11 Pottery Classes in Baltimore & Their Cost

If you are ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about joining any of the pottery classes in Baltimore, in this article, we will not only be looking at studios where you can take pottery classes in Baltimore, but also, we will be looking at the top reasons why you should take a pottery class.

One of the major reasons why people take pottery classes is because pottery classes are fun.

Making pottery takes you back to your principal instincts by working with and creating functional and practical items by hand.

Reasons to Join a Pottery Class

  • Meet friendly and like-minded people
  • Get a chance to be creative
  • Provides an opportunity to switch off
  • Provides an opportunity to learn something new

Meet friendly and like-minded people

The beautiful thing about joining a pottery class is that it involves working alone, in your own little bubble, and sometimes as part of a group.

Making pottery in a class is a great hobby for both introverts and extroverts.

Therefore, if you have a creative mind and is someone who likes working with his hands, a pottery class is a great way to meet people who have similar outlook on life with the same interests.

Get a chance to be creative

Creativity can take different forms depending on who is involved. Just because you were unable to create the next Mona Lisa does not mean you do not have a creative mind.

Creativity is important, it helps relieve stress and work through emotions. Creativity creates positive energy by focusing on something you enjoy rather than the worries of the day.

Making pottery increases your creativity. It increases the brain plasticity which stimulates communication between different parts of the brain.

Provides an opportunity to switch off

If you are someone who experience mental exhaustion, burn-out, and high stress from work, it is very important to take a break and fully switch off.

Taking a pottery class is a great way to switch-off as well as limiting screen time.

In the pottery classes in Baltimore, there’s likely no checking emails, taking calls or responding to messages once you’ve got your hands on the clay. This provides a great chance to disconnect with the world while you reconnect with yourself for a while.

Provides an opportunity to learn something new

Learning is very essential to the brain and it doesn’t what age you’re. Making pottery keeps the mind engaged, but learning the language of pottery keeps the body active and helping to gain new perspective.

Making pottery can make you feel useful also, particularly if you have made something functional for the home, when you use it, you can think ‘I made this!!”

Basic Tools For Your Pottery Classes

  • Chamois
  • Towels
  • Potters NeedlesCut-Off Wires
  • Cut-Off Wires
  • Scrappers and Ribs
  • Fettling Knives
  • Ribbon Tools
  • Wooden Modeling Tools
  • Calipers
  • Box

Chamois: Chamois skin is used for compressing the edges of your pottery. The skin can also be used to smooth any pottery ware that has a rough feel

Towels: In pottery, towels are a necessity. When throwing, it is ideal to wipe your hands occasionally. The towel can also be placed on your lap to avoid ruining your clothes.

Potters Needles: Potters needles are very long and a little on the heavy side. They are used to trim the top of your pottery ware while it is on the wheel.

Cut-Off Wires: This has a wooden handle on each end and is used to cut large clumps of clay. Additionally, the wire helps to remove excess clay that remains on the wheel.

Scrappers and Ribs: Scrappeers and Ribs are excellent for smoothing pottery ware and shaping them while they are on the wheel.

Fettling Knives: This particular style of knife is used to cut slabs of clay and even to remove the fettle of your pottery ware.

Ribbon Tools:This tool is great for trimming any green-ware and it also helps in handbuilding your pottery.

Wooden Modeling Tools:These tools are ideal for any hand-building project. They are also used for trimming.

Calipers: Callipers are used to measure the inner and outer dimensions of pottery ware. This comes in handy for projects such as saucers and jars.

Box: The box is to carry your pottery tools.

The List of Pottery Classes in Baltimore

Below are the studios to take the pottery classes in Baltimore.

  • ANG Pottery
  • Baltimore Clayworks
  • Jubilee Arts Baltimore
  • The ClayGround Studio and Gallery
  • Amazing Glaze
  • Potters Guild of Baltimore Inc
  • Pottery Cove
  • The Painting Workshop
  • New Phoenix Pottery LLC
  • Essex Ceramic Studio

ANG Pottery

ANG Pottery provides regular classes and group lessons. Classes are open and available to all ages and abilities.

All wheel-based and hand-building classes are taught by trained instructor and owner: Andrew Goldstein or a trained ANG Pottery teacher.

