55 Top Recruitment Agencies in Romania & Their Websites

There are top recruitment agencies in Romania. As you know, people are the most important resource for a company.

Studies show that hiring the wrong person in a certain position could bring additional costs for the organization of up to 50,000 Euros per year.

On the other hand, even the right people can become non-performing if there are unclear flows and procedures. We have listed the recruitment agencies in Romania as provided by clutch.co and have equally put down a short review about them.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Romania

  • Talent Place
  • Smart Recruit
  • Alcor
  • Core Recruit
  • Smartree Romania
  • ABC Human Capital
  • Human Direct
  • Adrya
  • PicOil Info Consult
  • OCProd HR Consulting
  • AMS Human Resources
  • Hunt Recruitment SRL
  • Kapital HR
  • Smart HR
  • Timako Work Agency
  • Artwin
  • Santemed
  • Zoom HR
  • Arc Consulting
  • Gabteo
  • Evolution HCC
  • Pendl & Piswanger Romania
  • Sales Consulting
  • Gracel Business Solutions
  • VON Consulting SRL
  • Ergo HR
  • ATU Consulting
  • Glia Center
  • Agora Consulting – Cluj Napoca
  • Metodica
  • IJC
  • LC Learning & Consulting
  • Pluri Consultants
  • iC Consulting Cluj-Napoca
  • Ingenious Biz
  • Softia
  • Lugera The People Republic Iaşi Branch
  • EB Consultants
  • iValue HR
  • VinciHR
  • Accord Group
  • Gini Talent
  • TempoEast
Smart RecruitWebsite
F Recruitment InternationalWebsite
ABC Human CapitalWebsite
Antal InternationalWebsite
Ocean Jobs Website
Manpower CraiovaWebsite


Alcor is one of the recruitment agencies in Romania that provide comfortable pricing and full transparency.

They guarantee:

  • 5 software developers within 1 month
  • 20+ software developers within 3 months
  • 100+ software developers within 1 year

Core Recruit

Core Recruit is a new company that is specialized in recruitment and selection services, consulting, evaluation and training for companies looking for the perfect candidate, as well as counseling this candidate in the continuous process of finding the ideal employer.

They are a team with extensive experience, and dynamic.

They constantly take the pulse of the market and they are motivated by the standards imposed by our customers.

Therefore, they can find the right candidates so that with their help and together with them, the company can carry out its activity in the best conditions.

Smartree Romania

Smartree Romania, a strategic HR partner and leading provider in Romania of outsourcing payroll and personnel administration, was founded in 2000, and currently has offices in Bucharest, Pitesti, Timisoara and Craiova and also offers successful services for temporary work and recruitment.

Proprietary platforms of integrated software solutions dedicated to human resources management stay at the base of Smartree Romania services.

ABC Human Capital

ABC Human Capital is the trusted partner of companies in the recruitment processes to find the most suitable candidates.

What defines them in their daily work?

The passion, the desire to be close to the partners and to understand their business needs, and the decision-making power so that they can carry out projects in a professional and timely manner.

Human Direct

Human Direct focuses on creating innovative recruitment solutions to deliver a memorable experience for developers and their future employment.

Their winning solutions start with having a technical team empowered to make a change and even to provide a more engaging software developer experience.

They act globally, they have open positions to all levels from graduate trainees to senior management in Europe and the USA.

They are a professional IT Recruitment team focusing first on human choices.

Their approach is different from other IT recruitment agencies.

They care about the choices every developer makes for his/her own high growth.

In the recruitment model, we set strategies that can improve the quality of the hiring and onboarding processes, adding significant value to innovative businesses.

They value most human relationships that we are trying to create during tech recruitment.


Adrya is an IT Recruitment Company, offering creative solutions and support for both parties, Candidates and innovative Companies.

If you are a Candidate, they don’t simply work to find you the ideal job, they provide end-to-end career advice from interview coaching to negotiating benefits, ensuring your next move is the right move. 

If you are an innovative company, they offer you ongoing support to find the right talent at the right time and take your business to the next level.

