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About Aptech Limited

Aptech means “Applied Pavement Technology, Inc”. Aptech is a renowned global education and training company which was set up as far back as 1986. Aptech has it’s headquarters in Mumbai India but then has several other 800 centres cutting across the whole of India. Not only that, they’re also operating in 40 other countries across continents .

What kind of trainings is Aptech involved in?

Aptech for over three decades now have gathered so much experience and momentum in Vocational skill acquisition and other non formal education curriculum based on several several training programs. Ever since 1986 when Aptech came into existence and with it’s 800+ centers all over the world, Aptech has successfully trained students in this Vocational skill acquisition and other non Formal education curriculum. Read on to discover aptech courses.

Who is qualified for a training at Aptech?

Aptech has a wide range of training centers all over the world. They however have courses for everyone. Either as a beginner who doesn’t have the basic computer knowledge to a software engineer who wishes to improve in his field or take global certification examination.

To join an Aptech center you need 12th pass or you should be a college student . However there are Aptech courses for IT engineers and graduates and high school graduates.

What are the Multi brands(Training Sectors) of Aptech?

Before we talk about aptech courses , we will need to talk about Aptech’s multi brands. This can be referred to as the streams/Brands of business through which Aptech carries out it’s trainings. They are grouped into two: The Individual training and the Entreprise Business group. and each of these Aptech brands have series of Aptech courses under their Jurisdiction. Below is a list of Aptech Multi brands, The first 7 belongs to the Individual Training category while the Last two belongs to the Enterprise business group. Here is the list:

  1. aptech Learning
  2. Aptech Aviation Academy
  3. MAAC( Maya Academy and Advanced Cenematics)
  4. Lakme Academy
  5. Aptech Montana International Preschool
  6. Arena Animation
  7. Aptech Global Training
  8. Aptech Training Solutions
  9. Aptech Assessment and Testing Solutions

List aptech courses

1 aptech Learning

Below is the aptech Learning courses list according to it’s categories .


APTECH CERTIFIED NETWORK SPECIALIST: This is one of the very vital aptech courses that introduces you to the fundamentals of computing and networking systems. You end up becoming a professional in Cloud computing , Red Hat System Administration and Microsoft Azure Solutions. Job Opportunities for you includes: Network support Engineer, Network Technician, Network Administrator, Windows server Administrator and Windows Azure Cloud Administrator.

APTECH CERTIFIED SECURITY AND ETHICAL HACKING SPECIALIST: This is one of the aptech courses that trains you in the various methodologies that hackers use Such methodologies include: risk management, interconnecting of network devices, securing of mobile devices and writing virus codes. At the end of your training you become a well trained Security Administrator or and Ethical hacker. The fees and duration also depends on the Aptech centre and location. A very essential course in the aptech courses list.

APTECH CERTIFIED CYBER FORENSICS INVESTIGATOR: This particular Aptech courses trains you from the fundamentals to the advanced level of Cyber Forensics. The kind of trainings you receive here are in depth and you get the opportunities to work on relevant projects and in the end you’re turned to a job ready professional. You stand the chances of becoming a Forensics Investigator or a Cyber Crime investigator.

NETLINK: The Netlink is another Aptech course that trains you in the aspect of Hardware and Networking, Providing you with all the fundamentals in the following areas; Cloud computing, Windows 10 configuration and installation , Hardware Networking and TroubleShooting(COMPTIA A+), Installing and Configuring Operating systems(COMPTIA A+), Fundamentals of Red Hat System Administration, Interconnecting Network Devices(CCCNA Routing and Switching) and finally Introduction to cloud computing. Job opportunities for you include: Network Administrator, Network support Engineer, IT Technician, Hardware Engineer and so much more.

