16 Top Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan

This guide contains the scholarships for undergraduate students in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a long history of being the top Asian location for students looking to study abroad, despite not being one of the world’s initial study-abroad destinations. 

However, International students will find that the nation has a lot to offer, including a diverse population, beautiful scenery, and renowned academic institutions. 

Over 200 cutting-edge institutions and more than 2000 colleges make up Pakistan’s sophisticated network, which is renowned for offering both domestic and foreign students high-quality education.

Its state-of-the-art educational facilities are designed to offer specialized training in the fields of agriculture, management, engineering, information technology, pharmacy, business administration, the arts, social sciences, commerce, sciences, humanities, and medicine. 

There are further scholarships available from the Pakistani government for both domestic and foreign students. 

Therefore, there won’t be any financial obligations on your part to study in Pakistan, including tuition and travel expenses.

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Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan

1. Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan

Azad Kashmir, Jammu, and Kashmir refugee students would receive an educational stipend, according to the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan. 

Students who are A.K. Nationals/J&K Refugees and have been nominated by this Ministry, Secretary, Nomination Board, AJ&K, or who have been admitted on the basis of general merit to recognized institutions in Pakistan and AJ&k  are invited to submit applications on the prescribed forms for the awarding of new stipends. 

Only students who are A.K. nationals or J&K refugees are eligible to use this application.

The students of the applicant will be given consideration for grant stipends based on the specified quota set aside for A.K. nationals and J&K refugees, as well as their academic achievement in the disciplines listed below and compliance with the following requirements. 

Areas of Study Eligible for KANA Scholarship for Kashmiri Students

  • MBA
  • MPA
  • M. Com
  • Pharmacy
  • BCS
  • B. Com
  • B.Sc(Hon. Agri)
  • B.sc(Geology)
  • B.sc(Engg/B.Tech)


2. US Sister To Sister Summer Exchange Program

Female Pakistani students can take advantage of fully-funded summer semesters at US universities through the Sister To Sister Exchange program. 

Additionally, the program aims to empower young Pakistani women to enroll in summer undergraduate programs at US Universities, preparing them for future job options in Pakistan or overseas. 

All female students enrolled in any college, university, or institute who have completed 12 years of education are eligible to apply. Final-year students are not permitted to apply, though.


3. Scotland Pakistan Scottish Scholarship

The Scottish Government is providing undergraduate (BS) scholarships for young women and girls to study in any university in Pakistan that is accredited by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). 

The Scottish Government provides funding for the scholarships. Undergraduate scholarships for a four-year bachelor’s degree are also available through Scotland Pakistan Scholarships for Young Women and Girls. 

The British Council will oversee the program in Pakistan and communicate directly or through designated university focal points with a select group of academics and institutions.

Scholarship Subjects for Pakistani Students in Scotland 

The scholarship will only pay the cost of a four-year bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields at a Pakistani university recognized by the HEC:

  • Education 
  • Sustainable Energy
  •  food Security 
  • Agriculture 
  • health Sciences


4. Mines Labor Welfare Commissioner PUNJAB Scholarship

The Government of Punjab’s Mines Labour Welfare Commissioner gives scholarships to miners’ kids. 

Students enrolling in foundational courses for Master’s degree programs are eligible to apply for scholarships. 

The Mines Labour Welfare Commissioner Office would also give the pupils an annual stipend. A scholarship application can be submitted for up to two kids per family. 

Furthermore, applications for scholarships may be submitted at the Mines Labour Welfare offices, which have locations throughout various cities.


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5. HEC Undergraduate Scholarship For GB Students

Undergraduate scholarships for Gilgit Baltistan students to attend top Pakistani universities and institutions have been announced by the Higher Education Commission. 

Scholarship applications are accepted from students planning to enroll in undergraduate studies (four- or five-year BS programs) at public sector universities or degree-granting institutes (DAIs) approved by the HEC. 

