7 Best Barber Schools in Connecticut & License Requirements

If you are a resident of Connecticut and you are currently looking for barber schools in Connecticut that can train you to become a professional barber and also prepare you for the state exam to get a license to practice, then you are at the right place. 

Since you must possess a license to practice, why not train at one of the best barbering schools in Connecticut? Without further ado, here is a complete list of barber schools in Connecticut. 

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The List of Barber Schools in Connecticut

  • Academy Di Capelli 
  • Ace Cosmetology and Barber Training Center
  • Belle Academy of Cosmetology 
  • Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology 
  • Ricci’s Academy of Cosmetology
  • Shear Brilliance Institute of Hair Design
  • Torrington Beauty Academy

Academy Di Capelli  

Address 1: 1010 Main Street, East Hartford, CT 6108 

Address 2: 950 Yale Avenue Unit 20, Wallingford, CT 6492 

A full-service beauty school and salon, Academy Di Capelli is committed to consistently setting high student satisfaction by providing an excellent curriculum, high-quality products, and a welcoming environment.

The barbering program, which consists of a 1000-hour curriculum, will equip you to graduate with confidence, get your license, and succeed in the barber industry. Under the close supervision of highly skilled master barbers, you will learn every aspect of hair cutting, shape-ups, hair designs, straight razor & hot towel shaves, chemical procedures, shop ownership, and business relations.

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS), an autonomous, independent accrediting commission, has granted accreditation to Academy Di Capelli. 

Tuition: $ 17,115 

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Ace Cosmetology and Barber Training Center  

Address 1: 370 East Main Street, Ansonia, CT 6401 

Address 2: 915 Main Street, Hartford, CT 6103

Address 3: 625 Wolcott Street Suite 7, Waterbury, CT 6705 

The Ace Cosmetology and Barber Training Center accept all applicants. This implies that there are no GPA or standardized test requirements. Any high school graduate or GED holder is eligible to apply.

The Ace Cosmetology and Barber Training Center use clock hours or credit hours to determine the cost of each program it offers.

The total cost of attendance for a program that lasted one year in the 2016–2017 academic year was $17,150 (14.6% more expensive than the national average tuition of a typical private vocational/career school). 

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Belle Academy of Cosmetology  

Address: 27A South Commons Road

Waterbury, CT 6704 

The main goal of the barbering course is to give students the theoretical and practical training they need to pass the State Board Examination and find employment in the barber industry right away.

The course focuses on encouraging the development of positive habits and attitudes in the learner with regard to safety, sanitation, and health. It also promotes independence, readiness to help others, and an ethical approach to the barbering profession.

Course objectives and goals:

  • Students will learn about all aspects of barbering through classroom instruction as well as hands-on training.
  • To equip students for employment in a professional barbershop or salon
  • To foster relationships between employers and employees and to improve communication abilities 

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Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology  

Address 1: 1450 Barnum Avenue Bridgeport, CT 6610 

Address 2: 251 West Main Street, Branford, CT 6405 

Their goal is to give you a foundation in barbering and prepare you to join the elite group of licensed barbers.

They want to equip you with the knowledge, practical skills, and business acumen to help you graduate and get your barber license while also making you employable. You’ll receive the resources you need to be successful from them!

A series of learning steps that address specific tasks required for graduation and job entry-level skills make up the clock-hour education.

The tools, products, and equipment used in clinics are comparable to those in use in the sector.

Each student will receive instruction related to engaging in practical, innovative, and fruitful career-oriented activities.

The course Is taught using carefully thought-out lesson plans that take into account modern pedagogies. Lessons, demonstrations, and student participation are used to present topics. The course makes use of guest speakers, field trips, audio-visual aids, and other relevant teaching strategies.

Milady’s Standard of Professional Barbering is followed by the students. An extensive library of books, periodicals, audio/video tapes, and references is available to support the study program and round out the student’s education. Students should take advantage of the chance to use these extensive resources. 

