10 Top Recruitment Agencies in Germany for English Speakers

The recruitment agencies in Germany for English Speakers are your surefire way to get a job in Germany.

Even if you are not an EU citizen, you can live and work in Germany, provided that you meet the set eligibility criteria.

Germany is Europe’s largest economy, making it an obvious choice for individuals who are seeking overseas jobs.

According to recent studies, there is a large number of job openings in Germany as well as a skills shortage.

By 2030, it is expected that Germany will have a skills shortage of at least 3 million workers.

Some of the identified reasons why there will be skills shortages are due to the reduced birth rate and older population.

Prognos Research Institute speculates a shortage of medical professionals, technicians, and researchers by 2030.

A similar view is echoed by the Federal Ministry of Labour which warns of a shortage of skilled professionals.

Another study conducted states that Germany will likely be dependent on immigrants from Non-EU countries to meet the demands of skill shortage.

The study states that the country will need an annual immigration target of 260,000 people for at least forty years from now.

If you are an English speaker or a foreign national who have plans of working abroad, Germany could be the right destination for you.

Consequently, you will be needing the services of the recruitment agencies in Germany for English Speakers.

Before we see these recruitment agencies in Germany for English Speakers, let us look at the job outlook in Germany.

Job Outlook in Germany

We will be looking at different professions and their demands in Germany.

  • Medical professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Engineers
  • Finance and Banking
  • Human resources

Medical professionals

There will be a demand for healthcare professionals. That means that individuals who have medical degrees can immigrate to the country and apply for a license to practice medicine.

Applicants from both EU and non-EU countries can obtain a license to practice in Germany.

However, their degrees must be equivalent to German medical certification.

IT professionals

There is also a growing demand for digital capabilities. Therefore, businesses that are having a tough time filling job openings are unsure how they will describe the new digital jobs for new vacancies.

Wondering how? Many new professions have been generated as a result of the digital transition, which was not available just a few years ago.

Due to the unexpected demand, the qualified professionals who can handle specific tasks are thus in high demand.


Automation and related technology will also have a significant impact on the engineering industry. 

Data Science and Machine Learning are very useful skills for engineers who have plans of working in high paying industries in Germany.

Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering are among the other engineering fields that are predicted to be lucrative career options.

Finance and Banking

In the coming years, many businesses in Germany’s finance and banking industries are likely to maintain their recruitment efforts.

Germany will therefore be needing internationally qualified and experienced finance experts.

In Germany, finance and banking professionals earn an average yearly salary of roughly €40,000.

Human resources

The last on our list is human resources. The recent developments in the health sector have significantly altered the job dynamics and organization.

HR specialists who can be able to adapt to the new work culture in the country will be likely in high demand.

People management in a remote/hybrid work environment will be a challenge for HR professionals who have not updated their skill set to meet the task’s requirements.

How much can I earn in Germany

Now, let us look at the different sectors and see their annual average salary.

Sector Average annual salary

Information technology 47,000 EUR

Finance and Banking 45,000 EUR

Medical 46,000 EUR

Human resources 32,000 EUR

Engineering 55,000 EUR

The List of the Recruitment Agencies in Germany for English Speakers

As we mentioned earlier, one of the surefire ways to get a job in Germany is by consulting one of the top recruitment agencies in Germany for English Speakers. In this section, we have highlighted a few of them.

  • IRC Coaching Academy
  • Kelly Services
  • Approach People Recruitment 
  • Stanton Chase
  • Connect Jobs 
  • Euro London Appointment 
  • Antal International 
  • Orange Quarter
  • WeAreXena
  • PSD

IRC Coaching Academy

  • Address: Munich Germany, Lowengrube 1080333 Muchen 80333, DE
  • Phone Number: +498999018490
  • Email address: info@ircgmbh.de

 IRC GmbH was founded in Munich in 2007. Their management, as well as their experienced consultants, have been helping candidates for years in finding new positions in Germany.

They are one of the recruitment agencies in Germany for foreigners that have contacts with well-known companies.

IRC Coaching Academy was founded in order to support applicants and founders in their search for a new position, their entry into professions as well as start-ups.

The IRC Coaching Academy supports young professionals (U25), experienced applicants, applicants 50+, long-term job seekers and start-ups.

IRC coaching is based in Munich and was founded in 2007.

They coach and mentor applicants for each role to ensure that they are valuable to their customers.

Kelly Services

  • Lübecker Straße 128, 22087 Hamburg
  • 040 3680700
  • info@kellyservices.de

Kelly Services are into connecting talented people to work. They are proud to be a specialty talent solutions provider, meeting the needs of job seekers and employers around the world.

Some of their areas of expertise include:

  • Finance
  • Industrial & Technical
  • Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Office & Management

Approach People Recruitment 

Approach People Recruitment is one of the recruitment agencies in Germany for English speakers that help you find your future employees locally and internationally.

They have experienced German and international consultants at your disposal.

They are experts in recruiting through social media. LinkedIn ranks us in their top 5 most socially engaged agencies. Their areas of expertise include:

  • Digital/IT
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business Support
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Life Sciences
  • Finance
  • Accountancy
  • Luxury

Visit their Website

Stanton Chase

  • Stanton Chase Düsseldorf GmbH
  • Emanuel-Leutze-Strasse 17
  • D 40547, Düsseldorf
  • Germany
  • Phone: 0049 211 95 49 8 – 0
  • Email: duesseldorf@stantonchase.com

Stanton Chase is one of the renowned recruitment agencies in Germany for English Speakers who provide executive search services domestically and internationally.