The “Undergraduate Scholarship Program for the Students of Gilgit-Baltistan at Top Pakistani Universities/Institutions” programme is offering scholarships for the academic year 2022–2023 in all fields of study and disciplines.

The following are covered by the scholarship: 

  • Maximum annual fees for tuition, hostel fees, and other costs are Rs. 240,000. 
  • Monthly payout of Rs. 15,000 
  • A 30,000 rupee annual allowance for books and trips.

HEC Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements for GB Students 

  • A domicile or local certificate for Gilgit-Baltistan is required of applicants. 
  • The Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC), or equivalent, must have been earned by applicants. 
  • Consideration will be given to students from Gilgit-Baltistan who have successfully finished or passed their SSC, HSSC, or equivalent. 
  • Applicants who have already received a scholarship from another source are ineligible to apply. 
  • Any university or institution in Pakistan’s public sector will accept applications from applicants. 
  • Any additional costs above those listed in PC-1, however, are the responsibility of the student. 
  • As of the deadline for application submission, the age limit is 22. 
  • To be admitted to BS programs, candidates must meet HEC and university requirements.


6. 600 Scholarships In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia (KSA) For Pakistan Students

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced 600 fully paid scholarships for Pakistani students at 25 Saudi universities. 

The scholarships are available for diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs in the Kingdom. Students living in Pakistan as well as Pakistanis living abroad in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are both eligible to apply for these scholarships. 

While 25% of the scholarships would go to overseas Pakistani students living in Saudi Arabia, 75% of the seats are allocated for students from Pakistan.

All academic disciplines are eligible for the scholarships. Science students will get a monthly stipend of 900 Saudi Riyals (SR), while humanities students would receive a stipend of 850 SR. 

The complete tuition fee as well as additional costs are also covered by the scholarship.

Saudi Arabia Scholarship for Pakistani Students includes the following benefits: 

  • 900 Saudi Riyal (SR) per month for science students and 850 SR for humanities students. 
  • Free accommodation. 
  • Return plane tickets 
  • If the student is married, he or she will receive free medical care. 
  • 3 months’ graduation allowance for book shipment 
  • Subsided dinner on campus.

How to Apply for a Scholarship: 

Students must apply directly on the University’s website/online portal. 

Each university has its own eligibility criteria and application deadlines; students should examine the webpage for each discipline/course/eligibility university’s criteria. 

Applicants should send a copy of their application to the Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh’s official email address. 

Following that, the Embassy will work with the Saudi Ministry of Education to secure scholarship funding.

Saudi Arabia Scholarships Requirements: 

  • Candidates must be citizens of Pakistan or the AJK. 
  • Male and female students can enroll in bachelor’s programs from the ages of 17 to 25, master’s programs from the ages of 30 to 35, and doctoral programs from the ages of less than 35. 
  • When applying for the Saudi Scholarship, the applicant cannot be holding any other scholarships.
  • The candidate must not have any prior convictions.


7. Comsats Labor Quota Scholarship And Admission Under Punjab Worker Welfare Board

Full scholarships are available for all single-degree programs at COMSATS Lahore and Islamabad Campus to laborers, miners, and/or their children through the Punjab Workers Welfare Board (PWWB). 

In all single-degree programs, COMSATS has set aside 30% of the seats for employees and/or their dependents. 

All expenditures incurred by PWWB Quota students must be covered by the Labour department of the Punjabi government. 

The PWWB Scholarship includes:

  • Tuition fee
  • Hostel fee 
  • transportation cost.


8. Baba Guru Nanak Scholarship For Hindu And Sikh Community

For the academic year and if they are required to continue their education, qualified applicants would receive Rs 10,000 per month. 

Continuation of the scholarship will depend on how well each student performs on their individual tests.

The scholarship is open to students from the Hindu and Sikh communities in Pakistan who are enrolled in private schools and colleges as well as those who attend government schools.

