31 Top University of Washington PhD Programs

Do you want to go to graduate school at the University of Washington? Are you in search of the University of Washington PhD programs? 

Are you in need of programs that fit your needs? Allow us to save you through The University of Washington Ph.D. programs, which include a variety of Specialties prospective students could choose from. Read on to find out more. 

The University of Washington has a rich history dating back to 1861 and has been a center for learning, innovation, and community building. 

Committed to serving the greater good, the institution’s students, faculty, and staff, driven by a mission, address pressing challenges with courage and creativity. They make a positive impact not only in Washington state but also globally. 

With a notable ranking and offering 122 Ph.D. programs, the university continues its tradition of fostering academic excellence and making a difference in society. They educate a diverse student body, preparing them to become responsible global citizens and future leaders. 

The variety of Ph.D. programs offered by The University of Washington covers different fields, allowing individuals to engage in advanced research and academic specialization. 

Prospective students are encouraged to reflect on the considerable investment of time and resources that pursuing a graduate degree entails. 

While the journey is demanding, it can also be a fulfilling and enlightening experience as part of one’s progression in life.

Graduate School  

The Graduate School at UW is the administrative hub for all its Ph.D. programs. It provides information on admissions, funding, and resources for graduate students.

UW emphasizes research opportunities for graduate students, providing access to cutting-edge projects and collaborations.

The UW Libraries play a crucial role in supporting PhD students with extensive resources, research materials, and assistance.

With a diverse range of academic pursuits, over 15,000 graduate students at the University of Washington are engaged in learning, exploration, and innovation. 

Spanning disciplines from drama to dentistry, philosophy to public policy, and English to engineering, the university hosts a broad spectrum of graduate programs, totaling over 300, distributed across its three campuses. 

Prospective students are encouraged to explore the variety of graduate degree programs and certificates available to identify the one that aligns with their educational goals and interests.

Read on as we learn more about UW’s extensive list of Ph.D. programs ranging from sciences, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and more.

Application Process 

The Graduate School at the University of Washington welcomes applications from U.S. citizens, permanent residents, immigrants, and international candidates, including undocumented individuals. 

The admission criteria and application procedures are consistent for all applicants, regardless of citizenship or visa status. 

The commitment to equity and justice is a fundamental aspect of their approach.

Application Types include:

  • Graduate students pursue master’s or doctoral degrees and must be admitted to a graduate program to earn a degree.
  • Visiting graduate students intend to transfer a limited number of graduate credits to their home institution while actively pursuing a graduate degree.
  • Graduate non-matriculated (GNM) students are not seeking a degree but can apply up to 12 graduate-level credits toward future degree requirements if later accepted into a graduate program. Holding or expecting F-1 or visitor visas makes students ineligible for GNM status.

In the application process for University of Washington graduate programs, applicants can directly apply to their chosen program. 

The Graduate School plays a key role by setting minimum admission standards, facilitating the online application process, handling visa-related documentation (I-20s and DS-2019s), verifying final degree transcripts for admitted applicants, and assessing English proficiency requirements for non-native English speakers. 

The application deadlines for University of Washington graduate programs are set individually by each program’s faculty and can be found in the respective program listings.

Let’s Discover more information on Funding and Financial Aid options available to Ph.D. students at UW.

Funding and Financial Aid 

  • Tuition and Fees 

Tuition and fees make up a large part of the cost of attending graduate school but don’t forget about living expenses, travel, and other incidentals.

The cost of attending Graduate School at the UW is dependent on several factors, including what degrees you’re pursuing, what school or college you’re affiliated with, and whether or not you are a resident of the State of Washington. 

  • Financial Assistance

Financial assistance can take many forms. These include: 

  • Fellowships

Fellowships (also known as grants and scholarships) are competitive awards that generally do not require work in exchange for the funds. They are intended to fund academic study and research.

  • Loans/Works-Study

Student Loans are financial obligations that must be repaid. Participating in the Federal/State Work Study program is a way to help pay for education while gaining experience by working part-time.

  • On-Campus Jobs

The UW’s job and internship board, Handshake, features a constantly updated and rotating selection of campus positions available to current UW students. 

  • General UW Employment (not work-study)

Additionally, students are welcome to search and apply for jobs available to the general public at the UW Hires website.

The List of University of Washington PhD Programs 

The University of Washington (UW) comprises a variety of schools and colleges, each focusing on specific academic disciplines. 

The major schools at UW encompass a range of Ph.D. programs across various fields, including Medicine and health, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Arts, Design and architecture, Humanities, Education and training, Engineering and Technology, Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences, Computer Science & IT, Business & Management, Agriculture & Forestry, Journalism & Media, and Law.

Below are some of the vast varieties of Ph.D. Programs offered at the University of Washington 

  • University of Washington School of Medicine Ph.D. Programs
  • University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences Ph.D. programs 
  • University of Washington School of Law Ph.D. programs 
  • University of Washington Foster School of Business Ph.D. Programs
  • University of Washington School of Engineering Ph.D. Programs
  • University of Washington  School of Public Health Ph.D. Programs
  • University of Washington, School of Nursing Ph.D. Programs

University of Washington School of Medicine Ph.D. Programs 

The UW School of Medicine is a leading institution in medical education, research, and patient care. Offers MD and various graduate programs in medical-related fields.