Private Parties and Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Classes can be arranged by appointment as well. They have the following:

  • Couples Pottery Wheel Class: $300

  • One-Time Solo Pottery Wheel: $150

  • Complete Process Pottery Wheel: $350

  • Advanced Study Pottery Wheel: $750

  • Hand-Building: $150

  • Open Studio Space: $300

Baltimore Clayworks

Baltimore Clayworks offer some of the adult pottery Classes in Baltimore and Workshops that features visiting artists and special topics for a concentrated experience. Here, you can try something new or cover a specific technique.

Classes are also offered for beginning through advanced adult students in wheel throwing, hand building, sculpture, a variety of glazing techniques, and wood kiln firing.

Furthermore, children’s classes and Summer Camps focus on fun and experimentation.

Jubilee Arts Baltimore

Claywork is one of the most grounding forms of artistry. Learn the basics of hand-building in this 6-week class for youth at Jubilee Arts Baltimore.

Youth Clay class cost $18 ($3 per week for 6 weeks). They have scholarships available for every class. If you are unable to pay the class fee, please email: info@jubileeartsbaltimore.org and request a full or 50% off scholarship. 

furthermore, Adult Clay class cost $36 ($6 per week for 6 weeks).

The ClayGround Studio and Gallery

The ClayGround Studio and Gallery offers multiple classes Tuesday to Sunday throughout the day, and most evenings, with classes for every skill level.

They also create group experiences for corporate team building, organizations of all types, and social events. Find out more.

  • Intro & Beginner Classes: $55 per student

  • Beyond the Basics: $65 per student

  • Hand Building Pottery: $65 per student

  • Six-Week Mixed-Level Wheel Throwing: $300 per student

  • Six-Week Hand Building Class: $300 per student

Amazing Glaze

At Amazing Glaze has some of the pottery classes in Baltimore that you might be interested in, whether it’s a birthday party, bridal shower, rainy day activity, ladies night out, or celebrating an anniversary, you are sure to have a great time with family & friends while creating personalized art and fun memories!

Painting Pottery, Mosaics, Glass Fusing, Canvas Painting and more for Adults and Kids!

  • Pottery: Ranges from $3-$50
    Average cost per piece is $20-$30
  • Pottery fee covers the cost of pottery, paints & firing of your piece

Potters Guild of Baltimore Inc

Potters Guild of Baltimore Inc offers in-person classes. A class in Potters Guild of Baltimore Inc include:

  • Saturday and Sunday Open Studio 12pm-6pm (sign up required)
  • 25 lbs clay
  • studio glazes
  • all bisque and glaze firings

They have the following classes also:

  • Intermediate Wheel Throwing

  • Wheel Throwing for All Skill Levels

  • Wheel Throwing and Hand Building

  • 2-Week Workshop Adventures with Slabs and Combining Clays

Pottery Cove

Painting at The Pottery Cove is fun, friendly and affordable!  They invite you to enjoy their cozy atmosphere while spending quality time with friends or family!

You can always walk-in and paint, but they encourage calling ahead to reserve a table, especially for groups of 4+ on weekends.

The Painting Workshop

The Painting Workshop offers:

  • After school programs
  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Parties
  • Summer Camps

Their adult classes offer you the opportunity to explore and grow in a kind community with like minded folks.

New Phoenix Pottery LLC

New Phoenix Pottery LLC offers:

8 Week Potter’s Wheel Class – $280.00: If you want to learn free forming clay, making forms without using the potter’s wheel, and/or decorative or sculptural work this is an exciting class for you. Other classes are:

  • Beginner 8 Week Pottery Class – $280.00

  • Try It Class – $70.00: This class is for anyone who wants to explore working on the potter’s wheel. 

Essex Ceramic Studio

Essex Ceramic Studio has have instructional lessons and good pottery classes in Baltimore for making pottery on the wheels, sculpture and molding classes.

Lesson prices are based on the size of the group, and they will include 4.5 lbs of clay.  1.5 lbs of three different types of clay.

  • $50 – Individual Lesson
  • $40 each – 2 people
  • $35 each –  3 people
  • $30 each – 4-6 people

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