The necessary paperwork for the Baba Guru Nanak Scholarship 

  • Intermediate and Matriculation Certificates and Marksheets from a Reputable Board or College 
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s computerized identification card or a NADRA Form B. 
  • The applicant should be between the ages of 17 and 22. 
  • Copy of the applicant’s father’s or guardian’s electronic identity card 
  • Applicants’ father’s or guardian’s pay stub or other evidence of income


9. PUNJAB Govt Minority Affairs HRMA Scholarship

Scholarships for minority students are announced by the Human Resource and Minority Affairs Department of the Punjabi government. 

Minority students studying from Matric through Ph.D. level may apply for the award. The chosen deserving students from minority groups will get a fixed annual stipend. 

Students enrolling in PhD programs and professional undergraduate degree programs will receive an annual stipend of PKR: 50,000. 

For students participating in postgraduate courses, such as MA, MSc, and MPhil programs, the fixed fee is PKR: 35000/-. 

The R & I Branch of the Department of Human Resource and Minority Affairs, Government of Punjab, is where the application should be sent.

Eligibility requirements for the 2022 Punjab Government HRMA Minorities Scholarship 

The award is open to minorities enrolled full-time in a government institution. 

students who attend provincial or federal government institutions in the province of Punjab. 

students who reside in Punjab. 

must have obtained a minimum of 50% on the previous test. 

No monthly revenue should be greater than PKR 34,800.

Application procedures for minority scholarships 

  • The application form must be submitted to the signatory along with all necessary paperwork. 
  • The officer of the 17th grade must certify all academic credentials. 
  • All certificates of completion, result cards, and equivalent degrees. 
  • The candidate’s place of residence 
  • three passport-size photos. 
  • The department head or controller for the semester system examination issues the certificate with a number or percentage. 
  • Income documentation on the application form, attested by a gazetted officer.


10. Undergraduate Semester Exchange Program In USA Universities

The Global UGRAD 2023 for Pakistani students has been announced by the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP). 

Under UGRAD, Pakistani students enrolled in a Pakistani university have the opportunity to spend one semester studying in a university in the United States. 

The Global UGRAD-Pakistan program offers a non-degree program for a semester at a university in the United States that allows for cultural and academic exchange. 

The 14th or 15th year of formal education is the minimum requirement for applicants to this program. Students enrolled in bachelor’s programs lasting two or four years may submit an application.

Grant from UGRAD Covers 

  • Round-trip flight tickets 
  • Tuition and fees
  • Accommodation and meals
  •  A monthly allowance for books
  • Insurance for accidents and illness.

eligibility requirements for the USA study exchange program run by UGRAD in 2023 

  • Be a citizen of Pakistan and 25 years of age or younger. 
  • The applicant must be presently enrolled in college or university and committed to returning to their alma maters after the program is over. 
  • strong potential for leadership in their extracurricular activities at school and in the community. 
  • A sincere desire to learn more about the high standard of academic accomplishment in the United States, as shown by grades, honors, and recommendation letters. 
  • knowledge of English .
  • Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, especially those who haven’t had the chance to travel abroad before.


Other undergraduate scholarship programs include;

  • Mora Scholarship For Minorities


  • UMT DR Hassan Murad Engineering  Scholarship


  • CM Education Endowment Fund KP CMEEF Scholarship.


  • BEEF fully Funded BALOCHISTAN Balochistan Scholarship.


  • Imsciences Peshawar Scholarships


  • Sindh Education Endowment Fund SEEF Scholarship.


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Frequently Asked Questions On Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in Pakistan

Who is qualified to receive a scholarship in Pakistan?

An undergraduate curriculum lasting three to four years or a two-year graduate program is required of all students. 

To be eligible to apply for this award, students must be enrolled in their first semester of study. 

Which institutions in Pakistan provide full scholarships?

  • National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad.
  • Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi.
  • Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.
  • PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi.
  • University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.
  • University of Agriculture, Peshawar


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