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Ricci’s Academy of Cosmetology  

Address: 99 South Main Street, Newtown, CT 6470 

A fabulous full-service salon and academy called Ricci’s is situated in picturesque Newtown, Connecticut. They want to give you a completely rejuvenating and relaxing experience that is unmatched.

Every aspect of your visit, from the opulent facility to the knowledgeable and caring staff, is planned with your comfort and enjoyment in mind.

The Classics curriculum, which consists of 11 cut and 9 color techniques, is the main focus of the TONI&GUY Cosmetology program.

Graduates have a solid foundation in hairdressing, knowledge of products, cosmetics, and skincare, a grasp of the salon environment, and knowledge of how to advance their professional careers. 

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Shear Brilliance Institute of Hair Design  

Address: 495 Campbell Avenue West, New Haven, CT 6516 

Much information is not available about this school, however it has positive reviews online and the link below will take you directly to their Facebook page, as they do not own an official website. 

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Torrington Beauty Academy 

Address: 22 Water Street Torrington, CT 6790 

Torrington, Connecticut is home to the Torrington Beauty Academy. This college provides instruction for two certifications, including the Connecticut Cosmetology License and the Connecticut Cosmetology License (Barber).

Depending on the qualification, this education training can take anywhere between 6.3 and 9.4 months to complete. Most reviewers who were asked how they paid for their training said, “I paid for it myself.”

In addition to “Good teachers” and “Affordable,” respondents also highlighted “Positive environment” and “Good career preparation” as noteworthy benefits of attending Torrington Beauty Academy. Five reviews of Torrington Beauty Academy have been submitted, with an overall rating of 4.80. 100% of reviewers said they would tell a friend about Torrington Beauty Academy.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Barber

Through a thorough licensing procedure, the Examining Board for Barbers, Hairdressers, and Cosmeticians of the Connecticut Department of Public Health regulates the practice of barbering. According to the Board, barbering includes the following procedures carried out for aesthetic reasons on the head, face, and neck:

  • Applying lotions, powders, oils, clays, oils, and other cosmetic products to the face, neck, or scalp.
  • Hair cutting.
  • Applying hair tonic or dying one’s hair.
  • Providing scalp and facial massages.
  • Shampooing.
  • Shaving or beard trimming
  • Singeing.
  • Styling or cutting wigs and hair extensions. 

How To Become A Barber In Connecticut 

In order to practice as a barber in Connecticut, you must first obtain a license by following the procedures listed below:

1. Complete a Barber Program That has Been Approved

Completing a barber program with at least 1,500 hours of study that has been approved by the Connecticut State Board for Barbers and Hairdressers or is acknowledged by the Connecticut State Board of Education is the first requirement for obtaining a barber license in Connecticut.

You can find the Board’s current list of recognized barber schools here.

The following must be included in approved barber college programs: 

All content areas must have a theoretical component that is covered in class for at least 150 hours.

The rest of the time needs to be spent on supervised practice that is combined with ongoing theoretical and practical instruction.

Areas of theoretical content must include:

  • Hygiene and sanitation.

  • Physiology and anatomies.

  • Chemical techniques.

  • Treatment and care for hair.

  • Shaving, hair styling, and haircuts.

  • Professional and business relationships.

2. Submit a Prometric Exam Registration Form.

Once you have successfully completed a barbering program that has been approved, you must submit an exam registration form to Prometric in order to sit for the tests necessary for a Colorado barber license.

Prometric has a contract with the Department of Health to carry out its testing program. You must, therefore, mail the Exam Registration Form or complete it online at www.prometric.com/Connecticut/Cosmetology.

Prometric will send you an admission letter with the time, date, and location of your exam once they have processed your registration. When you show up for the exam, you must have your admissions letter with you. A written (theory) examination and a practical examination make up the barber examination. Both tests are given in the Greater Hartford region.

There are 80 multiple-choice questions on the closed-book Connecticut Barber Examination. You have two hours to finish the test.