The University of Washington School of Medicine is dedicated to improving the general health and well-being of the public. In pursuit of its goals, the School is committed to excellence in biomedical education, research, and healthcare.

UW Medicine is a leading academic research institution, consistently receiving top National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. 

The institution emphasizes collaboration and interdisciplinary programs, offering internationally acclaimed graduate and postdoctoral training to prepare students for impactful contributions within a diverse research community. 

Ph.D. & research programs include: 

  • Biomedical graduate education programs
  • Research facilities & resources
  • Research events & training
  • Contact PhD & Research Program

The Medical Scientist Training Program provides exceptional medical education, incorporating options for students interested in combining clinical care with social impact. It also offers research opportunities within a cutting-edge biomedical research center. The program actively encourages applications from individuals traditionally underrepresented in medicine, those with disabilities, and veterans.

University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences Ph.D. programs 

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest and most diverse college at UW, covering a wide range of disciplines in the arts, humanities, and natural sciences.

The University of Washington’s College of Arts and Sciences offers various Ph.D. programs across different disciplines within the arts, humanities, and sciences. 

While the availability of specific programs may change, here are some examples of Ph.D. programs that the College of Arts and Sciences typically offers:

  • English Language and Literature: – [PhD in English]
  • History: – Ph.D. in History 
  • Psychology: – Ph.D. in Psychology 
  • Philosophy:  – Ph.D. in Philosophy 
  • Political Science: – PhD in Political Science
  • Chemistry: – Ph.D. in Chemistry 
  • Physics: – Ph.D. in Physics 
  • Sociology:  – Ph.D. in Sociology 

University of Washington School of Law Ph.D. programs 

The UW School of Law is renowned for its legal education, research, and commitment to social justice. Offers Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Laws (LLM), and Ph.D. programs.

The Ph.D. in Law prepares graduates for global leadership in the judiciary, academia, business, and government. Since 1966, the program has offered a select number of diverse students the opportunity to attain their highest professional aspirations and career goals. 

UW Law stands as a leading institution for interdisciplinary legal studies, offering a global perspective and innovative integration of legal scholarship across various fields. 

The Ph.D. program is crafted to deliver a comprehensive foundation in research methodologies, jurisprudence, legal theory, policy, and dissertation preparation. 

It provides access to specialized elective coursework from the law school and university-wide research centers, with individualized attention from distinguished faculty. 

The program boasts a respected history, fostering a global alumni network with committed mentors and leaders across various sectors worldwide.

University of Washington Foster School of Business Ph.D. Programs  

The Foster School of Business is recognized for its high-quality business education, research, and innovative programs. Programs: Offers undergraduate, MBA, and specialized master’s programs.

The Ph.D. Program in Business Administration is a research-focused initiative aimed at cultivating scholars with expertise in the latest developments within their discipline. 

It emphasizes the ability to contribute to the advancement of knowledge relevant to business education and practice. 

While the program is designed primarily for those pursuing academic careers, it also benefits individuals seeking research roles in business, government, or consulting firms.

University of Washington School of Engineering Ph.D. Programs  

The School of Engineering is a hub for cutting-edge research and education in engineering disciplines. Offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various engineering fields, as well as graduate programs for engineers to grow their skills, boost their careers, or delve into academic research. 

Many engineering departments have full-time, research-focused graduate programs that culminate in a Ph.D. as well as professional master’s programs that can accommodate your work schedule. 

Certificate programs are also available at selected departments. PhD programs in this category include: 

  • Doctor of Philosophy Aeronautics & Astronautics 
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Bioengineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering  
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering  
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering    
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Human Centered Design & Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering    
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science & Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

University of Washington  School of Public Health Ph.D Programs 

The School of Public Health is committed to advancing public health through education, research, and community engagement. Offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs in public health.

Graduate Programs provide students with the rigorous academic skills, practical experience, and multidisciplinary studies that will enable them to meet future public health challenges. 

The University of Washington offers graduate degrees in the following areas:

  • Ph.D. in Biostatistics
  • PhD in Biostatistics – Statistical Genetics Pathway
  • Ph.D. in Epidemiology 
  • Ph.D. in Global Health Metrics & Implementation Science
  • Ph.D. in Pathobiology 
  • Ph.D. in Health Services
  • Ph.D. in Public Health Genetics
  • Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences

University of Washington, School of Nursing PhD Programs

The UW School of Nursing Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science (Ph.D.) program faculty are global leaders in nursing science. 

The UW Ph.D. program in nursing attracts a global community of scholars, fostering learning from renowned researchers. 

With a holistic perspective on nursing science, the program, designed for diverse backgrounds, offers tailored mentorship through technology-driven instruction. 

Accepting applicants with a baccalaureate degree in any field aims to cultivate premier leaders in nursing research. 

The flexible and individualized curriculum accommodates varying program lengths, allowing students to contribute substantially to healthcare knowledge through original research.


The University of Washington is Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and is a member of the Association of American Universities. 


UW has additional schools and colleges dedicated to other disciplines, including education, information, environment, oceanography, and more. 

Each school operates independently, contributing to the overall academic excellence of the university. 

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