30 Best Paying Jobs in Marketing

Candidates interested in some of the highest-paying marketing professions may be shocked to learn that many of them are feasible with only a bachelor’s degree, in contrast to other fields that frequently demand graduate degrees for top compensation.

Marketing is an excellent professional path for someone with an eye for advertising, a creative mind, and a desire to make items sell. Read on to know the notable best paying jobs in marketing

The Best Paying Jobs in Marketing

Here are some of the highest-paying marketing jobs.

#1. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is one of the most well-known marketing degree careers. These business experts are in charge of successfully marketing a product or service on behalf of a company or organization.

This process starts with performing research to assess the demand for a specific commodity, followed by building an effective marketing plan to promote sales of that product/service.

Marketing managers typically lead a team of people in the development of a multifaceted marketing strategy. They may also be required to meet with company management to discuss the plan’s details and obtain clearance for the deployment of specific marketing initiatives.

Marketing managers are in high demand right now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for these experts are expanding faster than the typical occupation. However, due to the lucrative nature of this employment, competition for vacancies will be fierce.

Candidates with experience in digital marketing will have the best chance of landing a job. A marketing bachelor’s degree is often required for a position as a marketing manager.

According to the BLS, successfully completing an internship may provide applicants with a competitive advantage during the recruiting process.Annual Median Wage: $134,290 Potential Salary: $208,000.

#2. Sales Manager

A sales manager position is another popular option for marketing degree careers. A sales manager is in charge of overseeing and coordinating a company’s whole sales strategy.

This could include, for example, designing sales tactics, training and overseeing sales employees, and setting sales goals.

Other duties may include hiring new salespeople, resolving client complaints, and meeting with company leaders to discuss sales figures.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a consistent demand for sales managers (BLS). With the increasing popularity of online purchasing, retail stores will require sales managers who are skilled at offering exceptional in-store customer care.

Sales managers with experience in online sales will be especially appealing to companies with a strong virtual presence.

Most sales manager positions will necessitate a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a closely related discipline, such as management or economics.

Furthermore, many organizations prefer individuals with several years of sales experience. Annual Median Wage: $124,220

Potential Salary: $208,000

#3. Advertising and Promotions Managers

Advertising and promotions managers are another of the top-paying marketing jobs degree occupations currently available.

Advertising and promotions managers specialize in increasing consumer interest in a product or service by utilizing various media as well as financial incentives.

These marketing specialists may generate print advertisements, television and radio commercials, or digital campaigns on behalf of a firm or brand, depending on their specific function.

They may also create promotional programs, such as coupons and discounts, sponsorships, social media giveaways, and special events.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising is usually required to qualify for a career as an advertising and promotions manager.

Due to the competitive nature of this sector, you may need to augment your academic background with additional courses in internet marketing, social media marketing, and web advertising, for example.

Grand Canyon University offers a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing that can be done online or on campus for individuals interested in this career path.

The curriculum, which is offered through the university’s Colangelo College of Business, includes fundamental topics like buyer and consumer behavior, fundamentals of business finance, and promotion and advertising. Median Annual Wage: $117,130 Salary Potential: $208,000

#4. Real Estate Broker

When you think of marketing graduate employment, you might not instantly think of a real estate broker.

However, these vocations are connected with the possibility of huge salaries and are great for people with marketing experience.

A real estate broker’s responsibilities include promoting real estate properties, negotiating contracts, and producing the legal documentation required for the sale of a residential or commercial property.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job prospects for real estate brokers are now expanding faster than the national average and will continue to grow as long as the real estate market remains healthy.

Wichita State University offers a marketing bachelor’s degree with a real estate specialization. This curriculum is ideal for aspiring brokers and includes topics such as Principles of Real Estate, Promotion Management, and Marketing Research.

For students interested in an online real estate education, Clarion University provides a BS in Business Administration in Real Estate with a real estate brokerage certificate.