Pico Info Consult

Since 1996, PicOil Info Consult provide human resources consultancy and customized training for large, medium and multinational Romanian companies.

Also, their services include recruitment and selection, open courses and support in accessing EU finance. 

They are with you, working for you, and help to improve your performance.

OCProd HR Consulting

At OC Prod, the quality of their work is the centre of the relationship with the customer.

They know, better than anyone, that their success depends on the success of your projects.

The assessment of the individual performance, potential and adaptability of a person in a position is the soul of our business.

This expertise has several application areas within the company.

AMS Human Resources

AMS Human Resources is a recruiting agency with a solid background.

They have been helping companies as well as candidates for the past 12 years through agencies in 4 major Romanian cities: Oradea, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara and Bucharest.

Their success is the result of a strong team, composed of a combination of young recruiters who come with fresh ideas and new perspectives and senior recruiters that provide the experience and basis for the processes.

Hunt Recruitment SRL

Hunt Recruitment is one of the most progressive recruitment agencies in Romania, servicing clients and candidates across all markets.

Hunt Recruitment’s success is based on its team of consultants and partners which comprises highly experienced executive-level professionals who have been involved in many recruitment campaigns and understand the challenges of developing and growing an organization.

Kapital HR

Kapital HR has been born out of a passion for their work, from the joy of people who thank them for finding new jobs or for learning something new and also from their wish to contribute and to be part of maturing the Romanian business market.

Smart HR

Smart HR is a company built on the premise of offering high-value HR Outsourcing solutions to business and nonprofit organizations.

Their program is designed to offer complete HR support to organizations in the Washington, DC metro area.

They offer high-level HR expertise to create programs that typically cost 50% less than hiring an internal HR department.

Solutions are customized based on the goals and needs of each client.

Timako Work Agency

Timako Work Agency is a company that deals with the recruitment of labour in Romania and Bulgaria and the placement in the countries of the European Community. 

Since 2014 they are an exclusive partner for any company looking for a seasonal workforce and/or temporary employees for the realization of projects dictated by short-term market strategies – a medium-term that allows for investment in human resources and their management. 


Artwin is a consulting company specializing in human resources strategy, management and development.

They work with organizations, both multinationals and loca­l ones, that need additional human resources support either ongoing or by project basis.

That includes diagnosis and organization development, Talent Management, Compensation and Benefits, Learning and Development. 

They make a promise to their customers – promise not only to meet but consistently exceed expectations.


Santemed Consulting company is based in Romania, in the city of Cluj-Napoca, an important university and business centre and is founded by 3 associates with experience in the business and medical fields. 

They offer solutions for the demand for medical personnel in France, recruiting and placing doctors, nurses, and Romanian pharmacists, who want to practice in France, in hospitals or public and private medical offices.

Zoom HR

Zoom HR is one of the recruitment agencies in Romania that brings people into companies that need their talent. Working with clients is to improve their business and life through their contribution.

Their recruiting team works every day to bring together talent and businesses that will build the future together.

Each of their recruiters has two areas of specialization, in order to understand the client’s company as best as possible and deliver the best candidates.

If we work with inspiration we can prosper together.

Arc Consulting

Arc Consulting offers its clients complete human resources services, not just parts of the human resources process. 

The specialists of ARC CONSULTING consider that the consultancy services in human resources are not complete without the development of the continuous professional training of the employees and implicit of the company. 


COMMODO is a company with full Romanian capital, providing human resources consulting services on the Transylvania market since 1998.

COMMODO has been providing specialized services to its customers!

They are constantly improving the quality of their services and constantly adapting to your needs, without departing from the self-imposed quality standards.


Gabteo was formed by a young and dynamic team, which offers consulting and personnel recruitment services.

Services: – Recruitment and selection – Executive search – Mass recruitment – Organizational development.


As we stated earlier, people are the most important resource for a company.

Studies show that hiring the wrong person in a certain position could bring additional costs for the organization of up to 50,000 euros per year.

On the other hand, even the right people can become non-performing if there are unclear flows and procedures.

