15 Christian Schools in Sydney & Their Details

At the Christian schools in Sydney, the Bible is the foundation text. Not only will your child become familiar with the content of the Bible, but they will also use those lessons and apply them to everything else they learn.

Instructors in the Christian schools in Sydney help their students identify the values that are laid out within the text and show how they can be used to better understand the world around them.

A Christian school is a safe and open place to get exposed to the word of God.

Reasons To Pick a Christian School

  • Teachers are Excellent Role Models

  • Know Your Christian Values

  • Building a Spiritual Foundation for Life

  • A Faith-Aligned Curriculum

  • Be a Part of a Supportive Community

  • Fostering a Safe, Nurturing Environment

Teachers are Excellent Role Models

At a Christian school, the teachers are excellent role models. The exceptional teaching staff is one of the reasons why parents choose a Christian school.

Teachers in Christian schools model Christian values in everything they do, showing Christian principles inside and outside the classroom.

Children quickly see their godly teachers as role models and the importance of employing teachers whose values can positively influence students is a top priority.

Know Your Christian Values

At a public school, your child might be exposed to inappropriate values. What you teach at home may not be emphasized in school.

However, in a Christian school, you are sure that the staff holds core values like you and your family.

Therefore, you will worry less about peer pressure and other bad influences as they grow into adults who are committed to serving others and following Christ.

Building a Spiritual Foundation for Life

A good spiritual foundation helps students not to move away from the word of God as they get older.

However, to keep your children on the right path, they can go through Christian school education.

This is because every detail of a Christian school is rooted in spiritual and Biblical truth. Therefore, students are bound to grow into Christian Values, as well as get to learn strategies to adopt problems from a Christ-centered Biblical worldview.

A Faith-Aligned Curriculum

Christian schools teach a curriculum that aligns with all subjects in the Bible. For example, sociology classes might discuss social justice issues.

There are Environmental science classes that might talk about our obligation to protect God’s creatures from extinction.

There are English classes as well that might ask students to examine passages of the Bible and write their thoughts.

Even the performing arts and technical courses take a Christ-centered approach to education.

Whatever subject, that course is faith-based with the Bible at the root. What does the man say? What does the Bible say?

Be a Part of a Supportive Community

Attending a Christian school benefits students and their families in the form of community.

Christian schools are like a family providing emotional and spiritual support. In classrooms, students build relationships with peers that will last a lifetime, as well as find mentors in their teachers.

Students are an integral part of school life through extensive volunteerism in many aspects of the school; the classroom, athletics, fundraising, faculty and staff support, admissions, marketing, and more. 

Fostering a Safe, Nurturing Environment

Bullying is a reality for children, no matter where they go to school. However, Christian schools don’t tolerate the mistreatment of any student. 

The lower student-teacher ratios at private schools allow teachers to truly know each child and when something is amiss, allow for better monitoring, allow quick action, allow for consequences such as expulsion, and the community we foster demands treating others according to the Golden Rule. Below is a list of the Christian schools in Sydney.

The List of Christian Schools in Sydney

  • Australian Christian College – Marsden Park

  • Covenant Christian School, Sydney

  • Essington, Westmead

  • Inaburra School

  • Mount Annan Christian College

  • Northern Beaches Christian School

  • Oxford Falls Grammar School

  • Queenwood School for Girls

  • Pacific Hills Christian School

  • Pittwater House School

  • St George Christian School

  • St Paul’s Grammar School

  • Shire Christian School

  • Tyndale Christian School, Sydney

Australian Christian College – Marsden Park

ACC Marsden Park is a K-12, co-educational Christian school offering on-campus education to students in northwest Sydney and distance education to students across New South Wales.

Australian Christian College is a not-for-profit organization with any extra revenue generated invested back into the school.

To maximize affordability they provide multi-sibling discounts and payment plans in addition to their already low fees.

The school fee is payable annually with a small discount or in ten monthly payments. See their fee schedule.

Covenant Christian School, Sydney

Covenant Christian School is a Prep to Year 12, co-educational, non-denominational Christian school with a reformed evangelical basis.

Their students develop a Christian worldview while being taught with enthusiasm and care.

