29 Top Most Popular IB Schools In Singapore

A leader in worldwide education, the International Baccalaureate (IB) cultivates young people who are inquisitive, intelligent, self-assured, and compassionate.

These programs enable school-aged pupils to take charge of their own education and support the growth of skills necessary for success in a rapidly changing environment.

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The IB continuum of programs aims to create well-rounded people who can face the difficulties of the modern world with optimism and an open mind.

Their four programs have offered a reliable, dependable foundation and the adaptability to customize students’ education in accordance with their culture and setting for more than 50 years.

What are IB Schools?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum is one of the most well-known and established systems of global education.

The IB program was established in 1968 in Switzerland and is now offered in more than 3,000 schools in more than 140 nations.

The International Baccalaureate program is built on a learner-centered methodology advised by subject matter experts that places a strong emphasis on both creativity and critical thinking abilities.

One of the most well-known educational systems in the world, the International Baccalaureate curriculum is built on clearly defined criteria and holds students accountable for their work.

The IB program is highly transferrable between nations and is accepted by prestigious universities all around the world.

The inflexibility of the many school systems around the world led to the founding of the IB organization. More than 140 countries now recognize the IB education system, and many of the top colleges in the UK and North America highly regard students who have obtained an IB diploma.

IB world schools are educational institutions that use the International Baccalaureate curriculum.

Before certifying their school as an IB World School, educators must work closely with an IB consultant.

Schools must submit an application of candidacy, outlining their commitment to respecting the IB world school criteria, together with financial information and legal school paperwork.

The school pays the application fee and sends the necessary paperwork to IB. After that, the IB team collaborates with the school to provide input on their application and help them throughout their candidacy. A yearly candidate fee is levied against schools during this time.

Schools will consult with the IB team during the candidacy through a certain number of remote sessions and site visits.

The IB team compiles a thorough report at the conclusion of a candidacy period that evaluates the level of readiness prior to IB world school authorization.

Once a candidate’s school is prepared, the procedure is completed by submitting an application for authorization to the IB.

After the application is approved, IB will send skilled teachers from the IB educator network to visit the school for verification (IBEN).

After the verification visit, a thorough report on the team’s findings is given. The Director-General of the IB team gives the educational institution permission to teach all pertinent IB subjects if there are no other issues to be resolved.

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Differences Between IB Schools And Regular Schools

Because of its high intellectual and personal standards, IB education is unique. IB programs push students to achieve academic excellence as well as personal improvement. The IB wants to encourage a passionate and compassionate lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

The International Baccalaureate program is a thorough and demanding college-preparatory curriculum created to suit the demands of high school students with exceptional academic aptitude and high levels of motivation.

The International Baccalaureate curriculum and the opportunity for students to take IB exams in order to receive an IB diploma are only available in schools that have been approved by the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

On the IB program pages, there is further information concerning the performance of IB students. For instance, IB students are more likely to enroll in prestigious universities.

IB Schools in Singapore

IB students establish solid intellectual, social, and emotional skills. Additionally, they are probably going to do well in school—often better than students following an alternative curriculum.

Below is a complete list of IB schools in Singapore.

ACS (International), Singapore

The Singapore Methodist Church owns ACS (International). Everything students do, including their academic endeavors, athletic endeavors, leadership roles, and acts of service to others, is guided by Christian principles and inclusivity.

Every week, the entire school community attends a chapel service for a half-hour during which fundamental and universal Christian ideals are promoted.

They serve local and international students who are interested in an international curriculum in a Singaporean setting, particularly those who are interested in the “ACS brand of education.” The Singapore Government’s goal of making Singapore an educational hub that serves both local and regional students is consistent with this establishment.

Find out more information here.

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Australian International School Pte Ltd

With students from more than 50 different countries, The Australian International School is a renowned institution with a long history in Singapore. The approach to teaching and learning that AIS takes with its students is something they take great pleasure in. They provide holistic education with a strong academic focus.

Australian principles that actually matter serve as the foundation for their exceptional educational destination and multicultural environment.

They adhere to the principles of respect, opportunity, and achievement every day.

Find out more information here.

Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten

Since its inception, Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten has been a recognized kindergarten that is officially registered with the Ministry of Education.

Their strengths lie in high-quality instruction, bilingualism promotion, and teaching students self-discipline, compassion, risk-taking, knowledge, open-mindedness, reflection, well-balanced personalities, and a fear of God.

A considerable emphasis is placed on growing each child’s inner spiritual health and emotional intelligence in addition to intellectual rigor and high academic standards.

In order to give BRMCK students the fundamental foundation they need to develop into compassionate thinkers, lifelong learners, and knowledgeable, useful participants in local and global affairs in the twenty-first century, emphasis is also placed on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship.

Find out more information here.

Chatsworth International School, Singapore

For students aged 3 to 18, Chatsworth is a reputable K–12 international school in Singapore that provides a comprehensive, excellent, and inexpensive education.

The core of Chatsworth’s educational philosophy has been the school’s aim to “Inspire, Educate, and Enlighten” since 1995.

They provide the three foundational courses for the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum because they are an IB school.

They take pleasure in offering a tailored learning method in a loving setting that recognizes each person’s special talents.