Real Estate Law, Organizational Theory and Behavior, and Real Estate Marketing and Brokerage are just a few of the classes available on this route.Annual Median Wage: $58,210 Potential Salary: $163,540

#5. Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Agents

Wholesale and manufacturing sales agents are among the finest marketing degree professions. These business experts serve as corporate sales agents for wholesalers and manufacturers, as their titles suggest.

They are in charge of arranging bulk sales and handling large accounts. Individual responsibilities may include locating new clients, delivering sales presentations, negotiating rates, and creating contracts and sales agreements.

A bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar discipline, while not usually required, can position potential wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives for some of the best roles in the business.

Many new salespeople will be forced to attend on-the-job training classes as well.

Individuals interested in this professional path have a variety of intriguing choices. The University of South Florida, for example, offers a bachelor’s degree in marketing with a sales specialization.

The degree, which is offered through the university’s Muma College of Business, requires courses such as Professional Selling and Promotion Management. Annual Median Wage: $58,510 Potential Salary: $122,770

 #6. Market Research Analysts

Another common marketing degree career, that of a market research analyst, is generally associated with high compensation.

Market research analysts do market research on behalf of a firm in order to forecast sales of a specific product or service.

These marketing specialists frequently rely on sophisticated technologies to assess market data and draw conclusions about a commodity’s potential profitability.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for market research analysts is expanding rapidly (BLS). Businesses are constantly looking for people who can help them make sense of the numbers in the age of big data.

Although a bachelor’s degree in marketing is all that is required for an entry-level position, people with additional degrees will have the highest prospects of finding secure and rewarding work.

Students interested in this field might look into the University of Florida’s BS in Business Administration with a Marketing specialization.

This curriculum, offered by UF’s renowned Warrington College of Business, provides specific occupational preparation for future market research analysts.

The major’s required course titles include, for example, The Legal Environment of Business, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Management. Annual Median Wage: $63,120 Potential Salary: $121,080

#7. Advertising Sales Agent.

This is one of the best paying jobs in marketing. An advertising sales representative is another marketing degree career connected with six-figure salaries. These business professionals offer advertising companies’ services to potential clients on their behalf.

Their specific responsibilities may include recruiting new customer accounts, preparing successful sales presentations, and negotiating advertising space pricing.

Although some firms will recruit advertising sales representatives with no formal schooling in the sector, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or communication is preferred by many.

Furthermore, the majority of newly employed agents will receive on-the-job training.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), competition for positions in advertising sales is currently fairly fierce. However, applicants who understand digital advertising principles and tactics may have a better chance of getting hired.

Southern New Hampshire University provides an online BS in Marketing with advertising-specific courses for students interested in a convenient approach to a job as an advertising sales agent.

For students seeking an advanced degree in the discipline, the institution also offers an accelerated BS to MS program.

Tennessee Tech also provides an on-campus bachelor’s degree in marketing with a focus on career preparation for aspiring advertising sales agents.

The program’s core curriculum includes courses such as Principles of Marketing, Business Analytics: Data-Driven Decision Making, and Marketing Research. Annual Median Wage: $51,740 Potential Salary: $114,810

#8.  Entrepreneur

Average annual salary: $10,000 to more than $1 million

Entrepreneurs are business owners and operators who plan, launch, and assume full responsibility for the outcome of their efforts.

Entrepreneurs oversee the financial, decision-making, strategic planning, and management activities of today’s most active businesses.

Entrepreneurs must, however, complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program (or higher) in a business-related field to be eligible for employment. Some never finish college.

#9. Marketing Managers

Average Salary: $80,900 – $151,260

Marketing managers analyze customer, competitive, and corporate data in order to plan, estimate, organize, and promote businesses. Similarly, marketing managers assess and forecast demand for a company’s products and services, as well as develop methods for increasing earnings, investments, and stock ownership. Marketing managers use a variety of advertising and public relations methods to promote sales and maximize a company’s current and potential.

