10 Best Law Schools in Canada-Tuition & Key Info

Do you want to study law in Canada? Are you looking for the best law schools in Canada to study in?

This article tells students who want to go to the best law schools in Canada about the top ten law schools in Canada that they can apply to.

These law schools in Canada have been chosen based on how well their students perform globally, and how well-known they are around the world.

It is noteworthy that the tuition information contained in this article is subject to change as the law schools deem it.

However, this information will serve as a guide for what you should expect to pay annually at these law schools in Canada as the prices are within a reasonable range.

With that baggage out of the way, let us now look at what law schools in Canada are the best for you.

The List of Best Law Schools in Canada

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • York University
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Victoria
  • Carleton University
  • Dalhousie University
  • Laval University

University of Toronto

Province: Toronto, Ontario.

Tuition: Undergraduate tuition and fees cost 33,320 Canadian dollars (CAD) for Canadian students and 44,690 Canadian dollars for international students, paid annually.

The University of Toronto is widely known around the world for its research and the academic excellence of its students. As such, getting into UToronto’s law school is really difficult as it is one of the most selective law schools in Canada. One of the main goals of the University of Toronto is to advance education all over the world. It is a place where people from different fields can work together and the public can get involved.

People who go to “UToronto” often talk about how much they like the atmosphere. This is because a top-tier university has a special buzz: students start and improve their careers; researchers share new information and ideas, and well-known thinkers talk to the public about their ideas.

In addition to this, students say they feel like they are making progress, getting more power, and changing. At the University of Toronto, assumptions, models, and expectations are rethought and changed every day.

Students from all walks of life come to this school to get the knowledge, experience, and sense of self-confidence they need to keep up with the fast changes in the world. As part of their course work, students at the University of Toronto learn how to make better decisions.

They do this by learning how to use a model-based method to solve problems. You can also work on your own growth as a scientist, an entrepreneur, or a change agent with the help of these programs.

Many people highly regard the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto as one of the best law schools in Canada. And we do not doubt the reputation of this school one bit. If you are looking for the best of the best law schools in Canada to study in, this school should be a strong contender.

McGill University

Province: Montreal, Quebec.

Tuition: Local tuition 2,391 CAD, Domestic tuition 7,402 CAD, International tuition 29,200 CAD.

Many professors at McGill University are known for their comparative and cross-system approaches, and the university itself is known for having these kinds of professors. Some of the lecturers are well-known experts in their fields who are also members of prestigious institutions and organizations in Canada and other places.

McGill is popularly ranked as one of the best law schools in Canada, second only to UToronto. The university believes that people who can think creatively, have a background in law, and are aware of cultural differences could make a big difference in the study of today’s globalized world and the search for solutions to its most pressing problems. Some of the best lawyers in the world come to McGill Law to study, teach and do groundbreaking research in an environment that respects many different legal traditions.

Lawyers who went to McGill are better off than those who didn’t. They can deal with huge amounts of data, deal with complexity, and solve legal problems in fields that change quickly and where there is neither one right answer nor a few.

A lawyer from McGill University can work with lawyers from common law provinces, England, and the United States, as well as lawyers from civil law jurisdictions in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. In these places, you can use either the English system of law or the American system of law.

They can change how they look so they can fit in with any group. When you study law at McGill University, you will be prepared for a multicultural society with fluid boundaries and fluidity that is the rule rather than the exception.

At the university, students can choose whether to take classes in English or French. One legal system has both common law and civil law, as well as a number of different local legal systems.

Students in this program who are working toward a master’s or doctorate can get personalized help from a wide range of well-known academics through the program’s active graduate community. Doctoral students in the field of legal education get the best education possible.

University of British Columbia

Province: British Columbia.

Tuition: CA$13,412.16 for domestic students, and CA$40,408.32 for international students, paid annually.

UBC school is located in Vancouver, British Columbia`. It has a stamp of approval from the AACSB. Since the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) has been around for more than 50 years, its accreditation is known and respected all over the world.

At the university, teaching is held to high standards and focuses on what is going on in the world right now. This looks at education from the point of view of a different country. By using new ways to teach, they hope to make people who will be leaders in many different fields around the world.

Overall, the people who go to this university are very different and well-balanced. Students get to know each other better when they work in smaller groups. But there are enough differences between them that any student can meet people from all over the world and make friends. Students working together is so important that it’s hard to say it enough.

The goal of every program at the university is to make it a place where people can get along and treat each other with respect. The space is set up so that learning through hands-on activities is easy.

