11 Culinary Schools in Austria; Websites & their Food Industry

A total of 9.1 billion Euros was generated by the Austrian food industry in the year 2020, with an average of 27,000 employees in the industry. And also export of dairy products worth 1.24 billion Euro having around 800 enterprises in the same year.

So you can see culinary schools in Austria can be the right path for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of cooking and food, it’s also for people who see education as investing in themselves and also their futures. Read on as we explore the list of some culinary schools in Austria and some benefits of attending a culinary school.

Austrian food industry 

Below is what the Austrian food industry looked like in 2020. Source: Statistics Austria, Association of the Food Industry.

  • Number of food sectors=30
  • Annual production value=EUR 9.1 billion
  • Number of enterprises=approx. 200
  • Number of export countries=approx.180
  • Employees=approx. 27,000

Advantages of attending a culinary school

Teaches You a Variety of Cooking Styles:

Attending a culinary school gives you an added advantage to learn a variety of food preparation, making you a well-rounded chef, with hands-on training of each style and type of cooking unlike learning in restaurants where you’re taught to prepare only dishes the restaurant serves.

Prepares you for the Stress of the Kitchen:

The kitchen can be fast-paced and demanding if the output is less than perfection it can affect the business. Attending a culinary school helps you start slowly and build up better preparing you for the pressure of working as a chef,

Helps you get a Better Position:

A culinary arts degree places you in a different position in a restaurant with or without experience, the culinary school experience involves a hands-on experience you can discuss during your interviews.

Provides you with Varied Opportunities:

A culinary arts degree assures you of a different experience than starting out as a cook, attending a culinary school provides you with opportunities to network with other students, past students and graduates, guest lecturers and others who might be helpful in your culinary journey. You will also be opputuned to find people who are mentally stimulating and exhilarating.

The List of Culinary Schools in Austria

  • Wrenkh-Wiener Kochsalon-Wien
  • Gastgewerbefachschule Culinary Institute of Vienna
  • Drei Husaren
  • Das Kochatelier
  • Gusto Kochschule
  • Edelweiss Cooking School
  • Viennese Cooking Classes
  • Die GAFA Gastgewerbefachschule
  • Slow Bistro
  • Kochlounge

Wrenkh-Wiener Kochsalon-Wien

Whether cooking school or cooking class, it doesn’t matter what you call it, Wrenkh-Wiener Kochsalon-Wien likes to share the happiness of cooking together with you and your family, friends, and employees and lets you experience delicious things.

Whether beginner or professional, everyone is at the stove and contributes their part to the community.

They feature three-hour cooking classes three times per month called  “The Easy Cook” and are offered at a cost of EU96 per person as of June 2010.

Menus for the course varies. Students create six to eight different Austrian dishes and eat it at a family-style table with the other participants at the end of the class.

The cost for the class includes beverages served with the meal students prepare during the class.

Wrenkh-Wiener Kochsalon-Wien Bauernmarkt 10 1010 Wien Wien, Hamburg, Austria 43-1-699-101-101-03 www.wiener-kochsalon.com.

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Culinary Schools in Austria

Gastgewerbefachschule Culinary Institute of Vienna

The deepest ambition of Gastgewerbefachschule Culinary Institute of Vienna is to qualify pupils for the requirement of the culinary industry in Austria.

They are interested in the enhancement of personality development while they focus on mobility and flexibility.

They were the first school in Austria to introduce additional training during the regular school year:

  • Junior Wine Sommelier
  • Junior Barman/woman
  • Coffee Expert
  • Cheese Sommelier
  • Certified Junior Pastry Chef
  • Certified Junior Gardemanger

After three school years, students graduate as certified chefs, waiter/waitresses, office management assistants, etc. Their main areas of the curriculum are

  • Cooking and Kitchen Management
  • Pastry Art
  • Wine and Beverage Skills
  • Service

Their graduates are qualified to enter the above-listed professions. Students should expect a Diploma examination or a final exam in the following branches: Kitchen (Kitchen Management and Kitchen Organization), Pastry Art, Beverages and Service (Restaurant and Catering).

There are additional training courses students may sign up for in order to gain craft-specific certificates during their time at school: Junior sommelier in Austria (in the third year), Cheese connoisseur in Austria, Junior bartender (in the third year), Coffee connoisseur / Barista, Junior patissier, Junior gardemanger.