#10. Program Management Director

Average annual salary: $136,500-$192,000

One of the highest-paying jobs in marketing business services is that of director of program management.

He is in charge of overseeing the implementation of strategic projects, reviewing program performance, and rating project managers on efficiency and results.

As a result, as a director of program management, you will be in charge of directing the program management team, managing associated activities, and identifying solutions to help the firm operate more efficiently at all levels.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in project management, change management, business administration, or a related subject, as well as industry-specific knowledge and experience, is also required for a position as a director of program management.

#11. CEO

Annual Salary Range: $94,500-$190,000

A CEO is in charge of the health and success of a firm, ensuring that it adheres to a set of principles or a strategy. To successfully run a company, a CEO must be informed of its competitors and market prospects.

However, this will help the company’s growth. To preserve or gain a competitive advantage, senior leaders must also stay current on industry norms, trends, and advancements.

As a result, CEOs develop and implement a strategic plan to steer the firm in the right direction. Advisors or a board of directors may be contacted as well. It is vital to display exceptional leadership abilities as well as the ability to command respect.

#12. Manager of Business Affairs

Average annual salary: $72,500-$187,500

A business affairs manager works with both the legal department and executives from other divisions inside the corporation. You will deal with legal concerns and difficulties as they emerge in this capacity.

As a result, your job responsibilities are dictated by whatever business division you assist on a regular basis. You must be well-versed in the legislation governing your sector.

You’ll need a lot of experience in your field. Despite the fact that educational requirements vary, many corporate relations managers have a law degree.

#13. Customer Service Representative

Average annual salary: $95,000-$185,000

Your tasks and responsibilities as a customer service adviser are to monitor and manage the daily operations of a company’s customer care or support department.

In the same spirit, you are responsible for collaborating with other senior leadership to develop short- and long-term corporate goals and determining what role your department can play in increasing customer relationships, satisfaction, and company response time to concerns.

You also hire and train new department employees, conduct performance assessments and analyze customer service Give Give feedback, and work to build and improve your department’s customer service strategies and offerings.

#14. Personnel from Human Resources

Average annual salary: $134,500-$180,500

Human resources (HR) personnel are in charge of a wide range of organizational efforts, such as recruitment and staffing, as well as legal compliance. For example, you might help manage an HR department.

Among your tasks are defining job descriptions, pay scales, and benefit schedules, as well as addressing grievances and creating performance evaluation systems.

As a result, many companies rely on you to encourage job happiness, employee loyalty, and retention. Therefore, precise attention to detail, a positive attitude, and great communication skills are required.

#15. Actuary 

Average annual salary: $77,000 – $181,000

The majority of actuaries work for insurance companies, assisting with policy design and determining the most profitable and competitive premiums based on statistical data.

An actuary’s daily activities include writing reports that explain results, computations, and proposals, as well as communicating those findings to company leaders, shareholders, and clients.

The majority of an actuary’s work, however, is done on a computer using databases, statistics, and modeling tools. Actuaries frequently specialize in one of four sectors in the insurance industry: health insurance, life insurance, property and casualty insurance, or enterprise risk.

#16. Tax Manager

Annual Salary Range: $83,000 – $160,000

Tax managers are in charge of ensuring that businesses and organizations follow local, state, and federal tax rules.

As a result, they accomplish this by developing and implementing various tax regulations, preparing and filing tax paperwork, and identifying and resolving tax issues.

Tax managers must have a master’s degree in finance, economics, or taxation, as well as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. Employers typically provide training opportunities for employees to upgrade and improve their employment abilities.

#17. Talent Agent

Annual Salary: $37,000 – $139,000

A public relations professional who promotes and represents individuals rather than corporations, such as athletes, models, musicians, singers, bands, artists, comedians, entertainers, and others with marketable talent, is known as a talent agent.

Their major goal, though, is to steer their customers’ careers toward higher and more profitable opportunities. A talent agent, like any other public relations professional, is accountable for the people they represent reputations.

