25 Top Autism Schools in Houston[Special Needs Schools]

As a parent in Houston with an autistic or disabled child, your number one priority is finding good autism schools in Houston for your child.

You go through life, wanting the best for your child and desiring for them to learn the skills to live successfully without your constant assistance. 

Autism schools in Houston understand and have the same goals for your child. Autism schools in Houston offer experienced staff,  programs, and attention to provide these special children with an opportunity to live an independent life filled with joy, relationships, self-worth, progress, and a family.  

Autism is perhaps one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the United States. Many children with autism have various introductions of the problem, however, it is exceptionally normal for it to influence their capacity to freely live.

Some of the time even a little change to their routine can cause extreme reactions, including tantrums and meltdowns. 

The List of Top Autism Schools In Houston

Here is a quick rundown of some of the top Autism Schools in Houston, what they offer and their websites. Study this thoroughly and make that life-changing choice for your child or loved one.

1. The Westview School

The Westview School is a private, non-profit school serving children with an autism spectrum disorder in Houston from ages 2 to 15 years. The school was established in 1981.

The mission of The Westview School is to provide a unique, specialized learning environment offering outstanding educational and social opportunities for children on the autism spectrum. 

The Westview School’s academic programs are composed of two main components: academics and social communication/social skills. This covers:

  • Early Childhood Development

  • Pre-Kindergarten

  • Kindergarten

  • Elementary

  • Middle School

Location: 1900 Kersten Drive Houston, Texas 77043

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2. Avondale House

Avondale House is an autism school in Houston established in 1976 by a group of parents of children with autism.

Avondale House is one of the few agencies in Houston that serves individuals living with moderate to severe autism from ages 3 years through their lifetime.

Its mission is to provide individuals with autism the resources, education and training to develop to their fullest potential.

They offer; Adult Day Program, Residential Program and also Employment services.

Location: 3737 O’Meara Drive Houston, Texas 77025.

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3. The Parish School and The Carruth Center

The Carruth Center is a multidisciplinary, pediatric therapy centre that offers speech, occupational, mental health and music therapy, as well as neuropsychological testing to special students.

The Parish School was established in 1983 and they have a class student-to-adult ratio of  5:1.

They offer programs such as:


  • Speech-Language Therapy

  • On-Site Pediatric Therapy clinic 

  • Art Therapy

  • Music Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Student & Family Services

Social Learning 

  • Social Thinking Groups
  • Camp Social Superheroes
  • Camp Connect

Location: 11001 Hammerly Blvd.Houston, Texas 77043

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4. The Briarwood School

Briarwood is an independent, non-profit, co-educational day school for children with learning differences and learning disabilities founded in 1966.

The goal of Briarwood is to provide a learning environment that fosters the total development of each student and builds academic skills, increases motivation, and bolsters self-esteem

Location: 12207 Whittington DriveHouston, TX  77077

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5. The Monarch School and Institute

The Monarch School and Institute is a special school in Houston that is globally recognized for providing life-changing opportunities for individuals with neurological differences.

This is achieved by combining academic rigour and therapeutic practices.

The Monarch Institute offers a comprehensive range of services that promote dramatic emotional, social, cognitive and academic development.

The monarch serves children with ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Communication Challenges, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Learning Challenges, Mood Disorders, Motor Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.


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6. The Joy School

The Joy School is a non-sectarian, independent, non-profit day school focused on meeting the unique needs of students who, although intellectually capable, have difficulty finding success in a traditional school environment.

The Joy School was founded in 1997, the School prepares students with learning differences to return to traditional classroom settings. 

This is achieved by enabling them to reach their academic and social potential in a safe, supportive environment. 

The Joy School serves students with  Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Social Pragmatic Disorders, and Language Delays Children in both Middle and High schools.

They offer services such as; Speech and Language Services and Summer Programs.


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7. Gateway Academy

Gateway Academy is a special school in Houston Texas founded in 2006. They serve 6th-12th grade students with academic and social challenges.

Gateway provides a curriculum that follows the Texas recommendations for high school graduation.

