30 Recruitment Agencies in Thailand-The Top Agencies

After graduation, getting a good job is almost everyone’s goal.

This is because having a good job that matches your preferences, experiences and things learned will bring money to support life.

However, finding a good job sometimes is not easy. 

For those who are looking for gold, we have compiled the top recruitment agencies in Thailand and made sure they passed the necessary criteria to be listed which are:

The recruitment agency must be legally registered

There are many deceptions to be seen nowadays. If we are not careful, we may have to lose money without reason.

Plus, it can’t work. So the first thing to look at is legal registration. Because at least you can be confident that it will be a good company and not open to scams.

Long experience and excellent results

A good recruitment agency should be highly skilled and experienced. as well as having credible and accepted past results.

The number of people who get jobs should be able to tell you this very well.

Transparency in Payments

Employment agencies must not request double payments. And while applying and still not getting a job, it’s still not reasonable to call for a service fee. The work should be accomplished first.

The List of Top Recruitment Agencies in Thailand

As we mentioned earlier, for those who are looking for gold, we have compiled the top recruitment agencies in Thailand which you can begin your journey with.

Pasona Recruitment Agency

Pasona HR Consulting Recruitment (Thailand) was established in December 2012. The office is located in Bangkok.

The agency’s aim is to meet the global human resource needs of Japanese companies.

Based on the concept of global management since its inception, which is “to solve the problems of society”, the Pasona Group has also set up a diverse employment infrastructure.

Nowadays, globalization continues to evolve with an amazing increase in the number of Japanese companies in Thailand.

Benefits of applying for a job with Pasona

– There are a variety of job positions to choose from:

The strength of recruitment agencies is that they have the potential to reach a greater group of job applicants than most companies advertise themselves.

Here are people who are interested in the position and come in for many interviews per day which are all preliminary selections of candidates.

This makes the chances of getting people who meet the requirements the company needs much higher.

The recruitment agency will help select the preliminary qualifications of applicants.

This saves time in the selection of people who do not meet the requirements causing many companies to pay a service fee to facilitate and get effective people for the organization. 

Recruitment agencies have many interesting positions waiting for you. Therefore, applying for a job with one will increase your chances of getting a job that is right for you. Because there are many different job positions for you to choose from.

 – Able to choose the job position accordingly:

At this stage, the candidate can specify the desired job, including the location of the work, the working conditions such as being unable to work on Saturdays, or determining the size of the company.

However, the candidate should not create too many conditions because it will make it difficult to find a job.

You can also specify the details of the job such as salary, benefits, job content, or what kind of work you want.

All these can be identified to facilitate the matching of positions to the candidate’s qualifications and needs appropriately.

  • Contact phone number: 02-108-1250

FDI Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

FDI recognizes that human resources are the key to the success of every job.

Every organization, therefore, strives to offer suitable recruitment services and workers acting as a medium for job seekers and entrepreneurs by a team of experts and consultants in the selection of personnel with long experience at all levels and all professions.

FDI helps in:

– Recruiting job seekers in all fields of occupation and educational background.

– Salary, bonus, and good benefits according to the standards of foreign companies.

– Recommend jobs according to their abilities, applicants’ aptitudes, and needs.

– Understanding the needs of job seekers.

Benefits of applying for a job with the company

– Here, there is a professional team to take care of all your needs.

– The candidate database here is large and diverse in all walks of life.

– They can recruit you quickly.

– Here it simplifies the process and saves time for your company.

  • Contact number : 02 626-5999

Perfect Hunter

Perfect Hunter Co., Ltd. is a consulting and human resource development company.

At present, they have consultants with knowledgeable personnel specializing in each professional field as well, so that the client company can be confident that they will receive candidates for the desired position.

Perfect Hunter helps alleviate the workload of the HR department in recruiting personnel as follows:

– Lightening the burden of advertising costs in various media, telephone expenses

– Lightening the burden of time in advertising media, and phone calls including wasting time interviewing job applicants who do not meet the requirements

– Lightening the burden of frequent resignation of job applicants.

Perfect Hunter sends job applicants to the client company for an immediate interview without any cost until satisfied, which will be another option to save the budget and help select qualified candidates for the client company as well.

  • Contact number: 081-345-8760

Fischer and Partners

Recruiting is not just about filling open positions. It’s about understanding your ambitions so we can find the right people to help transform your business.

