5 Best Barber Schools in Charlotte NC:Steps to Licensing

If you live around the Charlotte area and you really want to start your barbering career, reading this article is the best first step to take. 

This article lists all barber schools in Charlotte NC, their addresses, official website and also the state requirements to become a licensed barber in Charlotte. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. These are the best barber schools in Charlotte NC:

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The List of Barber Schools in Charlotte NC

  • Just for You Barber/Styling Academy
  • Next Level Barber Academy 
  • No Grease Barber School
  • Premier Grooming Academy 
  • Touch of Precision School of Barbering

Just for You Barber/Styling Academy 

Address: 5108-5 North Reagan Road, Charlotte, NC 28206 

Founded by Mr. Jeffery W. Broadie in 1994. After years of working in corporate finance, he started his entrepreneurial journey with the goal of assisting others in developing successful careers. 

You learn how to run a business in addition to learning how to cut hair at “Just For You.” They provide students with the knowledge and resources necessary to advance as professionals in the hair industry through this academy. 

Tuition: N/A

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Next Level Barber Academy 

Address: 5108-5 North Reagan Road, Charlotte, NC 28206

Not Much information is available concerning this school, as they do not own an official website, however the link below takes you to their Facebook page where you can see a lot of their impressive work. Their contact and address are also available. 

Tuition: N/A

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No Grease Barber School  

Address: 3731 North Sharon Amity Rd Charlotte, NC 28205

In October 2016, the “No Grease!” Barber School debuted. The goal of the school is to offer a rigorous barbering curriculum that equips students with the skills they need to enter the industry with success.

Students are prepared for the many opportunities in the lucrative field of barbering through course instruction and materials that far exceed the requirements for the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners.

Under the guidance of master barbers, students will gain practical experience with live models and mannequins, create class projects, and engage in case studies. 

The barbering program Is an in-depth investigation into the industry. Programs last anywhere between 12 and 18 months, totaling 1,528 clock hours.

The curriculum is created to give students a solid grounding in the profession’s history, theory, and business while also equipping them with the practical proficiencies and leadership skills required for careers in the barber industry.

Program Summary:

The barbering program is made to give you the knowledge you need to pass the state licensing exams as well as the skills you’ll need to succeed at “No Grease” Barber School and in the barbering industry.

You will discover a whole new world of artistic expression, practical knowledge, and interpersonal skills at No Grease Barber School, all of which will be continuously improved as you advance. 

Educational Techniques:

Every day, students attend theory class, and each unit of the study concludes with a written exam. Students must receive a grade of at least 80% out of 100% to pass the course.

The “No Grease” Barber School employs an interactive teaching style and incorporates a variety of teaching techniques for various types of students and learning styles.

The use of visual aids, live demonstrations, student participation, and other teaching strategies are among these techniques. 

Application Procedure:

Every month, “No Grease” Barber School evaluates applications and admits new students. On-site resources include the school catalog, general information, and pre-enrollment resources. Students applying for admission are required to follow the following procedure:

  • Apply for No Grease School online.
  • Send No Grease Barber School your completed application materials.

Included in a finished application packet are the following:

  • Application for No Grease Barber School completed.
  • A copy of a state-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license.
  • A copy of your high school diploma, GED, or equivalent is required. 

Tuition: $10,375 / year 

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Premier Grooming Academy 

Address: 5800 North Sharon Amity Road Suite J, Charlotte, NC 28213 

Just like the number 2 barbering school on this list, this school does not have an official website that gives sufficient details about their program, however they are very active on Facebook and on Instagram. The link below will take you to their Facebook page. Their contact details are also there or you can just send a direct message for inquiries. 

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Touch of Precision School of Barbering

Address: 6701-C North Tryon Street

Charlotte, NC 28213 

This is the third school on this list that does not own an official website, however, they do their adverts on their Facebook page mostly, the link below will take you there.

Charlotte is not home to so many barbering schools, these are the ones available, so I can only advise you to utilize this opportunity and gain the necessary experience and license needed to become a barber in Charlotte. 

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How to Become A Barber In Charlotte 

Barbers, who are defined as individuals with a focus on shaving, trimming, and cutting hair and beards, are able to register with the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners.