Every day, in and out of school, you learn something new. Students today have many options, such as community service, co-ops, internships, programs to study abroad, and more. In our opinion and by stat records, this school is one of the best law schools in Canada.

The Peter A. Allard School of Law is thought by many to be one of the most prestigious law schools in Canada. It is also known around the world for the new research it does, the interesting classes it offers, and the famous people it produces.

People who choose to go to this school are academic leaders in their fields, intellectually curious, and ready to use their skills to help other people.

Faculty members include well-known academics and professors who have made important contributions in a wide range of fields, such as human rights, environmental sustainability, and commercial law, both nationally and internationally.

York University

Province: Toronto, Ontario.

Tuition: Domestic full-time Ph.D. and LLB: CA$1,711.39 (per term), International full-time LLM: $6,550.88 (per term).

York University used to be the best university in Canada. People say that it is one of the world’s best business schools. However, aside from business, YorkU makes a strong case for contending as one of the top law schools in Canada.

The school has more than one location. Two of them are in Beijing, China, and Hyderabad, India. The company has offices in other cities around the world, which helps them serve those places better.

Students in this school are excited to work with people from other parts of the world. They can choose to go to school at any of the more than 80 universities in more than 40 countries around the world.

Due to the large network that this university has, more than 31,000 alumni work for it, and there are 93 chapters of alumni in more than 60 countries. At the moment, a first-year college education in the United

The unique programs at the university are made to encourage excellence, raise the profile of education on the world stage, and raise the bar for quality in general. In North America, a cross-border executive MBA degree was given out for the first time.

Also, the world’s first degrees in business analytics and international business (IMBA) were given (MBAN). A student can easily switch from studying part-time to full-time, depending on the needs of their job, their personal life, and their changing educational goals.

Many different groups, like AMBA, Equis, PIM, and PACIBER, have given their approval to the university.

At Osgoode Hall Law School at York University, students get a great education in law. This is done in a number of ways, such as by having a curriculum that is forward-looking, hands-on, and relevant; by having internationally renowned faculty members who are known as thought leaders in their fields; and by having an academic community that is open to everyone and willing to work with them.

University of Montreal

Province: Montreal, Quebec.

Tuition: CA$29,190 per year.

This school welcomes and encourages students from all over the world. It has been around for almost a century, and it was the first place in Canada to have a school of management. It has one of the most prestigious law schools in Canada.

It is known for the high quality of its education and research, and many successful politicians and scientists got their start there. The school works with students of all ages and focuses on research that will help people in the area.

The University of Montreal wants to teach future leaders, scientists, and teachers. It does this by using the many resources it has and those of the community around it, and by always looking for ways to get better.

The university helps its students develop a wide range of skills and interests that will help them in their studies by using a strategy based on both being open to the world and being responsible for the world as a whole. The programs at The University of Montreal are not only a great place to learn, but they can also change your life.

University of Ottawa

Province: Ottawa, Ontario.

Tuition: CA$12,597.50 per year for Canadians and CA$22,531.00 for international students.

People all over the world know that the University of Ottawa is one of the best places to get a law education in Canada. It also has a global perspective and some of the most complete courses. Everyone in the world knows about the Human Rights Research and Education Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

This area is also home to a number of important organizations, including the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, which is a national leader in a number of important fields. In Canada’s National Capital Region, you can find both the highest court in the country and a thriving high-tech industry.

The location of the University of Ottawa gives it a number of unique benefits.

The school offers a wide range of “hands-on” learning opportunities in a number of places on campus. Students in the program learn from business leaders who have achieved some of the highest levels of success in their careers.

Students can do intellectual and social things outside of class by joining one of the more than 30 student groups that cover a wide range of topics and interests.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa is close to both Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court of Canada. It is on Algonquin land.

It gives students the best chance in the world to learn Common Law (in English or French), Civil Law (in English or French), and Indigenous legal traditions (in English or French) in English or French.

All of this is possible because the Faculty of Law is on Algonquin land. Students in the Common Law Section will be ready for any legal job, in Canada or anywhere else in the world because the section puts a lot of focus on critical thinking skills.

University of Victoria

Province: Victoria, British Columbia.

Tuition: CA$10,579 per year for domestic students, while the average cost per year for an American student is between CA$6,000 and CA$8,000.

It is known for having a strong sense of social responsibility, working well with people from different fields, and having long-term relationships with Indigenous people. Students from all walks of life who want to make a difference are drawn to the school because of its friendly environment, student support services, and world-class teachers. The University of Victoria is different from other law schools in Canada because its students and teachers care about, and are aware of social issues. It also gives you a lot of chances to learn by doing.