Here, F&P digs deep to learn about companies’ culture, competitive landscape, and ideal candidates.

These data are consistent with the data developed and executing recruiting strategies that produce the best results. F&P does the following:

Search for Executives:

Executive Search and Executive Recruiting is a specialized service used to recruit top candidates for senior management or other specialty positions.

They have successfully recruited GMs, MDs, CEOs, CFOs, etc. for numerous clients by researching and finding suitable solutions in the market.

They also verify that the person is interested in moving to a new employer and perform initial screening, interviews, applicant assessments, negotiations on compensation and employment contracts, etc

General Recruitment:

F&P recruiting team has specialized expertise and experience in recruiting from executive to executive level for a range of non-technical and industrial jobs.

They will search for candidates in internal databases as well as external databases and directories.

Applicants will be selected and contacted to see if there is interest from the applicant and a subsequent interview will be held.

Technical Recruitment:

F&P Technical Recruitment Team consists of team members with past work and education experience in IT, Science, and Engineering as the main aim of its technical team is to understand the nature of business and the needs of customers.

They have several technical, engineering and IT positions for manufacturing, trading, construction, IT, and other industries.

Outsourcing Staff:

F&P staff outsourcing service is suitable for customers who are not yet registered or do not have a head of the department to hire for this position.

They will employ your employees under ‘Fischer & Partners’ and we will ensure that they receive their salary on time, health insurance and other benefits.

Personnel Consultant

Personnel Consultants is a top recruitment agency in Thailand that operates by recruiting people to work in reputable companies in Thailand. 

Personnel Consultants started operations in 1994 by providing personnel recruitment services for recruiting employees in Japanese and foreign companies who came to do business in Thailand.

Currently, it has worked with more than 8,700 Japanese and foreign client companies in all regions of Thailand and has recruited more than 18,000 people in just 22 years.

How good is a Personnel Consultant?

With over 22 years of experience in recruiting Japanese companies in Thailand, they have earned the trust of many companies.

Currently, they are one of the recruitment agencies in Thailand with the most used customer companies in Thailand.

Therefore, you can be assured that you will definitely have the opportunity to get a job that meets your needs.


You may know them as the exclusive recruitment partner of reputable oil and gas companies.

That’s Adecco’s raw material. It’s also here to specialize in recruiting, solving both temporary and permanent positions, as well as providing HR solutions including payroll, training, and development.

Adecco also offers job opportunities and offers advice to employees and employees at all stages of their careers. 

With over 27 years of experience in Thailand, Adecco Recruitment Agency is one of the recruitment agencies in Thailand that has developed networks and expertise to assist companies in building successful teams.

It currently operates with 10 business units connecting over 15,000 associates each day through the Adecco network of over 300 employees.

It is part of the Adecco Group, the leading HR solutions provider in the world, with connections in more than 60 countries around the world. 

Whether you’re looking for your first job or your next one, it keeps the connections right.

PA & CA Recruitment

PA & CA Recruitment Agency is a Japanese recruitment agency that recruits and recruits personnel for leading Japanese companies in Thailand.

Throughout its operation for more than 15 years, the company has introduced many applicants to more than 2,500 customer companies.

Most of them are Japanese companies doing business in Thailand.

The company provides jobs in all fields including engineering, administrative, purchasing, import, export, sales, accounting, and computer work. 

  • Contact number: 02-231-2003-5 
  • Website: paca.co.th

Outsourcing Thai OS

OS Employment (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a recruitment agency that is an expert in recruiting qualified personnel that meets the needs of all types of customers and there is a variety of supporting positions available for applicants to choose from.

Although many organizations nowadays have their own recruiting team. Recruiting services are still a very important option in terms of the benefits that organizations will receive.

In addition to recruiting effective personnel to work in your organization. It also helps to reduce the process, time, and cost of recruiting as well.

OS Recruitment pays attention to the needs of applicants and we are confident that they will be able to meet the needs of customers and applicants.

What do you get from OS services?

OS Recruitment provides job placement services between applicants and leading companies.

They also give advice to a professional team. They are well aware of the satisfaction of applicants and clients to find the right job or a person suitable for both parties.

Manpower Group

Manpower Group is a global leader in the employment services business.

They create and offer services that help clients succeed in the ever-changing world of work.