Gateway Academy offers these programs  :

  • Social/Emotional Program
  • Employment Skills Program
  • Transition and Transition fair programs
  • Summer Programs 

Location: 3721 Dacoma Street | Houston, Texas

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8. The Arbor School

The Arbor School is special in Houston established in 1988 to offer a place for special needs children ages 6 months to 3 years. 

The school has a student-teacher ratio of 2:1. The Arbor School has a unique approach to education as its curriculum is tailored to each student’s needs.

The Arbor’s program is based on the belief that all children have an extraordinary capacity to learn and will realize their greatest potential in a structured, purposeful environment.

The school offers  a 100% individualized curriculum with goals to meet each student’s needs

Location: 1919 Knoll StreetHouston, TX 77080

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9. Grand Oak Academy

Grand Oak Academy is an autism school in Houston that uses Applied Behavior Analysis principles.

This is to ensure that children with autism, speech delays or other types of developmental disabilities can receive a quality education at a comfortable pace.

They work with the State of Texas and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board as well as major insurance providers to ensure the right education for children with autism and related disorders.

Location: 1051 Pineloch Drive Suite 900 Houston, TX 77062

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10. The Next Step Academy

The Next Step Academy is an autism school in Houston that has been changing lives through therapeutic education since 2005. 

The Next Step Academy is a 501c3 non-profit organization and specializes in working with individuals who have Autism (ASD) and other developmental delays.

As well as Educational Services They also offer ABA Therapy, Therapy Services and other Extracurriculars.

Location: 5400 Mitchelldale St C1 Houston, Texas

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11. Maxwell’s House of Abilities

Maxwell’s House Of Abilities is a Nonprofit 501(c)3 Autism Center in Houston. 

Its mission is to support those on the Autism spectrum and their families.

They offer services such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Job opportunities and childcare for those with ASD. They also offer extracurricular.

Location: 3303 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77068, United States.

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12. Applied Behavior Learning Center

Applied Behavior Learning Center is an autism centre in Houston founded on the desire to provide comprehensive and innovative ABA therapy.

They also offer Applied Behavior Analysis, for children with autism and other developmental delays. 

Each case is treated with personal and passionate care, to strive for recovery, and to improve the lives of every client and family.

Some services they provide include:

Other Autism Schools In Houston

Location: 1418 Live Oak St. Houston, TX, 77003

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  • Texas Autism Academy

Location: 1009 Pruitt Rd. The Woodlands, TX 77380

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  • Rise School of Houston

Location: 5618 H. Mark Crosswell, Jr. Street.

Houston, TX 77021

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  • School Of The Woods Montessori

Location: 1321 Wirt Rd, Houston, Texas 77055.

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  • The Harris School

Location: 6210 Rookin St, Houston, TX 77074, USA.

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  • Tuttle School

Location: 12207 Whittington Drive Houston, TX  77077.

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  • Devereux School Texas – League City Campus

Location: 1150 DEVEREUX DR LEAGUE CITY, TX 77573.

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  • River Oaks Academy

Location: 10600 RICHMOND AVE HOUSTON, TX 77042.

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  • Distinct Abilities

Location: 14045 Space Center Blvd, Houston, TX 77062.

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  • Deady Middle School

Location: 2500 Broadway St, Houston, TX 77012.

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  • Plasticity centres

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  • Palico

Location: 11811 North Fwy Ste 500, Houston, TX 77060.

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  • The Woods Private School(TWPS)

Location: 15002 Lakewood Forest Dr, Houston, TX 77070, United States.

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  • Thinkers Education Center, Inc

Location: 10190 Katy Fwy #555a, Houston, TX 77043, États-Unis.

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Autistic Students have sensory, movement and communication differences and frequently require innovative and progressive approaches to help them learn and communicate.

At top autism schools in Houston, a student’s differences can never be an obstacle to their learning.

At autism schools in Houston Instead of focusing on specific programs, educators center around the student-fitting academic curriculum and social, and emotional support that is individualized for every student. 

This adaptability implies tutors meeting students precisely where they are so they can assist them with getting better.

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