8 Best Medical Schools in Greece-Tuition & Requirements

You will not only find the best medical schools in Greece but also you will enjoy a country that represents an ancient civilization. Situated in South-East Europe, Greece is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

With its sunny weather and Mediterranean climate, its magical landscapes, and its rich cultural heritage, Greece is one of the most idyllic study abroad destinations worldwide.

However, if you study abroad in Greece, you’ll find that it’s much more than just a tourist destination. The birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy and science, Greece is a huge part of Europe.

Greece is a member of the European Union (EU) and uses the Euro as its currency. Even though it uses the Euro, the cost of living in Greece is relatively low as compared to many other EU member states.

Greece’s recent economic transition is also transforming it into something of a tech hub. This means that if you study in Greece, you’ll find plenty of internship opportunities and you can even find a job after graduation.

By studying in Greece, one acquires the infrastructure needed for a successful professional career as well as the qualifications for further studies. Greece is also taking its place in the green industrial revolution.

This has been helping its economic transformation while also shaping Greek education and research. There’s never been a more exciting time to study in Greece!

As for your program, higher education in Greece is cutting-edge, so you can be sure that you’re getting a fantastic education during your time studying in Greece. In Greek public universities, EU/EEA students are usually not charged any tuition fee; the only exception is a few Master’s programs.

All other international students will have to pay tuition fees that range from 1,500 to 9,000 EUR/year which also includes textbooks.

Greece is one of the cheapest countries in Europe for foreigners, for both tourists and international students alike. On average, you would need around 450-700 EUR/month for all expenditures, including the accommodation, which is reasonable, compared to other European destinations where average monthly living costs are between 800 and 1,000 EUR.

Rent for an apartment in the city center is just around 240 – 450 EUR/month, and you can find cheap street food for 5 EUR.

While Athens and Thessaloniki are the major student cities in Greece, you can enjoy and visit outstanding attractions in every corner of this country.

Whether cultural sites or places where you can simply relax, Greece will pleasantly surprise you.

Greek people are very relaxed, and take the time to sit down with their friends and have a cup of coffee. For Greeks, nothing is more important than being happy and you will soon catch this attitude as well.

Coming to Greece will not be just about attending the medical schools in Greece, but also about gaining new experiences and new friends so seize every opportunity!

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The List of best Medical Schools in Greece

  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • University of Crete
  • University of Ioannina
  • University of Patras
  • University of Thessaly
  • Democritus University of Thrace
  • University of Athens (National and Kapodistrian University Athens)
  • Harokopio University of Athens

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • Location: Thessaloniki 541 24, Greece
  • Phone: +30 231 099 6000
  • Website: www.auth.gr

History: the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki also known as Aristotelian University is a public university established in 1925, it is the sixth oldest and the largest university in Greece covering over 230,000 square meters in the center of Thessaloniki.

The school was named after the philosopher Aristotle and uses Greek as its language of instruction except in programs for foreign languages and courses for international students.

Ranking: the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is among the most prestigious universities in Greece and has the following rankings;

  • #1 university in Thessaloniki
  • #2 Best University in Greece
  • #107 best global university in Europe
  • #303 best university in the world.

Career Outlook: the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki offers the following medical programs; anatomy & pathology, physiology & pharmacology, biological sciences & preventive medicine, radiology, medical physics & informatics, sensory organs, child health, neurosciences, surgery & internal medicine.

Admission requirements: the following certificates are required; high school graduation certificate or International baccalaureate, certificate of competency in English, prove of English language test results, see all requirements here

Tuition: tuition fee for medical students is 12,000€ for each academic year and is paid in two installments.

How to apply: start your journey to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki school of medicine with an application for admission here

University of Crete

  • Location: Heraklion 700 13, Greece.
  • Phone: +30 281 039 48000
  • Website: www.en.uoc.gr

History: University of Crete is a young public multi-disciplinary research institution in Crete, Greece.

The school was established in 1973 and is located in the cities of Rethymno and Heraklion. The University of Crete is a reputable university and one of the best Medical Schools in Greece.

  • Ranking:

  • #5 best university in Greece
  • #293 best global university in Europe
  • #751 best university in the world

Programs: University of Crete medical school offers the following programs; basic sciences, internal medicine, laboratory medicine, morphology, mother & child health, neurology & sensory organs, psychiatry & behavioral science, radiology, surgery and social medicine.

Admission requirements: the university of Crete has a good admission score with an acceptance rate of 86% and the following requirements; GPA of 3.00, IB score of 33, and IELTS minimum score of 7.

Tuition: bachelor’s degree tuition fee for citizens is $1,180 per year while bachelor’s and master’s degree tuition for foreigners is $807 per year. Living expenses is $416- 778 per month.

The University of Ioannina

  • Location: Ioannina 450 10, Greece
  • Phone: +30 2651 007777
  • Website: www.uoi.gr

History: the University of Ioannina is the third oldest public university and is located 5kilometres Southwest of Ioannina, Greece.

The university was established in 1964 as part of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki but became independent in 1970.

