241 Best IT recruitment agencies in London

There are IT recruitment agencies in London just like we have International nursing recruitment agencies in the UK. Before now, you must have known that Information Technology is the study and application of computers and any type of telecommunications.

Information technology involves a combination of hardware and software that is often used to perform the essential tasks that people need and use in their lives every day.

In this article, I will not only talk about the IT recruitment agencies in London but also about the facets of Information Technology.

Is information technology a good career?

A career in Information Technology offers a secured job and growth with a good salary as well. Getting a degree in information technology does not only prepare specialists of IT with good salaries but also offers job security.

What are the types of roles in the Field for IT

As we know, Information Technology helps to build and grow the commerce and business sector and most importantly help generate maximum output. There are many types of roles in the field for IT such as:

  • IT Manager
  • Database administrator
  • Database developer
  • Data scientist
  • Network Administrator
  • Database administrator
  • System Administrator
  • System analyst
  • Technology Specialist
  • Support Analyst
  • A software tester, Engineer, Architect
  • Software Development Manager
  • Network engineer
  • Software / Application developer
  • Technical consultant

Jobs in Information Technology are even more difficult to fill. There is a high demand and it is coupled with a shortage of qualified candidates.

Finding and hiring a qualified candidate is more difficult than ever, however, IT recruitment agencies in London that specialize in IT placements provide the following advantages.

The Benefits Of An IT Staffing Agency

Here are the top benefits if IT staffing agencies:

  • Qualified candidates
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Flexibiliy and Agility
  • Temp-to-perm

Fexibiliy and Agility

An IT staffing agency has access to candidates who have the desired skills in the technology industry.

These IT recruitment agencies in London most times negotiate a short-term or project-based contract with a qualified candidate, thereby allowing a company to have access to an expert for a limited project.

This allows companies to be flexible, responding with agility to changes in business requirements without the disruption or cost of taking on a regular, full-time employee for a limited business need.

It also goes a long way to reduce the pressure on current employees who might be having difficulties taking on new projects in addition to existing tasks.


This simply means agencies placing candidates on a trial basis. Sometimes it is referred to as a contract to hire employees.

Under this arrangement, candidates who are qualified are placed at the recruiting company for a limited-time trial period. At the end of this trial period, an offer of permanent employment may be extended.

This goes a long way to help ensure that permanent hiring decisions are made only to employees that are a good fit with the organization and the department, as long as they have the correct skills, competencies, and temperament to succeed in the position.

Reduce time to hire

They negatively affect sales, revenue, and customer service initiatives, not to mention the productivity and morale of employees scrambling to cover deliverables until a position is filled.

Therefore, in general, vacancies are costly to organizations. It takes some time to fill in a vacant position in an industry, regardless of the industry it is. Sometimes, it can take just 30 days and other times it can get up to 56 days.

These staffing agencies significantly reduces the time it takes to fill in a vacancy.

Not only do they maintain the database of candidates with immediate availability, but they also work hand-in-glove with industries and organizations to understand their different cultures and job requirements.

And of course, in the process, the best candidate is submitted for consideration.

Qualified candidates

IT recruitment agencies in London have access to a pool of candidates that a normal organization’s job postings cannot reach.

They have access to the following groups:

  • passive job-seekers
  • peer referrals
  • candidates outside the regular geographic area

That’s not all, IT recruitment agencies in London can pre-screen candidates for technical assessments, verifying skills and competencies on behalf of the hiring company and in the process saving money, time and administrative efforts.

Things to look out for in an IT Staffing Agency

Reliable IT recruitment agencies in London quickly find, vet, and deliver new employees allowing the HR teams to focus on day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

While looking for IT recruitment agencies in London, here are the top four things to look out for:

  1. Expertise In Finding Top Talent In Your Region
  2. Do they understand the core objectives of your organization?
  3. Proven To Reduce Hiring Costs
  4. Their success history

Expertise In Finding Top Talent In Your Region

Any of the IT recruitment agencies in London that you are planning to work with must have access to the brightest candidates in your area. You should ask the following questions:

1) Are they handpicking new graduates from the best IT programs?

2) Have they staffed top talent at the best companies and government agencies before?

3) Do they have solid relationships with candidates in your industry?

4) Are their recruiters familiar with the most in-demand systems and technologies?

