20 Top Recruitment Agencies in Europe for Foreigners to Try

In a rapidly changing world, your business may need to look further afield to attract the best employees. The recruitment agencies in Europe for foreigners are there to help you find the right people.

These recruitment agencies in Europe for foreigners are embraced by a growing number of companies to help them with their staffing needs.

From reports, around 3% of the Europeans live and work in a member state that is different from their country of origin.

Foreigners bring different skills and fresh perspectives to the workplace. The recruitment agencies in Europe for foreigners provide employers with the opportunity to find the most suitable employees from a wider pool of candidates.

This guide will introduce you to recruiting abroad and why you should consider these recruitment agencies for staffing needs.

Recruiting from abroad has several important advantages and we will be looking at two of them.

Advantages of Recruitment Agencies in Europe for Foreigners

The European Union’s principle of free movement of workers allows you to recruit staff from all EU member states, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Look at these two advantages.

A broader pool for you to find the right the person for the job and to fill those ‘bottleneck’ posts

Now more than ever, it is very essential for employers to maintain an efficient and productive workforce.

Sometimes the necessary skills to do this are not readily available in your home country.

An international and multicultural team can help to increase efficiency, by introducing new levels of skills and experience.

The recruitment agencies in Europe can help you mobilize this team.

What do I need to know about recruiting in Europe? How do I start?

It really is as easy as recruiting domestically. As a company in Europe, the first thing to do is to figure out what skills are missing in your workplace, and then talk to any of the recruitment agencies in Europe for foreigners to find them.

The practical and legal aspects

To get a foreigner to work in your home country, you have some responsibility towards them.

Teaching them the language of your home country is a way to help them to better integrate in their new environment.

Also consider practicalities, such as whether or not their social security and health insurance will transfer between countries, and most importantly whether they will need a work permit.

Working in Europe

Any foreigner who meets the criteria and requirements that have been set by any of the European countries can work in Europe.

Most European states have their programs, through which they tend to lure foreign professionals and fill job shortages in different fields in the country.

The Employment Visa in Europe

Each of the countries in Europe has its own visa policies.

The employment visa programs in the European countries have been established to cover the labour needs of the respective countries and fill job shortages.

Therefore, employment visa criteria and requirements, as well as the application process, depend a lot on the labour needs of each country.

Who needs a visa to work in Europe?

Citizens of the USA, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, as well as EU citizens do not need to apply for a work visa to Europe.

However, upon arriving in the country where they will be working, they have to apply for their residence and work permit.

Citizens of other countries must apply and get an employment visa before entering the Schengen territories for work purposes.

What are the likely requirements for a European Work Visa?

The standard requirements for a European visa are as follows:

Application Form: Fully completed and printed twice. Both copies must be signed.

Two identical photos. These photos should be taken within three months before the application period.

Valid passport. Your passport should not be older than ten years and it is important to have at least two blank pages for the visa sticker.

Travel medical insurance will likely be required. The travel medical insurance covers any medical emergency with hospital care and travels back to one’s native country due to medical emergencies, up to 30,000 euros.

Proof of Accommodation. A document that shows where you will be residing in Europe will likely be required.

Employment contract. An employment contract that was signed between you and your future employer, residing in the Schengen territory.

Proof of Academic Qualifications. As diplomas, certificates, grades’ transcripts etc.

Proof of language knowledge. Most countries want you to fit in even if you are planning to work there only for one year.

Therefore many of them will ask you to meet a specific level of knowledge of their official language.

How to get a European Work Visa

Keep in mind that the steps that we are about to list are only a standard procedure to take towards your application for an employment visa in Europe.

The exact processes will likely differ from one country to the other.

Here are the best seven steps to getting a European work visa:

  • Check what employment visa the country where you wish to work requires.

  • Figure out if you qualify for the work visa to the EU.

  • Meet the criteria for an EU work visa. A lot of times, the country will require that you get a job prior to applying for a visa. It is very important that you fulfil these kinds of requirements before applying to get a visa.

  • Collect the required documents that are required for an employment visa.

  • Schedule a visa interview.

  • Attend the interview with all the required documents with you.

  • Wait for your visa to be processed.

Where to apply for your European Working Visa

You are required to submit your visa application to the body that represents the country where you will be working, in your country of residence. Usually, the body could be any of the following:

  • Their embassy
  • Their consulate
  • A visa application centre

When to Apply for a Visa to Work in Europe and how long a work visa is valid

It is advised that you apply for a work visa to Europe at least two months prior to your trip to any of the European countries.

The reason is that European embassies may take around six weeks to process your employment visa application.

In extraordinary cases, the processing time may be extended up to 12 weeks.

Talking about validity, most European working visas are valid for one year. Still, in most countries, visa holders have the chance to apply for a visa extension, once their visa expires.

Can I extend an EU work permit?

Yes, you can extend an EU work permit in most countries. There is usually an application process and some documents that are required.

These documents have to be gathered and submitted to the competent authorities in your European country of residence, prior to your visa/residence permit expiration.

