50+ Top UK teacher recruitment agencies

So let’s assume you just graduated from a university and now searching for job opportunities on different websites. Searching for jobs can be a daunting task.

Especially searching for roles that suit you can be really time-consuming. That’s not all, tailoring your cover letter for new applications each time can be repetitive and boring.

This is where the UK teacher recruitment agencies come in. These UK teacher recruitment agencies work directly with schools. They have a range of teaching positions available ranging from part-time, full-time, short term and long-term.

In these UK teacher recruitment agencies, you will find varieties of teaching positions available.

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Why go through UK teacher recruitment agencies?

A UK teacher recruitment agency saves you valuable time because these experts do all the legwork. As obvious as it may seem, finding the type of job you want can be stressful and can take a longer time.

This is because employers have to go through applications, interview a number of candidates, second-round interviews, screenings, reference checks and other paperwork.

These recruitment agencies take care of all these steps thereby saying the employer.s time and effort.

As an employee, going through a recruitment agency exposes you to multiple opportunities.

Therefore if you couldn’t get a job in a particular company, there are chances that you will have access to companies that need people that have your kind of qualifications.

The most common misconceptions about what teacher recruitment agencies do

Most international schools out there use recruitment agencies to help them find the best teachers.

However, there are some individuals that still do not understand perfectly what these UK teacher recruitment agencies do. Here are some of the misconceptions:

1) A recruitment agency will charge me for their service:

It is true that in some countries, teachers recruitment agencies will charge to help you find positions in international schools.

Recruitment agencies in the UK are different. Teachers most likely will not have to pay for a position to be found for them.

2) I’ll be bombarded with notifications about jobs not relevant for me:

Most recruitment agencies will first let you know the jobs that are right for you and does not just send out details to every candidate that registers with them.

3) If I work with a recruitment agency, my options will be limited:

As a matter of fact, you gain more by working with recruitment agencies because international schools need good teachers and as a result of that they are willing to cover all costs to ensure they get the best teachers.

They offer generous packages to successful candidates such as flights, accommodations and medical cover for you and your family.

4)  Agencies do not know which are the good schools:

Recruitment agencies know schools more than you do. This is because they as far as visiting the schools to understand their objectives.

That way, they really get to know the schools that are perfect for their teachers because they are interested in their reputation as well.

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List of UK teacher recruitment agencies

  • Pink Tile Education
  • Clearly Education LTD
  • AllNeeds Recruitment
  • Premier Education
  • Vision Teaching
  • Cover Supply Teachers
  • Cosmic Recruitment
  • County Teachers
  • County Teachers
  • Tara Professional Recruitment
  • T4Teachers
  • Connex Education
  • Keep Education
  • Ignata Education
  • Bridge Education
  • E-Qual Recruitment
  • NavigateNDC
  • Qualiteach
  • EduStaff
  • Education 365
  • Education Staffing Solutions
  • Boston rose Recruitment
  • Monarch Education
  • OPUS
  • Class Recruitment
  • Classroom
  • Coba Education
  • Teaching Executives
  • Parker White Consulting
  • QT Education
  • Essential Education
  • School House Recruitment
  • Supply Desk
  • Term Time Teachers
  • Simply Education
  • Smile Education
  • The Education Matters Group
  • Three Rs Teacher Recruitment
  • Xpert Education
  • Yorkshire Education Recruitment
  • Vibe Teacher Recruitment
  • 123 Teachers
  • A Star Teachers
  • 3D Recruit
  • ABC Teachers
  • Academic Appointments
  • Horizon Teachers
  • Key Stage Teacher Supply
  • The Teaching Supply Agency
  • Aspire People

See the complete list and their specific locations here.

Importance of teachers recruitment agencies

Teachers recruitment agencies are the type of agencies that looks for teaching jobs for teachers.

They are essential because they ensure that they have selected a job that suits you as a teacher.

They offer different services to schools also as well as offering career counselling services.

They match suitable positions with every need of a teacher. They offer personal consultants to teachers in order to know that teacher very well.

They enlighten the teachers about their new teaching job, helping them know what is required of them.

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