Covenant is a place where students engage daily with God’s word and learn from passionate Christian teachers.

At Covenant, all students are supported through a comprehensive well-being program and receive a high-quality rigorous education from a Christian perspective to prepare them for life.

Inaburra School

Inaburra exists to be a Christ-centred learning community pursuing excellence in education with every individual known and loved.

In their three and a half decades, Inaburra School has built a strong reputation as a school of the first choice in the Sutherland Shire and surrounding suburbs.

Inaburra School offers a range of scholarships for students entering Year 7, Year 9, and Year 11 across three categories: All-rounder, Music, and Academic.

In addition to this, Indigenous Scholarships are offered to qualifying students with a point of entry from Year 7 – To year 11.

Northern Beaches Christian School

Northern Beaches Christian School is a Christian community that supports and encourages learning, growth, wellbeing, connection, and belonging.

This rich foundation is reflected in their Vision, Mission, and Values, developing in their students a lifelong love of learning and hope for the future.

In a rapidly changing world, NBCS students can look ahead with confidence and hope. Although they cannot predict the future, they believe they can prepare their young people for it.

Their aim is to develop a culture that brings out the best in their students – in their learning, in their character, in the opportunities they take, the friendships they develop, and in understanding the message of the God who loves them.

Oxford Falls Grammar School

Oxford Falls Grammar School is a co-educational school for students from Kindergarten to Year 12 located on expansive grounds in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

They are known for developing confident servant-hearted people of strong character, purpose, and attitude. Find out more.

Queenwood School for Girls

Queenwood School for Girls is one of the Christian schools in Sydney that has outstanding teachers and an exceptionally broad curriculum that recognizes individual differences and caters to varied needs for support and challenge.

They seek to develop in their students the knowledge, skills, and habits which will be the foundation for a lifelong awakening to the complexity of the world.  

Their examination results are consistently excellent in both the HSC and the IB Diploma Programme, and their graduates go on to world-class universities across Australia and the globe.

Pittwater House School

Pittwater House School is an Independent school on Sydney’s Northern Beaches that offers the benefits of single-sex classes on a coed campus.

Pittwater House is a unique school offering a balanced approach to education from preschool to year 12.

Their philosophy is based on providing single-sex education within a co-educational environment.

The school stands apart from the rest because of its small class sizes, a balance between traditional values and modern technology, a focus on academic excellence with outstanding co-curricular opportunities, and the nurturing of each individual child.

St George Christian School

St George Christian School is a dynamic learning community encouraging the development of student’s personal character and gifts, whilst experiencing joy in learning and excellence in teaching in a supportive K-12 co-educational Christian environment.

St George Christian School (SGCS) is a K-12 co-educational Sydney School with a reputation for strong academic outcomes, intentional pastoral care, and a disciplined and warm environment.

It is one of the Christian schools in Sydney with a devoted staff that strives to make a difference in the life of its students.

St Paul’s Grammar School

St Paul’s Grammar School is a co-educational, non-denominational Christian Grammar school in Sydney’s Greater West.

A tradition of excellence and inclusive, distinctive school culture imbues the fabric of life at St Paul’s.

An International Baccalaureate World School, located on expansive grounds across a 70-acre campus, St Paul’s students have the benefit of excellent facilities that are set amidst cultivated native gardens and bushland with unfettered skies above.

They are proud to offer the International Baccalaureate programs continuously from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, as well as the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) curricula.

Tyndale Christian School, Sydney

At Tyndale they believe that God has given to parents the responsibility for the nurture of their children by instruction according to the Word of the Lord.

Tyndale Christian School is one of the Christian schools in Sydney that is committed to partnering with parents in the Christian education of their children by equipping students to be disciples of Jesus through Christ-centered Biblical education. Visit www.tyndale.edu.au.

Mount Annan Christian College

A leading, nurturing, Christian co-educational school for Prep to Year 12, located on peaceful and idyllic grounds in the Macarthur region.

The school consists of one large campus in the rural suburb of Mount Annan, and this campus facilitates the three sections of the school.

Other Christian schools in Sydney include:

Essington, Westmead
Pacific Hills Christian Schoolwww.phcs.nsw.edu.au
Shire Christian School
Christian Schools in Sydney

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