Recruitment Agencies in Europe for Foreigners to Try

  • Approach People Recruitment
  • MAS Recruiting
  • Hasselhoff Recruiter
  • Huxley Associates
  • Chronos Consulting
  • Computer People
  • Purcon Recruiting
  • Experteer Recruiter
  • Artemis Solutions – Talent search
  • Ajilon Recruiting
  • Alderwick Consulting Limited
  • Lordstone Corporation
  • Expertise Recruitment
  • Agelix Consulting LLC
  • Hoffman and Associates
  • Hays Germany
  • Pearls International Recruitment Agency
  • IMS Recruitment    
  • Imperial Hill Healthcare Specialists
  • Expo Medics

Approach People Recruitment

Approach People Recruitment was founded in 2000 by a visionary entrepreneur in Dublin. This is one of the award-winning recruitment agencies in Europe for foreigners to try.

They offer tailored recruitment services in sectors like IT, life sciences, construction, renewable energies, marketing, sales, and customer service.

Approach People recruitment consultants are local experts and specialists in their industry.

MAS Recruiting

MAS Recruiting is an executive search and recruiting firm that offers clients a strong level of expertise and an unprecedented level of recruiting expertise.

Their main aim is to provide outstanding recruiting services to their clients by recruiting qualified candidates who fit both responsibility and work culture.

Hasselhoff Recruiter

Hasselhoff Recruiter has been filling vacancies since 1986. They fill vacancies in IT profiles.

Through them, IT professionals and managers find new jobs in the field.

Hasselhoff is 35 years old in the IT market and has consultants who have 20+ years of experience in the business.

Huxley Associates

Huxley Associates aims to bring skilled people together to build the future. They have developed partnerships with world-renowned companies and experienced professionals within the niche markets and skillsets and understand the movement and motivations of skilled professionals.

This recruitment agency has been recruiting since 1995 and has built a strong relationship with all of its clients and candidates as well.

Chronos Consulting

Chronos Consulting aims at helping people all around the world gain access to their dream jobs.

Their earlier mission was to provide HR services. However, over the years, they have provided business consultancy services and digital industrial solutions.

They help design, develop, implement, and run strategic business and technology solutions.

Computer People

Computer People is a community of the world’s most outstanding minds who are answering the challenges that are faced in today’s businesses.

They bring together a network of IT professionals and Engineering professionals. They offer complete services from individuals to fully-managed projects, from conception to delivery.

Purcon Recruiting

Purcon Recruiting is an international firm of recruitment and executive search in the areas of purchasing, logistics, supply chain management, Quality assurance, and Manufacturing located in Poland.

Their key strength includes market knowledge, excellence in selection, and creativity in the profiling and promotion of client employer brands as part of any recruitment program.

Experteer Recruiter

Experteer Recruiter is an executive career service for leading professionals. They are leaders when it comes to recruiting for high-end careers and recruitment in general.

They fill senior-level positions, and above all, they are trusted by candidates and recruiters.

Artemis Solutions – Talent search

Artemis Solutions – Talent search is also one of the recruitment agencies in Europe for foreigners to try which provides talent acquisition solutions through headhunting and their wonderful talent sourcing strategies in various industries, locally and internationally.

Ajilon Recruiting

Ajilon Recruiting is one of the recruitment agencies in Europe for foreigners to try. They help you land the job that you love.

They are into IT, engineering, finance, accounting, office support, sales and marketing, etc.

They connect outstanding opportunities to their clients irrespective of level or background.

Alderwick Consulting Limited

Alderwick Consulting Limited provides tailored solutions to human resource issues. They focus on recruiting business and finance professionals for industrial and financial service companies.

They have been in business for over 25 years, working across different sectors.

Lordstone Corporation

Lordstone Corporation serves as advisors and consultants to clients, conveying best practices into board and executive-level structure, hiring, development, and long-term effectiveness.

Lordstone is committed to the successful integration of newly appointed executives and is continuously supportive of their growth and development.

Expertise Recruitment

Expertise Recruitment offers to recruit services within a wide range of industry sectors.

This recruitment agency was founded in 2009 and currently serves large organizations. They have succeeded in matching hundreds of talents over the years.

Agelix Consulting LLC

Agelix Consulting LLC provides both On-site and Off-site Project work across business verticals such as:

  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless
  • Energy,
  • Legal Surveillance
  • Manufacturing
  • Educational markets

Hoffman and Associates

Hoffman and Associates is a leading independent provider of executive search, interim management, board services, management assessment, and leadership consulting.

They were founded in 1987 and they have highly experienced and qualified professionals who combine strong local market knowledge with international exposure and experience.

Hays Germany

Hays Germany is focused on IT, Medical Technology and most importantly, they are widespread and reputable.

Pearls International Recruitment Agency

Pearls International Recruitment Agency is an established independent medical recruitment agency that sources and places various health practitioners in the UK, the EU, etc.

They specialize in the recruitment and staffing of qualified nurses, consultants, physical and occupational therapists, medical technologists, allied health care workers, senior care assistants and physicians.

IMS Recruitment    

IMS Recruitment is dedicated to finding the right job placement for professionals in the medical field.

Their clients are within the UK, Ireland and other European countries.

Imperial Hill Healthcare Specialists

Imperial Hill Healthcare Specialists is specialized in health and social care recruitment, with a strong reputation in the recruitment niche. IHHS assist in medical career exploration even to the managerial level.

Expo Medics

Expo Medics consider themselves the number one for medical job fairs across Europe.

Expo Medics are dedicated to helping advance the health professions in Europe and match professionals with the right opportunities.

These are the Recruitment Agencies in Europe for Foreigners to try out and see what the future holds for them.

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