12 Great Recruitment Agencies in Scotland & Their Key Information

Have you ever thought of the stress involved in landing your dream job as a potential employee? The recruitment agencies in Scotland will help you do that.

How about you as a potential employer? Have you thought of the risk involved in recruiting the wrong candidate for that vacant position in your firm? The recruitment agencies in Scotland will also help you land the right candidate. 

Employers often go to recruitment agencies to help fill vacant positions as they just don’t have the time to sufficiently look through all of the applications that are sent. But what is the role of a recruitment agency, and how can they help you?

Recruitment agencies are external firms whose duty is to identify suitable candidates for employers.

They are often tasked by employers to headhunt for the right candidates for vacant positions within their organizations to save time and money and access the extended candidate net that a direct advert and company network cannot reach. 

Recruitment Agencies are needed because hiring the right employees can take a significant amount of time.

Hiring the right person is important, and with today’s competitive job market, an employer can look through hundreds of applications to find a suitable candidate to interview.

There are about 275 Recruitment Agencies in Scotland, but we will look into just a few of them.

So if you are looking to land your dream job, or you want to employ just that right candidate for that vacant role, then relax and read through, as we lead you through to some of the best recruitment agencies in Scotland.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Scotland


Let’s review these recruitment agencies in Scotland.


Hayes is a specialist recruitment agency in Scotland, they assist you at any stage you’re at in your career journey.

They identify the importance of local knowledge and sector expertise in finding you the right job. Consultants here will not only take the time to grasp your career needs, but also realize the distinctions of the recruitment market in Scotland.

They work with an impressive range of employers, from start-ups to multinationals, from locally-owned to FDI firms.

Hayes Recruiting Experts helps you with the sufficient network available, to achieve your dream job whether full time or part-time.

They can be located across Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh and Stirling.

More so, their consultants have the proficient market knowledge and strong relationships across different industry sectors, including Marketing, Construction and Property, Supply Chain and Social Care, IT, Office Support, HR, Procurement & Accountancy and Finance.

From career advice on starting out to making your next move, they will use their deep expertise across a wide range of specialist industries and professions to find the perfect job for you.


360crm is one of the rapidly growing recruitment agencies in Scotland that provide services for all message types of SMS, Email, IVR and Agent as well as Contract Centre services.

In addition, 360crm can provide a fully managed service which blends any combination of messaging and services covering the full range of messaging activities both inbound and outbound.

At 360crm, they employ energetic and talented people who enjoy their career and actively seek to develop the company, its clients, products and services and experience in a particular field.

Successful candidates are assured of an interesting and rewarding environment in which to develop their careers.

They can be reached at 360crm Ltd, 80 St Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5UB 0141 433 0500 pauline.woodrow@360crm.co.uk http://www.360crm.co.uk/


Another recruitment agency on our list is Fintec Recruit Limited. The services they offer for employers include screening and matching the right candidate for the specialist disciplines.

Fintec Recruit Limited pride itself on the most straightforward and honest recruitment agency that thrives to work with trusted partners. They act as a point of contact for businesses and potential employees, helping them in recruiting the best fit for their vacant positions.

Fintec Recruit has an extensive reach for sourcing candidates to match each unique position and the experience you are looking for.

There is a range of positions that Fintec Recruit Limited recruits for, which include white-collar professionals and skilled blue-collar workers roles in the Engineering, Technical, Finance, Fintech, Energy, and Life Sciences sectors.

Recruitment for roles like that of a general labourer, unskilled blue-collar workers, medical personnel and sales staff roles are available by Fintec Recruit Limited.

Are you looking for a reputable recruitment agency? Why don’t you give them a try today?


Trade Team Recruitment Limited is a UK based recruitment agency that believes in quality recruitment for the core business.

They specialize in the supply of temporary, permanent and contract workers across the UK.

They have a large database of both skilled and unskilled candidates that have been referenced and well checked.

Their experience and slimmed down business model, along with a personal touch, give them the edge to supply the best service at the best price.

With offices across the UK, they have coverage to supply staff in any location.

With Trade Team Recruitment Limited, you can have a staff into your books at no cost, only on expiration of 13 weeks.

Staff recruited through Trade Team Recruitment Limited all come with relevant qualifications to the skills required, with up to date CSCS Health and safety qualifications and a 5-point PPE.

While you concentrate on your business goals, you can leverage them to bring in the correct candidate fitted for your vacancy at a comfortable price.


If you are looking for a job, or you want to know what opportunities exist to enhance your career, you can find that out with A1 Jobs Limited specifically through the Job Seekers section where you will be educated.

A1 Job Limited helps clients who are looking to fill up various vacant positions, both on a contract and permanent bases.

They help you find the ideal candidate that meets your recruitment requirements.

Their goal is to build a relationship with your company to help fill all your vacant positions in a timely manner, while you focus on building your business cores and goals. 

They recruit within the following  Industries :

  • Oil and Gas
  • Technical and Engineering
  • Driving and Logistics
  • Construction
  • Information Technology
  • H. R.

And offer a 24/7 service with dedicated consultants who are always on the call to meet your specific needs.


Aberdeen Appointments Agency (aaa) is a leading recruitment consultancy providing worldwide placements for all levels of permanent, temporary and contract professional employees across significant industry sectors.

With Headquarters in  Europe’s oil capital, Aberdeen, Scotland, Aberdeen Appointments Agency has been placing over 70 candidates a week, including professionals in Finance, projects, Human Resources, Business, IT and Commercial industries, among others, both in the UK and overseas.

AAA has a team of 34 recruitment specialists who are experts in their particular discipline, including IT, engineering and technical, HR, Office Support, Accountancy, Sales and Marketing.

