7 Best Most Popular Film Schools In Finland

Students who attend universities or colleges to study film are eligible for campus degrees in cinema, animation, music, audio, and the entertainment industry.

You’ll have the chance to work with students from various programs in addition to your own degree program.

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They’ll teach you something. They’ll pick up tips from you, and the work you produce as a team will serve as further proof that teamwork is what keeps entertainment interesting.

The List of Best Film Schools in Finland

Having mentors who are experts in the industry is one of the best aspects of higher education.

Even though you’ll still get to make mistakes, someone will be there to help you fix them and learn from them.

You’ll be more prepared to enter your desired industry by taking the lessons you learn from your mistakes here. The top film schools in Finland are listed here to get you started.

University of Helsinki

The nature of audiovisual representations, as well as how they relate to reality and other arts, are examined in this film and television studies.

The functions of film and television as societal and historical phenomena are issues of particular importance.

Hermeneutics and social constructivism are the theoretical launching pads for study on the one hand, and cognitive cinema studies and formalistic analysis on the other.

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Aalto University

Finland’s only university-level film school is the Department of Film at ELO. It is an essential fusion of an active, practice-based, and artistic research unit and an innovative art academy.

It imparts instruction in all facets of performance design and cinematography as discrete skill sets. Internationally renowned working filmmakers, scenographers, and researchers make up their faculty.

They respect their 60-year legacy while also constantly pursuing new technology and challenges.

The department collaborates closely with the theater, the multimedia sector, and up-and-coming contemporary performing arts ensembles.

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University of Turku

Media technology and media culture are the main topics of media studies.

Their areas of expertise include rhetoric, popular culture, feminist media studies, digital media, film and television studies, and media philosophy.

The division produces professionals with in-depth knowledge of media culture.

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University of Oulu

You can major in film and television studies at the University of Oulu to gain knowledge of the commercial and industrial facets of the global film and television industry as well as expertise in such critical creative disciplines as directing, producing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, sound, and production design.

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Abo Akademi University

The course provides an overview of the development of photography and film in the West and demonstrates how the modern era’s altered perspective led to the creation of moving pictures.

They discuss the technical and scientific advancements that made it feasible to produce moving images as well as early and modern film theory. The training also includes a variety of films.

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University of Tampere

Future specialists in the sphere of culture can enroll in a degree program in media and the arts.

Your studies will teach you how to generate original concepts and transform them into top-notch products in a way that is artistically, technically, and commercially successful.

The degree program in media and arts equips you with modern competencies in the rapidly expanding, global, and dynamic field of culture.

You’ll discover effective ways to leverage various working techniques and upcoming media technologies.

You will have an amazing chance to pursue a job abroad thanks to the options for overseas exchange programs and practical training.

The program and the Finnish Broadcasting Company are both located on the Mediapolis Campus.

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Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

The degree program prepares professionals at various levels of artistic and technical content development for cinema and television employment.

They are employed in the media industry in a wide range of technical, artistic, and production-related professions as members of creative teams and production companies.

The following orientations are offered in the degree program in film and television: sound, production, scriptwriting, cinematography, and editing.

Bachelor’s degree holders in cinema and television work have the fundamental professional skills needed to operate in a variety of content creation disciplines.

They also have the potential to develop into independent, collaborative professionals with a commitment to responsible, research-based work.

Is Film School Expensive?

Earning a college degree in film at a college or university can easily cost up to $100,000 or more.

Is Film School a Good Idea?

It might serve your purposes just as well if you can secure an externship with a movie production business where you can pick up the necessary skills while developing connections.

Even better, if you discovered a film school that helped you forge those connections as you trained and was reasonably priced, it would be a school to take into consideration.

How Much Money Does a Cinematographer Make?

As of August 29, 2022, the median pay for cinematographers is $42,364, however, the range is normally between $38,517 and $47,144.

Salary ranges can vary significantly depending on a variety of crucial aspects, including schooling, credentials, supplementary talents, and the length of time you’ve been working in a given field. Do you have questions or suggestions about film schools In Finland? Please leave a comment below.

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