Ioannina Medical school is one of the top medical schools in Greece considering its evolvement, achievements, and reputation within a short while.

Ranking: Ioannina university medical school is ranked 1st among all medical schools in Greek tertiary education and #643 best global university.

University of Ioannina medical school offers basic biomedical sciences, biotechnology, pathology, nursing, pain management, medical-radiation physics, and medical chemistry.

Admission requirements: A-level certificate and language documents.

Tuition: tuition fee for bachelor’s and master’s programs for both citizens and foreigners is $1,0167 and $711 per year respectively. Living expenses is between $417- $796 per month

The University of Patras

  • Location: Rio 265 04, Greece
  • Phone: +30 261 096 9100
  • Website: www.upatras.gr

History: the university of Patras is a public academic institution located in Patras Greece.

The school was founded in 1964 and is the third largest university in Greece with respect to the number of departments, size of student body and staff.

Its medical school is recognized as one of the best medical schools in Greece for its higher education and training of the next generation of medical professionals.


  • #1 best university in Patras
  • #4 best university in Greece
  • #267 best global university in Europe
  • #671 top university in the world

The University of Patras medical school offers the following undergraduate and graduate programs; medicine & surgery, basic medical sciences, clinical laboratory medical specialties, and interdepartmental post-graduate program in informatics for life science and biomedical engineering.

Academic requirements: the average acceptance score into Patras medical school is, a GPA of 3.00, an IB score of 33, and a minimum IELTS score of 7. See other requirements here

Tuition: the annual tuition fee for undergraduate and graduate citizens is $1,000 and for foreigners is $711. The monthly cost of living is between $366 – $740

University of Thessaly

  • Location: Argonauts and Filellinon, volos 382 21, Greece, Thessaly
  • Phone: +30 2421 074000
  • Website: www.uth.gr

History: the University of Thessaly is a public university in Thessaly, Greece founded in 1984. Its faculty of medicine was established in 1985 and ever since its foundation has earned a distinguished reputation nationally and internationally for its quality of teaching and research.


  • #9 best global university in Greece
  • #448 top university in Europe
  • #1270 best university in the world

You can pursue a medical career in the following fields; bachelor’s in medicine, master’s in primary health care, clinical application of molecular medicine, the biology of reproduction, applied public health & environmental hygiene, human genetics, and biomedical research.

Admission requirements: university of Thessaly admission is considered not competitive with an acceptance rate of 90% and share the same requirements with the university of Patras.

Democritus University of Thrace

  • Location: camps 69100, Greece
  • Phone: +30 2531 039000
  • Website: www.duth.gr

History: the Democritus University of Thrace was founded in 1973 and started to run in the academic year 1984/1985. It was named Democritus in honor of the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus. The school is located in Komotini, Greece, and has campuses in the Thracian cities of Xanthi, Komotini, Alexandroupoli and Orestiada.


  • #7 best university in Greece
  • #431 best global university in Europe
  • #1202 best university in the world.

University of Athens

  • Location: Mickras Asias 75, Athina 11527, Greece.
  • Phone: +30 21 0746 2002
  • Website: www.uoa.gr

History: the University of Athens also known as the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens a public university in Athens, Greece was established in 1837 and is the oldest higher education institution in the modern Greek State. University of Athens school of medicine was the first established medical school in Southeastern Europe.


  • #1 best university in Athens
  • #1 best global university in Greece
  • #94 best university in Europe
  • #252 best university in the world

The University of Athens medical school has vast fields and you can pursue a medical career in any of the following departments; department of medicine, nursing, dentistry, and pharmacy.

Admission requirements: admission is based majorly on the school’s entrance examination.

Tuition: tuition for bachelor’s degree programs for citizens is $1,016 per year and for foreigners, $6,098 per year.

Master degree program yearly cost for citizens is between $2,033 & $8,537 and for foreigners, between $2,033 & $16,878. Living expenses per month is between $456- $834.

Harokopio University of Athens

  • Location: Thiseos 70, Kallithea 176 71, Greece
  • Website: www.hua.gr

History: the Harokopio University of Athens is a public university dedicated to promoting research and learning in small, well-defined intellectual areas.

The school was first established in 1929 and gained the status of a university in 1990. The Harokopio University of Athens is situated at the center of Athens and close to the UNESCO world heritage center of Acropolis.

Ranking: Harokopio university is ranked

  • #7 best university in Athens
  • #19 best global university in Greece
  • #929 top university in Europe
  • #3277 best university in the world

Tuition: bachelor’s degree tuition fee for citizens is $1,016 per year while bachelor/master’s degree tuition for foreigners is $711 per year. Living expenses is $456- $834 per month. 

Is Greece Expensive for Students?

Greece is one of the more affordable European destinations for international students. Most people should live comfortably on a budget of 450–750 EUR per month.

How Long is Medical School in Greece?

Medical school in Greece lasts for 6 years. How are the years broken down? The first two and a half years are pre-clinical, the next two and a half clinical, and the last one is like the intern year in the USA.

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