After finishing your barber examinations, you can anticipate receiving a score report within 10 days. To pass the test, you need to get a score of at least 70%. After passing the barber examination, you must get in touch with the Department to start the next phase of the licensing procedure.

3. Apply for a Barber License in Connecticut.

Applying for your license is the last step in getting a barber license in Connecticut. The Department of Public Health must receive the Barber License Application filled out in full, signed, and notarized, along with a $100 application fee (made payable to Treasurer, State of Connecticut).

You will receive your Connecticut barber license once the Department has received your completed application and all required paperwork. 

4. Maintain Your Connecticut barber license’s validity.

All Connecticut barber licenses must be renewed every two years, and a $100 renewal fee must be paid at that time to keep your Connecticut barber license active.

Although many of these individuals in the personal care industry pursue education through coursework, seminars, and networking opportunities, there are no ongoing education requirements for barbers in Connecticut.

If they want to open their own barbershop, many barbers also decide to finish their studies in fields like management and marketing.

Any of the top barbershops in Connecticut may offer employment opportunities and contracted chair rental opportunities. 

How Much Do Barbers Earn In Connecticut? 

The typical annual salary for a barber in Connecticut is $47,051 as of September 9, 2022. In case you need a quick salary estimator, that comes out to about $22.62 per hour. This equates to $904 per week or $3,920 per month.

According to skill level, location, and years of experience, the average pay range for a barber can vary greatly (up to $28,632), indicating that there may be numerous opportunities for advancement and increased pay.

According to recent job posting activity on ZipRecruiter, there aren’t many employers hiring right now, making the Connecticut barber job market relatively quiet.

Out of 50 states, Connecticut is ranked 15th in terms of barber salaries.

How Long is Barber School in CT? 

Completing a barber program with at least 1,500 hours of study that has been approved by the Connecticut State Board for Barbers and Hairdressers or is acknowledged by the Connecticut State Board of Education is the first requirement for obtaining a barber license in Connecticut. 

How Much Does Barber School Cost in CT? 

Full-time enrollment at Ace Cosmetology and Barber Training Center costs $21,000 annually for Connecticut residents who live in the state, and $21,000 overall for out-of-staters. 

Do You Need a License to Cut Hair in Connecticut? 

Barbers, hairdressers, and estheticians in Connecticut are required to hold licenses from the Connecticut Department of Health Examining Board for Barbers, Hairdressers, and Cosmeticians; makeup artists are not currently subject to this requirement. 

Do You Need a License to Do Nails in CT? 

After January 1, 2021, no one may work as a nail technician in Connecticut unless they have a license from the Department of Public Health. 

Do You Need a License to Do Eyebrows in CT? 

No Connecticut license is necessary for those performing facials, pedicures, eyebrow archery, shampooing, manicures, or braiding, according to Connecticut General Statutes Section 20-250(4). 

Do Barbers Make More Money Than Hairdressers? 

A hairstylist’s work is not exactly the same as that of a barber. Men’s hair, mustaches, and beards are styled, dyed, cut, and trimmed by barbers in their line of work.

A barber makes, on average, $27,500 annually. But master barbers make significantly more money. 

What is a Female Barber Called? 

Many job titles no longer make gender distinctions. In the twenty-first century, it is common to refer to a female barber as “a barber.” The requirements for jobs are the same for men and women. 

Can a Barber Cut a Woman’s Hair?

Women are typically better off with a stylist unless they prefer a simple cut. Consider using a barber if you need your hair cut quickly and effectively. It’s unlikely that a barbershop will offer services for people who want color, highlights, or the newest, trendiest hairstyle. 

Is It Hard to Make a Living as a Barber? 

One of the benefits of barbering that you may not be aware of is a high salary. Barbering may not appear to be as prestigious as becoming a doctor or a lawyer, but it is an equally rewarding profession.

Barbers can make a good living, set their own hours, and become successful entrepreneurs. 

Is Owning a Barbershop Profitable? 

A barber shop owner’s average annual profit is $35,000. Many have reported profits of $70,000 or more, depending on location and the number of barbers employed. 

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