10 Top Highest Paying Jobs in Montreal: Their Pay

It’s possible that Montreal is your best bet if you’re a job seeker seeking the highest income. Opportunities abound in this major Canadian metropolis.

It is common knowledge that life in Montreal is very cheap. Although it has seen growth in recent years, it is still dwarfed by nearby metropolitan areas. A home in this area can be purchased for 35% less than it would in Toronto.

Montreal also has significantly more affordable public transportation. It is 27% less expensive than Toronto, according to Expatistan. Overall, it’s a lot cheaper to live here.

Considering this, it might be a good plan to look for work in this area. It’s a beautiful area to live in, but taxes may be substantially higher than in the rest of Canada.

Incredible things are happening in the job sector. We have compiled a list of the highest paying jobs in Montreal for your perusal.

Highest Paying Jobs in Montreal

Here is a rundown of the highest-paying jobs in Montreal and the factors that contribute to their high wages:

1. Surgeons / Doctors

Earnings Potential: $250,000 – $770,000
Due to the importance of their work, surgeons earn the highest salaries of any profession. The high-risk nature of the surgery, along with the in-depth training and experience required, ensures a lucrative career for those who want to pursue it.

2. Judges

Compensation might range from $214,000 USD to $647,000 CAD.
Due of the gravity of their position, judges are compensated handsomely.

Making difficult decisions on people’s lives is not for the faint of heart, so a hefty salary is appropriate.

3. Lawyers

Salaries can be anything from $200,000 to $540,000 per year in Canada.
Lawyers’ high pay comes primarily from their clients’ high estimation of their worth. A good lawyer has the potential to prevent a death sentence or earn you a fortune.

4. Bank Managers

Compensation might range from $163k to $493k CAD per year.
Managing a bank is a high-stakes job because of the enormous sums of money at stake and the inherent risks connected with various investing strategies.

5. Chief Executive Officers

Starting salary is approximately $153,000 and the ending salary is approximately $462,000
The CEO largely determines the fate of an entire company.

Their astronomical salary is commensurate with the significance of their work and the dangers they face.

6. Chief Financial Officers

Wage Scale: $143,000 – $431,000
In general, jobs that involve dealing with money tend to pay well. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) oversees the company’s financial resources and has a direct impact on the company’s bottom line and overall operations.

7. Orthodontists

Compensation might range from $138k to $416k CAD each year.
This is because orthodontists provide a service for which customers are ready to pay a premium, making orthodontists one of the highest-paid professionals in the economy.

8. College Professors

Income: between $120,000 and $370,000
Professors at universities have both high salaries and high social status. Professors’ high salaries can be attributed in part to the difficulty and dedication required to enter the field.

9. Pilots

Compensation might range from $102,000 to $308,000 CDN year.
Still, being a pilot is probably the most exciting job on the list, since pilots are responsible for the lives of thousands of people every day and must go through extensive training to earn the privilege.

10. Marketing Directors

Compensation might be anywhere from $89,900 to $277,000.
Ultimately, it is the marketing director’s job to boost sales for the company. That’s because they’re the ones in charge of bringing in new customers, and their compensation reflects that responsibility.

11. Java Developer

Montreal-based IT firms are constantly on the lookout for new ways to embed their wares into conventional enterprise workflows. This is why there is a growing need for skilled Java programmers. The annual salary range is between $85,000 and $95,000.

12. Architect

The city of Montreal’s economy has been on the upswing for some time now. More space is required, as are renovated workplaces and older structures. Therefore, architects have a high value. Earnings at this level range from $62,000 to $106,000 annually.

13. Communication Director

Many companies fail because they lack effective communication. Without reliable lines of communication, a business will struggle to expand and compete successfully. The job of a director of communications includes exactly that. They are in charge of all internal and external communication.

In Montreal, the salary range for a director of communications is $175,000 to $187,000. The exact number is contingent on factors such as the company and the employee’s length of service. There is a need for such people in the Montreal area right now.

14. A Product Manager

New items are continuously being developed by major corporations. Someone who can reach out to customers and drum up business is essential. Product managers play a crucial role in this process. They deal directly with the buyer and guarantee the highest quality of their wares.

The average salary for a product manager in Montreal is $81, 676 per year. Therefore, it’s a high-paying profession.

15. Optometrist

The optometrist comes first on this set of professionals. This is an eye doctor, a trained expert who offers routine eye exams and care. They are fully equipped to perform diagnostic procedures, treat patients, and oversee their care, including correcting vision problems and assessing their progress. That’s right; their focus is on the human visual system in all its forms.

They make around $30,000 a year when they first start out in their profession. This figure increases with a person’s level of experience and the company for which they work. Medical specialists like these are in high demand in Montreal at the moment.

16. Business Analyst

To put it another way, Business Analysts aid businesses in making better judgments. As a result of their analysis, both data and business processes can be optimized for greater efficiency. The average annual salary for this position in Montreal is $81,205.

17. Chartered Account

In business, the books need to be balanced, and that’s what an accountant does. It’s a crucial role because the advice on expenditures they provide helps businesses better comprehend their financial situations. A chartered accountant is a need for any Montreal-based business. In tax matters, it’s the law.