They also offer training, coaching and mentoring which have helped individuals at all levels to grow in their roles and handle the demands of modern-day jobs.

To register with Aberdeen Appointments Agency visit our website or alternatively call in person to the agency.

You are required to bring with you a copy of your CV, visa or passport ID, copies of your qualifications and a note of any references you have from previous placements.

If you are seeking employment opportunities or you want to recruit the best candidate for your vacant role, then Aberdeen Appointment Agency is, without doubt, a place to look out for.


Abrecco is among the top recruitment agencies in Scotland on our list.  Established in 2001, Abrecco is one of Scotland’s most professional specialist Technology recruitment consultancy.

Abrecco’s mission is to provide Technology clients with outstanding candidates to fill in their vacant position, both on a contract and permanent bases.

Abrecco has proven to meet client requirements through its effective recruitment methodology.

From the initial receipt of a recruitment placement, they have a rigorous framework in place to ensure that only applicants who are the best fit, and meet the requirements are being selected.

Abrecco provides candidates with the feedback from clients if their application was unsuccessful, they also provide information on candidates’ interview performance and profile as perceived by the client, therefore if you looking for the best heads for your company’s vacant position, or you are currently in search of employment opportunity, then Abreco is the nice place for you.


Another recruitment agency on our list is Adam Appointments, unlike other recruitment agencies, Adam Appointment specializes exclusively in Corporate Governance recruitment, making them the only Scottish recruitment agency in this field of recruitment.

Adam Appointment has been operating since January 2003 and has been dealing with permanent and fixed-term appointments.

They have a significant presence in Scotland within the Banking, investment, insurance and the big four Professional Services firms and deal with main Corporate Governance recruiters.

Adam Appointment prides itself to lead the change in the recruitment industry making them change alongside the constantly changing recruitment industry, thereby making them the choice of recruiters within the Scottish market.

They specialize in recruitment areas like 

  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • IT Risk / Security
  • Internal Audit
  • IT Audit

You can visit their website (www.adamappointments.co.uk) for more info.


Anderson Knight is one of Scotland’s fastest-growing independent recruitment consultants.

They have offices in Edinburgh city centres and in Glasgow.

They are an Independent Resource Consultancy firm that provides recruitment solutions and services with a consultative approach while developing a client candidate relationships on a long-term basis.

All Anderson Knight recruiters are highly experienced, with proven track records in their specific fields. They specialize in the following market sectors 

• Accountancy

• Financial Services

• Hospitality

• Office services

• Retail

• Electronics

• Design & Development

• General Engineering

• Energy / Oil & Gas

• Sales and Marketing.

Are you looking to land your dream job, or you want to recruit the best head for that vacant position, then endeavour to visit Aderson Knight, because, at Anderson Knight, you get matched with the right job in the right environment meeting your career expectations.


With ASA recruitment, you seek and you find. ASA Recruitment is Scotland’s largest independent recruitment organization, and a leading provider of quality people at all levels, across all sectors.

ASA has an extensive database of candidates built up over many years and a rich network of clients and contacts, making them able to readily provide you with the best candidate within a short period of time.

They have offices in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Kirkcaldy and provide a wide range of  services including:

  • Accountancy
  • Construction & Building Services
  • Contact Center – Engineering
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel & Catering
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Overseas
  • Office Personnel
  • Sales & Marketing

ASA Recruitment recruits candidates across all divisions, both on permanent, temporary and contract levels, covering from junior to management level.

Their experienced consultants bring knowledge of employment trends, recruitment practices and candidate quality to help clients achieve their business dreams.

If quality recruitment is what you need, then ASA recruitment agency is there to serve you.


Aspirare Recruitment is one of the recruitment agencies in Scotland that recruits both on permanent and on contracts agreements. 

Established in 2002, they have experience in successful candidate and client recruitment for Engineering, Administration, IT, Sale and Accountancy & Finance sectors.

Aspirare Recruitment has gained an enviable reputation for sourcing high-calibre candidates exceeding customers expectations.

According to them, this has been achieved through heavily investing in consultant monitoring and training development, while employing quality control enhancement processes.

At Aspirare, each consultant recruits only in their specialty and industry.

With their team of experienced industry experts, you will get the right quality candidate to fill that vacant position in your organization.

So if quality candidate is what your organization grave for, then Aspirare Recruitment is the place for you


The last on our list of recruitment agencies in Scotland is Avenue Scotland.

The name ‘Avenue Scotland’ is a well respected name in the recruitment industry by both candidates and clients.

This enables them to attract the highest calibre of people while still maintaining its enviable reputation for providing a high professional service.

They have grown over the years to become one of the largest and most successful independent recruitment agencies in the UK, serving a diverse range of over a multitude of 2000 clients across the UK.

Avenue Scotland recruitment specialty include manufacturing, Engineering services, water $ Utility, Trade & Industrial and Commercial.

Avenue Scotland staff base and processes are monitored by an internal audit system, which ensures they maintain a leading market of quality staff delivery.

Their success has been achieved over time through the quality of people they produce, both in terms of staff and database of over 25,000 candidates.

Response to clients’ needs is quite quicker as a result of a large database of candidates, ensuring that the right candidate is being supplied to the right clients who need them.

Avenue Scotland’s position in the market is to ensure that clients have access to a database of quality candidates who recognise the need for  unparalleled service and unwavering commitment.


The recruitment agencies in Scotland are there to solve your recruitment problems. If identifying the right candidate for that vacant position is the problem, then recruitment agencies are there to help you out.

In the same vein, if you look forward to getting your dream job, then recruitment agencies are there to match you with the right firm suitable for you.

Whether it is a temporary, contract or permanent offer you want, a recruitment agency will help you find one. What are your thoughts about these recruitment agencies in Scotland? Please share your thoughts with us.

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