10 Music Schools in Montreal-Top Schools

Music schools in Montreal are for those who plan to build a strong career in the music industry.

Where else can you meet a dense group of high-caliber musicians who want to meet you also? Or have access to dozens of professionals with decades of music industry experience? It can only be in a music school.

A music school can mean a music college, a music conservatory, or a community music school.

No matter what you mean, there are some important questions to ask. On this page, we will be listing the music schools in Montreal and the things you must consider in choosing the right music school.

Choosing The Right Music School

The things you should consider when searching for music schools in Montreal depends on the type of music school you are looking for.

As we said, there are some questions to ask while choosing a music school. These questions will be different because music schools differ.

For instance, Community music schools provide music lessons to the general public. They typically don’t have auditions to enter the program. They simply focus on helping people learn to play music.

Music colleges and conservatories on the other hand are accredited and are focused on a different goal which is developing professional musicians.

Aspiring professionals may need the opportunity to make business connections, which a hobbyist at a community music school does not.

However, the questions to ask about music schools that we have highlighted in this article are general questions. Questions that are not tailored to any type of school in particular.

What should you consider when searching for a music school?

The inputs and outputs of a music school should be considered. Inputs are those things that go into your education such as the facilities, class offerings, and the prestige of the school.

Comparatively, by output, we mean how well the students do music.

Are the music teachers trained to teach?

As you know, there are two types of music teachers, music teachers who have obtained a degree in music and teachers who simply are experienced in music.

Those experienced in music may have the knowledge but might not make great teachers as they have not undergone any training in music education.

Whichever the case may be, it is important to find out if the music teachers in the school you are about to choose were trained to teach.

The following are other questions to ask:

  • Does the school focus on your goals?
  • How much does the school cost?

The List of Music Schools in Montreal

You can build your music career on your own terms. However, deciding to attend any of the music schools in Montreal is a great step toward your music career.

Below are some of the schools to consider. They are not ranked.

École Quebec Music

This is one of the top music schools in Montreal with music programs designed for children and adults of all ages.

They offer fully customized private lessons that can be easily adapted to your child’s needs.

But for those who want to experience music in groups, they also offer lessons such as Rockband, Ensemble of violinists, Music initiation, Theory, and more! In the fun musical environment, students get to play favorite pieces together and learn how to perform in a group.

All their teachers hold a musical degree, therefore can provide instructions at any level!

With classes suited perfectly to students who are beginners in music theory as well as advanced classes for musicians that are interested in picking up a new instrument or advancing their knowledge of a single instrument, they can provide instruction at every level.

They have programs in Piano, Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Violin, Viola, Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Wind and Brass Instruments, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Recorder, Rockband, Ensemble, Music Initiation, as well as Theory Classes.

Montreal Academy of Music

At Montreal Academy of Music, you can get the following:

  • Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations (optional)

  • College & University Preparation

  • Advanced Musical Career & Artist Development

  • Professional Studio Recordings

At the Montreal Academy of Music, their goal is to make music lessons fun and exhilarating for their students, while still providing a structured learning approach that’s necessary to achieve tangible results and help their students realize their musical dreams.

It is one of the music schools in Montreal that offer lessons in Accordion, Band, Banjo, Mandolin, Clarinet, Cello, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Lute and Oud, Oboe, Voice, Brass, String, Flute, French Horn, Saxophone, Harmonica, Harp, Trombone, Trumpet, Ukulele, Tabla, Violin, Viola, Drums, Percussion, RCM Examinations, Songwriting, Ensemble, Ear Training, Composition, Theory, Recording & DJ Lessons.

LAMBDA International School of Music

Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts was established in 2008.

With a panel of world-class artists, teachers, and administrators, they have successfully helped countless students achieve their potential.

Whether you plan to start by exploring music and art lessons, continue your journey in developing your skills in a musical instrument, or look to face the full challenges of music performance (examinations, auditions, competitions) – they have the right program for you.

At Lambda you can have access to the following:

Promotional Beginners Program: This introductory program is suitable for beginners (for all ages 5 and up to adults) with no background in piano.

Students will learn the basic technique of piano playing (including proper posture, technique, playing with good tone and rhythm, and reading music).

General Piano Program: ​Students will develop their skills in piano playing, and learn pieces of different genres as well as pieces of their choice.

Students will continue to develop skills in note reading, sight-reading, ear-training, and some basic music theory. 

Advanced Concert Performance Program: This program is intended for serious and committed students who wish to enter the piano performance program in CEGEPs or UNIVERSITY. A unique curriculum is developed based on the individual needs of the student to help them meet their goals.

  • Price: Starts from $25 – $250

Schulich School of Music

The Schulich School of Music of McGill University embodies the highest international standards of excellence in professional training and research.  

They are known for their programs in orchestra, opera, jazz, early music, and contemporary music.

Their leadership in sound recording and music technology provides unique possibilities for collaboration with the larger musical community. 

