11 Top Law Schools in Manchester-UK|Fees & Duration

Manchester is the biggest city in the North West and has one of the largest student communities in the UK.

The city has a thriving nightlife with plenty of bars, theatre, and live music venues to choose from. Perfect for student life, Manchester is rich in art, fashion and heritage, and is as proud of its music scene as it is of its football teams. It has a thriving and diverse economy including business, legal and professional services. Below are some of the law schools in Manchester and the UK.

The University of Manchester

  • 1 year (full-time)
  • Master of Laws (LLM)

The University of Manchester requires a UK bachelor’s degree with a First or Upper Second (2.1) classification or the overseas equivalent in Law.

Candidates should demonstrate a strong background in Law modules relevant to the course, including Public Law and Contract Law, and achieve scores of 2.1 or above in relevant modules.  

When assessing your academic record, they consider the grades you have achieved and the standing of the institution where you studied your qualification.

Course overview

  • Explore a range of law disciplines and topics.
  • Pursue a flexible course, allowing a specialized or multi-directional approach to law.
  • Benefit from the wealth of research expertise and the knowledge that practicing law staff brings to the course.

For entry in the academic year beginning September 2022, the tuition fees are as follows:

  • LLM (full-time)
    UK students (per annum): £11,000
    International, including EU, students (per annum): £23,000

The University of Law-Manchester Campus

The university of Law campus has an amazing view of Piccadilly Gardens and is close to the main shopping area in Manchester with many shops offering student discounts.

The campus’ workshop rooms are where you will spend most of your time whilst studying with them. Large groups and workshops are hosted here to enable you to learn collaboratively with your fellow students, making studying with them both effective and engaging.

At Manchester, their tutors and staff pride themselves on delivering the pinnacle of legal and business education and are dedicated to helping you achieve your career ambitions.

Their tutors are all industry professionals that will teach you the practical skills needed to kick start your career.


The Rice-Jones Scholarship is open to selected individuals studying postgraduate law at their Chester and Manchester campuses who can demonstrate academic promise, commitment to the legal profession, and financial need.

To discover whether you’re eligible, please see their scholarships and bursary information to find more on the Rice-Jones Scholarship.

Top Law Schools in the UK

Below are the universities with the best law schools in the UK:

  • University of Oxford

  • University of Cambridge

  • University College London

  • Durham University

  • King’s College London

  • University Of Glasgow

  • University of Edinburgh

  • Queen Mary University of London

More Information on the Law Schools in the UK:

1 University of Oxford Law School

Oxford has its mark in history as the oldest University in the English World. It has one of the most outstanding Lecturers and students in the World.

Key information:

  • Oxford Law School requires its candidates to get AAA in their A-Level.

  • The acceptance rate of undergraduates: 16%

  • The acceptance rate of graduates: 18%

  • Undergraduates are 48% of the total student body, graduate students are 51%, and other students are 1%.

  • Oxford has 45% of its students from Abroad.

  • Population: 718

  • Tuition fee:

  • home student £2500

  • International students:29500.

The 2 University of Cambridge Is a university committed to helping its students reach their peak of academic excellence.

It has its roots in producing one of the best law students in the World, with an acceptance rate of 20%.

Key information:

Cambridge requires her candidates to possess AAA in their A-level to be considered for admission.

Cambridge is costly, and their international students have to consider their tuition fees, college fees, and living expenses.

Tuition fees depend on the course you are studying and the duration. The cost of Law for international students is £24,340.

The living expenses for an international student are usually higher than a UK student.

Many of her students are international students. The University is among the top ten universities whose graduates are quickly absorbed by Legal Firms.  

3 University of London Law School

It is a prestigious university designed to give its students a premium education as far as Law is concerned.

The school meets the requirements of the Bar Standards Board and prepares its students for the solicitors Qualifying Exam.

International students are not eligible to pay the same amount as home students.

  • Duration:2-6 years (standard Entry LLB)

  • 3-6 years(graduate entry).

  • Application fee: £107 non-refundable

  • Examination fee: the exam fee is charged per 30 credit load, £219.

  • Credit transfer: £119

  • Indicative cost standard entry (LLB) not including dissertation: £5719.

  • These fees are to be paid as you progress. It’s not a one-time payment, nor is it a single payment.

  • Its tuition fees range from £40,000-£75,000, with an upper limit of £109,000.

  • Transfer: The faculty of Law accepts a transfer from the first year.

4 St. Andrews University

It is a university in Scotland, well vast in European traditions, and has more than 42% of its students as international students.

It is one of the World’s oldest universities. It has spanned over 600 years.

Key information:

  • English proficiency is a must for her candidates who wants to be a legal practitioner.

  • 2.1 honors in any related field of study are accepted

  • The school has compulsory modules to help Law students understand and practice Law with different theoretical views.

  • A-levels: ABB to A*A*A. We do not consider a minimum score of GCSE A* grades from all our candidates, and international students can apply through UCAS (online universities and colleges admission service).

  • Tuition fees

  • Home: £10,395

  • International : £21,390

  • Duration: 3 years full-time.

5. Glasgow University Law School.

The school boasts of being placed in the 33rd spot among the 100 best universities in the World.

Studying for a Bachelor of Law will equip you with the expertise to give you an edge in an increasingly competitive legal world. It has a high acceptance rate.

Key Information

  • Entry: English proficiency is a must-have for candidates.

  • TOEFL score above 90.

  • A-level: A*AA

  • Home student Tuition: £6,000

  • International students’ tuition £10,500

  • Transfer: This could only be done in the first year.

  • Duration: LLB (Hons) 3 years full-time.

6. Manchester University

This is one of the law schools in Manchester. It is also one of the leading universities and has outstanding facilities when it comes to Law school, which was established in 1962. Manchester University is among the Russell Group.

