19 Nursing Recruitment Agencies Netherlands & Their Key Info.

Nursing recruitment agencies Netherlands match people to job openings and work directly with businesses to fill positions.

Their advisors look for fresh opportunities, edit and optimize CVs, and even offer tips to assist individuals to prepare for interviews.

Essentially, they streamline the entire job-search process.

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How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Recruitment agencies operate in a variety of ways.

Initially, a company will contact them to inform them that a position is available. The recruiting firm will then either:

  • Examine their present database for suitable candidates.
  • Post the job online to attract qualified applicants.

When they’ve found some eligible individuals, they’ll send them to the company for approval and, in general, set up interviews for the best-fitting candidates.

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How Do I Join a Recruitment Agency?

Many agencies will let you sign up for jobs right there in the office.

However, it’s always recommended to phone ahead and schedule an appointment to ensure that they have positions available in your industry. It’s also worth noting that some agencies don’t have traditional storefronts, so meetings must be scheduled ahead of time.

Alternatively, if you’ve submitted your CV to an online database, recruitment experts may contact you personally to inform you of a suitable position.

How Do I Apply for Jobs Through Agencies?

Your recruitment consultant will operate as a liaison between you and the recruiter, submitting your CV and scheduling an interview.

If your application is accepted, they will assist you with interview preparation and provide you with numerous tips and hints, from offering directions to advising you on what to dress on the day.

You’ll be able to walk into the interview completely prepared, with everything you need to ace it.

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The List of Nursing Recruitment Agencies Netherlands

One of the reasons we encourage recruiting services, particularly for foreigners, is because finding a job in a firm that meets your profile can be a herculean process, and these agencies will make it easier for you to get a position in a company that properly suits you. Below are the best nursing recruitment agencies in Netherlands.

Undutchables Recruitment Agency

Undutchables is a pioneer in the recruitment of foreign business sector workers in the Netherlands. Undutchables connects multilingual talent with demanding work opportunities in the Netherlands.

They think that in order to achieve worldwide success, you must not only speak the language of the market but also understand its culture. Their multinational talent fits the bill perfectly, with a track record of multilingual job matching and placement.

Do you speak any other languages besides Dutch? Are you looking for new and exciting job opportunities?

Do you need highly trained foreign personnel and employees who fit your company’s culture? They are your first port of call for worldwide employment and manpower.

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Robert Half Recruitment Agency

Robert Half has established partnerships with the most prestigious professional trade organizations. They seek to encourage the professional growth of eager professionals and create job prospects for members of professional associations through prizes and scholarship contributions, as well as engagement in local association chapters.

Robert Half pioneered specialist staffing services in 1948 and is now the global industry leader.

They match you to expert contract and permanent personnel in nursing, finance and accounting, administrative and customer service, legal, technology, and marketing and creative industries, whether you require one person or a whole project team.

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Adams Multilingual Recruitment

Adams Multilingual Recruitment connects worldwide organizations with multilingual job seekers in the Netherlands.

They have been working in the Dutch labor market for over 25 years and go beyond the brief to discover what their talent searchers truly require.

They operate with special knowledge, empathy, speak your language, and understand the Dutch culture and labor market.

They provide both temporary and direct, long-term recruiting in a wide range of industries for a variety of various roles at multinational corporations (all exciting, with competitive salaries, and benefits).

Whatever your requirements are, they will assist you in finding a multilingual employment that matches you.

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Projob Bv

Work, conscious awareness, development, innovation, and meaning are all represented by the acronym Projob. They cooperate in co-creation, network, and create.

They see themselves as a house of careers, a secure sanctuary where people may chat openly about employment, development, and goals. A safe haven where advice is offered and actions are made based on knowledge and skills. A location where clients are offered a customized service rather than a conventional one.

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Blue Lynx

Blue Lynx is a market leader in international recruitment and contracting in the Netherlands, with 32 years of experience in multilingual talent acquisition. They collaborate with global clients such as international organizations, MSPs, Fortune 500+ corporations, charities, and NGOs.

They serve as a bridge between them and qualified candidates. Blue Lynx is the intersection of opportunity and talent. They hire talented individuals in a number of office-based specialties and industries.

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Other Nursing Recruitment Agencies Netherlands on our List.

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Nursing Recruitment Agencies Netherlands

How Much Are Nurses Paid in Netherlands?

Nurses in the Netherlands normally earns roughly 3,920 EUR per month. Salary ranges from 1,840 EUR (the lowest) to 6,190 EUR (the highest) (highest).

This is the average monthly salary, which includes housing, transportation, and other amenities. Nurse pay varies greatly depending on experience, skills, gender, and region.

How to Get Nursing Job in Netherlands

It should be mentioned that in order to work as a nurse in the Netherlands through EMTG, you must complete the following requirements: Have a European nursing diploma.

If you hold a non-European nursing diploma, you must validate it with Nuffic. Validation could take up to four weeks.

Are Nurses Needed In Netherlands?

The Netherlands is an excellent destination to work as a nurse, and it is now in desperate need of additional nursing personnel.

This isn’t just because of the coronavirus; the Netherlands had a nursing shortage long before then.

Which Country Pays Nurses Most?

$91,000 in Luxembourg (USD) This tiny country in Western Europe pays its nurses exceptionally well, now topping the list as the highest-paid country in the world for nurses. Because of the country’s small size and tax haven rules, finding work as a nurse is extremely tough.

How Much is the Cost of Living in the Netherlands?

The monthly cost of living in the Netherlands is estimated to be around 800-1000 Euros (varying from INR 67,000 to 80,000), which includes food, rent, transportation, books, and other expenses.

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