15 Best Nursing Schools In Poland:Nursing in Poland Steps

Poland is a first-world nation, but considering how much less expensive it is to live there than in many other first-world nations, it is a very popular choice for students who want to finish their studies abroad.

In this post, we will examine the best nursing schools in Poland as well as how overseas students might study nursing there.

Below are the top 15 nursing schools in Poland you should really consider when applying. They are institutions that offer nursing programs.

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The List of Nursing Schools In Poland

In Poland, the number of nurses available to match the demand is decreasing. Therefore Poland is a place to consider if you want to be a nurse.

John Paul II University of Applied Sciences

In Biala Podlaska, the John Paul II University of Applied Sciences was established in 2000. Currently, they provide free undergraduate, engineering, unified master’s, and master’s (complementary) courses to 3000 students in 21 majors.

The Institution is shifting to a practical education profile by introducing new study options in order to best prepare graduates for the work market.

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Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz of the Nicolaus Copernicus University of Toruń

A wide range of programs is offered by three faculties of the Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz: medicine, pharmacy, and health sciences.

It is the newest and smallest school of its kind in Poland, which is a big plus because its pedagogical ethos centers on individualized instruction and ongoing growth of the student-teacher relationship.

The institution currently offers 18 programs taught in Polish and 4 programs in English.

Bydgoszcz’s Collegium Medicum was founded in 1984. Twenty years later, in 2004, the school partnered with the Toru-based Nicolaus Copernicus University, one of Poland’s most renowned and high-profile universities. Since that time, it has contributed to NCU by offering academic education.

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Medical University of Lodz

The largest public medical institution in Poland is the Medical University of Lodz. Its objectives are as follows:

  • Teaching future medical professionals about medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and other fields that are related to medicine.
  • Training research personnel (PhD programs)
  • Engaging in scientific activities and research
  • Creating programs for postgraduate study.

In 2003/2004, medical instruction in English was started. 850 foreign students from diverse nations are currently enrolled in the 6-year MD (Medicine) and 5-year DMD (Dentistry) programs and over 890 have already received their degrees. The courses are totally taught in English and are sufficiently thorough to be recognized worldwide.

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Olsztyn University

On May 15, 1997, the Minister of National Education formed SW. However, the founder, Dr. Józef Rusiecki, had started the process of its construction much earlier.

However, years later, this period of rapid continuation of Dr. Rusiecki’s plans and intentions was carried out by his wife Helena and daughter Agnieszka Sawicka. The most significant directions of activities at the university occurred between 1997 and 2000.

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School of Medicine University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

This school is accepting applications since it is among the best in Poland.

Students from the European Union and the European Economic Area do not require a visa to study in Poland.

Students who are not citizens of the EU or EEA must travel to Poland with a student visa that was obtained from a Polish Embassy or Consulate in their home country.

All students must obtain a temporary residency visa in order to be able to study in Poland. This needs to be completed soon after arriving in Poland.

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Below are the other schools on this list.

Medical University of WarsawWebsite
Powiślański UniversityWebsite
Collegium Mazovia Innovative Higher School in SiedlceWebsite
Jagiellonian UniversityWebsite
University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in SiedlceWebsite
Jan Kochanowski UniversityWebsite
Medical Academy Ludwik Rydygier in BydgoszczWebsite
Medical University of GdanskWebsite
University of Warmia and Mazury  Website
Katowice School of EconomicsWebsite
Nursing Schools In Poland

Admission Requirements For Nursing Schools In Poland

The requirements for studying nursing in Poland are the same for all institutions that provide this type of degree.

A high school diploma, a health certificate, valid vaccination records, a copy of your passport, and some profile photos are required for most courses, including those given by Nicolaus Copernicus University.

Some courses, such as those provided by the Medical University of Gdansk, need a high school diploma as well as English and biology as prerequisites. Mathematics, physics, and chemistry are additional valuable disciplines to include on your diploma.

How To Become A Licensed Nurse in Poland

For foreigners, the procedure of becoming a nurse in Poland has traditionally been opaque. However, there are several internet resources that can be useful. This section describes how to become a nurse in Poland.

1. Pursue a Nursing Education

Poland, like most other nations, requires foreign nurses to have suitable nursing education. If you studied overseas, you must ensure that your degree is equal to a Polish high school diploma.

There is no official conversion criterion for international degrees, however, a three- or four-year bachelor’s degree should suffice.

2. Study Polish

You must demonstrate an understanding of Polish before you can practice in any capacity in Poland.

This is a necessary step in becoming a nurse in Poland. While the polish is not the easiest language to learn, there are a variety of resources available online and in print.

You could also get a private tutor, which would be the shortest option.

3. Participate in a Nursing Internship in Poland (for Non-EU Applicants)

If you are not from the EU, you must complete a six-month internship before being granted permission to work full-time in Poland.

This internship must be completed at a medical facility and will be verified by the Naczelna Izba Pielgniarek I Poonych, or the Main Chamber of Nurses and Midwives.

4. Apply for Work Permit in Poland

You will just need a limited license to practice as an intern. However, if you wish to work in Poland for an extended period of time, you must either demonstrate that you already have legal residency in Poland or apply for the right to work for a specific amount of time.

Even those with a valid residence status must apply for authorization to practice with the Main Chamber of Nurses and Midwives.

How Much Are Nurses Paid In Poland?

A Nursing employee in Poland normally earns roughly 7,300 PLN per month.

Salaries range from 4,690 PLN (the lowest average) to 14,100 PLN (the highest average) (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the average monthly pay, which includes housing, transportation, and other perks. Salaries for various nursing occupations vary greatly.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Nursing in Poland?

Poland is a very inexpensive study place. Tuition for a three-year bachelor’s degree in nursing ranges from $3,384 to $6,556 USD per year on average.

How Long is Nursing School in Poland?

In Poland, the nursing degree is called a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and it takes three years to accomplish.

To study nursing in Poland, you must have completed your secondary education with honors.

Is Poland a Good Place to Study Nursing?

Poland boasts some of the top universities in the world, such as Nicolaus Copernicus University, and they offer exceptional Nursing courses taught in English to students from all over the world.

How Many Years is BSc Nursing in Poland?

The three-year bachelor of science in nursing curriculum is taught entirely in English.

Do Student Nurses Get Paid in Poland?

In Poland, the average annual salary for a Student Nurse is PLN 46,372 and the hourly wage is PLN 22.

A Student Nurse’s average income ranges from PLN 35,150 to PLN 54,070. An Associate Degree is the most common level of schooling for a Student Nurse.

How Much Are Nurses Paid in Poland?

In Warsaw, Poland, the average salary for a Registered Nurse is PLN 104,820 per year and PLN 50 per hour.

A Registered Nurse’s average income ranges between PLN 73,059 and PLN 127,566. A Bachelor’s Degree is the most common level of schooling for a Registered Nurse.

Is Nursing in Demand in Poland?

In Poland, the number of nurses available to match the demand is decreasing.

This number will continue to fall in the next years, owing to a lack of generational replacement in the profession as well as emigration.

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