The school is well known for Research Making and has retained its place as the 6th in the UK.

It is regulated by the BSB (Bar Standard Boards) and SRA (Solicitor Regulation Agency). This makes them one of the top law schools in the UK.

Duration of the Program

A full-time program takes 3 years, and combined Law takes 5+ years.

  • Students can take exams from BSB and SRA.

  • Admission: A-Level offer

  • A*AA

  • Level 3 Diploma students in Financial studies.

  • AS-LEVEL is not part of the admission requirement in Manchester for Law.

  • SAT, TOEFL, and GMAT Are considered by the University of Law, Manchester


To apply to the Law School in Manchester as a transfer student, you will have to submit your High school Transcript, and Manchester does not consider years two and three. The application will be made through UCAS.

Key Information

  • Acceptance rate: 56.1%

  • Total time: four 30-credit load courses will be studied in year one, which is mandatory.

  • Total time: 3 years

  • Two 30 credit loads and 7 20-credit load

  • Which is both mandatory and optional

  • Full-time year 3: 10 20-credit course, all optional.

  • Population:8,000.

  • Part-time: kindly be aware that only LLM (Masters in Law) can be studied part-time, not LLB(Bachelor of Law).

  • Acceptance rate: 59%.

  • Graduation rate: 56%

  • They have a 97% chance of being employed.

7 Edinburgh Napier university-school of Law

Edinburgh Law school is a university given to research and teaching Law. It has housed very prominent Legal practitioners like Henry Brougham, Douglas Alexander, etc.

Law at Edinburgh University is two-faced; The discipline aspect and its practical aspect.

It has an acceptance rate of 46% for undergraduates.

Edinburg is certified by the Law Society of Scotland and the Faculty of Advocates.

Key information

  • Population: 1,930

  • Entry: A Levels: A*AA – AAA.

  • Proficiency in English is considered a must for students to apply to the University.

  • Tuition fees: £11,000 for UK students and £12,000 for international students.

8 Durham University

The school is characterized by its feat of producing very outstanding students of Law. The school leads in World research in Legal Education.

Their top-ranked global law courses are intimidating and competitive with an excellent and different student population from different parts of the World.  

Learning at the Durham University in England helps Law students to build confidence around law students from other schools.

This school was ranked 3rd by the United Kingdom’s last National Research Excellence In the year 2014

They boast of delivering a good number of the best results a student can dream of and employability – and our Alumni include many of Law’s leading figures, such as the current members of the UK Supreme Court, the Members of Parliament, and others in Government.

They have 75% undergraduate and postgraduate 25%.

Key Information

  • Durham University accepts a 2:1 (honors) as a transfer student to Law in the first year.

  • All aspirants are expected to write LNAT.(www.lnat.ac.uk).

  • Duration: 3 years LLB (HONS)

  • Total time is the study mode.

  • A-level: A*AA

  • Scottish Higher:AAAAA

  • English proficiency is a requirement.

  • Tuition fee: international students pay £21630 while home students pay £9250.

  • For transfer students.

  • Durham accepts transfer only at year one into Law.

8 Warwick university

This University offers Law as a course and focuses on building well Reputable Legal practitioners. She is among the Russell Group.

Key Information:

  • Entry Requirement: IELTS score of 7.0.

  • Tuition fees: range from £18,800-£43,000 for international students.

  • It is the sixth most expensive University in the United Kingdom. It is known for its high-quality research done by Legal practitioners.

  • She has an acceptance rate of 14%. This shows how highly competitive it is to school at Warwick.

  • It is well known for producing Legal professionals with Excellent masterpieces. Its study mode is mainly Full Time.

  • Duration: 3 years (LLB HONS). Full-time

  • Transfer: transfer for Law is done through UCAS, and it is only accepted in the first year.

  • For MBA: 2:1 honors.

9 Queen Mary University Law School

Queen Mary is ranked 7th best school to study Law in the United Kingdom.

The school Offers Law both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Key Requirement:

  • Entry: Minimum of six GCSE passes at chosen grades AAAA BB or 777766 are required, including English and Mathematics.

  • A-level: A*AA

  • Tuition: Home student fees: £9,250

  • Overseas fees: £23,650

  • Degree: 3 years LLB (HONS) full time

10 University of Leeds Law school

The law covers almost all aspects of human activity. The School of Law at the University of Leeds is a community of well-learned people.

Through their tutoring, research, and public engagement, we make a difference in today’s World.

With a 61% acceptance rate, it is easy for you to apply to study at this prestigious University.

Key information:

Entry: English proficiency is a must-have for candidates.

To be eligible, English proficiency must be considered.  

TOEFL score above 90.

A-level: A*AA

GCSE: All five subjects at Grade 4 (C), including English, Maths, and Science.

Home student Tuition:

Tuition fees in Leeds University; School of Law may not pay at once depending on the options given.


International students’ tuition £28,000

Transfer: This could only be done in the first year.

Duration: LLB (Hons) 3 years (full time)

Postgraduates in the related field are also considered.

11 University of Cumbria Law school.

As an Aspirant of University Cambria Law school, you’ll be encouraged to have a critical understanding of your career.

The school prides itself in a friendly society which aids her students in thoroughly understanding the ethics of Law and breeds interactions among her students.

Entry: English proficiency is a must-have for candidates. To be eligible.

TOEFL score above 90.

A-level: A*AA

GCSE: At least a credit in English and Maths.

Home student Tuition: £11,250

International student tuition £18,000

Tuition fees at Leeds University; School of Law may not pay at once, depending on the options given.

Transfer: This could only be done in the first year.

Duration: LLB (Hons) 3 years (full time)

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