Manpower Group is a company with $22 billion in turnover and provides a wide range of services to entrepreneurs in terms of the hiring process and the integrated business including the recruitment of permanent employees, temporary workers, and contract employees, staff evaluation and selection, training, new job search assistance (outplacement), employment contracts (outsourcing) and consulting.

The Manpower Group network has more than 2,800 offices in 80 countries around the world, helping the company meet the needs of more than 400,000 entrepreneurs annually, comprising small and medium-sized companies of all business types including the largest international companies.

ManpowerGroup Thailand was established in March 1998 under the laws of Thailand and has grown to become one of the top recruitment agencies in Thailand.

At Manpower branches they provide recruitment services in Banking and Finance, Office Services, Information Technology, Engineering, Technical and many more. 

Manpower recruits a variety of jobs for you to choose from if you’re looking for accounting, administrative/secretary jobs.  

Dee Staff Recruitment Agency

For companies that are currently accepting jobs, it can be considered a valuable asset because if any employment is satisfying to the employer or the worker solely on one side, then the employment will continue. 

Dee Staff pays attention to recommending the company that meets your needs, whether it will be about goals, conditions, or compatibility.

DeeStaff is one of the few recruitment agencies in Thailand that help to screen for English and Thai proficiency tests, reasonable compensation for the applicant, attitude, and self-presentation. In addition, they fully support you in every detail of recruiting.

Another thing they do is mentor new recruits from an individual perspective. If you cannot work with the companies recommended, it will help the applicants diagnose the cause and support them until they get the job they want.

With all these things here, it has been praised by those who have registered with it – “The best customer care recruitment company in Thailand” and has earned its spot as one of the top recruitment agencies in Thailand.

Interested in finding a job or looking for a coworker, this is one of the recruitment agencies in Thailand to consider.

Other 20 top recruitment agencies in Thailand include:

Peak Recruitment

Peak Recruitment operates in the Food and Beverage, Animal agriculture, and Crop Agribusiness industries.

Smart Search Recruitment

Smart Search offers services in executive search, payroll outsourcing, headhunting, and staff outsourcing.

KTI Recruitment Consultants

They operate in the industries of Banking and Finance, E-commerce and Technology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate.

JAC Recruitment

JAC Recruitment specializes in banking and financial services, construction, education, engineering, healthcare, and hospitality.

Fame Placement

Fame Placement provides services in executive search and headhunting.

Kelly Services Thailand

Kelly Services specializes in manufacturing & industrial, engineering, supply chain & logistics, sales & marketing, accounting & finance,

banking & financial services, human resources, office support & administration.

Robert Walters Thailand

RW specializes in recruiting across the disciplines of accounting and finance, banking and financial services, engineering and manufacturing, general management, HR, IT, legal, pharmaceutical & healthcare, sales & marketing, supply chain, procurement and logistics.

JB Hired

JB deals in strategic consultancy, senior management, sales and marketing, and information technology.

Recruit Dee

Recruit Dee is one of the recruitment agencies in Thailand that offers services in executive search and headhunting, technical recruitment, and permanent recruitment in the industries of engineering and information technology.

Monroe Consulting Thailand

Monroe specializes in healthcare, retail, manufacturing and industrial, and information technology.

Reeracoen Thailand

Reeracoen has its specialty in sales and marketing, human resources, office support and administration, engineering, accounting, and finance.

RSM Thailand

RSM is the world’s 6th largest network of audit, tax, and consulting firms.

It operates in engineering, accounting & finance, banking & financial services, information technology, legal & compliance, manufacturing & industrial, sales & marketing, senior management, supply chain & logistics.

Criterion Asia Recruitment

Its focus is on IT & Digital, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, human resources, industrial and engineering, supply chain and logistics, and agriculture.

Website: criterionasia.com

Azure Recruitment

Azure is one of the recruitment agencies in Thailand that specializes in executive search and recruitment of permanent, contract, and temporary positions on behalf of Thailand’s top hotels and resorts.

Tom Sorensen RecruitmentWebsite: tomsorensen.in.th
Kensington Associates RecruitmentWebsite: kensington.co.th
Bangkok Executive SearchWebsite: bangkokexecutivesearch.com
BMS Recruitment ThailandWebsite: bmsrecruitment.co.th
PRTR Japanese RecruitmentWebsite: prtr.com
3P ProfessionalWebsite: 3pprofessional.com

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