13 Top Nail Tech Schools in Colorado & State License Requirements|Best steps to take

A nail technician is a beauty specialist who is responsible for the grooming and appearance of a client’s fingernails and toenails. Nail technicians provide manicures, pedicures, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removal, synthetic nail treatments, and application of nail polish for their clients.

The Nail Tech Schools in Colorado provides prospective nail technicians with theory and practical classes that aim at giving students the best skills to become nail technicians.

They are also called pedicurists and manicurists. In nail tech schools in Colorado, you can expect to learn about pedicures, manicures, nail art, gels, wraps, as well as things like nail extensions.

The average yearly salary for nail technology in Colorado according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020 is $26,220 per year and talking about career opportunities, nail technicians work with people of all different styles and preferences and that simply means you can choose a career and focus on it.

In this article, we will be discussing a lot about nail tech schools in colorado and also give some facts about the nail technician program.

Nail Technician Program

Usually, the course schedule for nail technician programs are comprehensive and a lot of times involves a student going through extensive training in diseases that affect the skin and nails and how they can successfully treat them.

Nail technicians do not only help people polish their nails, but they also help people in having a healthy nails.

Therefore while studying at the nail tech schools in Colorado, a student can expect to undergo a series of training on skin issues that usually affect people’s nails.

They not only learn about issues that affect people’s nails, but they also learn how they can deal with such issues in order to help their clients achieve good nail health.

In the nail tech schools in Texas, students also learn about sanitation and sterilization methods.

In general, they learn about the structure of the nail, the anatomy of the foot and the hand. They also consider nail removal and nail enhancement, and artificial nails.

How to Choose a Nail Tech School

When looking for a nail technician school, it is important to make sure that there are enough instructors for their nail training courses.

The good nail tech schools in Colorado provides a combination of theory classes and practical lessons in that field that focuses on core nail services nail design/art.

Their practical courses will involve students experiencing real-life situations and a typical day of a nail artist.

Qualifying as a licensed nail technician

There are certain requirements that you will need in order for you to be qualified as a licensed nail technician.

The first step is to undergo training and pass all nail tech examinations from the accredited nail tech schools in Colorado.

Usually, classes in nail technology cover numerous aspects of nail beauty, which includes nail care and sanitation and most importantly you will be working under the supervision of a qualified nail instructor.

What are the career opportunities available for you?

Once you have graduated from nail technology school, you can work in a salon as a manicurist or you can decide to start your own business.

The bottom line is that once you graduate from a cosmetology school, there are a number of places where you can get a job. Therefore if you are really interested in starting a career as a manicurist, then you should start enrolling in the nail tech schools in Colorado.

State License Requirements

  • Complete your CO in nail tech training and earn your cosmetology certification
  • Take and pass the stateboard of cosmetology exams to get your cosmetology licensing
  • Get your license
  • License Renewal

Complete your CO in nail tech training and earn your cosmetology certification

To obtain a nail tech license, 20 Education Hours OR 600 Apprentice Hours are required to earn a nail technology license.

Upon completing your CO nail tech training, you’re ready to work your way through the rest of the licensing process.

However, finding the nail tech schools in Colorado shouldn’t be a problem as we will be listing these schools below.

But before you go for the cosmetology certification and cosmetology licensing, ensure you have met the following requirements:

Colorado State Board of Cosmetology Licensing Requirements

  • Cosmetologist: 1800 (60 credits)
  • Barber: 1500 (50 credits)
  • Cosmetician: 600 (20 credits)
  • Manicurist: 600 (20 credits)
  • Hairstylist: 1200 (40 credits)

Take and pass the stateboard of cosmetology exams to get your cosmetology licensing

If you never had your license from another state, then below are the steps you should take:

  1. Go to the Colorado State Board of Cosmetology for information and you will be rerouted to the Pearson Vue website.
  2. At the Pearson Vue Website, download the application to apply for Colorado Licensure.
  3. Choose the practical skills examination you are applying for, such as Cosmetology, fill in your licensure history and pay the required exam fee of $75 and application fee of $30.
  4. Take and pass the practical skills examination
  5. Apply and pay a $30 fee for the written examination.
  6. Take the written examination.

Colorado uses licensure by endorsement for anyone holding an active Cosmetology license issued by another state.

  1. Apply for licensure by endorsement.
  2. Pay the required fee.
  3. Provide proper documentation.
  4. Fill out all the appropriate eligibility forms.

Get your license

Receive your Colorado Cosmetology License and be qualified to work as a cosmetologist in the state of Colorado.

License Renewal

Licenses of barbers, estheticians, hairstylists, manicurists expire March 31 of even-numbered years. The cost of renewal is $26 or $41 to reinstate if you have allowed your license to lapse.

All cosmetologist licenses expire on April 30 on an annual basis. These licenses cost $32 to renew or $47 to reinstate.

Currently, no continuing education hours are required to renew your cosmetology license in Colorado.

However, continuing education should be considered part of the field and part of doing business as a cosmetologist.

Office of Barber and Cosmetology Licensure

The List of Nail Tech Schools in Colorado

  • International Salon and Spa Academy 
  • Academy of Cosmetology Arts
  • Cuttin’up Beauty Academy 
  • Designing Beauty Academy
  • Elevate Salon Institute 
  • Exquisite College of Health and Beauty
  • Otero Junior College
  • Pickens Technical College 
  • The Salon Professional Academy 
  • Tuana European Academy
  • United Beauty College 
  • United College of Health and Beauty 
  • Westland Beauty Academy


As discussed above, nail technicians are accountable for the appearance and grooming of fingers and toenails by way of manicures, pedicures, nail treatment etc.

But on a final note, the atmosphere of a nail salon whether it is at home or a proper shop should be one of cleanliness and professionalism.

Technicians are meant to wear white lab coats to promote a professional attitude, and they must always observe the local health codes and regulations.

Bear in mind that it is absolutely normal to give the impression of relaxation and pampering, as a lot of times clients go to a nail salon not only for grooming purposes but also to take a break from their hectic lives.

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