PROFESSIONAL COURSES (aptech courses list)

APTECH CERTIFIED SOLUTIONS ASSOCIATE-WINDOWS 10: This particular course is one of the unique aptech courses because it trains you in the installing and configuration of windows 10. In the process you get to learn how to mange, configure and and maintain windows 10 enterprise systems. Job opportunities in this field includes becoming a Windows Desktop Administrator. Fees and Duration are dependent on Centre and location.

APTECH CERTIFIED SOLUTIONS ASSOCIATE-CLOUD PLATFORM: This is one of the aptech courses that gives students a clear understanding of the high availability features in the Windows Server 2016. You get to also learn the synchronization and implementation between AD DS and Azure AD. You could work as a Windows server administrator in any firm once you’re done with your training. You get trainings in the following areas:

  • Enterprise storage solutions on Window server (Exam 70-740)
  • Domain Administration using Windows server(Exam 70-742)
  • Network Administration Using Windows Server(Exam 70-741)
  • Project-windows server 2016 configuration

APTECH CERTIFIED SOLUTIONS ASSOCIATE-WINDOWS SERVER 2016: This Course is one of the strong aptech courses that trains you to master Microsoft Azure which can be used to develop infrastructural solutions for your enterprise or organization. You also gain expertise in the enhancing of existing solutions or deploying more solutions to the Azure platform using the Windows Azure Cloud. You could work as Windows Azure Cloud Administrator. What you get to learn includes:

  • Implementation of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • Project-Configuring cloud Platform.

SMART PRO ROUTING TECHNOLOGY: This is one of the top aptech courses where you get to learn the Fundamentals of the entry level network engineering. You’re taught how to maximize foundational networking knowledge. at the end of the training, You will end up becoming conversant with the planning, implementation, verification and trouble shooting of Local and wide area networks. Job Opportunities for you includes:

  • Router Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network support Engineer
  • Switching Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Network Consultant
  • System Integrator
  • Network Engineer.


IMPLEMENTING NETWORK SECURITY: This is a course that trains you in identifying the risks and vulnerabilities involved in Technology. When you’re done with your training, you stand a chance to become an expert in making data secure as well as protect the Information Technology Network Infrastructure of the Firm/Enterprise. That means at the end you have the ability to design, implement and support security for any networked device. Also at the end of your training you can work as a Hardware support Engineer or a Desktop support Executive and much more job opportunities await you. NOTE THAT FEES AND DURATION DEPENDS ON YOUR CENTRE AND LOCATION. .

ETHICAL HACKING: This is one of the most sought after Courses in the world, where you get to learn how to help companies secure their data and information from illegal exposure. You get to learn how to identify potential security weaknesses, you get to learn how to respond to malicious activities with experimental knowledge and you get to learn how to use the best methods t secure systems. You work as an Ethical hacker for firms.

VIDYA-HARDWARE and NETWORKING: In this course, you get to learn the Fundamentals of Hardware, Basics of networking, File sharing and computer security as well as Introduction to cloud computing. In the end, you get to work as a Hardware support engineer or a desktop support executive.


The kind of courses you get to find in this field includes:

  • Java/OST/NET
  • Mobile App Development
  • Advanced Excel
  • GST
  • Big Data Hadoop
  • SQL and MySQL
  • MIS Advanced
  • Python
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Network Engineering

BANKING AND FINANCE COURSES: In this particular course, you get trainings in the following areas:

  • Aptech certified Banking Services/Products
  • Aptech certified Finance Services/Products
  • Aptech Certified Equity Dealing
  • Program in Financial Sales

ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION COURSES: In this category, you get to be trained in the following areas of your choice:

  • Spoken English Skills
  • Accent Training
  • English Improvement
  • Business Communication Skills
  • English for Beginners
  • 30 Days English
  • IELTS Preparation
  • TOEFL Preparation

2 Aptech Aviation Academy

Below are the aptech Courses for it’s Aviation academy.

