7 Top Therapeutic Boarding Schools in North Carolina

North Carolina is home to several good schools that your adolescent can attend.

Here are 7 Therapeutic Boarding Schools In North Carolina you should be considering.

How to Know It’s Time for Your Child to Attend a Therapeutic Boarding School

Any parent must make this difficult choice, and there is undoubtedly no fixed formula. So the question is, “How do I know when it’s time?” 

The response is, “It’s time to go forward when it would be harder or more painful to stay in the existing circumstance than it would be to change.”

There are numerous elements to take into account when managing a difficult teen in your family. 

What impact is he or she having on the other children in the house? What impact does this have on the entire family? Is the teen in danger or under threat of escaping? 

Have they been expelled from school or are they breaching the law? Are they willing to take part in family counseling, and how well is it going? 

Do they appear to be genuinely attempting to change or, at the very least, expressing a need for change?

Numerous families have concluded that keeping their adolescents at home, even for a few more months, may prove to be harmful to them or have irreparable repercussions on the other sibling(s).

A risk they were not ready to face. So, it’s up to you to put things into consideration and make a decision.

The List of Therapeutic Boarding Schools In North Carolina

Wolf Creek Academy

Wolf Creek Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school founded over 30 years ago.

The school offers therapy, especially for students aged 13 to 17 years of age who are having behavioral problems or issues.

Adolescents battling behavioral issues like depression, academic failure, depression, family conflict, risky behavior, anxiety, and trauma.

Wolf Creek promises parents to give their children professional therapy that inculcates faith, responsibility, character, and good behavior.

Location: 41 Beauty Spot Cove Rd, Mars Hill, NC 28754, United States

Phone: +1 877-477-9653

Asheville Academy for Girls

Asheville Academy for Girls is one of the best therapeutic boarding schools in North Carolina for students between the ages of 10 and 14. 

The school’s private 97-acre campus, which is tucked away in the Western North Carolina mountains, offers a peaceful setting where students can contemplate, recover, and conquer emotional and intellectual problems. 

Asheville has a family-centered curriculum specially created to assist younger students in learning how to increase their resiliency, control and express their emotions, and most importantly, improve their relationships with themselves and their families.

Their academic program is sound with classes rarely exceeding 8 students to help in the students’ effective transition to college.

Location: 126 Camp Elliott Rd, Black Mountain, NC 28711, United States

Phone: +1 800-264-8709

Lake House Academy

A therapeutic boarding school, Lake House Academy serves preteen and teenage girls between the ages of 12 and 16. 

The academy offers children a home-like setting and the best conditions for recovery because it is tucked away in North Carolina’s the Blue Ridge Mountains.

At Lake House Academy, students develop a love of learning while working on practical life skills that will help them both inside and outside of the classroom. 

They offer a special selection of electives that emphasize students’ areas of expertise, such as the arts, music, and athletics, while also fostering the growth of any abilities that may be lacking like life skills.

The school maximizes learning by raising motivation, controlling fear, and inducing neuroplasticity—the brain’s capacity to reshape itself.

The instructors help the pupils learn to control their emotions as the first step in assisting them in learning. 

Once they can do this, they work with them to learn and use executive functioning abilities and classroom habits, both of which have a significant impact on the ability to understand academic material.

Location: 447 Lily Pad Ln, Flat Rock, NC 28731, United States

Phone: +1 855-654-8178

Black Mountain Academy

Black Mountain Academy is a small therapeutic boarding school for males in grades 9 through 12.

It was created to meet the unique requirements of children with learning disabilities, social deficits, and executive function issues.

With a dynamic, all-encompassing approach that enhances learning, they teach students transferable skills in the areas of emotional regulation, executive function, and daily living.

Location: 501 W State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711, United States

Phone: +1 828-357-4383

North Carolina Boys Academy

North Carolina Boys Academy is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for boys struggling with behavioral issues and academic failure.

Being a faith-based school, they help students find their purpose in God, transforming young boys into mature, godly young men.

The school focuses on academic, emotional, family, physical, and spiritual development.

Location: 6692 Valwood Rd, Conover, NC 28613, United States

Phone: +1 828-256-2126

The Goodale School

The Goodale School is a therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys, ages 14 to 17, who have substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders. 

Goodale equips its students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to accept recovery and lead happy healthy lives. 

They assist students’ families in creating a solid recovery foundation as they work together.

The school combines this with a very good academic program to make sure students are also sound academics.

It’s also important to know that the Goodale School is the only nonprofit program of its sort in the country, and it is also the only one east of the Rocky Mountains.

Location: 75 Zillicoa St, Asheville, NC 28801, United States

Phone: +1 828-220-0040

Changing Hearts Boarding School and Ministry

Changing Hearts Boarding School and Ministry is an unconventional private, parent-choice therapeutic boarding school for young women with adoption-related challenges, ages 8 to 16. 

The school has a student-to-teacher ratio of 5:1 and provides excellent therapy and education.

The institution, which is based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, adopts a distinctive strategy by fusing a personalized academic and counseling curriculum with conservative Christian principles. 

As an alternative to residential treatment facilities, boot camps, drug rehabilitation facilities, or other boarding schools for troublesome teenagers, CHBSM is available to adoptive families.

Location: 3005 Anderson Branch Rd

Marshall, NC 28753

Phone: +1 828-273-1380

Benefits Of Therapeutic Boarding Schools

The programs are personalized: The curriculum and treatment program at a therapeutic boarding school is customized to each student’s needs. This is because every student is unique.

Caring Staff: Students will be treated with the respect and care they need by a team with years of experience.

Family:  A child’s family has a significant role in their life. A therapeutic boarding school keeps the family informed of progress and lets them in on session details frequently.

Small Classrooms: In schools, it is all too usual to see teachers working on thirty students at once. 

Small classes at a therapeutic boarding school enable a teacher to give greater attention to the children.

How Much Does A Therapeutic Boarding School Cost?

Therapeutic boarding schools in the US cost on average $2500 to $10,000 per month.

Understanding the price range of therapeutic boarding schools might help you narrow down your selections because most charge more than others. 

When you’ve exhausted all other alternatives for dealing with your teen or child’s misbehavior issues, you may wonder whether counseling is worthwhile. 

We will say ‘Yes’, to give your child a better future in both their professional and personal lives.


In the state of North Carolina? And you’re searching for a therapeutic boarding school for your child? 

Begin your search from the schools above. They are the top 7 therapeutic boarding schools in North Carolina.

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