10 Top Flight Schools in Sydney &What To Expect

Are you searching for flight schools in Sydney? We have made a list that you would like. Sydney is an Australian city in New South Wales, it has a population of about 5 million people. One of its iconic places is the Sydney opera house which is known all over the city.

Sydney is perfect for studying because of the nice weather that is inviting to foreigners and residents of Sydney as well. It has beautiful natural environments from the cool sands on the beach to the natural environments like forests.

Sydney is ranked as the 5th safest city in the world, providing security to students while still granting them the freedom to move around the city and feel the vibes of the city.

The average cost of rent for a student living in Sydney is about $750 for private rooms and $200 for shared rooms a week.  Staying in school lodges/hostels might cost up to $800 – $1000 a week which includes feeding. 

Because of the excellent weather, Sydney is one of the best places to study Aviation. You will not only find some of the best flight schools in Sydney but you are certain to find some that are among the best in the world. Previously, we have covered the 10 top flight schools in Alberta and the 7 top flight schools in Montreal. However, we will be looking at the flight schools in Sydney in this article.

Top Aviation/Flight Schools in Sydney

Below are the flight schools in Sydney for you.

Sydney Flying College:

Sydney Flying College is a special flight school located in Bankstown Aerodrome NSW, Australia. The school currently celebrates 50 years of flying education. They were the first to organize flight shows in the early 70s.

The flight academy is well versed in flying instructive ways and seeks to grow students’ flight journey and help them gain experience. 

It has over 40 aircrafts all in Bankstown which can be used by students for practice or for private hire.

SDC is approved by CASA (Civil Aviation and Safety Authority) which allows them to conduct integrated and non-integrated flight training.

SDC offers self-taught Aviation courses that can help you kickstart your career as a professional pilot and also get a chance to join their club upon membership at a subscription fee of $250 per annum.

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Sydney Flying Academy:

Sydney Flying Academy is the best flight school located in Bankstown Aerodrome NSW, Australia.

They offer the best experience in flying and offer safe conditions to fly.

Whether you want to learn for fun or you are taking a professional course, they will give you the best experience. 

Sydney Flying Academy is certified by Recreational Aviation and the Australian Government Civil Aviation and Safety Authority.

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Curtis Aviation:

Curtis Aviation School is located in Camden NSW, Australia. It was established in 1993 by a team of professionals who came together to share their passion for flying with others.

It has evolved from being a private training school to an Aviation school practicing Industry standards to train experienced pilots.

Curtis Aviation School offers modern training in flying; their fleets of aircraft contain different models that are suited to your needs.

They partner with CQ university to run a Bachelor of Aviation program.

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Bassair Aviation College:

Located in Bankstown Aerodrome NSW, Australia, Bassair Aviation College offers a world-class curriculum for pilots. Know as the third largest fleet in Australia, Bassair seeks to provide its students with enough experience for a professional flying career.

It was established in 1991 and has two campuses, one in Sydney and another in Brisbane.  Bassair Aviation College is certified by the Civil Aviation safety and authority.

Some of the diplomas they offer are:

  1. Certificate of III in Aviation AVI50219

Commercial Pilot License – Airplane

  1. Diploma of Aviation AVI50519

Instrument Rating – CEICOS Approved

  1. Diploma of Aviation AVI50419

Flight Instructor

  1. Diploma of Aviation Combined Package Diploma of Aviation AVI50219

Commercial Pilot License – Airplane and Diploma of Aviation – AVI50519 -Instrument Rating.

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Pacific Flight Services:

Pacific is located in Bankstown Aerodrome NSW, Australia, and has been in existence for over 35 years.

The school offers reputable training to any student who wishes to enroll in the school.

The courses provided are suitable for commercial pilots or for recreational pilots. 

The school is certified by CASA part 61 and provides both part 141 training and part 142 training. 

Get a Diploma in Aviation AVI50222-commercial pilot license by the Pacific flight services, by going through their course.

The course is open to complete novices in flying and has already commenced this August.

More information on how to apply can be found here

Alto cap Flight School:

This is a flight school located in Camden NSW, Australia. It offers modern training in the best flight practices. 

Alto cap Flight School offers a wide range of courses suited to your needs; the trial flight course costs no more than $400 and is your first step to becoming an aviator. 

Alto cap offers a commercial pilot license and an Instrument rating for Diploma in Aviation. To learn more about their wide range of courses, click here

Australian Aerobatic Academy:

Australian Aerobatic Academy is located in Sydney Bankstown, it is a CASA part 141 training organization that offers training in fields like aerobatics, UPRT, primary flight training, advanced handling, and adrenaline-charged joy flights.

The academy has professional tutors who are pilots that have gained diverse experience and are willing to share their passion for flight with others.

They allow students to gain experience in a fun and practical way.

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Sydney Aviators:

Sydney Aviators is an academy for self-paced pilots, it is located at the end of Airport Avenue, next to the Main terminal at Bankstown Airport.

They provide excellent courses for students who want to gain rich experience in flying and become seasoned pilots.

They offer various Diploma of Aviation which is available upon completion of the required course.

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Sydney Flight Training:

Sydney Flight training is located at Bankstown Aerodrome NSW, Australia.

They have a team of experienced pilots that have worked in International Airports and worked with multi-engine aircraft under different weather conditions.

These pilots become tutors and instructors to students who want to be well versed in the field of Aviation.

Sydney Flight Training encourages students to learn and grasp the process of air flight using modern aircraft.

They gain the experience and confidence needed to excel in their pilot journey.

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Air Combat Australia:

This is the first jet fighter training school located in Camden NSW, Australia.

It was the first jet fighter academy in Australia that trains students in modern air combat.

It was established in 1992 and has since served on military contracts. They also offered Military air fighting services to different countries and have since been training pilots.

A course offered on Air Combat Australia is placed at about $2000 to $3000 and is definitely worth the price.

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Sydney has one of the best flight schools in the world located around a serene environment, fine weather, and passionate people. 

Studying in any flight school located in Sydney opens you to a world of experience in flying, the various flight schools located all over Sydney aim to offer the student good practice in the field of Aviation.

Sydney also holds the record for having the best Aviation schools in Australia and has alumni located all over the world.

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