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The importance of speaking foreign languages or attending language schools in Canada cannot be overemphasized.

Speaking a foreign language alone can open so many career doors. In this article, I will be giving details about language schools in Canada.

Languages not only enable you to expand yourself in terms of perspective and skillset but they also open doors and help you understand better other cultures and peoples.

Globally, more than half the world can speak at least two languages-but western speakers are really lagging behind.

The Importance of learning a Language

As mentioned earlier, learning a new language has very obvious advantages. Not only in terms of jobs but also the range of destinations learning a language can take you to.

Below are some of the importance of learning a language.

Improve your skills

Learning a new language demonstrates how skilful you are. According to studies, multilinguals are better at problem-solving, more creative, and are better multitaskers. All of these skills are very attractive to any potential employer.

Learning a new language makes you more tolerant and open-minded. Learning a new language is not easy, however, going through rigorous processes can help improve your confidence.

Another important reason to learn a language is that it makes you more attractive according to 71% of Americans and 64% of Brits.

Does being bilingual make you sexy?

If you want greater success in your career and your love life, as well as a healthy brain, long into your old age, then think about learning a new language.

Or at least that’s the case according to a majority of Americans and Britons polled in a survey by language app Babbel.

Of 3,000 English-speakers polled in the US and the UK, nine out of 10 admitted they’d learn a new language in pursuit of love.

And moving from the bedroom to the boardroom, about one in four Americans and Britons think that being monolingual has held them back professionally.

Become more employable

Learning a language is a great way to stand out from your competitors. The world is becoming more and more globalized, therefore the demand for language speakers is on the rise.

A lot of companies need language speakers to make sure the demands of their clients all over the world are satisfied.

There are financial gains to be enjoyed from learning a second language too. It’s even estimated that multilinguals earn 8% more than their monolingual counterparts.

Opportunities to travel

Remember, if you only speak English then you can only communicate with 20% of the world’s population.

Therefore, learning a new language opens you up to new sections of the world so that you can comfortably explore.

Learning other widely spoken languages like Spanish or French opens you up to a whole other percentage of the world’s population that you can interact with.

Having skills in more than one language also opens up a world of entertainment – the ability to understand international art and literature can really help to appreciate the world around us.

Improves the brain

Perhaps the most important benefit of learning a language is not often the most discussed.

According to studies in Sweden, learning a language causes areas of the brain associated with memory, namely the cerebral cortex and hippocampus, to increase in size.

Like any muscle in the body, regularly exercising your brain can make it stronger and more flexible.

It has therefore been suggested that learning another language helps prevent brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s and above all can have a strong effect on your ability to perfectly understand music.

Language schools in Canada | Available Options

Canada’s language schools are the best places to study English or French.

Canada, in general, is renowned for the diversity of people, their dual English and French identity, the beauty of their landscapes and above all, their excellent academic standards.

Language schools in Canada give you high-quality instruction thanks to their language school quality assurance.

Language schools in Canada for international students

International students have many options when it comes to learning languages in Canada. You can either decide to study English Language or French while working in Canada.

Also, you can decide to take language courses that help prepare you to enter a Canadian university or college program.

Other options include studying English or French in order to gain a competitive advantage in your home country. The following are the things to expect when you are in Canada to study:

  • A high quality teaching
  • A focused approach
  • Learning English or French, so you can study or live in Canada

Canada’s Accredited Language Schools

When searching for the right language schools, you must look for accredited language schools. Being accredited means the language schools in Canada follow the internationally recognized quality assurance standards.

 Languages Canada has a directory of more than 225 language schools across Canada.

The accreditation of Languages Canada is based on the:

  • Student services
  • Teaching staff
  • Program of study (curriculum)  
  • Marketing, promotion and administration
  • Student admissions

What programs are offered in the Language schools in Canada?

  • English or French test preparation (common tests include CAELIELTSTOEFLTEF Canada or TCF)
  • Summer camps
  • Business or technical English and French
  • Language instruction to prepare for college or university
  • Teacher training programs (common programs include CELTATESLTESOL or CEFLE)

Many language schools prepare international students to attend college or university in Canada

English-language colleges and universities may require you to write a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL).

French-language colleges and universities assess students individually.

To learn what a certain university or college requires, check with the Office of the Registrar at the school you wish to attend.

What is the cost of language school in Canada

Language schools provide courses based on a certain number of weeks, rather than the semester approach to study.

Each of the language schools in Canada has its costs and tuition. In Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver and Calgary, Language schools in Canada cost:

  • Toronto: 12-week English language school = CAD 3,515
  • Quebec City: 12-week French language school = CAD 3,570
  • Vancouver: 12-week English language school = CAD 4,083
  • Calgary: 12-week French language school = CAD 3,446

Enrolling into Language schools in Canada

Entry requirements into language schools in Canada are unique to institutions. Some of the language schools in Canada offer housing, while others offer homestay experiences to their younger students.

