11 Top Pottery Classes in Milwaukee & Their Cost

Deciding to take any of the pottery classes in Milwaukee has so many benefits.

If you have ever tried to make something of clay, you will agree that it is a very interesting and creative process.

While you are spinning clay on a pottery wheel, a sense of magic downs on you, and the birth of a product amazes you.

Pottery makes not only beautiful art, but also it has a lot of therapeutic benefits and that has made pottery a hobby for so many people.

In this piece, we will be going through some studios where you can take potter classes in Milwaukee and also some of the benefits of taking any of the pottery classes in Milwaukee.

Benefits of Taking a Pottery Class

  • Pottery helps to overcome depression

  • Pottery boosts creativity

  • Pottery helps to reach a higher level of Sensory Development

  • Higher self-confidence

  • Helps those who suffer from bipolar disorder

Pottery helps to overcome depression

In case you are going through some form of depression. If you are angry with the world and yourself, pottery classes are there to help you deal with your irritation.

Pottery requires concentration and as a result of that, it has the ability to free one from bothersome problems to provide relaxation and a good mood.

Pottery boosts creativity

Taking a pottery class where you get to work with a material, which can be given any shape and form, has its way of helping individuals develop creative thinking.

You give birth to your dreams and visions. That also means without thinking of the end result you can actually create something that reflects your thoughts and imagination.

Pottery helps to reach a higher level of Sensory Development

Pottery involves a good number of movements are involved. Flattening, shaping, stretching, and connecting different pieces of clay at the same time while molding a figure keeps you actively engaged.

These activities increase sensory development, and motor skills of hands are developed as well. The establishment of better coordination between hand and eye is acquired.

For kids, this development of motor skills of the hand is very important as it directly influences their verbal activities.

Higher self-confidence

During pottery, the processes involved and the outcome can be important. The functional nature of the creative process result fills the heart of the artist with admiration.

At the end of the process and the final figure is ready, the artist acquires self-confidence and consequently higher self-esteem because he has just created something useful.

Helps those who suffer from bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorders cause highs and lows in mood, activity levels, and energy. Taking any of the pottery classes in Milwaukee can serve as a great non-medical way for people who are suffering from such a disorder as well.

Concentrating all the thoughts in the molding process and striving to make it harmonious can cause a change in the behavior and mood of a person. That can possibly lead to positive results in terms of mental health.

The List of Pottery Classes in Milwaukee

Below are studios offering pottery classes in Milwaukee:

  • Creative Fire

  • The Potter’s Shop

  • Glaze Pottery Studio

  • Just Kiln Time Pottery & Glass Fusing

  • Lake Country Fine Arts School & Gallery

  • UWM Studio Arts & Craft Centre

  • Artworx Pottery and Painting

  • Cream City Clay, Inc. Pottery School & Art Studio

  • Murray Hill Pottery Works

  • Yours Truly

Creative Fire

  • 6427 W North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53213

At Creative Fire you can learn the art of making pottery. Students are free to explore and create many unique pieces of art in their spacious and well-lit studio.

Group classes, studio time, and individual lessons are available. Parties, recreation, and team-building workshops are also available. They offer the following:

  • Gallery of original artwork

  • Day & evening classes for adults & children

  • Clay classes including wheel-thrown and hand-built projects

  • Summer pottery workshops

  • Birthday parties/Special events for adults and children

  • Pottery Open Studio Time for uninstructed pottery work

  • Pottery tools and supplies

  • Gifts and gift certificates for every occasion

  • Group outings and presentations (scouting, churches, school, etc.) at your facility or in our studio

The Potter’s Shop

The Potter’s Shop is a unique artisan’s gallery featuring works of handmade pottery crafted by their in-house studio members.

Their studio offers some of the top pottery classes in Milwaukee for all ages and space for studio memberships.

