8 Top Culinary schools in Norway|Benefits of a culinary school

There are a lot of good culinary schools in Norway. However, being a chef was once an occupation that didn’t get much love.

Towards the turn of the century, more and more cooking shows were shown on TV which has resulted in a lot of celebrity chefs.

In this modern world, being a chef is the same as being an artist. Therefore if you have an interest in culture or if you are the kind of person that loves food.

Then attending any of the culinary schools in Norway will get you exposed to the intricacies of the culinary industry.

Later in this article, I will give a list of the top culinary schools in Norway.

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Benefits of becoming a chef

If you are still thinking and wondering if you should go into the culinary schools in Norway, here are some benefits of becoming a chef.

  • Personal fulfillment
  • Job opportunities around the world 
  • Be the boss while working as a team 
  • The ability to continuously improve your craft
  • The ability to be creative

Personal fulfilment: Being a chef gives you the opportunity to bring your own creations to life. That means that you are happy and feel this sense of accomplishment when people eat what you have made and are satisfied.

Job opportunities around the world
: Almost in all happening places all over the world, chefs are needed. That means as a chef, you can find a job anywhere in the world. Therefore you get the opportunity to travel if you desire.

Run your personal business: As a chef, you can decide to start your own business and be a boss of your own. You can decide to develop your own menu and run the kitchen effectively as you want.

The ability to continuously improve your craft: Being a chef gives you the opportunity to be exposed to constant learning.

You’ll get to always learn something new about your craft, about cultures and how you can incorporate what you have learned into making nice cuisines.

The ability to be creative:
Another beautiful thing about being a chef is the ability to be creative and try new things. Developing and implementing their own style.

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List of Cuinary schools in Norway

  • Culinary Academy Mathallen
  • Kulinarisk Akademi
  • Feinschmecker
  • Food Studio
  • Kreativ Catering
  • Kristianiastudentenes Haandbryggerlaug
  • Ringnes Ølsenter
  • Onda Mezzanine

Reasons to attend a culinary arts school

At this stage, you must have taken that step or you must have chosen any of the culinary schools in Norway to attend.

To become a chef, however, there are two choices: you can decide to work your way up from a kitchen or you can decide to enrol into any of the culinary schools in Norway.

Some of the reasons why you should attend a culinary school include:

  • Learn how to cook
  • Receive a degree 
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Access to more career opportunities
  • More comprehensive education 

The main reason for going to a culinary school is to learn how to cook. You will learn how to use equipment and tools in professional kitchens.

Culinary schools teach you how to be a chef by working your way up in the restaurant. Sometimes you will be taught about the business side of the industry.

The biggest thing culinary schools in Norway will do for you is to give you the opportunity to work with professional instructors and fellow students who in one way or the other provide networking opportunities that you will take advantage of in the future.

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