The homestay experience simply means that the child will live with a Canadian family.

Students 18 and over: You must apply for a study permit from the Government of Canada to attend a language school in Canada.

Minor children (under 18): If your child attends a language school in Canada, you may need to apply for a special study permit.

If you are not so sure about the fees and study permit, you can contact the school directly.

List of English language schools in Canada

  • Kaplan International Languages
  • Language Studies International(LSI)
  • CLC
  • ILSC Language School
  • OHC English
  • International Language Academy of Canada(ILAC )
  • English Encounters Inc

Kaplan International Languages

This is one of the Language schools in Canada where you can learn the English Language, They have a campus in Toronto; a city sometimes described as cleaner, friendlier, and less expensive New York.

Learn English in Canada for as little as one week or as much as a year, starting at the level that’s right for you.

Their English language programs for international students include:

  • intensive English courses
  • business English courses
  • exam preparation courses
  • summer camp for juniors

It has museums, nightclubs and restaurants, world-class universities and gleaming skyscrapers, but also a peaceful quality that’s rare among the world’s great cities.

Their English school in Toronto is just a few minutes from the CN Tower and close to Jack Layton Ferry Terminal where boats depart for Toronto Islands.

The team at the school will also help with any transfers that may be available to many Canadian universities if this is what you want to achieve from your English course.

Kaplan has specialized divisions for various professions and strong working partnerships with some of the best universities in the US, UK and Australia, helping you to pursue your higher education goals.

Kaplan International Languages Tuition for 1-11 weeks(Per week):

General English: $380

Semi-Intensive English: $440

Intensive English: $505

English for Academic Pathways: $505

Business Supplementary: $505

Cambridge Intensive (B2, C1) – 8 weeks (price per
course): $4,040

Cambridge Part Time (B2, C1) – 8 weeks (price
per course) $3,040

TOEFL® and Academic English Intensive (Max.
16 weeks)$505 485

TOEFL® and Academic English (Part-Time)(Max.
16 weeks) $440 420

IELTS Intensive $505 485 –

Find out more about tuition for lengthier programs.

Language Studies International(LSI)

This is one of the language schools in Canada that is located in Vancouver. They have a welcoming environment where you can study the English Language.

Their facilities include a computer lab that has internet access, a library filled with study materials etc.

They are one of the language schools in Canada that offer TOEFL and Cambridge Examination (CAE) preparation courses, as well as more general ESL programmes.

That’s not all, they help you start your journey to an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification from a university or college in the UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand or Australia.

LSI’s Pathway Programme supports you from the moment you register.

They’ll help you find the right programme for you and provide you with the support you need to meet the entry requirements.

They’ll help you through the application and enrollment process and ensure that you meet the academic standards of English required.

  • Simple and guided transfer from LSI’s Pathway programme into one of our trusted partner institutions
  • Conditional letters of acceptance from chosen institutions
  • Academic support to help you reach the academic English standards required
  • Receive an introduction to your chosen institution from the local LSI school, including guest lectures and campus tours

Find out the tuition and other prices.

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OHC English

OHC English is a leader in English Study Courses and Learning.

They offer great language programs and services to their students in 3 inspiring locations; Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, each offering a full range of English Language Training programs.

They strive to be a leading boutique ESL English Language, Junior Camps and Teacher Training centres by providing the highest quality programs and services delivered.

OHC Students can study courses and programs including;

  • General English
  • General English Plus
  • 1-1 English
  • Conversation & Pronunciation
  • IELTS Examination Preparation
  • CELTA Cambridge Examination & English for Business Success

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ILSC Language School

ILSC Education group offers life-changing educational experiences in Canada. They are one of the finest schools for Language, career and higher education where people can have transformative learning and living experiences.

They have campuses in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

They have accommodations and you can choose the homestay option where there are Homestay families that students can live with or the school residence option which is an independent, self-catering accommodation option.

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International Language Academy of Canada

ILAC is one of the most awarded English language schools in the world, with campuses in Toronto and Vancouver.

Every year, ILAC is recognized for its commitment to excellence in English training and customer service. ​

ILAC welcomes students from more than 75 countries, making it one of the world’s most diverse schools to learn English.

ILAC schools are accredited by those bodies designated to oversee schools in the education industry in Canada.

Their accreditation by recognized industry organizations helps protect students’ rights.

The ILAC team speaks over 40 languages and will make sure you have the best possible experience at ILAC.

This is equally one of the language schools in Canada that has an online self-assessment called the ILAC’s Online Self-Assessment Level Check.

This test is designed to help determine your English Level and consists of 60 questions.

Tuition Fees for adults:

Weeks Intensive English
30 lessons per week

Find out in detail about tuition fees.


CLC is among the top 5 language schools in Canada, they pride themselves on their proprietary methodology.

