15 Best ECO Schools In Scotland: Top Vital Details

If you live in Scotland and you are looking for the best school to enroll your child in, then I would suggest enrolling them in one of the best ECO schools in Scotland. Why? In this article, you will get to find out.

In this article you also get to see a list of the top ECO schools in Scotland, so you can pick the one you feel is best for your ward and is close to you.

A rising trend called “Eco-Schools” gives students the chance to actively safeguard their environment, which motivates them to become involved in it.

It begins in the classroom, spreads throughout the school, and eventually promotes change throughout the entire community.

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With the help of this program, young people feel a feeling of accomplishment at having a voice in the environmental management practices at their schools, ultimately leading them to certification and the prestige that comes with receiving a Green Flag.

The Eco-Schools program is the perfect method for schools to start along a meaningful route toward enhancing the environment in the school and the neighborhood while also making a positive, life-changing difference in the lives of children, their families, school personnel, and local authorities.

The List of Top ECO Schools In Scotland

Most young people are very concerned about environmental issues and want to improve the world they live in.

The Eco-Schools program offers a great approach to promoting environmental awareness throughout the whole school in a way that connects to many curriculum topics.

The main objective of the Eco-Schools program is to inform and empower youth to make wise decisions and act as change agents for a world that is environmentally sustainable.

It strives to integrate environmental awareness and action into a school’s culture and ethos. Students, instructors, support staff, parents, the local government, the media, and small businesses should all be considered in this.

Eco-Schools works to promote responsible attitudes and dedication while extending learning outside of the classroom. Below are the top ECO schools in Scotland.


e-Sgoil was founded in 2016 to alleviate the teacher shortage in the Western Isles and has since grown into a large online teaching and learning community.

The goal of e-Sgoil is to improve and broaden the educational options available to all students in Scotland.

Live, interactive, online learning opportunities will provide more equal access to excellent instruction and learning. Engagement, success, and accomplishment will all be improved as a result.

Address: 44 Francis Street – Stornoway – HS1 2NF

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Glenalmond College

Boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18 may attend the coed, full-boarding and day school known as Glenalmond College.

Located in the Perthshire countryside on a 300-acre campus, it is eight miles from Perth and an hour from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Glenalmond College is a distinctive educational institution. Its capacity to maintain a pleasant, close-knit community while balancing a comprehensive academic, personal and challenging curriculum is unsurpassed.

They take great delight in molding, developing, and pushing their students, giving them the freedom to discover their own potential, establish their own goals, and get support as they work toward these goals.

They are certain that their students will accomplish remarkable things, and they do.

Address: Glenalmond, Perth – Perthshire – PH1 3RY

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Orchard Brae School

Orchard Brae School is a full-time, independent special school for children with severe, numerous, and complicated needs. In 2017, Orchard Brae debuted on August 21.

Orchard Brae is a facility that was developed with the requirements of the children and young people attending in mind. There are numerous completely accessible specialized educational spaces there that can meet students’ sensory needs.

Tracking hoists are installed everywhere, and entrances and hallways have been substantially expanded. There are three unique spaces, and they have therapy, soft play, and sensory rooms available.

The facilities offered by the entire school include a multipurpose room, a trampoline with a deck level, a swimming pool, a hydro pool, as well as HE and art rooms.

The outdoor learning area is spacious and diverse, with an excellent selection of fixed play equipment and imaginative landscaping that encourages future expansion.

The expanding gardens, sensory, wildlife, and nursery areas are still in the planning stages.

Address: Howes Rd, Aberdeen AB16 7RW, United Kingdom

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Oaklands School

For children and young people whose complicated, long-term supplementary support requirements cannot be satisfied in the mainstream and who need a highly modified learning environment, Oaklands School offers education.

Learning disabilities, severe visual and sensory needs, and major health and medical needs are the main causes of learners’ needs.

With students attending from all around Edinburgh and the Lothians, the school serves a vast geographic area.

Oaklands School relocated to its current site on Ferry Road in 2006. It is a purpose-built, one-story building that serves young people from 3 to 18 years old.

