this recruitment agency seeks out masters in AWS.


Contact: +49 341 97856790

Website: jobzioo.com

An international recruitment agency with offices in France, Germany, and Saudi Arabia. Its area of expertise is in Expert healthcare professionals, technology and IT, professional training, and artisans. 

Frank Recruitment Group

Contact: +49 30 30808800

Website: www.frankgroup.com

Frank Group provides permanent and contracts recruitment and is a global leader in sourcing for IT professionals, and one of the most capable recruitment agencies in Berlin.

Founded in 2006, its operations span many countries and not just in Berlin.

Randstad Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: +49 30 634168200

Website: www.randstad.de

Randstad was founded in 1960 and offers jobs in the exciting fields of Industry and craft, Economy and Administration, IT, engineering and technology, health and social services, Finance and Accounting, marketing and sales.

Selby Jennings

Contact: +49 30 726211444

Website: www.selbyjennings.de

Selby believes that talent drives growth and that’s why they believe since its inception in 2004 that its number one challenge is to hunt talent.

Today, they provide permanent, contract, and multi-hire recruitment solutions across specialist sectors including risk management, compliance, investment management, quantitative analytics, and financial technology.

Interlink Legal Recruitment

Contact: +49 30 887060046

Website: www.interlinkrecruitment.com/berlin

Interlink is a specialist legal recruitment agency with over ten years experience of in connecting the best legal professionals in leading firms across Europe all from their office in Berlin. Other their offices are in London, Manchester, and New York.

Manpower Group

Contact: +49 30 25924480

Website: www.manpower.de/de

Founded in 1948 with the invention of the temporary work model, Manpower has been providing innovative HR solutions for over 70 years in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America, Asia & Pacific.

Professional fields include Doctors, nurses, gastronomy, commercial-industrial occupations, etc. It is tested and trusted.

 DA Coaching

Contact: +49 30 847100

Website: www.da-coaching.de

DA Coaching, unlike the rest of the recruitment agencies on the list, believes in coaching individuals to grow their careers by themselves.

At DA coaching, you are trained to develop viable solutions for yourself. 

EPM Scientific

Contact: +49 30 726211444

Website: www.epmscientific.de/

EPM Scientific is a leading specialist recruiter in life sciences. Founded in 2012, they help clients solve the number one business challenge: talent.

Today, they provide permanent, contract, and multi-hire recruitment solutions to support the whole product life-cycle from research and development through to market launch and pharmacovigilance.

HR-Recruiting Services GmbH

Contact: +49 30 25923850

Website: www.hr-recruitingservices.de

HR-Recruiting Services is a consulting company with a focus on recruiting solutions. Their spectrum includes the design of modern recruiting processes, Interim Recruiting, and the training of recruiters and HR staff.

The agency has several offices across Germany and not just in Berlin.

The average working hours in Germany are 36-40 hours a week and the average salary is between €64,000 and € 81,000. In a country with a declining population, the demand for workers can only go higher.

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