Their agile framework nurtures rapid improvement, as it closely tracks each individual’s progress, strengthened by regular feedback, goal-setting, and counselling.

This growth mindset is infused in all they do and share with everyone who makes them a part of their journey.

You can have access to English language classes, French Language classes, Japanese classes, as well as cooperate programs.

They have Private and Semi-Private classes and experience has shown them that in the world of language learning, people thrive the most in a customized setting.

Below is their lesson structure:

Tailored to you – lessons are structured to your unique learning needs and based on the following Learning Strategies

Fluency: You have the space to speak as much as possible! Instructors listen actively, then offer feedback on improving natural expression and flow.

Accuracy: You are presented with, review, and practice elements of language from form to usage. Instructors increase awareness of common challenges and help you eliminate them.

Connection: Instructors facilitate conversation, introduce communicative strategies and offer practical feedback. You focus on functions and scenarios to master increasingly complex competencies.

Independence: You activate your language in various real-life situations. Instructors guide you out of the classroom to actually apply what you have learned.

Private Tuition Fees:

1-19 lessons55
20-99 lessons50
20 lesson pack1000
100+ lessons40
100 lesson pack4000

See other options and their tuition fees.

List of French Language Schools in Canada

  • École Napoléon
  • Alliance Francaise
  • Atpal Languages
  • The French School 
  • Bouchereau Lingua International

Ecole Napoleon

This is one of the top Language schools in Canada that was founded in the year 2000. It is known as one of the top French-language schools in the world.

Studying French at École Napoléon means studying in a privileged environment. They have highly qualified professors from France and their modern method of teaching is such that delivers the best to its students.

École Napoléon is a world-renowned school, located in the heart of Toronto.

Their courses are based on practical relevance, oral comprehension and a conversational approach.

The classes are conducted by experienced teachers whose first language is French.

There are varieties of programs offered:

For adults:

Group classes
Individual classes
Online classes

For Children:

After-school classes from 5 years old
Saturday classes from 5 years old
Individual classes in our location or online


French in your office
Corporate classes
Online classes
Translation and Editing

  A tailored test is included to evaluate your skills and level before you register, giving you the information you need to start at the right level in the right class.

Tuition Fees:

Adult Classes(8 Classes – 2 hours per class): $ 275.00 and $ 14.00 for materials.

Private French Classes In our location or Online:

  • $ 65 / hour for one student
  • $ 80 / hour for 2 to 3 students and lasts 1h30 per class.
  • $ 105/ hour for 3 to 6 students

Find out more about Fees on their Website.

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Alliance Francaise

Alliance Française offers French-as-a-second-language instruction at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and to all ages, from children on up. For adults, learning French may represent the fulfilment of a long-held dream.

They are one of the language schools in Canada that offers businesses and public service the option of customized French-language training for their staff, led by teachers familiar with their industry.

They can also help you arrange a full immersion experience in France.

All students have access to our cultural program. In this way, you have a full and authentic experience of French immersion.

With over 7000 students each year, Alliance Française is the leading French-as-a-second-language school in Canada–and among the best in North America.

Found in 134 countries, the Alliances Françaises are non-profit organisations founded locally. As such, the Alliance Française Ottawa is a Canadian association founded in 1905.

There are 8 other Alliances Françaises around Canada: HalifaxMonctonTorontoManitobaEdmontonCalgaryVancouver, Victoria. Their coordination is provided by the delegation of the Foundation Alliance Française in Canada, located in Ottawa.

New students and returning students (who have not participated in a course in the previous year): $45.00 yearly registration fee.

2020 returning students (registered in a course in 2020): $30.00 yearly registration fee.

Individual Membership: $30.00 yearly fee.

Family Membership: $50.00 yearly fee (parent, spouse and their children
under 18 years of age).

The student becoming a Member: $25.00 yearly fee.

Member signing up for a class: $25.00 yearly registration fee.

Registration fees are non-refundable.

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Language Schools in Canada FAQ’s

Is French easy to Learn?

Most individuals are often afraid to take on the French language because of its difficult spellings or the fear of making mistakes.

Fear not, French is easy to learn. French is actually one of the easiest languages to learn. For some people, it is even easier than the English Language.

French being a world language, spoken by over 220 million people, learning French can give you access to a huge chunk of the world.

What is the best Language to Learn in Canada?

English being the most commonly spoken language in Canada, with over 98 per cent of Canadians speaking the language is the best language to learn.

However, becoming bilingual and having a good knowledge of French makes you more employable. Knowing the two languages in Canada puts you ahead of your peers.

Top 5 Languages spoken in Canada

Overall, the number of people speaking more than one language in Canada is growing. These Languages in Canada are the 5 languages spoken in Canada, most times you will find them in the language schools in Canada.

  • English Language
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Punjabi

Please try this Top Data Protector to protect all the information you need to prepare before entering a Canadian school to avoid unnecessary trouble.


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