When first starting out, a CA can expect an annual salary of roughly $166,000. They have a better chance of making more money as they get older.

18. Application Developer

The average annual salary for an App Developer in Montreal is $88,891. Software developers make it easier for firms to conduct operations via the various applications they develop.

19. A Vice President

Vice Presidents are members of most organizations’ senior management teams in Montreal. It is a job that demands advanced abilities and experience to complete successfully.

As a VP, you can earn up to $140,000 each year. For those working in larger and more established firms, the maximum compensation is $180,000.

What Is Considered a Good Salary in Montreal, Canada?

Montreal accounts for approximately 87% of all work opportunities in the province of Québec. As a result, you’re more likely to find work in the commerce, scientific, health, or technical service industries. Will the amount you earn in Montreal be considered a good income?

A monthly net income of CA$3,000 to CA$3,500 is considered a respectable wage in Montreal. With it, you may comfortably afford to pay rent in downtown neighborhoods while also saving money.

To do so, you should make roughly CA$50,000 per year before taxes. Anyone earning more than CA$4,000 gross per month is considered a strong earner in Montreal. This is good starting pay for a single person and is more than the city’s average. A couple with two children will require twice as much to live comfortably in Montreal.

Medical professionals, such as dentists and physicians, are among the highest-paid in Montreal, with yearly incomes of CA$96,585 and CA$92,701, respectively. Office managers and nurses are among the top earners, with yearly salaries ranging from CA$43,657 to CA$47,717.

Most In-Demand Jobs in Montreal

These positions have been chosen because of their importance to the economy and the demand they will fill. One of these should be a good fit for your background.

1. IT Technician

When it comes to innovative new technologies in Canada, many look to Montreal as a focal point. Its technological industries have been attracting interest from throughout the world. The population of the city is projected to increase as well. Those who work in IT manage, protect, and maximize an organization’s electronic resources. And as more businesses embrace technological transformation, demand for these specialists has increased.

2. Electrical Engineers

Experts in product development, management, and coordination are needed in the electrical industry. In addition to ensuring the electrical integrity of these products, electrical engineers play a key role in guaranteeing their security.

Montreal is home to numerous businesses providing services related to lighting as well as telecommunications and academic institutions with available positions. Many private organizations could benefit from having access to persons with these skills.

3. Interactive Media Developer

In today’s information age, the media plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinion. Professionals in Montreal who can develop code, modify existing code, integrate new code, and test the resulting application are in high demand at many local businesses.

One city that has put a lot of money into technology is Montreal. That’s why these people are so important. These days, there seems to be a new software development company popping up every day. There is a significant need for IMDs in these areas.

4. Civil Engineering Technician

There has been a significant uptick in public building projects in Montreal. In addition, there are other companies employing scientists, engineers, and other experts there. In these groups, civil engineers play a crucial supporting role due to their expertise. Work in fields as diverse as municipal engineering, structure engineering, construction supervision, transportation engineering, and many more.

5. Nurse Assistant

Montreal’s healthcare sector has been expanding recently. Furthermore, the need for nursing help is great. These folks provide essential medical care to people of all ages. As the day progresses, they assist them in completing various tasks.

6. Software Programmer

One of the world’s leading IT hubs is located in Montreal. More and more companies are putting their faith in the capabilities of digital and web-based tools.

As a result, the need for skilled software developers is high. Over the past five years, the tech sector in this area has expanded by about 15%, and this trend remains steady. Because of this, the city has become one of the most important economic centers in the globe.

The flexibility to work from home is a major perk of this role. The primary focus is on developing and deploying custom software solutions for businesses. You’ll need to graduate with a degree or diploma in computer science from a recognized institution.

7. Pharmaceutical researcher

Research is essential to Montreal’s thriving healthcare industry. There is a pressing need for study as the globe is constantly exposed to new diseases and risks. Scientists who study medicines are employed in this industry.

They are the scientists behind the discovery of new medicines. They utilize state-of-the-art technology to develop novel approaches for untapped markets. In the current job market, there is a significant need for these professionals in Montreal.

8. Customer Service Representatives

Many businesses have been disrupted by the pandemic, so reestablishing communication with clients is essential. Because of this, a large demand exists for people who work in customer service.

People in this role facilitate communication between the company and its clientele. They serve the business by attending to a variety of consumer wants and needs. The demand has been sparked by this period of revival.

9. Early Childhood Educators

The education industry in Montreal has shown consistent growth throughout the past few decades. Today, it ranks among the best in the entire globe.

The city has made substantial investments in the next generation, particularly in preschool teachers. Therefore, there is a need for individuals capable of developing, organizing, and executing programs for children under the age of twelve.

10. Carpenters

It is no secret to anyone who has visited Montreal how massive the building industry is there. The construction of numerous new structures and residences has increased the demand for carpenters.

They are the ones who construct the structural elements of a building. Midway through the month of November 2021, 109 jobs were needed in Quebec, with the majority of those positions being filled in Montreal.


There are various additional high-paying jobs available in Montreal. However, we chose these nineteen based on current demand and qualifications. We hope it assists you in making sound professional decisions.

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