10 Bible Colleges in Ontario & their Details

Education at the accredited Bible Colleges in Ontario is a special blend of the kinds of education that you find in other settings.

The underlying focus in these Bible Colleges is discipleship – how we grow in Christ and live out our life and faith in the world.

The level of education is that of the university. Students are stretched by faculty teaching at a high level.

Finally, the intent of the education is vocational. While some students come for only a year or take a degree in a field that enhances the breadth of their knowledge and understanding (as might be done in a university setting with many degrees), Emmanuel also provides vocational training that leads to careers in both ministry and secular settings.

A high percentage of degree program graduates have been appointed to pastorates, to cross-cultural service and missions positions, and to a variety of leadership and service positions within churches, other ministry organizations, and the broader community.

Others have continued their studies in seminaries or with advanced standing in university programs.

Still, other graduates choose to use their degrees as do many university students who take programs in the arts and humanities. Below are some of the Bible colleges in Ontario.

The list of some of the bible colleges in Ontario

  1. Charis Bible College, Toronto, ON
  2. Eastern Pentecostal Bible College, Peterborough, ON
  3. Emmanuel Bible College, Kitchener, ON
  4. Redeemer University College, Ancaster, ON
  5. Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College, Toronto, ON
  6. Tyndale University College and Seminary, Toronto, ON
  7. Heritage College and Seminary
  8. Masters College and Seminary
  9. McMaster Divinity College
  10. Institute for Christian Studies

Let’s look at these Bible colleges in Ontario.

Charis Bible College, Toronto, ON

You can attend Charis Bible College at our campus in Toronto or through a Hybrid program that offers the best of both worlds – the on-campus experience and online classes.

Attending Charis Bible College will help you succeed in all areas of society: faith, family, education, business, government, world missions, arts & entertainment, and media.

Visit their Website

Eastern Pentecostal Bible College, Peterborough, ON

Eastern Pentecostal Bible College is located in Peterborough, ON, Canada and is part of the Religious Organizations Industry.

Emmanuel Bible College, Kitchener, ON

This is one of the Bible Colleges in Ontario where students have opportunities to develop practical real-life experience in reaching and discipling others for Christ.

Emmanuel’s degree provides a sound foundation for entry into various careers. Diploma and certificate program graduates provide strong lay leadership in a variety of Christian ministry settings, having entered the secular workplace directly or after additional post-Emmanuel education. Visit their Website.

Redeemer University College, Ancaster, ON

At Redeemer, education is about understanding a complex global world, thinking critically from a kingdom perspective, and following Christ’s call to transform culture and communities.

Rooted in a distinctly Christ-centred Core Curriculum, a degree in one of 34 majors and streams offers experiential learning opportunities and a cross-functional set of knowledge. Visit their Website.

Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College, Toronto, ON

At Toronto Baptist Bible and Seminary college, they are seeking by God’s grace to offer solid theological education at both an undergraduate and graduate level for those desiring to serve Jesus Christ.

Their courses are rigorous and our deep desire is to equip men and women to serve the Lord of the harvest in the 21st century. Visit their Website.

Tyndale University College and Seminary, Toronto, ON

At this institution, you will experience high-quality academics interwoven with faith and a community of students and faculty that challenges you to live authentically, to follow Christ and actively engage your culture. Apply today to one of Tyndale’s undergraduate or Seminary & Graduate programs. Visit their Website.

Heritage College and Seminary

Whether you want to build a solid foundation in the One-year Bible Certificate or receive an accredited undergraduate or graduate degree in Biblical Studies, Heritage College and Seminary is an outstanding institution that prepares you for serving the Lord. Equipping Men and Women for Life and Ministry. Visit their Website.

Masters College and Seminary

Master’s is an innovative and diverse Spirit-filled learning community-driven to be formational in nature, biblical in focus, and practical in application, inspiring students and graduates to be leaders in local and global ministry expressions. Visit their Website.

Are Christian colleges different from Bible colleges? Please share your thoughts with us. You can also see the difference here.

McMaster Divinity College

McMaster Divinity College was founded in 1957 and it is currently located in the province of Ontario.

It is affiliated with McMaster University and holds accreditations from the Association of Theological Schools and the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education.

The college offers advanced and professional degree programs as well as certificate and diploma programs.

Institute for Christian Studies

Institute for Christian Studies offers Masters and Doctoral degrees in various subjects related to religious studies and philosophy.

The college offers regular, distance learning and summer courses. It also organizes several academic events.

The college prepares students for teaching assignments. Please share your thoughts about these Bible colleges in Ontario.


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