The Potter’s Shop offers the following classes:

  • Adult 6 Week Beginner Pottery Wheel Class: $225.00

  • Adult 6 Week Intermediate Pottery Wheel Class:$275.00

  • Adult 6-week beginner hand-building class: $230.00

  • Open Throw Wednesday: $30.00

  • Pottery Wheel Sampler Class: $40.00

Glaze Pottery Studio

Glaze Pottery Studio offers a variety of pottery classes in Milwaukee each month, so if step-by-step instructions are more your style then you won’t be disappointed.

Here you can choose from over 500 pieces of unpainted bisque. Prices range from $15.00 to $90.00.

Cost includes all time, supplies, glazing, and firing.

They have samples, design tools, and idea books along with step-by-step instructions for every technique. Find out more.

Just Kiln Time Pottery & Glass Fusing

Just Kiln Time Pottery & Glass Fusing offers painting your own pottery classes.

Their paints are all non-toxic and water-soluble, and your finished item is food safe.

They have TONS of styles to choose from.

They stock mugs, plates, decorative pieces, functional items, figurines, holiday pottery, and much more, with many selections for both kids and adults.

  • Stdio Fee: $8
  • Price of Pottery: $15 – $30

Lake Country Fine Arts School & Gallery

Lake Country Fine Arts School & Gallery offers fine art classes, workshops, camps, birthday parties, corporate groups, and team-building outings, throughout the year, including pottery, sculpting, painting, drawing, and glass fusing for people of all ages and abilities, embracing people with special needs, liberating them and all of their students to have the joy to create beautiful memories and art creations.

They challenge themselves to adapt their teaching as time goes on to keep up with current styles and trends and that allows them to share so much more with all of their future students.

They offer the following classes:

  • Handbuilding and Sculpting with Clay: $135 all supplies included. Learn coil, slab, and pinch techniques to create beautiful works of art.

  • Wheel Throwing Class: 4 weeks of throwing, gradually increasing size and complexity. You will glaze all your pots during the 5th and 6th weeks: $190 all supplies included

  • Adaptive Arts Clay Classes: Students are encouraged to express creativity, enhancing fine and gross motor skills.

    Create beauty through tactile & kinesthetic learning modes. 

    (Some students may be eligible for reimbursement through various state-funded programs, such as IRIS under the designation  “Alternative Therapies”): $30 per session supplies included.

UWM Studio Arts & Craft Centre

The Studio Arts & Craft Centre offers engaging pottery classes in Milwaukee, workshops, and events within a positive studio atmosphere and is dedicated to the education, enrichment, and creative fulfillment of all members of the UWM community.

The SACC provides open studio space, as well as specialized studio equipment for ceramics, photography, fibers, metals, and printmaking.

Cream City Clay, Inc. Pottery School & Art Studio

Cream City Clay offers wheel throwing and hand-building (an ancient technique of creating forms without a wheel using hands, fingers, and tools) for the beginner to the most advanced. Classes are available for all levels of pottery skills.

For kids, cream Clay offers a variety of hand-building classes for their very young artists in the form of parent/child classes, winter break sessions, and summer camps. 

They offer clay-to-go kits for $33. Summer camp and winter break sessions are divided by age, 6-9 and 10-14 years. Find out more about classes and membership.

Murray Hill Pottery Works

Murray Hill Pottery Works offers Night sessions designed for anyone interested in participating in the beauty of art in clay form.

Beginners, intermediate and clay experts can join.

Sessions are designed for each person to make four total pieces picking your favorite two to keep.

They will glaze and fire them for you.  Completed pieces are ready for pick up 3-4 weeks later.

Class fee: $50 per person and participants must be 18 years or older to attend One Night sessions.

Due to class popularity, class fees are non-refundable 2 weeks or less before the class begins. 

Yours Truly

Yours Truly offers the following classes:

  • Kids’ 3 day Summer wheel throwing camps: $185

  • Beginner wheel throwing classes: $160

  • Intermediate wheel throwing classes: $160

  • Kids’ 2 day Summer hand-building workshops: $120.00

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