Follow these easy steps for a quick guide on how to register as a barber in North Carolina:

Step 1: Pass a 1,528-Hour Barber School in North Carolina.

Enrolling in a barber school that has received approval from the North Carolina Board is the first step toward getting a license there. You must submit the following documents to the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners in order to be qualified to enroll in barber school:

  • A finished application for enrollment in barber school that has been signed by an official from the institution you intend to attend.
  • An FBI Criminal History Summary must be submitted with your application. 
  • A $25 application fee for a student permit is required.

After enrolling, you must complete the 1,528 hours of barber training mandated by the North Carolina Board. These training sessions must cover the following barber theory and technique:

Lecture and study sessions in the classroom

  • 25 hours in professional ethics, hygiene, and good grooming.

  • 50 hours of bacteriology, sterilization, and sanitation

  • 30 hours: tools, honing, stropping, and shaving.

  • 20 hours for men’s haircuts.

  • Cutting and styling beards, mustaches, and curly hair for ten hours.

  • 10 hours of shampooing, rinsing, and hair and scalp treatments.

  • Five hours of theory on massage and facial treatments.

  • Cutting with men’s and women’s razors and shears take 30 hours.

  • Five hours of finger waving, air waving, and curling iron techniques for men’s hair. 

  • 25 hours of chemical hair relaxing, blow drying, and male permanent waving.

  • Hair dyeing takes ten hours.

  • 5 hours for men’s hair extensions.

  • The Skin, Scalp, and Hair – 30 hours.

  • Skin, scalp, and hair disorders—15 hours.

  • 10 hours of anatomy and physiology.

  • 10 hours of chemistry, light therapy, and electricity therapy.

  • 70 hours in shop management, product knowledge, and barber styling.

  • 20 hours of licensing laws, regulations, and barbering history. 

Supervised Practice in Barbering:

  • 55 hours are required for shampooing and scientific hair and scalp treatments.
  • Shave: 50 hours.
  • 250 hours of tapered hair cutting.
  • 400 hours in men’s and women’s hair styling.
  • 10 hours of facials, massages, and packs.
  • 90 hours for body permanents, hair coloring, frosting, and bleaching.
  • 5 hours for cutting and fitting hair pieces.
  • 5 hours for straightening hair.
  • Ten hours are devoted to analyzing and treating hair and skin conditions.

lectures and practical work demonstrations:

  • 15 hours are for shampooing and scientific hair and scalp treatments.
  • Shaving takes 20 hours.
  • Haircutting with a taper: 70 hours.
  • 100 hours for men’s and women’s hair styling.
  • Five hours of facials, massages, and packs.
  • 30 hours for permanent waving, hair coloring, frosting, and bleaching.
  • Hairpiece trimming and sizing 5 hours
  • 3 hours for straightening hair.
  • Ten hours are devoted to analyzing and treating hair and skin conditions.
  • Razor cutting for men and women: 15 hours.

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Step 2: Take an examination to obtain a Certificate of Registration as an Apprentice Barber.

You must first work as an apprentice barber after completing barber school. You must hold an apprentice barber license in order to gain your required work experience.

You must first pass the apprentice barber licensing exam in order to obtain a license. You only need to finish the following steps to submit an application for the exam:

  • Send in your application for the test necessary to obtain a certificate of registration as a barber apprentice.
  • Add a summary of the FBI’s criminal history.
  • Include the $85.00 application and exam fee.

Passing the licensing tests for apprentice barbers:

You will be given a date and time to take the Raleigh apprentice barber licensing exams after the Board receives your application.

To become an apprentice, you must pass both a written and a practical exam with a grade of at least 70% on each.

Written– The written test will consist of 90 minutes of multiple-choice questions. The following barber theory topics will be covered in the test’s questions:

  • Haircare Solutions.

  • Beards and Mustaches.

  • Design for Mustaches and Beards.

  • Services for the face and shaving.

  • Biology and Anatomy.

  • Infection prevention and security.

Practical: The time required for the practical exam is about an hour. The following barbering tasks will determine how well you perform:

  • Set Up.
  • Using a straight razor to shave.
  • Simple Facial. 
  • Simple Facial.
  • Haircutting.
  • Hairstyling.
  • Finally, tidy up.