This is where HR TIME-one of the recruitment agencies in Romania comes in.

Evolution HCC

Evolution HCC is a consulting company with complete human resources services that are involved in promoting the brand of the employer having in the team marketing and IT department, where evolution, success and development are just some of the main attributes that they guarantee their clients through their recruitment services. 

They currently activate through 2 branches – Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca.

Pendl & Piswanger Romania

Pendl & Piswanger Romania Since 1997 focused on Executive Search & Management advisory, positioned in the top 5 executive search providers in Romania, Pendl & Piswanger Romania is the local partner of leading CEE HR provider P&P Group and InterSearch Worldwide Organization, leading Executive Search and Retained recruiting international network.

P&P offers full Management & HR consultancy services, recruiting and selection of management and highly specialized positions for local, regional and international assignments and related services such as assessments and talent pool development centres. 

Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting have been active in the Human Resources consulting market since 1998.

With national coverage on four areas of expertise: recruitment and selection, staff leasing, assessment centre and consulting.

They have achieved this through the professionalism of the services, the multidisciplinary specialization of the team of consultants, and through a permanent collaboration with those who call on their consulting services. 

Gracel Business Solutions

Gracel Busines Solutions is a Brasov based company which started off as a recruitment agency in 2009.

Their services and expertise have expanded to include tailor-made training solutions besides recruitment and HR consulting.

their team has both entrepreneurial and top management expertise, strong academic backgrounds, as well as a far-reaching network of business and professional relationships which are essential for any assignment.

VON Consulting SRL

VON Consulting is an HR Consultancy company, providing solutions and services in the following areas: recruitment and executive search, personnel leasing, payroll, administration and training.

With an overall experience of almost 10 years and centers in Bucharest and Brasov, Romania they approach each project with passion and a desire to deliver the best.

They dare to apply new ideas creating innovative projects that respond to their clients’​ needs.

Ergo HR

Ergo HR is one of the recruitment agencies in Romania that target small to medium businesses.

They match the best candidate with the right job.

They partner with technological companies and job applicants with foreign languages.

They easily adapt to international trends in the outsourcing market.

Their reports include information concerned with: communication skills; educational and training requirements; advice on how to improve employee productivity

ATU Consulting

ATU Consulting‘s mission is to contribute to the success of its clients and to be partners in their development.

For this, they have developed management consulting services, which offer solutions and support for improving the performance of the organization.

Their services cover complementary areas (financial, and human resources) and are designed to meet the most important challenges facing companies.

They specialize in human resources consultancy and financial consultancy.

Glia Center

Glia Center is not the only company that offers authorized courses of qualification, improvement or professional specialization for adults.

With them, you will gain practical knowledge and skills, not just certificates but also for those who want a new career or want to gain new professional skills and success in business, the company organizes courses at high standards, understandable to all, along with a team of specialized and experienced readers.

Agora Consulting – Cluj Napoca

Agora Consulting – Cluj Napoca is a team of consultants specialized in strategic management.

They act as a “doctor of the house” in relation to their partners and they support them to become a better version of themselves. 

They are architects of stable, predictable, sustainable systems. 

In organizations, they build structures that are based on simple solutions, even for complex situations. 

Based on their experience they know what works and what does not, so they do not compromise.


Metodica is a private professional training provider that holds accreditations and authorizations, for a variety of courses, necessary for any organization in which its members respect and follow the principle of lifelong learning.

Thus, in order to fulfil its mission, Edukado SRL has a registered their brand through which it offers vocational training, entrepreneurial consulting and other courses, which contribute to the increase of the performance of organizations and people.


IJC was established in 2006, in Cluj-Napoca, IJC became in 2009 the first company from Transylvania to specialize in IT recruiting. 

The past 12+ years​ of experience and track record of close to 50 satisfied clients prove IJC is one of the most appreciated and experienced companies in Romania specialized in IT recruiting and consulting.

During the years we’ve personally met over 3000 IT professionals.

They are proud to have provided over 400 of them a genuine step forward in their career.


