16 Carpentry Schools In BC[Carpentry Courses BC]

With the help of these carpentry programs, you may lay the groundwork for a future in the field. This is for anyone looking for a profession that combines hard physical effort with challenging mental work and the satisfying experience of creating things.

After graduation, graduates can find employment as apprentice carpenters, concrete form workers, wood framers, finishing carpenter’s assistants, cabinet installers, and house renovators.

Read on to find out more about carpentry courses Vancouver and the carpentry schools in BC you should look out for.

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The List of Carpentry Schools In BC

  • Certificate in Carpentry (ELT) – Camosun College
  • Carpentry Apprenticeship – British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Carpentry Framing and Forming – British Columbia Institute of Technology

Certificate in Carpentry (ELT) – Camosun College

The 6-month Entry Level Trades (ELT) Carpentry program at Camosun College focuses on practical learning and is intended to give students the fundamental information and abilities needed to succeed as a professional carpenters.

The Program teaches skills ”comparable to those of a first-year apprentice.” So, graduates who choose to continue their education in carpentry through an apprenticeship are qualified to get credit for the first year of the apprenticeship.

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Carpentry Apprenticeship – British Columbia Institute of Technology

A trade can be learned through an apprenticeship, which combines paid on-the-job training with periods of in-class, technical/theoretical instruction. A carpentry apprenticeship in British Columbia typically lasts four years and requires a minimum of 5,000 hours of on-the-job training and 720 hours of classroom instruction.

The Carpentry Apprenticeship at the British Columbia Institute of Technology satisfies the in-class requirements of an apprenticeship program and is offered in 4 levels, each lasting 6 weeks.

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Carpentry Framing and Forming – British Columbia Institute of Technology

Carpentry Framing and Forming at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is a 23-week Certificate of Trades Training program created to “prepare students for entry-level employment in the carpentry sector.”

The Program will introduce students to the essential information and abilities necessary for them to carry out the most basic carpentry tasks through a combination of theoretical and technical instruction and practical learning.

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The table below leads to the remaining carpentry schools in BC on this list.

Carpenter Apprenticeship – Camosun CollegeWebsite
Entry-level Carpentry – College of New CaledoniaWebsite
Carpentry – Apprenticeship – College of the RockiesWebsite
Carpentry/Building Construction – Kwantlen University CollegeWebsite
Carpentry Apprenticeship – Kwantlen University CollegeWebsite
Carpenter Apprenticeship – Malaspina University-CollegeWebsite
Carpentry – Entry Level Training – Northwest Community CollegeWebsite
Carpentry – Apprenticeship Levels 1 – 4 – Northwest Community CollegeWebsite
Carpentry/Joinery – Okanagan CollegeWebsite
Carpentry Entry – Selkirk CollegeWebsite
Carpentry Apprenticeship – Selkirk CollegeWebsite
Entry-level Carpentry – University College of the Fraser ValleyWebsite
Carpentry Apprenticeship – University College of the Fraser ValleyWebsite
Carpentry Schools In BC

Benefits Of Learning Carpentry

According to Carpenter’s Local Union 283, the value of carpentry as a profession goes beyond competitive pay. There are numerous specializations within commercial carpentry. You can utilize the tools of carpentry in a way that pleases you, regardless of whether your strong suits are attention to detail, an artistic eye, or a technical challenge.

Being able to start a profession in carpentry with just a high school diploma makes it important. It’s reliable work with median annual compensation of $49,000.

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How much do Carpenters Earn In BC

As of August 29, 2022, the median annual Carpenter salary in Vancouver, British Columbia is C$74,650, with a typical range of C$64,551–C$87,644 and other variables that affect base pay.

Carpenter salaries, however, can vary widely based on the industry, size of the company, location, years of experience, and educational background of the individual.

How to Become a Carpenter in BC?

Most often, secondary school completion is necessary. To be eligible for trade certification, one must often complete a three- to a four-year apprenticeship program or a combination of over four years of work experience in the craft plus some high school, college, or industry coursework in carpentry.

How Do I Get a Carpentry Apprenticeship in BC?

The apprenticeship process necessitates a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training.

A four-year curriculum requiring 6360 hours of work experience and 840 hours of classroom instruction, spread across four levels of training lasting every seven weeks, must be completed by a carpentry apprentice.

Are Carpenters In Demand in BC?

For the years 2021 to 2023, the employment outlook for Carpenters (NOC 7271) in British Columbia will be fair. The following elements played a role in this outlook:

A modest number of new positions will be created as a result of employment growth. Due to retirements, a modest number of posts will open up.

How Much Does a Red Seal Carpenter Make in BC?

Most experienced workers earn up to $92,625 a year, while entry-level jobs start at $48,750.

How Much Does a Journeyman Carpenter Make in BC?

In British Columbia, a journeyperson carpenter makes an average yearly compensation of $68,117.

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