The teaching team at Chatsworth is devoted, well-educated, and international.

They make sure that their curriculum includes the finest of what the globe has to offer by employing a varied teaching staff from more than 20 nationalities. They have students from more than 50 other countries as well.

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Dover Court International School

One of the top inclusive English language schools in South East Asia was founded in Singapore in 1972 and is called Dover Court International School.

They take pleasure in providing a top-notch education with an English National curriculum and IPC to kids as young as three and continuing through adulthood.

Their institution launches young pupils on the path to a successful education, and their International Baccalaureate program aids sixth-form students in getting ready for college and beyond.

Every educational opportunity is sought after; for their students, no door is closed. Their private school in Singapore makes bold claims about its outstanding learning environment, exciting extracurriculars, cutting-edge facilities, and qualified faculty.

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XCL World Academy (Singapore)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) and other frameworks of learning are available at XCL World Academy as part of a continuum of learning.

The IB seeks to advance students through the characteristics of a specified learner profile, which was inspired by a distinctive mission statement that focuses on lifelong learning.

The teaching strategy is built on developing young people who are curious, knowledgeable, and compassionate, as well as driven to succeed.

The IB curriculum gives students particular benefits by fostering their curiosity, critical thinking abilities, and capacity for problem-solving.

Through consistent, cogent educational experiences, students move through the phases of personal and intellectual progress.

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German European School Singapore

GESS has solid European roots and aspires to cultivate forward-thinking, self-assured students by celebrating respect, openness, and diversity.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in English and the German Curriculum are the two primary curricula offered by the renowned language school GESS.

The distinctive mother tongue and language enrichment programs include a variety of languages. The school accepts students of all ages, from 2 years old to 18 years old when they graduate.

The school is a private educational organization that is run by the school administration and an elected board. There are currently over 450 full- and part-time employees working at the institution.

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Global Indian International School Pte Ltd

With only 48 students, GIIS had a limited presence at Mount Sophia in Singapore back then. In the past 16 years, they have expanded to encompass 22 campuses throughout seven nations, including Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and India.

They now serve kids from a variety of backgrounds as a top international school in Singapore, teaching Indian and foreign curricula.

Students from all around the world can receive an exceptional education at GIIS Singapore thanks to their unwavering commitment to this goal.

Find out more information here.

Other IB schools in Singapore can be found in the table below:

Ascensia International SchoolWebsite
EtonHouse International Research Pre-School EtonHouse International School Orchard EtonHouse International School Pte Ltd EtonHouse International School Thomson EtonHouse Preschool – Newton RoadWebsite
Canadian International School, Tanjong Katong Campus & Lakeside CampusWebsite
Hillside World AcademyWebsite
Hwa Chong International SchoolWebsite
ISS International School SingaporeWebsite
Madrasah Aljunied Al-IslamiahWebsite
Nexus International School (Singapore)Website
NPS International SchoolWebsite
Odyssey The Global Preschool Pte Ltd – Fourth AvenueWebsite
Overseas Family SchoolWebsite
School of the Arts, SingaporeWebsite
Singapore Sports SchoolWebsite
Stamford American International SchoolWebsite
Tanglin Trust SchoolWebsite
The Little Skool-House International Pte LtdWebsite
United World College of South East AsiaWebsite
St Francis Methodist Schoolwebsite
St. Joseph’s Institutionwebsite
St. Joseph’s Institution Internationalwebsite
Dulwich College Singaporewebsite
IB Schools In Singapore

How Many Schools In Singapore Have IB?

There are presently 39 IB schools in Singapore, 28 of which offer the IB DP. There are tens of thousands of students in Singapore who will benefit from an IB education from early infancy through graduation because the majority of the country’s foreign IB schools enroll between 800 and 5000 students. 

Can Singaporeans Study IB?

IB is no longer reserved for foreign students studying in Singapore or for “rich” Singaporeans who can afford to send their children to an international school.

The IB program is offered by many foreign schools in Singapore, some of which begin with the IB Primary Years Program (for kindergarten to primary school children).

Is IB Harder Than A-Levels?

The IB is far more difficult than A-levels. Compared to the three subjects that are studied for A-levels, the IB requires students to take six topics plus two electives.

It is understandable that many IB learners obtain relatively low grades due to the heavy workload (24-30 points).

Is IB Better Than A-levels?

In general, universities accept both IB and A levels as rigorous academic credentials, so it doesn’t really matter which you have as long as you’ve studied the correct topics at the right level.

What is The Difference Between IB and IP?

With IB, the program is more comprehensive, covering all six academic topic groups and the three IB-core exams.

Most IP-JC students will be placed in the “Science” and “Art” streams, and only a certain number of credits from the other “basket” of topics may be chosen.

Why is Singapore IB Good?

In addition to the highly self-directed learning curriculum, international IB schools in Singapore have developed distinctive curricula that allow them to offer a more holistic education in order to develop all aspects such as physical development, intellectual development, emotional and social development, and ethical values.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The IB Program?

It has undeniable advantages, including a type of analytical training you can use in college and beyond.

However, it can also leave some students exhausted, unable to sleep, and doubting whether the IB, with all of its great accolades, was the best academic decision for them.

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