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Drei Husaren

Drei Husaren restaurant offers “Cook Through the Seasons” cooking classes daily that run from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Their courses have a maximum capacity of 15 participants and cost EU135 each as of June 2010.

Course menus change seasonally to reflect the availability of local ingredients. Students learn how to prepare a full meal and usually receive a certificate of completion and a customized Drei Husaren apron. 

Drei Husaren Weihburggasse 4, A-1010 Wien Vienna, Austria office@drei-husaren.at 43-1-512-10-92-0 drei-husaren.at

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Das Kochatelier

This is one of the culinary schools in Austria where students are taught excellent techniques and also taught how to prepare Austrian dishes.

Gusto Kochschule

Gusto Kochschule is one of the Culinary schools in Austria where you will find detailed course programs.

They have a variety of seasonal, educational, sophisticated, exotic and, or totally everyday themes.

Their classes are small groups of a maximum of 12 people. Their schedule is coordinated and the dishes are served as a buffet or in courses, depending on the course.
The price is per person and includes: the welcome aperitif, instruction, infrastructure, all meals, recipe documents to take away and, of course, doing the dishes and cleaning. 

Seasonal and regionally produced food (wherever possible) is a matter of course for them. They offer competent, friendly and humorous support throughout the cooking course.

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Edelweiss Cooking School

This is one of the culinary schools in Austria with cooking lessons that give students the opportunity of being carefully guided by their experienced instructors.

In this culinary school, you will acquire a wealth of culinary knowledge in an extremely fun and very much relaxed environment.

You also have the opportunity to learn some of the most interesting facts pertaining to the history of famous Austrian delicacies which might not be available in some culinary schools in Austria.

The maximum group size of 10 people per lesson will guarantee a high-quality experience for every individual participant. The lessons are also kept in English. They also organize private classes for travel groups of up to 30 people.

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Viennese Cooking Classes

This is one of the culinary schools in Austria whose classes come with a large dose of the culinary traditions that make Viennese Cuisine so special.

Their chefs have their specialities, such as Traditional Kosher Cooking or exceptional knowledge of Austrian Wines.

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Die GAFA Gastgewerbefachschule

GAFA is an Austria-wide recognized school for cooking, patisserie and management in gastronomy and tourism. 

At Judenplatz in 1010 Vienna, cooks and they are one of the culinary schools in Austria with catering specialists have been trained successfully and practically for over 100 years. 

Their postgraduate course in tourism with a high school diploma and a focus on patisserie, culinary and innovation management optimally prepares our graduates for international careers as well as entrepreneurship and self-employment in the hospitality and tourism industries. 

The patisserie master class is a training course in classic patisserie and modern dessert creations that is unique in Europe.

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If you would like to host your own cooking class or a very private dinner with a top chef?
I’m cooking – we’re cooking – that’s what they say in the cooking lounge, which is ideally located in the centre of Vienna.
Kochlounge is one of the culinary schools in Austria that has a cooking studio and cooking salon in the middle of the city is also the perfect place for presentations and press conferences, They also have a location for cooking videos and films, the headquarters of the Vienna Cooking Club and a perfect location for seminars. Cooking in Vienna is also available for vacationers, tour groups, companies or friends.

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Muscheln & Mehr

This is one of the culinary schools in Austria that offer cooking classes for all who are interested. They have private cooking classes which can be taken right at your home.

You can get cooking training in the areas of cooking preparation, hygiene, mussels, crustaceans (lobster, crabs etc.), oysters, other seafood, crayfish, truffles & meat.

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The ten largest companies of the Austrian food/soft drinks sector by net revenue in Mio. Euro (2018)

  • Red Bull GmbH—————-5.540,80
  • Agrana Beteiligungs-AG——2.443,00
  • Rauch Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co. OG-981,00
  • Marcher————————482,00
  • Mars Austria OG—————400,00
  • Norbert Marcher GmbH——–399,00
  • Coca-Cola HBC Austria GmbH—–375,00
  • Nestlé Österreich GmbH——–360,00
  • NÖM AG————————-344,64
  • Hubers Landhendl GmbH——-287,62

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