#18. IT Systems Manager

Average annual salary: $55,000 – $176,000

IT systems managers are responsible for organizing, coordinating, and directing all computer-related activities within an organization. Furthermore, the scope of an IT manager’s responsibilities varies based on the firm for which they work and the needs of that company.

Furthermore, they focus their efforts on communications system management, computer networks, general electronic data assistance, and managing other IT personnel. They study IT system concerns, implement solutions, maintain network security, and manage annual budgets to ensure cost-effectiveness.

#19. Logistician

Average annual salary: $58,000 – $150,000

Logisticians are responsible for managing responses to major natural or environmental disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and oil spills, among others. This includes making certain that supplies, equipment, and, of course, qualified specialists arrive on schedule and in good condition.

In addition to disaster response, logisticians plan and enhance methods in a variety of industries, from retail to government, to maximize efficiency and cost. They also work in the business sector, arranging distribution, shipping, and other warehousing operations on a smaller scale.

#20. Accountant

Average annual salary: $53,806-$150,000

Accountants manage a company’s financial operations. They review and evaluate financial records and data to ensure accuracy.

In addition to reviewing financial data, they prepare firm reports on budgets for managers and executives to use in developing business plans.

They also handle accounts payable and receivable. Many persons on this path want to become certified public accountants in order to expand their work options. Accountants can work in almost any industry.

#21. Investing Banker

Average Salary: $64,520 – $170,000 a year

Investment bankers manage financial portfolios for individuals and organizations. An investment banker can help a company raise capital or discover areas of overspending in order to save money.

Investment bankers must be able to understand market trends in order to make informed investments for their clients.

They typically issue bonds and acquire stocks as needed. Many financial firms hire investment bankers, however, they can also work independently.

#22. Financial Consultant

‣ Average Pay: $65,278 – $181,000 yearly

Financial advisors, often known as financial planners, assist people in budgeting their money. They assess salaries and assets to build a long-term strategy for their client’s requirements.

Many financial advisors assist their customers in increasing their assets by conducting market research and selecting sound investments.

Other responsibilities include estate planning, debt management, and tax budgeting. Financial advisers are employed by investment and advisory firms.

#23.Manager of Business Development

Average Salary: $67,452 – $190,000 a year

Business development managers generate leads, identify market trends, and formulate financial strategies to assist firms in growing.

They work with internal teams and clients to achieve customer satisfaction. They can aid their company’s financial growth and success by thoroughly researching their sectors and understanding their product or service.

#24. Accountant

Annual Salary: $93,624 – $200,000

Controllers oversee the accounting functions of their companies. They oversee accounting divisions to ensure that all financial transactions run smoothly.

Controllers usually oversee accounting workers’ work, providing guidance and allocating assignments as needed.

Controllers must grasp their company’s finances and tax standards in order to be effective. Most large enterprises in any industry require controllers.

#25. Financial Examiners

Annual Salary Range: $55,200-$102,820

Financial examiners make certain that all corporate transactions follow financial, investment, and real estate rules and regulations.

Financial examiners ensure the accuracy and integrity of records, as well as the legality of all corporate actions and operations.

Financial examiners conduct internal and external audits to ensure financial stability. They also supervise and manage subordinates, as well as review and train them.

#26. Agents and Business Managers

Annual Salary Range: $39,770-$113,580 

Performers, artists, and athletes engage agents and business managers to represent them and showcase their skills to potential employers.

When it comes to scheduling performances, events, auditions, travel, and interviews, agents and business managers handle contract negotiations, analyze industry trends, assist with financial planning, and work as liaisons between clients and employers.

To advance their careers as professionals, agents and corporate executives generally enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in business administration with a marketing emphasis.

#27. Manager of Talent Acquisition

Annual Salary: $100,000-$179,500

A talent acquisition manager is in charge of the human resources (HR) department of a corporation or organization.