Their School is home to over 800 students, who are drawn there by their 200+ professors, their ensembles and performance opportunities, and their programs in research and technology.

  • McGill University
    Mail | Shipping | Courier
    Strathcona Music Building
    555 Sherbrooke St. W.
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    H3A 1E3
    Tel.: 514-398-4535
    Fax: 514-398-1540

Harmony Academy of Music

MTL Harmony was Founded in 2018,  Harmony Academy of music and Arts is a musical institution that provides the highest standard of education relating to all aspects of music. 

They provide private instruction across a variety of musical genres including classical, pop, rock, blues, jazz, and electronic.

Their mission statement is simple: They are there to help you to improve your music playing, enjoy your music to the fullest, and achieve your music goals. 

Harmony Academy of Music and Arts is now offering courses in solfege, voice, guitar, violin, choir, and much more.

Their teachers are professional musicians, holding Bachelor’s, Master or Doctorate degrees in music or their equivalents as defined by the Canada Council for the Arts.

They have programs in Classical Music, Traditional Music, Children’s Music, Painting, etc.

  • MTL Harmony
  • 5440 Queen Mary, Suite 106, H3X 1V6

  • 4383457267

  • Opening Hours
  • Monday 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Friday 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Académie de Musique Cadenza

  • 6773 ch. de la Côte-des-Neiges
    Montréal, Qc. H3S 2B5
    (Entrée sur Bedford)

At Académie de Musique Cadenza, they have programs for the following:

Piano: Learn how to improvise jazz and pop, or focus your discipline to play the pieces of most demanding concerts.

Chant: You will be taught the techniques that will allow you to give a concert whenever you want.

Guitar, Violin, and wind instruments have classes specialized for them also.

Selah Music School

Selah Music School has a program for you whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician.

Their lessons will allow you to express your musicality and grow in skill.

Along with your instrumental lessons, Selah Music School offers you the opportunity to record your songs with professional equipment!

At Selah Music School, You can bring your musical ideas into live sounds using applied theory and pro software with equipment.

Also through their Music theory and solfeggio, you become a musician who can not only speak the language of music but read and write it as well. Understand how music works and enjoy dissecting it!

Dj School Montreal

Dj School Montreal is one of the music schools in Montreal that now has an established reputation. 

They are recognized by the Ministry of Education, secondary schools, SPVM, youth centers, and many international artists.

Aspirants are divided into three typical profiles: passionate people, those who want to make it a profession, and those who want to become famous. Find out how to enroll.

  • 2840 rue Hochelaga
  • H2K 1K1 Montreal, Qc.
  • Cell: 514-952-5990

ReMi Academy

From private lessons for all ages to group lesson programs in their fully-equipped classrooms, ReMi Academy will find a way to bring the love of music into your life.

ReMi Academy was founded in 2013 as the Institute of Musical Art, by Alireza Fakharian, the piano and vocal teacher, and is one of the most respected music schools in Montreal.

The academy’s mission is to provide the highest standard of music education and help you to fulfill your potential in art.

They offer:

  • Free consultations with their experienced teachers.

  • Opportunity for students to perform on a great stage and show off in one of the famous halls in Montreal.

They have programs in:

  • Piano 

  • Music Initiation _ Music for Children

  • Guitar

  • Violin

  • Flute 

  • Handpan Drum (Hang Drum)

  • Traditional Instruments

L’académie De Guitare

  • 5633 Monkland Avenue
    Montréal, Québec H4A 1E2

L’académie De Guitare is one of the music schools in Montreal whose first goal is to make it easy for all music-lovers to learn the musical language.

Their music school was founded in 1986 and up to now has served over 3000 students: beginner, intermediate or advanced. 

The quality of teaching and the variety of lessons/courses offered have made it possible for many of their students to attain a career in music, and for many hundred others to realize their dream of being able to play an instrument while having fun.

They offer:

  • Beginner Guitar Lessons for Children

  • Adult Guitar Lessons in Montreal

  • Music Lessons: piano, singing, ukulele, and bass guitar

See their prices and registration fee.

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Music Production School Montreal

Below are some of the music production schools in Montreal:

Institute D’enregistrement Du Canada1207 St Andre St, Montreal, Quebec H2L 3S8, Canada

Phone: +1 514-286-4336
Recording Connection Audio Institute1725 Des Bassins St, Montreal, Quebec H3J 1S2, Canada

Phone: +1 289-350-1450
Institute D’enregistrement Du CanadaAddress: 1207 St Andre St, Montreal, Quebec H2L 3S8, Canada

Phone: +1 514-286-4336
Val Luna Vocal Productions15 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 4A7, Canada

Phone: +1 514-710-6298
Musitechnic Formation1088 Rue Clark, Montréal, QC H2Z 1K2, Canada

Phone: +1 514-521-2060
Music Schools in Montreal; Locations and Contacts

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