  • AVIATION: you get trainings pertaining to the Aviation Industry which will make u become a professional in airport Management> Opportunities are their for you in the domestic and International airports and various other airlines. This obviously is one of the top Aptech courses.
  • HOSPITALITY: Here you’re trained to become a professional in anything hospitality in hotels, cruise ships, Vacation resorts, Industrial catering and other similar segments.
  • TRAVEL AND TOURISM: Here you get trained in anything Travel and Tourism since the number of tourists are on a rapid expansion each year.
  • RETAIL: There are businesses springing up each year as well as dozens of new malls springing up. Trained personnel in this sector is in high demand.
  • EVENT MANAGEMENT: You’re trained to organize big and glamorous events such as music concerts, exhibitions, corporate events, trade shows and fundraisers.

3 Lakme Academy Aptech

Below are the aptech Courses for Lakme Academy

  • COSMETOLOGY: Here you’re taught how to alter a dull skin into a bright one. Treating Fussy hair, healing puffy eyes and beautifying cracked nails are few of the things you get at your finger tips.
  • SKIN COURSES: Having a healthy and glowing skin is the dream of everyone. Choosing this course, you’re thought how to become a professional beauty therapist as well as a professional in skin and skin treatments .
  • HAIR COURSES: Become a professional in hair styling, hair treatments and hair cutting.
  • MAKE UP COURSES: Here you gain the right skill to become a make up artist, Bridals, airbrush, corporate and so much more.
  • NAIL ART COURSES: This is a short term course that teaches all kinds of nail art including acrylic nail extensions.
  • MANICURE AND PEDICURE: At the end of your training you get to have the ability to deliver manicure and pedicure services.
  • SALON MANAGEMENT: You end up joining the beauty and wellness industry but now in the management level.

4 MAAC Aptech ( Maya Academy and Advanced Cinematic)

Below are the Aptech Courses for MAAC Aptech

  • 3D ANIMATION: Here you get to learn all aspects of animation and Film making
  • VISUAL EFFECTS: Here you learn how to create high quality visual effects for Films, games, TV and for advertisement. Trained personnel in this field play crucial roles in almost every movie these days.
  • GAME DESIGNING: Here you learn how to create games for PC, Laptops, Mobile phones and Tablets.
  • AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY: In this course, you get to learn how to use the latest technologies and software to take care of the growing demand of Virtual reality and mixed reality content.
  • BROADCAST: In this course you get to learn the various communication methods which primarily includes televisions and Radio. You’re exposed to the old and latest technologies that are used in this field.
  • MULTIMEDIA AND DESIGN: Here they teach you how to make a career in graphics , print, publishing and web designing.



What are the training sectors you will find in Aptech Ltd?

Below are a few of the Sectors you will find yourself in Aptech Ltd :

  1. Information Technology
  2. Media and Entertainment
  3. Retail and Aviation
  4. Beauty and Wellness
  5. Banking and Finance
  6. Pre schools education for Children
  7. Animation and Multimedia Training
  8. High-End 3D animation and VFX education
  9. Hardware and Networking etc
  10. English Language and so many others.

What are the Course Domains/Categories for students in Aptech?

Courses in Aptech are grouped into four, This means whatever course you find below must fall under these listed categories.

  1. Career Starter Courses
  2. Career builder courses
  3. Career professional courses
  4. Corporate training

What is Aptech Fees?

Aptech fees depends on the course and program you have chosen as well as the Location and country.

Is Aptech Acredited?

NCC EDUCATION is a top awarding body in the United Kingdom, therefore Aptch is an NCC EDUCATION accredited centre which enables students who enroll to study in their home countries and in the end they obtain a dual diploma.

What does Aptech do?

Aptech can be said to be a global Learning solutions company that provides education and trainings to individuals and all kinds of customers all over the world. This company helps individuals and companies adapt to the recent changes and requirements in this knowledge driven world.


Learning keeps your mind engaged and also keeps your body active. Signing up with Aptech will not only give you new experiences but also will train your brain to handle wide range of challenges and in all gets to ready for the labor market.

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