Through their years of executive search assignments, they have gained extensive experience in the Finance, IT, Supply Chain, Sales, Engineering, R&D, and Project Management fields.

They identify the right candidate for vacant positions within any organization and present them to their clients.

Visit their Website

Connect Jobs 

  • AFZ Aus- und Fortbildungszentrum Rostock GmbH –
  • connect career
  • Alter Hafen Süd 334
  • 18069 Rostock
  • Germany
  • Phone: +49 381 8017 – 313
  • career@afz-rostock.de

For 20 years they have been successful in the recruitment business. Shipping companies and partner worldwide trust their service.

connect career is Germany´s largest and most recognized agency specialized in recruiting for the international cruise industry.

Amongst other recruitment agencies in Germany for English Speakers, they not only take care of your staffing needs, they proudly host Germany´s largest job fair related to international cruise jobs.

They are known for their ability to provide professional support to their long-standing, well-known applicants.

Visit their Website

Euro London Appointment 

Euro London Appointments was founded in 1990 and is Europe’s largest independent, language-oriented recruitment consultancy.

They have over 30 years of bilingual and multilingual recruitment expertise which has enabled them to develop the right insight, experience and knowledge generally.

They source only for the fit for your positions, with fluency in more than one language. They specialize in the following areas:

  • Banking, Finance & Accountancy
  • Customer Service & Contact Centre
  • Human Resources
  • IT & Engineering
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Secretarial & Support
  • Translation Services

Every Euro London consultant speaks another language so they understand the dynamics within your market. Visit their Website.

Antal International 

Having formed in 1993, Antal has rapidly grown across the globe, penetrating and having a major presence in all key talent markets, including strategically important developing markets, enabling them to become a leading global recruitment and search specialist in each of their specialised areas of expertise.

They have a network of over 800 people operating under the Antal brand across 35+ countries, making successful talent placements in more than 75 countries across the globe.

In Germany, they are one of the recruitment agencies in Germany for English Speakers who are experts in both the HR market and in their disciplines, such as; ITCDE, Engineering, Admin, Sales, Production and General Management.

Visit their Website

Orange Quarter

Orange Quarter are specialist recruiters for focused hiring. Their ability to work in a specific area of tech means that each of their consultants develops a deeper knowledge of their niche while building a uniquely strong network.

They take care of the following areas:

  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • DevOps/SRE
  • Data and Analytics
  • Executive Search
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile (iOS/Android)
  • Product
  • UX/UI
  • QA and Test Automation

Visit their Website


  • Berlin
  • Engeldamm 64,
    10179 Berlin

WeAreXena understand that the tech industry is faced with hiring challenges. They understand that hiring Engineers in itself is a difficult task, let alone hiring women for your product and engineering teams.

With WeAreXena, you have access to their pool of gender-diverse talent pool including Senior Engineer, Product and Leadership talent.

They connect Europe’s most progressive companies with girls in tech.

Visit their Website


  • psd Group GmbH
  • Roßmarkt 10
  • 60311 Frankfurt
  • Germany
  • + 49 69 1381 360

With unique expertise, full international capability, and world-class service, psd is a true leader in executive recruitment – and a trusted partner to today’s most successful companies.

Their company is configured to provide the talent, scale, knowledge, and connectivity demanded by dynamic, fast-moving, ambitious businesses – of all sizes.

Through executive search, selection and assessment, contingency recruitment, interim & contract, research , mapping and benchmarking, they provide the following services:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Industry
  • Hotels, Leisure & Travel
  • Consulting
  • Property & Construction
  • Retail & Consumer
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Accountancy
  • Finance & Audit
  • Compliance & Risk
  • Customer Contact & CX
  • Digital & Marketing
  • Hospitality & Retail Management
  • HRProcurement & Supply Chain
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Technology, Change & Transformation

Visit their Website

Working in Germany

If you have plans of working in Germany, it is compulsory for anyone who wo wants to work in Germany to have a resident and work permit. Though you can apply for both with a single application.

Your qualification and work type is a factor for grouping the types of work permit. We have the following types of work permits:

  • General work permit
  • Highly skilled work permit
  • Frelancer work permit
  • The EU blue card for Germany

For the different work permits listed, the application and the requirements differs based on nationality and can be classified into:

  1. EU, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, or Iceland
  2. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, or South Korea
  3. Other non- EU nationals

For categories 1 and 2, it is more like a walk-in application at the immigration office, quite easy unlike foreigners outside the world who have to state that their purpose in Germany is just for employment and not tourism.

To work in Germany, all you need to do is to find a job, which could be through the recruitment agencies in Germany for English Speakers.

Afterwards, you can visit the German embassy to apply for an employment visa.

Finally, on getting the application, travel to Germany and apply for the work and residence permit at the Ausländerbehörde (immigration office).

What are your thoughts about these recruitment agencies in Germany for English Speakers listed above? Please share your thoughts below.

See the full details about finding a job and working in Germany.

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