5 Top Fashion Schools in Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are top fashion schools in Amsterdam for individuals who have a penchant for creativity and who wish to explore the application of their design creativity supported by strong technical skills.

We will be going through just 5 of these fashion schools in Amsterdam, though there are other top fashion schools in Amsterdam.

Also, the fashion industry has many career opportunities and above all, it is a fast-paced and exciting industry.

It is important to state that the fashion business requires specialists who are ready to invest their time and creativity in designing new styles and setting new fashion trends.

Before we list some of the fashion schools in Amsterdam, here are the top reasons why you should consider taking a fashion designing course.

Top 3 Reasons for Taking a Fashion Designing Course

  • Getaway to an occurrence proficient life
  • Quench your hunger for inventiveness
  • Meeting industry specialists and systems administration

Getaway to an occurrence proficient life

The fashion business is known for its energy and dynamism. The fashion industry is a high paced one, with new fashion trends evolving every day.

One of the things fashion schools will do for you is to give you exposure on different occasions. Going to different industry occasions will add to your openness.

Quench your hunger for inventiveness

If you are creative and like to design garments and adornments like dresses, scarves, and so on, taking a course in any of the fashion schools in Amsterdam can satisfy your energy.

Your affection for designs of flawless weaving, curtains, creases, and bands can be effectively sought after as you attempt this way.

The interest for fashion designers has also been ascending at a quick speed with the expanding number of fashion enthusiasts everywhere in the world.

Meeting industry specialists and systems administration

In every profession, making contact with industry specialists is very important.

In any of the fashion schools in Amsterdam you attend, you will meet ideal individuals who will assist you with discovering more freedoms.

You will be able to have contact with people who have different viewpoints and insights about the industry.

Fashion schools will give you the opportunity to hear a lot of fascinating things from the industry’s notable names.

As you might know, having an early expert association can assume an essential part of your professional improvement.

Assuming you have plans to set up your own organization, later on, you will have valuable associations that will be useful in the long haul.

It is enjoyable to make your own name in the fashion business in the event that you keep on keeping up with great working associations with them.

Fashion in Netherlands

The Netherlands has a small but flourishing fashion culture.

There are a few prestigious fashion events that take place in Netherlands-Amsterdam International Fashion Week, which is usually held twice a year, Arnhem Fashion Biennale, and the competition during the Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Award.

As stated by studyinholland.co.uk, Dutch brands such as C&A, WE, MeXX, Oilily, Kuyichi, and G-star are well known in the international market but a few top designers are the trendsetters in the Dutch fashion world.

Viktor & Rolf are the first Dutch designers to have achieved international success and recognition.

However, important Dutch designers in today’s world include Alexander van Slobbe, with his own brand Orson & Bodil, Mada van Gaans, Monique van Heist, Marcha Hüskes, Sjaak Hullekes, Bas Kosters, Spijkers & Spijkers, Oscar Suleyman, Jan Taminiau, Jeroen van Tuyl, Daryl van Wouw and Iris van Herpen.

The younger generation in the Dutch royal family supports Dutch fashion for the fact that they include Dutch designs in their wardrobe.

Princess Mabel’s wedding dress was said to be designed by Viktor & Rolf and more recently Princess Máxima was seen wearing a dress designed by Jan Taminiau which was made from a mail sack!

Is a fashion degree recognized in the Netherlands?

There is not a big issue with getting a fashion degree in any of the fashion schools in Amsterdam.

The only thing is that you can become a professional even without a degree.

Furthermore, you are likely to be judged on the quality of your portfolio and the work experience you have gathered over the years.

However, in as much as you can become a professional without a fashion degree, there are still universities and fashion schools in Amsterdam that are better connected to the fashion industry and are worth considering.

Are there grades needed to study fashion in the Netherlands?

When it comes to design courses, grades are not usually an issue.

Greater emphasis is usually placed on your portfolio and other practical skills that you have amassed.

A keen interest in fashion is vitally important because hard work will be required.

AMFI selects students on the basis of their performance on assessment days which are held in Amsterdam twice a year. You can attend to be considered for admission.

The List of fashion schools in the Netherlands

According to studyinholland.co.uk, there are three top fashion schools in the Netherlands, and two of these schools teach in English. Let us look at two schools out of the three top fashion schools.

  • Willem de Kooning Academy 
  • Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI)

Willem de Kooning Academy 

Willem de Kooning Academy is part of the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. They offer a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design.

Within this program, you have the opportunity to gain international experience through an internship and an exchange program.

Students can take these exchange programs in cities such as Paris, London, Antwerp, Stockholm, Berlin, or New York.

After graduating, students can work as fashion designers, pattern designers, brand visualizers, and stylists.

Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI)

AMFI was established in 1952 and is currently one of the largest fashion institutes in the Netherlands.

There are more than 100 lecturers who teach over 1100 students about the different facets of fashion.

This is also one of the fashion schools in Amsterdam that covers the entire fashion chain, ensuring that students have a broad perspective of the fashion industry.

AMFI’s 4-year Bachelor’s Degree program has the option to specialize in either Fashion & Design, Fashion & Branding, or Fashion & Management.

Students graduate with a degree in Fashion and Technology.

Now, let us look at other fashion schools.

Leather fashion academy

with Leather fashion academy you will go from unconsciously skilled to a consciously skilled craftsman/woman.

They let your talents blossom. You will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills with which you can progress independently and which help you to convert your own creativity into perfect results.

The Leather fashion academy offers you personal guidance and craftsmanship.

It goes without saying that they teach you to work at a high technical level. 

By keeping the classes small, they can guarantee the best individual guidance for everyone.

Amsterdam Fashion Academy B.V.

If you value small classes and personal attention, then the Amsterdam Fashion Academy is the ideal place to study for your UK university-awarded Bachelor’s (Honors) degree in fashion. They offer the following programs:

  • Undergraduate programs
  • Pre-degree preparatory programs
  • Summer courses
  • Part-time courses

Another fashion school in the Netherlands to consider is TMO Fashion Business School.

TMO Fashion Business School

TMO Fashion Business School is an accredited, small-scale, private applied sciences college located in Doorn.

It is the only applied sciences program in the Netherlands aimed specifically at filling commercial management positions in the fashion industry. They are located in Driebergsestraatweg 11 3941 ZW Doorn. Visit their website.

In Conclusion: Fashion design is highly fulfilling, especially for people who have creative minds and an adventurous spirit.

Taking professional courses in fashion design in the fashion schools in Amsterdam will equip you with the understanding that is required for design creation.

It will also help you choose a specific area of interest. Have you visited any of these fashion schools in Amsterdam before? Please share your experience below.

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