You will receive your apprentice license once you pass these tests. You must spend a full year in North Carolina working as an apprentice barber under the close supervision of a barber with a license. If your apprenticeship has not yet been completed, you must renew this apprentice license by May 31 of each year.

Step 3: Pass an exam to obtain a Certificate of Registration as a Registered Barber.

You can apply to take the registered barber examination after serving as an apprentice barber for a full year. You just need to carry out the following actions to get there:

  • To obtain a certificate of registration as a registered barber, submit an application for examination. 
  • Complete information on barber school training.
  • Complete experience record as a barber.
  • Complete the Affidavit of Apprenticeship Experience.
  • Include the $85.00 exam fee.

You will be scheduled with the Board to complete the final licensing exam, which is yet another practical exam, once the Board approves your application.

Practical—Only the practical exam needs to be retaken. It will take about an hour because this exam is the exact same as the one for apprentice barbers.

Step 4: Launch a barbering career in North Carolina and renew your license every year.

Barbershops, salons that hire barbers, and independently owned barbershops are all places where North Carolina-registered barbers can find employment. 

You can apply for a North Carolina barbershop permit if you want to start your own barbershop where you can choose how to perfectly capture masculinity and style. Follow these easy steps to apply:

Before May 31st of each year, you must renew your registration certificate. You will receive a renewal card from the Board, which you must send back along with the appropriate renewal fee.

Even though the North Carolina Board currently does not mandate continuing education, taking advanced barbering courses is always advantageous. 

In addition to teaching you more effective ways to manage your barbershop business, advanced courses will keep you up to date on the most recent hair and facial hair design trends, which will ultimately lead to greater success as a barber. 

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How Much Do Barbers In Charlotte Earn? 

The typical annual salary for a barber in Charlotte as of September 10, 2022, is $46,562. That comes out to about $22.39 an hour, in case you need a quick salary calculator. This amounts to $895 per week or $3,880 per month.

According to skill level, location, and years of experience, the average pay range for a barber can vary greatly (up to $27,509), indicating that there may be numerous opportunities for advancement and increased pay.

According to recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, there is a strong demand for barbers in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as the neighborhood.

How long is barber school in NC? 

Depending on the student’s schedule and the school’s schedule, it takes between nine and eighteen months to complete the requirements for an NC barber license. 

How much is a barber license in NC? 

A $200 registration fee, which includes the $185 first-course tuition and the $15 insurance fee, must be submitted with the registration form.

Students must present documentation of their high school diploma or GED. To the NC Barber Board, a copy of the diploma or transcripts must be delivered. 

How do I get my barber license in North Carolina? 

You just need to carry out the following actions to get there:

  • To obtain a certificate of registration as a registered barber, submit an application for examination.

  • Complete information on barber school training.

  • Complete experience record as a barber.

  • Complete the Affidavit of Apprenticeship Experience.

  • Include the $85.00 exam fee. 

Can a barber work in a salon in NC? 

If a licensed cosmetologist is present, a licensed barber may work in a cosmetology salon. 

What agency governs barbers in NC? 

North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners. 

Is barbering hard to learn? 

Barbering is a physically demanding job that can be very harmful to your health. Everything in your body will hurt, suffer, and burden you, including your joints, muscles, and skeletal system. To perform your job correctly, you must rotate, angulate, stoop, crane, and exert all of your physical energy. 

Can you do hair in NC without a license? 

Cosmetologists, manicurists, estheticians, and natural hair care stylists who hold the appropriate licenses must provide the services offered in authorized cosmetic art shops. Civil penalties will be assessed for practicing without a license. 

Can barbers wax in NC? 

Waxing services can only be provided by estheticians and cosmetologists with valid licenses.

Can you have a salon in your home in North Carolina? 

Except in a few limited circumstances, home visits by licensed cosmetologists are prohibited in North Carolina. 

Can I transfer my cosmetology license to North Carolina? 

North Carolina is not able to reciprocate with registrations or certificates. You must have a current, valid license in order to reciprocate. Do you have suggestions about these barber schools in Charlotte NC? Please leave a comment below.

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