4 Fashion Schools in Edmonton-Top Schools

Deciding to attend the fashion schools in Edmonton will get you exposed to the different sectors of the fashion industry, as well as give you the opportunity to learn from the vast industry.

Is attending any of the fashion schools in Edmonton worth it? Yes! Chances are you are a creative individual who is deeply interested in the fashion industry.

Giving yourself an opportunity to elevate this interest into something richer is a pursuit worthy of your time.

You will become a learned student of fashion history, ranging from the evolution of streetwear to how fashion has worked as symbolism within a culture.

Another beautiful thing about attending any of the fashion schools in Edmonton is that you get the opportunity to meet professionals in the industry and also get to interrogate the contemporary issues plaguing it. Read on to find out about some of the fashion schools in Edmonton.

Some of the careers you can choose as a fashion designer include:

  • Design Assistant

  • Independent Designer

  • Clothing Boutique Owner

  • Fashion Merchandiser

  • Retail Store Manager

The List of Fashion Schools in Edmonton

  • MC College

  • University of Alberta

  • Lilian Osborne High School

  • Edmonton University

MC College

In their Fashion Design Program, you will learn everything from design fundamentals and pattern drafting to clothing production.

By the end of your third term, you will have created collections that will walk the runway in their annual New Designers Fashion Show!

Using their industry connections, they will help you lock down an internship individually suited for your professional goals and skills.

You’ll be “living your best life” working in the career of your dreams!

University of Alberta

University of Alberta offers Bachelor of Science in Fashion Business Management that prepares their applicants for a career in the increasingly business-oriented, global, and growing fashion industry.

This unique, multi-disciplinary program is a joint initiative of the Faculty of ALES and the Alberta School of Business.

During this four-year degree program, students will have the opportunity to prepare for a management career in the fashion industry or to develop the skills to start their own business.

Lilian Osborne High School

Develop your sewing skills while choosing, designing, and focusing on projects that you are passionate about and inspire you.

From athletic wear to swimwear, students are given the opportunity to master their individual sewing skills and pursue personal interests throughout the course.

Success looks different for each student; individual student needs will be supported regardless of sewing level and experience.

Students will master the basics of sewing within the first month of this course. They will be given the opportunity to choose from a variety of projects such as hoodies, joggers, pajamas, onesies, swimsuits, dresses, and individually designed projects. Check out their fashion courses.

Edmonton University

Edmonton University offers MA in Fashion Design. Through this course, you will cover the following and more:

  • Fashion Design Studies

  • Textile and Material Studies

  • History and Meaning of Fashion

  • Fashion Design Strategies

  • Manufacturing, Production and Specifications

  • Fashion Graphics

  • Introduction to Accounting

  • Portfolio Development

This program lasts for about 3 years.

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