HUMANCO was born in 2008 with the aim of facilitating the access of individuals to learning and development projects.

It was created to comply with the current needs of learning, education and knowledge, being active in the field of management, human resources and personnel development.

They believe that learning, like life, is a journey and to develop ourselves, to live, to act!

LC Learning & Consulting

LC Learning & Consulting is a Cluj Napoca based business consulting agency.

They support their clients through customized, efficient and sustainable solutions to help them increase their performance and develop sustainable businesses that excite, innovate and create exceptional people.

They work with companies, especially from the private and social sectors and their expertise and dedication allow them to solve problems that very few consulting companies can solve.

Pluri Consultants

Pluri Consultants Romania is one of the leaders in the human capital consulting market in Romania – they have been operating and developing extensive consulting projects since 1993.

They are leaders because every time they manage to identify the synergies between our clients, their teams and their consultants so that they can obtain results of a high-quality level without compromises.

By helping people succeed, they help companies succeed. This philosophy makes them a reliable partner for your company.

iC Consulting Cluj-Napoca

iC Consulting Cluj-Napoca’s mission is to transmit quality knowledge, which will lead to the continuous training of adults, as well as to the development of their professional potential. 

They were established in Cluj-Napoca in 2001, responding to the current needs of learning, education and knowledge, activating in the field of human resources and personnel development.

They obtain A1 forms from CNPAS Bucharest in the shortest time at the best prices.


DNA TALENT PARTNERS offers customized HR solutions and advice to companies based in Europe, in fields such as HR Consulting, Outsourcing, Services and International Recruiting.

Their customers are organizations who are looking for a strategic business partner and opportunities to improve efficiency.

Its mission is to enable business growth while reducing operating costs. 

You can find in them a reliable partner who guarantees flexible, timely, cost-effective and tailor-made HR solutions.

Ingenious Biz

Ingenious Biz is a small, privately-owned business consultancy company, located in Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania, Romania).

They provide: Start-up Investment Services, Product Management Services (including software development), Business Development Services and Training.

Its purpose is to become an outstanding business partner for startups, scale-ups and corporate innovation divisions, turning business ideas into great products that customers love.


Softia is an innovative, client-centric technology company that works closely with customers to develop enterprise software that solves real-life problems.

They are passionate about quality and are craftsmen with the tools of our trade, including PHP,  Javascript,  Java,  Kotlin,  Swift,  Python,  .NET Core or Docker.

iValue HR

iValue HR’s story started in 2016, after 12+ years of exposure in different areas of HR in national and multinational environments.

After multiple experiences with clients as consultants and also wearing candidates’ shoes sometimes, they decided to build a different approach and change the perception HR gained over the past years.

They’ve seen companies’ struggling to reach the best candidates in the marketplace, to motivate and engage them for a longer period of time.


VinciHR is into Sourcing and Recruitment as a Service Reinventing the recruitment industry.

Due to the democratization of the access to technological information, now talent can be found anywhere.

They help companies achieve their full potential by supporting them find talent across the globe on a subscription-based model.

From their offices in Romania, a dedicated team of sourcing and recruitment experts work as an extension of your recruitment team.

This enables hiring faster and in a more efficient way.

Accord Group

Accord Group ECE is among the top recruitment agencies in Romania specialized in senior executive searches providing solutions to difficult recruitment issues.

Has developed a wide range of services to address clients’ needs and their strategic priorities in today’s business reality.

Its purpose is to assist its clients to achieve and maintain their competitive advantage.

Partner up with their client to build world-class, high performing organizations, by providing innovative, effective executive search & leadership services


TempoEast was established in 2013 to focus on international employment services to EU countries.

They are one of the recruitment agencies in Romania that is committed to providing their European partners with a cost-efficient, qualified and reliable workforce (blue and white collar) from Ukraine and other countries in the CIS region.

They have two offices in Kyiv and Beregovo which is right on the border with the EU and focus our service on 4 main areas: – Recruiting – Work permits support – Staff transportation – Training and certification 

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