Address: 750 Ferry Rd., Edinburgh EH4 4PQ, United Kingdom

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Strathallan School

Since the school’s founding in 1913, providing a broad, inclusive education has been a major part of Strathallan’s mission statement.

Every student at Strathallan has been given the opportunity to shine, and the school is committed to upholding this culture today.

At Strathallan, there are high expectations, which inspire students to have confidence in themselves, and be enquiring, resilient, and ambitious both within and outside of the classroom.

Their students feel loved and appreciated, and as a result, they have the self-assurance, excitement, and social awareness needed to succeed in a world that is changing quickly.

Address: Forgandenny, Perth PH2 9EG, United Kingdom

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St Leonards School

For boys and girls aged 5 to 18, St Leonards offers an exceptional boarding and day education in the lovely university town of St Andrews. Starting at age 10, full, flexible, and weekly boarding are options.

The International Baccalaureate is the cornerstone of St. Leonards’ curriculum.

They take great pride in being the first IB continuum school in Scotland and the only school in the UK to actively provide all four inspirational IB programs, starting with the PYP and continuing through the MYP and ending with the IB Career-related Program and Diploma Program in the Sixth Form.

Address: The Pends, St Andrews KY16 9QJ, United Kingdom

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Other ECO Schools In Scotland:

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ECO Schools In Scotland

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Why You Should Enroll Your Child in an ECO School

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider taking your child to an ECO school.

  • Includes everyone

The entire program is run using an inclusive, participatory method engaging students, teachers, and the local community at large. It combines learning with practical experiences.

  • Enhances Educational Environments

With the help of the Eco-Schools initiative, schools may start taking substantial steps to reduce their environmental impact, which will undoubtedly result in a more sustainable, affordable, and responsible learning environment.

  • Motivates

Students are challenged by Eco-Schools to get involved in environmental issues at a level where they can see concrete outcomes, inspiring them to realize that they can actually make a difference.

  • Enhances Attitude

Students that attend Eco-Schools learn responsibility and develop a sustainable mindset that they may use every day. It gives people who participate the motivation to genuinely change things and to promote such proactive behavior among family and friends, ultimately passing it on to subsequent generations.

  • Communities are Involved

Involving the local community from the start is a priority for Eco-Schools. By doing this, the knowledge the kids gain is given back into the community, where it spreads and encourages more environmentally conscious, sustainable behavior patterns in everyone.

  • Linking Globally

Contact between member institutions is facilitated through Eco-Schools both domestically and internationally.

These links give schools a chance to exchange environmental knowledge, and they can also be utilized to foster cross-cultural interactions and language learning.

What is the Green Flag Award for Schools?

For more than 25 years, young people have been recognized and honored for their environmental efforts through the Eco-Schools Green Flag, an international accreditation.

What Makes A School An ECO School?

Eco-Schools are comprehensive. They seek to integrate environmental action and awareness into a school’s culture and ethos.

Students, instructors, support staff, parents, the local government, the media, and small businesses should all be considered in this.

How Many Eco-Schools Are There?

The initiative has grown from its humble origins in a few European nations to influence change in about 59,000 schools in 68 nations around the world.

What Are Eco-Friendly Schools?

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Schools can be defined as eco-friendly schools that have started and integrated environmental initiatives into their teaching, research, extension, and/or administration.

Why Should Schools Be Eco-Friendly?

Carbon footprint can be decreased by raising eco-awareness through environmental education in schools.

We are aware that making greener decisions will result in a happier planet, a healthier populace, more job possibilities, and a more sustainable future.

Do You Have To Pay For Eco-Schools?

The cost to apply for an Eco-Schools Green Flag is £200 + VAT for schools, colleges, and nurseries.

For schools that choose to apply for an Eco-Schools Green Flag with Merit or Distinction, there is no additional cost.

Why Are Green Schools Important?

Greener schools assist towns to solve any local environmental issues they may be facing, such as water use, stormwater management, air quality, recycling, or mold issues, in addition to saving energy and conserving resources.

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