These metrics should provide you with insights into whether the IT recruitment agencies in London you plan to work with can access the top talents.

Do they understand the core objectives of your organization?

Before working with any of the IT recruitment agencies in London, you must be sure that they fully understand the ins and outs or the objectives of your organization.

This shows whether they will hire technically qualified candidates whose skills align with the objectives of your organization.

Proven To Reduce Hiring Costs

Before hiring any of the IT recruitment agencies in London, you must try to find out how they can help you reduce costs.

If they help decrease your financial burden, they should provide you with case studies to back their claims.

Their success history

Do they have years of experience in the field? Of course, they must have a track record of their success.

If their clients are successful and well-known in the IT industry, you know you’re in good hands.

List of the Best IT recruitment agencies in London

Listing 241 List of the IT recruitment agencies in London might be a bit much to read through, therefore, we will list just some of them and refer you to where to get the remaining IT recruitment agencies in London with their reviews.

  • HW Select IT Ltd
  • Deerfoot IT Recruitment Specialists
  • IT Recruit UK
  • PurplePower IT Recruitment Ltd
  • Anne Jagger Recruitment LTD
  • Executive Headhunters Ltd
  • Wellspring Coaching & Recruitment – IT Specialist
  • Holistic Recruiters Ltd
  • Premier Group Recruitment
  • The Difference Engine
  • Universe Technology Recruitment Limited
  • Cyberteam
  • Datascope Recruitment – Games, Online and Mobile Technology
  • Pure IT Associates
  • Spencer Rose
  • Templeton recruitment
  • Cortex IT Recruitment
  • Signify Technology
  • Joseph Harry
  • Certes Computing
  • Eursap
  • Forsyth Group
  • Franklin Fitch
  • Frank Recruitment Group
  • GRANitE Recruitment
  • GRANitE Recruitment
  • Bench IT
  • Causality Recruitment
  • Birch and James Associates
  • De Facto IT
  • Xist4
  • Cititec
  • ClearCube Consulting
  • Clement May
  • Elitegroup Recruitment
  • Computappoint
  • Etonwood
  • GardPass Cyber Recruitment
  • TAG Recruitment
  • AMV Global
  • Initi8
  • Initialize
  • K2 Partnering Solutions
  • Abalon
  • Ampersand Consulting
  • Linden Consulting
  • Arrows Group
  • ITS Recruit
  • Marcus Donald
  • Celerity Search
  • Swan IT Recruitment
  • First Point Group
  • Osmii
  • Michael Rothstein
  • Red Sky Recruitment Solutions
  • Search 4 Technology
  • Capax Resource Management
  • Careerwise UK
  • Blockly
  • Nicoll Curtin
  • NJF
  • Oliver Bernard
  • SBC Recruitment Group
  • Empiric
  • Code IT Recruitment
  • Cognatio Solutions
  • EMS Technical Personnel
  • Red Snapper Group
  • Arion Recruitment
  • Graham Gill
  • Thomas Ren Associates
  • J&C Associates
  • Nichols Digital Recruitment
  • Cognitive Recruitment
  • Vembo
  • Hunter Miller
  • iCobus Limited
  • IDDP
  • InterQuest Group
  • La Fosse Associates
  • Acumin Recruitment
  • Artemis Recruitment

See the complete list, contacts and full detail here.

Four ways to attract top IT talents

The market for IT talent is a very competitive one. Therefore as an organization, you have to plan to make yourself attractive to these top IT talents. 3 International teacher recruitment agencies in USA / Placement agencies

  1. Make your organization a great place to work
  2. Go mobile, go social
  3. Ask for (and reward!) referrals from your current team
  4. Get expert hiring help from an IT staffing agency

Employee benefits are one of the things that attract top tech talents. As a company or organization that is in competition with other industries, offering intriguing projects and profit-sharing can be a major way of attracting top talents in the industry.

Are you on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, or the technical niche on sites like Github, Stack Overflow or Quora? these put you out there.

Ask your best IT professionals if they know others of similar talents. As they say; game recognizes game.

An IT recruiter or an artificial intelligence recruiting service is another option for you if you do not want to go through the stress.

They can evaluate your job postings and your recruitment process to be sure that they get highly-skilled candidates for you.

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