34 Top Special needs schools in Canada| Tuition & Location (private schools)

How much do Special needs schools in Canada cost?

Special needs schools in Canada vary in cost. The dedicated private schools have annual tuition between $20, 000 and $100, 000.

Also, there are schools with part-time special needs support. However, the tuition of the private part-time special needs schools has their tuition ranging between $15,000 and $50,000 a year.

In addition to that, schools offering remediation, such as therapeutic interventions, are sometimes costlier than those offering accommodations or even modifications.

Other schools offering support for developmental disabilities such as autism or Down syndrome, cost more than the special needs schools that support students with learning disabilities like dyslexia. Find out more about how much special needs schools cost.

However, there are different kinds of funding and aid for special needs schools.

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How to fund your child in the private special needs school

There are different ways that you can pay for private special needs schools in Canada. There are many types of funding and aid available. The main sources of funding for the special needs schools include:

  • Financial aid from schools
  • Government funding
  • Support from community or charitable organizations
  • Sibling discounts
  • Tax relief

Advantages and disadvantages of special needs schools and programs

There are many benefits associated with special needs schools. Here are some of the advantages of special needs schools:


They provide the necessary support:

Special needs schools provide the necessary support that students need to get the best of their education. They provide remediation, accommodations, and modifications.

They have qualified teachers:

Teachers at the special needs schools have specialized training when it comes to special education.

Differentiated instruction:

Instructions are tailored to individual students with the aim of meeting their unique learning needs.

Special resources and services:

You will find most resources and services in these special needs schools in Canada. Services like; language therapy, physical and occupational therapy as well as learning aids.


Lack of integration:

At special needs schools, students may only learn and interact with peers with special needs as well. This doesn’t get them exposed very well.

The stigma:

The label “special needs” can have a stigma or negative connotation. 

Lack of social growth:

Students in special needs schools lack social relations, in the sense that kids in these schools end up having problems in relating well with other kids outside the school environment.

Transition to a regular school: Some students find the transition from a special needs school or program to a regular school very challenging. 

List of private special needs schools in Canada

  • ACK-Autism Centre for kids
  • Agora Prep
  • AIM Without Limits
  • Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning
  • Arrowsmith School
  • Astolot Educational Centre
  • AVRO Academy
  • Brighton Launch
  • Brighton School
  • Calgary Academy & Calgary Collegiate
  • Centennial Academy
  • Crestwood School
  • Dewey Institute
  • Edelweiss Private Academy
  • Esprit Academy
  • Foothills Academy
  • Heritage Academy of Learning Excellence
  • Holy Family Achievement School of Académie Ste-Cécile
  • Junior Academy
  • Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School
  • Magnificent Minds
  • March Academy
  • New Haven Learning Centre
  • Oakwood Academy
  • Rundle Academy & Rundle Studio
  • TEAM School
  • The Claremont School
  • The Dunblaine School
  • The Learning Common
  • The YMCA Academy
  • Toronto STEM School
  • Vianney Academy
  • Whytecliff Agile Learning Centres
  • Wildwood Academy

Below are the special needs schools in Canada with their location and tuition.

When considering the special needs schools in Canada, inquiring about their tuition is one of the things you shouldn’t fail to do.

There are many special needs schools in Canada with flexible payment plans that can allow you to adjust your monthly payments in order to meet your financial constraints.

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ACK-Autism Centre for kidsVaughan, Ontario$35,000
Agora PrepAurora, Ontario$12,500 – $12,850
AIM Without LimitsRichmond Hill, Ontario$19,000
Applewood Academy for Progressive LearningBelleville, Ontario$27,500 – $29,750
Arrowsmith SchoolToronto, Ontario$30,000
Astolot Educational CentreOttawa, Ontario$14,500 – $16,500
AVRO AcademyNorth York, Ontario$15,175
Brighton LaunchToronto, Ontario$18,900 – $27,900
Brighton SchoolToronto, Ontario$26,000
Calgary Academy & Calgary CollegiateCalgary, Alberta$14,600 – $18,980
Centennial AcademyMontreal, Quebec$19,950
Crestwood SchoolToronto, Ontario$18,000 – $27,300
Dewey InstituteBracebridge, Ontario$18,000 – $36,950
Edelweiss Private AcademyOttawa, Ontario$17,950 – $20,000
Esprit AcademyToronto, Ontario$24,500
Foothills AcademyCalgary, Alberta$15,600
Heritage Academy of Learning ExcellenceOttawa, Ontario$15,400 – $18,000
Holy Family Achievement School of Académie Ste-CécileWindsor, Ontario$20,000
Junior AcademyToronto, Ontario$22,500 – $30,000
Kenneth Gordon Maplewood SchoolNorth Vancouver, British Columbia$25,150 – $26,200
Magnificent MindsNorth York, Ontario$20,000 – $26,000
March AcademyKanata, Ontario$16,000
New Haven Learning CentreEtobicoke, Ontario$200 – $64,000
Oakwood AcademyMississauga, Ontario$20,180 – $68,860
Rundle Academy & Rundle StudioCalgary, Alberta$15,990 – $18,450
TEAM SchoolMississauga, Ontario$19,055 – $22,000
The Claremont SchoolToronto, Ontario$16,000 – $21,500
The Dunblaine SchoolToronto, Ontario$20,900
The Learning CommonToronto, Ontario$19,500
The YMCA AcademyToronto, Ontario$24,500
Toronto STEM SchoolToronto, Ontario$13,000
Vianney AcademyMississauga, Ontario$15,000
Whytecliff Agile Learning CentresLangley, British Columbia$4,900 – $19,500
Wildwood AcademyOakville, Ontario$26,000
Source: https://www.ourkids.net/school/special-needs-school-costs.php

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