Governments, institutions, and non-governmental organizations from all over the world have helped the university get a great reputation at home and around the world. This is because they have a lot of practical experience and can think critically. They also get good training and work in an environment that is both supportive and challenging for learning.

This school is one of the best law schools in Canada. It is equally one of the most well-known law schools in the United States because of the equality of its academic program entry, its focus on hands-on learning, and its commitment to promoting social justice. In addition, there are more clinical placements for each student in the Juris Doctor program at the University of Victoria than at any other law school in Canada.

Carleton University

Province: Ottawa, Ontario.

Tuition: CA$7,292 – CA$12,478 per year for domestic students,

This university was founded in 1942 to help veterans from World War II. Both new ways of teaching and learning and learning by doing are supported by the school. Graduates in this school get a lot of help in the form of academic resources, and they also learn how to be entrepreneurs so they can be successful in today’s fast-paced workplace.

Both the students and the teachers at Carleton University want to learn and do research. Because of this, Carleton has been one of the best universities in the nation’s capital for almost a hundred years.

Because of its programs and services, Carleton University is known as a great place to work. During the 2018-2019 school year, there are about 27,000 students in the undergraduate program and about 4,000 students in the graduate program.

Dalhousie University

Province: Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Tuition: CA$17,457 per year for domestic students.

The programs at Dalhousie University are ranked highly; not only internationally, but also nationally and internationally. It was the first university in all of Canada to have a school for a certain field of study, like law. It has been around for a long time, even more than a century.

It has been around for almost 150 years. The school’s teaching philosophy put a lot of emphasis on “learning by doing” so that students can better understand what they have just learned or made and figure out how to use it in the real world.

Because of their work in academia, business, and public policy, the University’s Schulich Law School has a great reputation all over the world.

This school is different because it was the first law school in Canada to offer a Common Law program. It has been seen as a model for legal education in Canada because of how academically ambitious and rigorous it is.

Students travel from all over the country to take classes at this school. In the Canadian judicial system, there are a lot of recent college graduates at every level of the clerkship system.

They are very good at lobbying and advocating, and they do a lot of work in the places where they live. In the 2011 King Schools Survey done by Corporate Knights, the school stood out for having a lot of “student-led initiatives” that worked well.

Laval University

Province: Quebec City, Quebec.

Tuition: Tuition ranges from CA$16,000 to CA$8,000 for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Laval University is a school that cares a lot about its students and gives them many ways to learn. Over the course of their long and interesting histories, some of the best law schools in Canada have built up a tradition of academic excellence that is second to none.

If you choose to go to this school, or any of the law schools in Canada on this list, you can completely immerse yourself in a place that will make you think. This means that you need to use a wide range of resources to finish your research project on time and on budget.

If they meet the requirements, students at this school might be able to get scholarships. At Laval University, there are many ways to get money, such as:

  • scholarships for doing well in school,

  • university support plans,

  • government aid programs, and

  • prizes from awarding agencies.

Students can also learn new things and broaden their minds by going to school in a different country.

More than a thousand of the best lawyers in Canada learned how to be lawyers at the ULaval’s School of Law.

You can’t say that many of them haven’t been in charge or aren’t in charge right now. You might be able to reach your professional goals if you went to a well-known law school in Canada. You can get better at thinking like a lawyer by taking part in moot court competitions at your school.

Why Study in the Best Law Schools in Canada?

Canada is a great place to study law. Especially if you are lucky to study in any of the top law schools in Canada that we have mentioned.

It has many of the same advantages as the United States, with lower tuition fees, smaller class sizes, and a more relaxed environment. It also has some distinct advantages, including:

  • A strong public healthcare system that allows students to focus on their studies without worrying about the cost of treatment.

  • A stable political system that allows students to focus on their studies without worrying about instability affecting their future careers.

  • A wide range of options for post-graduate work opportunities in both Canada and abroad.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, studying in any of the top law schools gives you a sense of job security after your graduation, due to the reputation of these law schools.

Also, as a perk, Canada has some of the nicest cities to live in; for example, McGill offers a great mix of being in one of the nicest cities to attend a school in but also having great resources, professors, and other school-related offerings.

Toronto is just simply one of the best cities in Canada with the best rep.

From a standpoint, it is clear that these schools are making huge strides to go up even higher and give themselves more chances at becoming one of the best law schools in the world.

However, if you are not sure if Canada is a country you want to study law in yet, you can check out this list of the top schools in Canada with law schools in Sydney, Melbourne, and Manchester to see how the law schools compare.

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