You’ll be in charge of ensuring that your department’s team identifies, assesses, and employs qualified candidates for available, typically long-term positions.

You develop a hiring plan for your company, such as establishing what qualifications each position requires, how to locate potential persons based on their skills, and how to conduct effective interviews.

#28. UI Architect 

Average annual salary: $123,000-$177,500

A user interface architect is a technical professional who works on software development, primarily on user interface implementation.

A user interface architect is someone who understands how people use software and uses that knowledge, as well as their creative abilities, to create tools and features that improve the user experience.

Developing a portal-style framework and unique UI while leading and collaborating with user experience designers, engineers, and visual designers.

#29. Practice Manager

Average annual salary: $62,500-$175,000

A practice director, sometimes known as a practice manager, is in charge of the administrative duties of a medical or legal office.

It is your responsibility as a practice director to ensure that receptionists, accountants, and IT workers do their tasks properly so that the practice remains financially viable.

You may work on a client outreach project, recruiting new members through various channels.

To begin a career as a practice director, you must have a bachelor’s degree or a few years of relevant office experience, as well as basic computer abilities.

#30. HSE Consultant

Average annual salary: $62,000-$174,000

Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) advisors create safety guidelines, evaluate workplaces for potential dangers, and advise management on how to decrease risks and avoid accidents.

As an HSE adviser, you ensure that your firm complies with all health and safety regulations.

Your responsibilities also include dealing with workplace environmental issues that may have an influence on the health and well-being of employees and customers.

HSE advisors work for both public and private firms, as well as government agencies, manufacturers, and other commercial operations.

#31. Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Annual Salary: $90,000-$170,000

As a C-level executive, you hold the job of chief strategy officer or CSO. Your duties involve creating and communicating company initiatives as well as long-term goals.

You work with the CEO, board of directors, and senior management team to help a company build a short- and long-term strategy.

Other duties include employee management and supporting them in understanding and implementing your strategies.

You also assess market dynamics and product line performance in order to provide new ideas and assist the organization in succeeding.

#32. Chief Revenue Officer

Average annual salary: $56,500-$170,000

A chief sales officer (CSO) is the top executive of a firm that is in charge of sales and marketing.

As a CSO, you’ll be in charge of coordinating plans and costs with other departments, doing market research to establish new sales targets, and monitoring customer service and employee training.

This role requires many years of experience as a sales manager as well as a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related field.

A successful chief sales officer is also gifted in leadership, problem-solving, and communication.

#33. Bank President 28.

Annual Salary Range: $71,500 – $169,500

As a bank president, your primary responsibility is to manage all banking activity. You command a group of regional or branch managers. You are in control of their conduct and must report to the CEO of the bank.

Ensuring that all operations meet client expectations, designing effective procedures, managing marketing, and developing new financial services are among the numerous responsibilities of the role.

You must have previous managerial, accounting, and business expertise. You must be able to successfully communicate and speak in public.

#34. Product Marketer 

Annual Salary: $117,500 – $164,500

A product marketer is in charge of the marketing and branding of a company’s products. Product marketing is the highest-paying position in the business services industry.

Depending on the size of the corporation, the director of product marketing may oversee an entire department for all products or focus on a particular product.

As a product marketing director, you’ll be in charge of conducting market research and competitor analysis, creating compelling messaging and brand awareness, and hiring and training new department staff.

#35. Internet Marketer

Annual Salary: $125,000 – $162,500

You plan and manage promotional initiatives, advertising campaigns, and your company’s overall digital marketing strategy as a digital marketer. You design brands, refine pre-launch marketing plans and monitor key indicators like audience growth and brand recognition.

You routinely engage with senior individuals from many departments to plan marketing operations, supervise marketing teams, and ensure the business has all of the assets required for each advertising campaign.

You also negotiate collaborations and relationships with other firms, provide feedback on your company’s philanthropic initiatives, and decide whether to pursue client leads. Do you have suggestions on the best paying jobs in marketing? Please leave a comment below.

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