11 Top Fashion Schools in Sweden & Their Key Info.

Deciding to study in the fashion schools in Sweden is a significant step toward an exciting and fascinating career. The idea of getting started in fashion can be overwhelming.

You probably want to know what fashion design is or what fashion designers do.

While you consider whether fashion design is a great career path for you, there are other things to consider, such as what tools to have. In this article, we will provide information on all these.

Read on to see the fashion schools in Sweden.

Fashion designing is easier than you might imagine, it just involves learning some basic skills and you will be on your way.

Honestly, fashion designing is an interesting career path as long as you build a strong foundation.

Therefore, if you have a flair for creativity, impeccable personal style, and originality, then the captivating world of fashion is the right thing for you.

However, it is important that we state that the love for designing clothes is just not enough to be a good designer as the competition is a fierce one.

One needs the right guidance, experience, and expertise to become a successful fashion designer, as your skills can be polished with the right training.

How To Make A Career In Fashion Designing

  • Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing
  • Gain Knowledge About the Past, Present & Future of Fashion
  • Play the ‘Making Contacts’ Game Well
  • Determine Your Area of Expertise
  • Set Up A Business-Oriented Mindset
  • Keep An Eye for Detail and Think Out of the Box

Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing

If you have plans of not just working in the fashion industry but becoming a pioneer in it, then you must indulge and gain enough knowledge about the basics of this glamorous industry.

Fashion schools in Sweden are there to help you become industry-ready. Taking a fashion design course will help you understand the working of the fashion industry collaboratively.

Gain Knowledge About the Past, Present & Future of Fashion

While taking a fashion course, you will be exposed to the history of fashion.

Most of the big names in the fashion industry were once students of Philosophy of Art.

This is a great course to indulge in as it enables you to express your ideas and put them in an appropriate context.

Play the ‘Making Contacts’ Game Well

In the fashion schools in Sweden, you will make the right contacts.

There, you will have the opportunity to start communicating with people in the fashion industry as early as possible.

You should also be flexible with paid or unpaid internships as at will. This is because it will help you develop experience in the field.

It is much easier to get a job on a recommendation than trying to convince others that you have what it takes to prove your worth as a designer.

Determine Your Area of Expertise

One of the things fashion schools will do for you is to help you specialize and choose your area of expertise judiciously and pursue it professionally.

Students have the chance to choose from men’s wear, women’s wear, sportswear, or accessory designing. This will help you move progressively towards the business aspect of fashion.

Set Up A Business-Oriented Mindset

Fashion is not just an impressive form of art, but it is also a billion dollars industry.

It has been evidently spoken by world-renowned fashion designers that in order for you to succeed as a fashion designer, they had to understand and learn the business aspect of the fashion industry.

Fashion schools will help you set up a business-oriented mindset and help you understand how to successfully run a business while you discover new and engrossing ways to promote your brand.

Keep An Eye for Detail and Think Out of the Box

If you are someone who is very observant and does impressively well at sketching figures, an ideal way to brush up your skills is to attend a fashion design school.

These schools are well equipped when it comes to facilities and experienced faculties and this of course is an ideal way to experience innumerable new things that can help you build your fashion career.

Design A Portfolio

To be established as a fashion designer and be taken seriously by your mates in the fashion industry, you need to demonstrate your work through an impressive portfolio.

It is important that you treat every assignment you are given seriously during under-graduation with utmost sincerity. It will help shape your future as a fashion designer.

Benefits of Learning Fashion Designing

If you have decided to take up fashion designing as a career, you are sure to at some point find the area of designing clothes to be quite competitive and even attractive at the same time.

If you find yourself as a full-time employee in a fashion house, there are some advantages in fashion designing that you will enjoy.

For instance, your employment in a fashion house is likely to land you with a vacation that has pay.

The real benefits of fashion designing come when you own your own fashion business or fashion house. Almost 25% of fashion designers are self-employed.

As someone who is self-employed, you can adjust your appointments with your lifestyle and of course, nothing can be better than that.

5 Universities in Sweden offer Fashion and Textile Design degrees and courses

  • University of Gothenburg
  • Stockholm University
  • Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts, and Design
  • Berghs School of Communication
  • University of Borås

The List of other Fashion Schools in Sweden

  • The Swedish School of Textiles
  • Beckmans, Stockholm
  • Modevetenskap, Stockholms universitet
  • Proteko, Borås
  • School of design and crafts (HDK), Göteborg
  • University College of Arts, Craft and Design (Konstfack)

The Swedish School of Textiles

The Swedish School of Textiles (Textilhögskolan) offers education programs and courses at basic and advanced levels in fashion and textile design, textile technology, and fashion management.

Beckmans, Stockholm

Beckmans, Stockholm, offers an undergraduate program in fashion design, form, and visual communication. Only in Swedish.

Modevetenskap, Stockholms universitet

(Modevetenskap, Stockholms universitet) are offered unique opportunities to gain interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of Fashion Studies.

The Centre offers theory courses in Fashion Studies at all levels and it is a part of Stockholm University.

Proteko, Borås

Proteko, Borås offers educational programs and courses in textile and fashion and in retailing.

School of design and crafts (HDK), Göteborg

School of design and crafts (HDK), Göteborg offers bachelor’s degree programs in design.

The bachelor’s degree program is aimed at preparing for a career as a designer.

University College of Arts, Craft, and Design (Konstfack)

(Konstfack), Stockholm, provides an undergraduate and graduate program in all design disciplines including textile design.

In conclusion: Fashion Design degrees in fashion schools in Sweden train future professionals to create original pieces of clothing and related accessories, keeping true to seasonal fashion trends or setting their own. Sweden on its own is very ambitious and eco-friendly.

Therefore, consider these fashion schools in Sweden to experience the freedom, equality, and sustainability of Sweden.

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